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The Tattoo Artist

Pairing: Y/N/Soulmate!Calum

Rating: PG-All

Request: No

Words: 4.450+

Summary: In which everyone gets a name tattoo of their soulmate on their wrist when they turn eighteen but Y/N doesn’t believe in it and wants hers covered up by the male tattoo artists whose shop is right down the street

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Revision Advice: The first draft is complete…Now what?

This one is going to be a long one, so feel free to simply go to the section you need.

General Tips:

  • Keep notes of things to fix while you’re writing the first draft. Leave them for revision and just keep writing that first draft. (Post about that here)
  • Revising is about plot and characterization. Editing is fixing grammar, spelling, word choice, etc. Focus big picture when revising.
  • It’s probably going to take a couple drafts to get it just right.
  • Even when I delete scenes/paragraphs, I like to keep them in a separate document. Sometimes the deleted scene/paragraph was simply misplaced and can be rewritten and added somewhere else.
  • Think about other stories in your genre (and even outside your genre) that you’ve read. Why did those work? What did you like about them?
  • Take your time to think about the story you’ve written and different possibilities regarding areas you find troubling or feel could use more help. I like mindless tasks to help me do this (i.e. walking, showering, sweeping, coloring, listening to music…).
  • You’ll probably here every writer say this, including me: Revision is really where the story comes alive. It’s where things start to smooth out. Of course the first draft is essential, but revision is where you refine and hone it. It’s where you can add little “Easter Eggs”.
  • Also, can I just say, revisions are the worst and best things ever. After working so hard to finish writing, you then have to tear it apart. But trust me, it’ll be better for it. Save copies of your various drafts and keep pushing forward.

If you need help figuring out what to revise:

  • Read it through—out loud. Not much to say here. But reading it out loud does help.
  • Take a break from it: Honestly, sometimes the best thing you can do is let yourself forget about it for a while. Then come back and reread. It simulates having another person read it (which is, of course, also a good idea), without actually having to give it over (which is also incredibly difficult).
  • Story planning: I have post already about this, but I want to add a few things that relate specifically to revisions
    • Write the story out exactly as it is, in really broad strokes. One sentence (or two) to describe each chapter. When you’re finished, read it over. Does the plot make sense? Is there another way to think about it? Are there too much “opening” chapters before the conflict gets going (the general rule is that it shouldn’t take more than three)?
    • Now, add the characterization the broad plot outline. How does the character change (or not) through the book, in relation to the plot? Balancing the characterization and plot progression is difficult. I know for me, I am either solid at one or the other, depending on the book. If you feel like the characterization is on point, but the plot is weak, focus on the plot. Same goes vice versa.
      • See Plot Changes or Character Changes for more advice about revisions regarding those subjects
  • PLOT changes advice:
    • This is difficult to talk about generally, but here we go…
    • Pacing: Basically, the pacing is about the number of scenes and how quickly they play out. This may seem obvious, but if the pacing feels fast than you might need to add more detail to a scene or else add another scene or two between big, major story-line scenes. There should be a bit of filler but not too much. If the pacing is slow, then perhaps you can pare down a scene or two, or even remove one.
    • Plot Arcs: Of course you have your main arc that is moving the story forward. But there should also be the smaller but related arcs that are usually more character related.
      • Large and small arcs should all tie together or be related in some capacity, otherwise it won’t feel cohesive.
      • Look at both small and large when reviewing the plot.
      • You can leave some arcs hanging. Usually the smaller arcs—which can even turn into large arcs in future books!
      • For large arcs, people typically know to add the major climax and resolution. But sometimes the climax can feel a bit weak. One way to make it feel more dramatic is to have a sort of “false climax”. Basically, this is where the reader thinks it’s going to be the climax and the scene resembles the actual climax later, but it somehow goes wrong or falls short.
        • Example: the main hero goes to battle the villain and….loses. Hero goes away, regroups/re-plans, and tries again. Maybe even loses a second time. On the third attempt—Hero wins (for the most part…you can make this dramatic as you want as well. It doesn’t have to be a perfect win, after all).
        • That is a very, very weak example but I hope that makes sense. If you have a lot of rising action up to one, single battle in which the hero wins, it’s probably going to feel less dramatic.
  • CHARACTER changes advice:
    • How can and does the plot affect the character’s life, thoughts, and beliefs? Do they overcome their fears? Do they create fears?
    • How do the other characters—including and especially the villain—change the character?
    • I guess my main piece of advice here is think of your characters as actual people. Everyone is flawed. No one is going to do the right thing all the time. Really take the time to think about your character and who they are. You can even make lists about their hopes, dreams, fears, favorite flavor of ice cream, hobbies, etc. Every little thing helps.

If you know what to change:

    • Make big changes first: delete those extra sections, write the new scenes, add in the extra dialogue or description, etc. Save smaller changes (like a name or place change or even going through and changing/tightening a paragraph) for the next read through and revision.
    • The reason to do the big stuff first is because things might change. For instance, if you go through and edit a paragraph or even combine two paragraphs, it might change if you’re planning to make some series plot overhaul. And all that hard work might be wasted.
    • If you’re writing a story with any type of mystery, make sure you planted enough large and small hints. 
    • Continuing make any other major story altercations as needed…
    • Focus on the “medium changes”. Mostly, I like to think of this as the paragraph by paragraph revising. Combining, adding, revising, and cutting paragraphs. Make the writing and storytelling smooth and tight as you can. If you are questioning whether you want to keep something or not, you probably don’t. Or else, there’s a simpler way to say something. I’m definitely of the mind that less is more.
    • Cut any repetitive statements/areas. I have the habit of repeating myself a LOT. Basically saying the same thing twice. I mean, I say it in two different sections and in different ways, but usually you don’t need to do that. Often times it bogs it down. I blame my high school writing word count minimums for this one…Get rid of the filler!
    • Not everything has to be said. Not everything has to be described. If a scene seems off in some way, play around with switching some dialogue to description and vice versa. I already have a post about dialogue/description balance . If you know that post or have read it, this is honestly a good place to think about those changes.

Hope this helped…Happy writing everyone.

Fantastic Beasts was really good in that it was like watching two different but equally interesting movies that had a weird crossover section at the end. 

There was ‘cute british man child and animal friends take new york’ 

and ‘pain: the gay ghost story’ 

The Ruinous Rod of Blasting

Throughout time, the wand, staff, and scepter have become a part of the magician’s image. As kings held a scepter to symbolize their power, so a magician would hold a rod to symbolize their own. This symbol has existed from the ancient days of Moses into modern times where we have Harry Potter. 

There were different kinds of wands owned and employed by sorcerers over the years, but none so terrible and harrowing as the blasting rod. This mystical stick could cause destruction in both the spirit world and mortal world alike. Because of that, both spirit and human feared this tool in the hands of magicians. 

Just as many other magical tools, it can be found in both ceremonial magic and folk magic. However, unlike other tools, this is one that has two different interpretations for the two sections of magic. Both are used for ‘blasting’ and damning, but the methods of use and creation are different. It it originated with one or the other, simply that is a tool of magic useful to both folk magicians and ceremonial magicians. 

Most of the time, when someone hears ‘blasting rod’, they hear it in the context of low magic. Blasting was something done by witches and cunning folk as a method of sharp, acute cursing. It caused illness, blights, storms, impotence, sterility, barrenness, and misfortune. One of the most common methods of blasting was when a witch would employ their trusty blackthorn rod. The stick was pointed, tapped, and shaken at its intended victims. In some lore, the same rod that placed the curse would be able to undo it. Witches with crooked blackthorn canes are the image tied to this lore. Blackthorn is the most commonly used wood for a blasting rod, so much so that the term has become semi-synonymous with ‘the blackthorn stick’. The thorns of the blackthorn are sharp and cause infection. It was thought to also take revenge on humans that cut it. Just as with other faery trees, the blackthorn was harnessed by witches and magicians as a tool of power. Though blackthorn is the traditional wood for a blasting rod, other thorny branches have been known to be used for it. I’ve seen sticks of blackberry, locust, and even old rose bush branches being employed for similar purposes. The thorns are sometimes left along the stick, and sometimes are taken off and fixed on the end. Sometimes a combination of the two is used. The rod is usually longer than other wands, but shorter than most staffs, making it just the right length for a cane. 

In ceremonial arts, the blasting rod differs in creation and methods, but its purpose remains similar to the one used in folk magic. The blasting rod used in ceremonial magic serves a similar purpose to a black handled knife. It is used to command, compel, and threaten spirits or demons. The Grand Grimoire gives both uses and directions to make such a rod. The ritual process of making the rod is arduous, but the requirements of the wand are quite clear. Unlike the folk magic variant, a ceremonial blasting rod is to be made from a forked branch of wild hazel, measuring 19 1/2″ long. The tree it is to be cut from must have never borne fruit. The sharpened tips of the fork are capped with steel from a blade used to make a sacrifice and magnetized with a lodestone. When used in ritual, if the magician wishes to smite a spirit for noncompliance, the forked prongs are held over a flame while uttering a curse to the spirits. The Grimoire claims that this tool has come directly from God, as He used it to smite traitorous angels and throw them down. The Grimoire also accounts for its power over storms and its ability to both call them down and push them away. 

Whether it be bloodied steel or piercing thorn, the blasting rod not only sends forth attacks, but it also protects the magician. It is, of course, offense which serves as the best defense. The rod can be used to place protection curses (I swear, it’s not an oxymoron) on places, people, and things. Should the protection spell be broken or compromised, the curse is activated and attacks the attacker. The rod itself might be charmed to spectrally attack those who seek to harm its owner, whether spirit or living being. In ceremonial magic, the blasting rod can be used as retaliation against a spirit or demon who seeks harm on the magician. In folk magic, the blasting rod might be used to blast someone who wishes ill on the magician. In addition, just as the blackthorn has the power to conjure frightful storms, it also has the power to wash them away. Though defense and offense are thought to be opposites, they are the same face wearing different masks. 

I have no doubt that the blasting rod as described in the Grand Grimoire could also be employed as the thorny variation. A forked branch, capped with steel used to make a sacrifice, magnetized with lodestone, could very well prove to make nasty curses on the living, especially so in keeping mind of the damage it causes to spirits. 
It is also interesting that the rod is tethered to the powers of lightning and storms. I suppose this keeps in line with its title and primary use. Lightning blasts things. It is quick, but it can cause untold destruction. Just as a single thorn prick can cause terrible infection (especially so for blackthorn), a single lightning strike can light the forest ablaze. As for the ceremonial one, God is known for striking and speaking through lightning and storms. His wrath is often thought to be called down through the sky. The blasting rod is His tool, according the to Grand Grimoire, so why would it not exemplify his ire and fury?

The blasting rod is a true symbol of the terrible power that magicians hold over the world, as in direct symmetry with the power that God does. Both spirits and townsfolk remember that power.


Wowowow !! I have only been here a month and so but still this fandom makes me feel so at home ! Ever since I got here I’ve just been blessed with such amazing people and it’s meant the world to me. I rarely go outside the DBZ fandom but because of this blog I am able to happily explore more rp fandoms too ! I made Bakugou on a whim right after an ‘alt muse’ meme and OH GOSH I found out people had blogs over here sooo I felt more inclined to jump on over ^^

I love love LOVE portraying Bakugou and being able to interact with you all !! It has made me so comfortable being myself too which is crazy ! I can just be hella chill but in a real way. Alright I’m gonna stop being sappy and get on with it cause it’s call out time- I mean, mentioning some cool ass blogs ofc

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NCT 127 reaction to their gf who always puts her hands under their shirt or up their sleeves to feel their skin as a habit

‘’Hello, can you do nct 127+bts reaction to their gf always puts her hands under their shirt or up their sleeves to feel their skin as a habit 😇 thank you in advance’’ - @sinerwhoisasin

A/N: Thank you so much for your request! I hope you like it! The BTS version is coming soon! ^^

Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of the gifs! They belong to their rightful owners!
I also do not own NCT.

Unfortunately. Wish I owned them. Especially Johnny.


Would definitely be surprised every time your hand would creep underneath his shirt and perhaps jump back just a little. He wouldn’t mind it in the end, though, he’d just laugh about it and let you be.

He would prefer it, though, if you up his sleeves instead as it would make him feel more comfortable - so just to make him more comfortable you would up his sleeve more, only put your hand under his shirt if you two were in a teasing mood, or something. Taeyong would also prefer it if the two of you were alone, the guys were big teases, after all.

When the two of you were alone, he was working and you were simply reading a book. The book became boring after a while, so you’d grab your laptop and casually sit next to him and do your own stuff.

After a couple of minutes, you would up his sleeve unintentionally while watching a video and stroke his arm a bit. Taeyong shivered for a bit, and lost all concentration in his work as he glanced over to you.

‘’Ah, really, Y/N? Now? You’re too cute,’’ he laughed.

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Would probably tease you a little about it every time your habit would show up. Not just with words, but also actions - starting to sit closer to you, stare at you until you noticed what you were doing, and so on.

He wouldn’t really mind it, but just like Taeyong I think he would feel more comfortable if you two were alone. Especially since his hyungs would also tease him about it, and also just the feeling of being touched underneath his shirt in public, where everyone could see it. Of course if you’d up his sleeve, he’d be cool with that everywhere.

Since you and Mark weren’t good in cooking at all, you decided to do the groceries so you did at least something for dinner, instead of letting the other guys do everything. The two of you stood still at the cooling section where the different kinds of meat, chicken and fish were. You were both looking for the meat the other guys told you to get, but couldn’t find it easily.

While just standing there and looking, your hand would up his sleeve and just rest against his soft and fair skin which caught Mark off guard.

‘’I don’t think I would be good to use for dinner, Y/N. Try again,’’ He’d tease as he slightly chuckled.

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WinWin would definitely be so shy about this if you were with the other guys. Not only because they would tease him, but also because he wouldn’t exactly know how to respond to them very well in Korean - he’s learning, though.

If it was just the two of you, he would be so comfortable and casually join you with the skin touching, even if it was just a habit of yours. He loved it, though, he thought it was cute and that you were just the cutest thing ever.

The two of you were just chilling in the living room, watching a movie in silence until your hand moved underneath his shirt and would casually rest on his belly. He’d abruptly look at you as he blinked a couple of times, but quickly wrap his arms around you as he laughed.

‘’Ahhh you’re so cute, Y/N! It tickles, though!’’

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Okay so I guess we’re almost done with the innocent ones, but then there’s Yuta. Every time your habit would show, this guy would tease you so, so much. He couldn’t care less if the guys were around when you’d put your hand under his shirt, or up his sleeve without realizing it at that moment. He would simply tease you back, that’s all.

The two of you were cooking for the others, and you had finished your part so all you could do now was stand next to Yuta and watch him prepare his part. He was cooking the chicken and seasoning it, you just watched.

Without realizing it, you stood closer to him than before and your rather cold hands would slip underneath his shirt and simply rest there. Yuta smirked a little, especially when some of the guys walked in.

He quickly grabbed a glass and filled it with water, handing it over to you as the grin on his face became bigger and bigger.

‘’Seems like you’re rather thirsty, Y/N. Here, drink something.’’ He frowned, causing you to blush out of embarrassment and quickly withdraw your hand.

Originally posted by y-ta


Taeil would be rather confused. How did this become your habit in the first place? Did you expect something as you touched his body? He had no idea, but apparently it became a habit and he had to deal with this. He didn’t exactly mind it, but it confused him, that’s all.

The two of you were washing the dishes, and his part was to dry them and put them away. Your task was easy and done quicker than Taeil’s. While waiting for him you’d put both your hands underneath his shirt as you waited.

Taeil shivered a bit and looked at you, confused like usual.

‘’Y/N, I don’t have any ABS!’’ He would respond, thinking that was what you were aiming for.

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This guy’s a meme, though. And a happy bunny. But he would be so incredibly shook every time your hand was touching his body - was it a hint? Was there something wrong? Or right? Were you trying to tell him something?

At the most random moments, he felt your hand resting on his belly and he would look so confused and shocked. He’d clear his throat as he looked at you, slightly uncomfortable of your random actions which turned out to be one of your weird habits.

‘’Eh, Y/N… Something the matter?’’

Originally posted by mvpshawolist


Haechan would somehow be like Yuta, but in a fun way. I don’t think Haechan would diss you as much (especially in front of others) like Yuta would. He’d tease you in a way so you wouldn’t mind it, either.

Your habit was to up his sleeve at random times, to feel his skin and then down his sleeve again once you were done. At first it really confused the heck out of this naughty Maknae, but at some point he got used to your funny habit.

Like mentioned before, you’d do it at incredibly random times - when you were out for dinner, maybe, just sitting at home, doing chores; random times. Haechan would laugh mischievously as he felt his sleeve going up his arm again and felt your soft hand against his skin.

‘’I know you love me, Y/N. Words are enough, you know? No need to get so intimate.’’ He’d laugh out loud.

Originally posted by nctinfo


Would be both confused but also chill about it on the outside, but sort of shook on the inside. Of course he had never experienced this before he met you, but then again - this habit is what made you, you. And that is who he fell in love with. Then again, it had him shocked every time, but he wouldn’t let you know.

The two of you were just chilling in the practice room after NCT’s practice was over, you were planning on going out for dinner soon but you let Jaehyun rest for a little bit. You sat down next to him and after a minute or two he’d feel your hand going up his body.

‘’Ahh, Y/N. You’re doing it again.’’ He would remove your hand from his body as he looked at you, smiling awkwardly. ‘’I’m sweating, it’s gross. Please not now.’’

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Again. Johnny. Where to start. He had gotten used to it by now, and would probably go all savage on you at first, you’d probably get a little angry because you really can’t help your weird habit, but he’d make it up to you soon by kissing your cheek and hugging you, or whatsoever. He did see it as a compliment, though. You wouldn’t touch him if you didn’t like any of his features, so that’s that.

English wasn’t your first language, you knew it well but you wanted to know things better, so of course you would ask Johnny(or Mark, but only if Johnny was very busy which wasn’t often as he always made time for you). He’d explain you the things you didn’t understand, help you with some grammar or expand your vocabulary. He stopped in the middle of his sentence as he felt that you upped his sleeve again while looking at the text he had written.

He frowned as he began leaning against you teasingly.

‘’You know, saying the words ‘oh daddy’ would’ve been a better hint, Y/N. This one’s becoming old.’’

‘’This isn’t funny, Johnny! Ugh, I’m sorry.’’

‘’Don’t apologize. It’s too funny, and cute.’’ He’d say as he quickly pressed a kiss onto your forehead and continued explaining what he was explaining to you before.

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(I needed an excuse to use this gif and it doesn’t fit but I love this okay, deal with it : ) )

A/N: Hope it’s okay and ugh iT’S SO LONG AGAIN SORRY?


Thank you guys so much for 2,000 followers on IGBT. I won’t get long and gross and sappy today no not today but here is the celebratory Drunk Confessions by the Maknae Line. 

I had to split this into two different sections of drunk texts and sober texts so stay tuned for the sober texts. But i hope you like these!

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Love at First Video Chapter 1

Misha Collins x Reader

1200 Words

Story Summary: You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore. 

Author’s Note: This is my new story. I just want to say I have nothing against any of the wives of the cast. I hope you enjoy it! Let me know if you want to be tagged in future chapters!

“Thank you for this chance Mrs. Moore.” You exclaimed to your boss. Smiling, she waved off your thanks. “It’s the least I could do. The kids love you, and you are great with them. As long as it doesn’t get too out of control, then I don’t mind.” She told you, grabbing her briefcase and heading out the door. “By the way, Amelia has dance practice tonight, but I’m not sure I will be home in time.”

As soon as she shut the door behind her, you started dancing around, excited beyond belief. You had been getting the nerve up to ask her for almost a month now, and it was a lot easier than you had thought it would be.

See, you wanted to be a Youtuber, have people watching videos you made. But that wasn’t it, you wanted something fun, and family friendly, that parents and kids would both enjoy. You had thought long and hard, and decided a cooking show with the kids you babysat would be the perfect thing. You loved to cook, you loved kids, and it would definitely add a humor factor to the whole thing. You were so busy dancing around, that you didn’t hear the tiny little foot steps coming up behind you.

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Operation Sleepyhead

Hello my little lovelies! I know what you are thinking. This isn’t the update you were looking for. I know, I know. Seriously please don’t throw things at me. The Iron Garden as always is in the works, chapter 9 will hopefully be out very soon! So back to your first question, what the hell is this non Iron Garden update. Well since you asked i’ll tell you! This little one-shot is dedicated to one very special friend and Gajevy author. The wonderful, fantastic, glorious, my princess of smut (are you ready?! *drum-roll*) @smartcookie727 ! This is my girl she collaborated with me for Chapter 8 of the Iron Garden and she has some steamy lemony one-shots that you need to check out if you haven’t yet! I have dedicated this little piece to her in the hopes that is makes her heart smile, she needs a little extra sunshine. In fact if you want to help me spread the love please go check her out! Help me send this amazing author some extra well deserved attention!  

Oh also this is NSFW, rated M-ish ya know what I like people.

Thank you for reading, I love to hear from you! So please feel free to send an ask, message or any method of communication you prefer.

Operation Sleepyhead

AKA - How To Wake A Bookworm Redfox Style

The pitter patter of soft paws in the kitchen woke Gajeel. He kept his eyes closed as he listened to his cat turn the sink on and rummage through the cupboards. Attempting to ignore his acute hearing Gajeel pulled the warm body beside him closer. He gradually began to drown out the noise past his bedroom as he curled his mate’s form closer to his chest. Gently he slowly scooped her so he was cuddling her. One arm wrapped around her small waist while the other reached to intertwine his fingers with hers. He affectionately blew away the mess of blue curls that covered her shoulders.

She shivered, and he watched amused as small goosebumps rose on her ivory skin where his breath had landed.

“Nooooo” she mumbled.

He barely understood her dismay as she stuck a leg back to rest between his thighs.

Gajeel rolled his eyes knowing she couldn’t see him. He never understood why her cuddling habits were so odd. Even now she was fast asleep again with a leg awkwardly resting behind her. He adjusted himself as she continued to wiggle so that her other foot pressed against his shin and then reached one arm out to rest over her head.

Smiling devilishly Gajeel returned to the spot he had blown her hair from earlier as he began to lay soft kisses on the bare skin beside her shoulder blade. He kissed her gently slowly working his way up to her neck. He paused his lips pressed against her skin as she daintily stirred.

“Mmm yous stop geel.” Levy turned her face into the pillow as she went back to sleep.

Gajeel smiled against her skin tuned into the sound of her slow breathing. One of his most favorite things about his mate was her inability to function first thing in the morning. He found it adorable the way her words jumbled as the drunkenness of sleep still held her. He had learned since they began sharing a bed that Levy was most definitely not a morning person. Her weaknesses for late night reading made her useless until late afternoon, it was with exceptional effort on his part that they made it out the front door before 10 am.

Knowing they needed to leave around 9 am Gajeel had already begun what he had nicknamed Operation Sleepyhead . As it always is began with good morning kisses.

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A Touch to Remember (Wonwoo Scenario)
  • Pairing: Wonwoo x Reader
  • Word Count: 988
  • Warnings: None!
  • Type: SchoolAU!, Fluff

Summary: You’re partnered with Wonwoo, a boy you don’t really know from your class, for a project and you both learn more about each other through your working together, a rewarding surprise waiting after all your hard work.

A/N: Sorry for any mistakes, and sorry for the really long wait!

Mingyu and Sarah. Jinyoung and Katherine. Phillip and Somi. (Y/N) and Wonwoo. You looked around the room, looking for a boy with a tall stature, brown hair, a sharp jawline, and pretty eyes bordered with silver rimmed glasses. To the left? All desks were abandoned and messy. To the right? Just a few girls eating their lunch. To the middl-

“Looking for me?” Wonwoo stood in front of you, one eyebrow raised, arms crossed, and a playful smirk plastered across his face. But all you could see was a white t-shirt nicely hugging a male chest and as you looked up, you realized who was talking. 

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Ok so I have decided to make a post about hearing from God! I will break this down into two sections so I can cover different things!

How to Hear from God

 I used to struggle with this and I realized that it was because I didn’t know HOW God speaks to me. I don’t think that God speaks to everyone in the EXACT same way. How He speaks to you might be different from how He speaks to me.

 For example, God speaks to me through my Spirit. When God speaks to me, His voice sounds like my own voice in my head but I can tell that it is not my own voice because my spirit recognizes that it is God’s voice. It took some time for me to learn to recognize God’s voice, but with God’s help, I learned and so can you! God may speak to you through other people, through television, through dreams and visions, He may speak to you in a variety of different ways! I believe that God speaks to us in a way that He knows will reach us. We need to know HOW God speaks to us so that we can better know WHEN He is speaking and so we can know to listen!!

 So with that in mind…If you don’t know how God speaks to you, you should ask Him HOW He speaks to you! God will reveal this to you if you ask Him fully believing that He will reveal it to you. Remember that Matthew 7:7 says “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you” (NIV)James 4:2says,You do not have because you do not ask God” (NIV). So just ask God to reveal to you HOW He speaks to you and He will!

If you ask God how He speaks to you personally, then you can know how and when to listen to Him. For example, If He speaks to you through others, then you can know to tune more into what others say to you and pay attention to their words and see if their words register with your spirit! For another example, If you find out that God speaks to you through books, then you can know to pay more attention to books that might stand out to you because God may be pointing you towards them. 

It is important to note that your spirit recognizes God! I found out that God speaks to me through my spirit because I have asked God about it and seeked Him about it. I’ve realized that He also speaks to me through others, television, books, movies, and some other ways and again, I know this because I desired to know how God speaks to me and He gave me an answer! You can find this out too, all you have to do is ask God! Believe me, He wants to help you out!

The second thing that I would like to cover is…

How to Know When God is Speaking to You

 This is something that I feel like a lot of Christians struggle with, including myself. Don’t worry, here’s some advice on how you can tell when God is speaking to you!!

 You can go through this little checklist to help you know if God is really speaking to you or not! These are a few things you can ask yourself!

 1. Does what you heard line up with the Bible?

a. This is so important because if what you heard DOES NOT come in agreement with what The Word says, then it is not from God.

 2. Does what you heard encourage you and uplift you?

a. If what you heard is not encouraging and uplifting, but discouraging, then what you heard is not from God. God does not want to discourage us and He does not want to make us feel inadequate. He wants to uplift us and help us. If you feel like God is telling you something that is not encouraging and uplifting, then it is most likely not God that you are hearing from. Remember that the enemy will try to confuse us and tell us things too!

b. God will tell us things such as, “If you keep doing this, then you will get hurt” and that isn’t necessarily the most uplifting or encouraging thing to hear, but it is God trying to look out for us and help us! The devil wouldn’t say something like that because he wants to kill, steal, and destroy us!

 3. Have you heard something more than once?

a. God does repeat Himself. For example, you can hear someone tell you “I feel like you should do this” and then a while later you can hear two other people, who don’t even know each other, tell you the same thing. God repeats Himself to get your attention and to confirm to you that what is being said is from Him!

b. I should note that if you hear God say something once and not again, I don’t think that necessarily means that it wasn’t God speaking to you! 

5. Is what was said confusing?

a. 1 Corinthians 14:33 says, “For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints” (KJV).

b. God will never say something confusing or say something to confuse you because He is not the author of confusion. He doesn’t want you all confused. If you have trouble understanding something that God says, then you can always ask Him for clarification!

4. Ask God for confirmation. 

a. If you don’t know whether something you heard is from God or not, ask God to help you! He will tell you! Don’t be afraid to ask God things. Like I said before, He wants to help you!! He loves you!!!!

b. Sometimes I don’t know if what I heard is from God or not and I ask Him about it and I get an answer. I may not always get the answer immediately, but I do get an answer! 

Ok! This is all I have for now. If I think of more or if God gives me more, I will add it onto this. Let me know if this is helpful!! God Bless yall!

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Pygmalion/Galatea au. Coldwave coldflashwave or Flashwave

1. Mick Rory is an artist. Some therapist in his youth helped him channel his pyromania into healthier outlets. He’s done fireworks, but has since turned to fire sculptures. Carefully crafted, carefully planned - short-lived, but glorious works of art.

2. He is one of many artists from Central City invited to participate in an art exhibit commemorating the one year anniversary of the STAR Labs particle accelerator accident, which caused a fair amount of structural damage and claimed a fairly high number of lives.

3. The theme of the exhibit is “What if?” Other artists run with more dystopic visions, a post-pocalyptic Central City, or imagine the particle accelerator working. Assuming they don’t pick something more abstract. Mick seeks inspiration in old comic books and decides to imagine a world where the accident created superheroes and supervillains.

4. For his supervillain he draws inspiration from a boy he once knew, a boy he met during his only stint in juvie - a boy that he kept a mostly distant friendship with for a few years, until the day that boy - young man, really - was buried, his neck broken from falling out a window from far too high up during a b&e.

5. For his superhero, he studies the unofficial memorial wall erected at the edge of the accident site, and comes across a photo of a happy young man, a CSI who died from a lightning strike during the horrifically enhanced thunderstorm that the accident caused (among other things).

6. The review of the exhibit praises Mick’s fire sculpture, the life of it, how he’s managed to - impossibly - make his flames seem like ice, like lightning, as hero and villain chase one another in an eternal, endless dance.

7. The same newspaper runs a far smaller notice in a different section about the two slightly singed mysterious individuals who caused a disturbance at the exhibit and who seem to be suffering from some form of amnesia.

8. Neither Captain Cold nor the Flash are entirely certain of where the hell they’ve ended up, or why the cold gun and the speedster powers seem to be - not currently functioning.

9. This does not make them want to work together.

10. They both have the feeling that their current situation has something to do with the large man with the burns.

11. Mick is not entirely sure what he’s supposed to do with the man with the cold eyes, who seems to have already claimed a section of Central’s underworld (Cold was playing those games long before his cold gun, after all) and keeps circling him, or with the pretty young man who seems so very earnest about everything, who follows him around until he more or less takes him in.

12. It’s not that he’s objecting to the attention, mind.

13. Even though Cold and Flash (they can’t remember other names - they’re certain they must have had names, proper names, but they can’t remember - still, they both use fake names when talking to people, including Mick) fight like cats and dogs over Mick.

14. Eventually, one of them lets the whole superhero/villain thing slip in Mick’s presence, and Mick goes very, very still, because that little bit of superhero mythos? He’s pretty sure that he created that. And didn’t actually tell anybody except the sculpture he was building, telling his hero and villain that “You are going to be so fucking gorgeous! If only you were real!”

15. Possibly, Mick was very lonely.

16. Eventually they grudgingly agree to share. Mick very soon grows tired of the careful scheduling his hero and villain (mostly his villain) get up to and drag the pair of them in bed with him at once. They still fight like cats and dogs in bed, but Mick isn’t complaining about being the battlefield.

How does it work?

Hey there! Here are some guidelines on how this will work!

There will be two different sections on this blog:

In the first section consist of a list of all the people that are available to help you with your stories. You’ll be able to see which fandom/s they prefer, which kind of fanfictions they are willing to beta read and how to contact them.

How to be listed as beta reader

If you are willing to be someone’s beta reader, send a message/ask following the format:

  • Fandom/s
  • Ship/s (optional)
  • No (optional)
  • Rating/s
  • Type of beta reading (optional)
  • How to contact

(For example, if you are in the “colours fandom” and ship Blue/Green and don’t mind Purple/Yellow but you don’t even want to think about Orange/Green, you don’t like M rated ff, you only want to spell check and you want to be contacted through your Tumblr, you should write: Fandom: colours; ships: Blue/Green, Purple/Yellow; No: Orange/Green; Ratings: K to T; type: spell check only; contact: tumblr.)

NB The “No” category can include anything, not only ships but kinks, tropes, AUs as well!

Writers section

Here you’ll find people that are looking for a beta reader for a specific project that will be described using this format:

  • Fandom
  • Ship 
  • Rating 
  • Warnings 
  • Type of beta reading
  • How to contact
  • Status (complete or in progress, already posted or not)
  • Additional information (if needed)

If you want to be listed in this section you can contact me however is easier for you and you can use this format for your submissions. If I have questions, I’ll contact your through either this account or my personal account (@screec)

If you are a shy writer, you have the option to send an anonymous ask and contact anyone who might answer it.

Also, you might want to look into this section if you want to be a non-listed beta.

Well, I think that’s it for now, hope we can all have a good time and remember to be polite!

Taking the ACT: A low down

So I just wanted to do this because my teacher told me I should write a book because I’ve taken the ACT about nine times now. Coming from me - here’s what you need to know! (for all you West Coasters, that is, I know jack squat about the SAT so you’ll find none of that here)

The Low Down

Time - WAY Before the ACT

*Make sure you take it multiple times!! If you’re a Junior, take them ALLL. You can take it like 12+ times. DO IT.

*things to study - ¾ of the test is about English reading speed and comprehension. If you can read quickly and understand it all, and have a good knowledge of English grammar, you’re going to do very well on the ACT. If not, it’s something to practice, the reading speed and comprehension most importantly. I used an ACT prep program for this called Word Smart and it helped me a lot but there are word reading speed programs online for free you can use as well.

*APply! Do it now. Go sign up for the ACT website and Have yourself registered with plenty of time to spare so you don’t pay late fees and your center doesn’t run out of seating! (It happens! Especially the December one when all of the seniors who haven’t taken it yet take it for the first time for college -see point one-)

*Don’t know which one to apply for? (Writing or Non) If you know what college you’re going to, see what they like, if not, take mostly Non and then do one Writing just in case!

**What’s the difference you ask? (between Writing and Non) one has an essay at the end that gets mushed with your English score, but doesn’t affect your overall score. You have thirty minutes and a prompt and you do your essay and it gets graded and it takes like a week or two longer to get your scores.

TIME - Day Before the ACT

*Get ALL of your stuff ready. Get your pencils and erasers and your calculator charged (make sure its an approved calculator! I recommend one with graphing capabilities). Make sure you have like 4+ pencils, just in case and that they are all sharpened! Have your ticket printed out and set this all aside for easy grabbing in the morning so you’re not stressing

*Go to sleep *early* so you have plenty of rest! You won’t regret it, it’s about a 3 hour long test, you need to be awake for it all!

*Set several alarms, just in case, so you can get up in time for…

Time - the DAY OF the ACT!

*Make sure you have plenty of time to eat a very good breakfast! I recommend nothing greasy that could possibly upset your stomach! It needs to be filling, though. I prefer oatmeal! 

*pack some snacks (this can also be done the night before) for your break! And maybe a drink too! You can’t have these out in the testing room but you can have them in a pocket or purse

*Bring a purse of something with big pockets for storage, even a drawstring, no one cares and it’s helpful for keys and wallet and snacks and calculator

*DON’T FORGET YOUR PHOTO ID - if you’re 16+ and drive this should be simple, but if not see if you can get ahold of a passport or visit a local officials office or printing of an ID (permits work too)

*Here in the CST we have to start at 8 for the test, no matter your time just make sure you get there with plenty of time to spare in case you have traffic problems!

*Wear comfortable clothes! You want to be in the best mindset possible while taking the test and NO ONE will care what you look like because they’re focusing on the test too!

*I do recommend a watch. I never brought one myself but it helps with pacing (my rooms always had clocks) and then during your break you know when to go back without feeling rushed or late MAKE SURE it’s a watch that doesn’t beep, though, because a beeping watch can get you ejected from the test just as much as a phone going off can


Time- At the ACT center, before the test!

*LEAVE YOUR PHONE IN YOUR CAR. JUST DO IT. YOU CAN’T GET IT OUT ANYWAYS AND my phone went off with an alarm even though I turned it off and I got kicked out, there are NO exceptions and you just blew a good chunk of money and a lot of your time!!

**If you didn’t drive yourself, the test normally gets over anytime between 11:30-12:30 so leave if with your ride, or at home, and tell them that time. If they’re not there, ask people at the test center and find a phone to use there, or a friend who drove’s phone

*DON’T be dreading it! It won’t help! They design the ACT to test your test taking skills and set it up accordingly for you to be tired and ready to leave by the last test, which is why most say it’s the hardest. Just keep a chipper mind and relax

*If you have test anxiety, doing it multiple times really helps. I was so nervous my first few times but my last times I wasn’t because your routine is the same, the only things that’s slightly different is the questions

Time- DURING the Test!

*the ACT test consists of four different sections. You’re first two sections are English and Math. English is 55 minutes long, Math is 60 minutes. Then you get a 10 minute break. Then back for Reading, which is 45 minutes and Science which I think is about 45 minutes also.

*Pace yourself! Just take a breather. Don’t try to figure out how many questions you need to do a minute (I have. It doesn’t help) Just do it. 

*DON’T spend too much time on one question! You are allowed to mark in your test booklet. Just mark it and come back. You’ll figure out how much time you spend on average per question, and if it takes more time than that, just skip it. 

*You DON’T get faulted for wrong answers! Unlike the SAT, where wrong answers lose you a point from what you already have, on the ACT you just don’t get the point, but you don’t get marked off for it either. SO, if you’re running out of time, just try to figure out a few more and then fill in the rest. IT’S BETTER TO GUESS THAN NOT ANSWER AT ALL because at least you have a chance of getting it right.

*During the break, EAT SOMETHING. stand up and stretch! Go to the bathroom! It will help you wake up and be more alert for the last portion of the test, which you need to be!

*ENGLISH SECTION - focuses on grammar and sentence structure. Has the most questions in it. Tips: Trust your instinct with your answers and don’t over think it. If you have done well in your English classes in the past, you know what you’re talking about. Just go with your gut. 

*MATH SECTION - mostly Geometry and some Trig! If you haven’t taken these classes yet, then don’t worry, that probably means you have some time before the test is super needed (your senior year) just do the best you can. Tips: NEVER stay on one question for too long. If you don’t understand something, SKIP IT IMMEDIATELY, until you find a question you do understand! Then, once you have all of those, take a breath and go back to the beginning and reread. I find, sometimes, that I did understand the question, but in my math section panic, I forgot. If you don’t know it at all, make a logical quess.

*READING SECTION - focuses mostly on reading comprehension. NEVER go to the question and try to find the answer in the article!! It takes more time than you think! TIPS: Just read the whole thing, soak it in, and then answer the questions. It’s a lot easier and less time consuming. Time is of the essence during this test!

*SCIENCE SECTION - focuses mostly on your ability to take a test (endurance) and focus on reading graphs! If you finish Reading early, take a deep breath before this one and just chill. They’re going to throw terms at you that you may not know, but they aren’t important! The questions will focus on their studies, which will all be able to be found in the graphs! TIPS: Read through the info and get a loose understanding. Accept terms but dont try too hard to understand them fully. They just are. Graphs are your friends. Make sure you know how to read them! SKIP QUESTIONS you don’t understand! But with the graphs, it should help!


Other stuff!!

*ACT Prep! — Don’t get it the first time ! Take it a few times and if you’re not improving, then get it! It really does help!

*START YOUNG. I started sophomore and freshmen year. You can. You can take it so many times. Just do it. Take it like three times sophomore year, maybe once freshmen, five times junior, and as many times as you can senior!

*If you have a score you’re happy with, great! But if you think you can do better DO IT. I believe in you! Reward yourself when scores go up too!

*Ask your teachers for help! Especially if they’ve taught prep courses for the ACT or helped administer it!

*If you get a 30 one time, and then a 27 the next, colleges will only look at the 30, or whatever your best score is! So no worries if it goes down! You don’t lose anything!

*You can ONLY BENEFIT from taking the ACT multiple times where as only taking it once or twice can hinder you! Experience really helps with this one!

Last words of wisdom: You can do it! I hope you get the score you want! Rock on! Your ACT score means money and I hope you get lots of it! :3 Lots of love~ I’m sure you’ll do amazing when you take it!

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Hello. If you take requests/have time could you do the SLBP lords/side peoples/etc. and mistletoe? Thanks.

I got this too late to finish it, but when I saw that it said side people, I started with the first ones that I thought of, and then started with a main lord.

I didn’t want to leave this sitting, since the holidays are already over. Thank you for understanding!

Kotarō was so surprised by your kiss that he didn’t even think to close his eyes. It ended so soon that he barely registered the softness of your lips until you were sliding yours across his, and pulling away.

Exhilarating even if brief, the kiss replays in his mind, and he watches you straighten your kimono, with your shy smile and coy glance.

Did you kiss him because you would have kissed anyone, or did you kiss him because it was him? He doesn’t know, but he finds himself following you as you leave the room.

When you disappear around the corner, and poke your head out to see if he’s cottoned on, Kotarō realizes what you’re up to and gives chase as you run.

After you perform a few calculated twists and turns, the two of you find yourselves in a different section of the castle– all smiles and laughs –you drawing him in by the collar, him falling happily into your arms, and all “coincidentally,” underneath another ball of mistletoe. 

Shigezane didn’t mean to walk underneath the eaves, where a snow-dusted sprig of mistletoe was festively tied, at the same time as you did– honestly, he didn’t!

In fact, he was prepared to side-step you with a cordial smile and a polite “good night,” but he stopped himself when you grabbed at his sleeve. 

He counts in time to the feel of his pulse beating in his ears, trying to coax his heart to calm down. It’s only a mistake. It has to be.

‘You couldn’t!’ he swore, dimly registering how you pressed up against his back.

‘You wouldn’t!’ he tried to convince himself, realizing that he was turning willingly with the motion of your hands as they pulled him around to face you, acquiescing with no resistance as you spun him softly in your direction.

‘You feel so good in my arms!’

He feels the silk of your kimono, and the softness of your arms as they slide around his neck, and braces himself as you push up on your toes to reach him with a kiss.

Masamune is looking back at you, dumbfounded and a little afraid. He didn’t think that you would trick him like this, when you asked him to hold aloft what he could only assume was a sprig of some kind of garnish.

He’s backed himself up against the kitchen counter, and with nowhere else to go, he leans backward even father, accidentally bumping some glass jars in his haste. They don’t tip over, but the clinking noise they make as they knock together sounds so loud to his ears.

He’s not afraid to kiss you– goodness knows he’s gotten rather good at that with “practice.” 

What’s got him worried is that he doesn’t think that he can trust himself to be brief about it, and he’s got Kojuro trained when it comes to checking in on him.

Masamune’s eyes dart over to the door and back to your lips, to the door again, then back to your– oh! do you have to lick your lips that way? 

He can hear a thudding rhythm being tapped out and he’s not sure if it’s Kojuro’s footsteps coming up the path right on time, or if it’s the sound of the blood rushing in his ears.

Masamune drops the mistletoe unceremoniously, catching you in his arms instead. 

Without a care for who might come through the door, he pulls you to him before his wits can catch up to him, and kisses you the way you’ve taught him you like.

The Beauty of a Beast - part 3

Characters: Bobby Singer, Balthazar, Chuck, Gabriel, Y/N Singer (future pairing of Gabriel x reader)

Words: 1400+

Beta-reader: @hunters-hiraeth

Warnings: Animal attack, mostly centred around Bobby

Chapter summary: Bobby seeks shelter in a seemingly abandoned castle and finds more than he expected

[Part 1] [Part 2]

[General masterlist]

Originally posted by thegifsshop

Part 3 - A White Rose

Bobby pulled his hat down further as the rain grew heavier. The wind whipped around him, fast and unrelenting. It was hard to see further than the ends of the reigns.

“C’mon, Philippe, just a little further.” Bobby said softly. “I’ll get you somethin’ to eat as soon as we get there.”

Philippe, Bobby’s snow white horse, was not at all comforted. His steps seemed anxious and he kept whinnying.

The path before Bobby was unfamiliar. It didn’t take too long to realize he was lost. “Balls…” he cursed. It was too late to turn back now, either that or he was too stubborn to. Most likely the latter.

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me: the analysis of this organization’s employee benefits probably needs to be cited

also me, the former grad student, the day before it’s due: i don’t know what citations are