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Decisions, Decisions

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Request:  I might be asking a lot but can you do an imagine with Barry and Oliver and they fight over A y/n girl and they both liked her and she catches them fighting over her or something close to that.

Notes: I feel really bad that this is so short and dialogue heavy, but I hope it’s good and you guys like it!

Y/C- your choice

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Break or Punishment?

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Genre: Smut

By: Admin Podo


Words: 1,372

A/N: In the fandom I know it’s popular for Namjoon to be very dom, but I think it would be possible for him to be one of those subs that is tough looking but not extremely dom at all. So, I wrote a whole sub!Rapmon fic for this! But in my own experience, you can’t judge anyone by their appearance. That’s also why I made the (dom) reader wear pink. I hope you guys like it!

The rain was pouring down hard that night as you brought your hard-working boyfriend Namjoon some green tea. After stretching, yawning, and pushing his hair back he took the tea from you. “Thanks babe.” He sleepily smiled at you.

You put down your tea and carefully sat on his lap and snuggled your head on his shoulder. “Y/N, I still have work to do…”

“It’s past midnight,” you began stroking, or more like poking his face, with one finger, getting in the way of his tea drinking. Ceasing the poking after poking his dimple, “Namjoon don’t you think you should take a break?”

The tea fogged up his glasses and he blinked sleepily behind the lens. You giggled at him.

“What?” he wrinkled his nose at you.

“You’re just so cute.” You suddenly grabbed his face and quickly kissed his lips then went back to leaning on his shoulder. He pretended like that didn’t happen because he was still thinking about work but as he continued slowly drinking his tea you noticed his arm tightening around you.

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That One Night Part Two H.S.

Part One HERE

Your palms were sweaty and your face went cold as Harry stopped you. His eyebrows were furrowed together as he stared at your belly and you could tell he was angry. You knew he was going to be which is exactly why you were trying to avoid him.

“What about?” you said, trying to be nonchalant. You began walking back towards your booth but Harry grabbed your arm, stopping you. People were beginning to stare, noticing the Harry Styles, and two girls eating lunch together began taking pictures. You felt embarrassed, so you tried to end the conversation as quickly as possible. “Look. We can talk later, okay?”

“Fine, but we’re having this conversation. Come by the Carlyle around 10:30 tonight. That’s where we’re staying for the next couple of days,” he told you, and walked away without another word. Your heart was pounding in your chest as you stood there for a moment, wondering if that actually just happened.

You walked back to your table and saw Liza standing up. She was grabbing her phone and handed you yours before saying, “Hey, I already paid, so we can go.”

You were very grateful to have Liza in situations like this. You kept your face down as you past Liam and Harry and didn’t say anything until you got to the car. Your heart was pounding so fast by the time you were outside that you felt like you were about to have a heart attack.

“I seriously hate you and love you Liza,” you said, once the two of you were driving. “Oh my god. What am I going to do? He wants me to go to his hotel after their concert to talk. He was so pissed Liza.”

“Well, you’re going to go and have a probably unpleasant conversation with him. It’s his kid. You know he’s going to want to be apart of he or she’s life.” She pulled into your driveway and parked. “I really don’t think it’s going to be that bad, and if it is terrible, I give you complete permission to punch me. I would come in, but I’ve got class in thirty. I think it will be fine though. What time do you need me to pick you up?”

“Um, I don’t know. He want’s me to be there at 10:30 tonight,” you told her, thanking her and grabbing your bags before walking inside.

You set your bags down and plopped down onto the couch, rubbing your growing belly. When did your life turn into such a mess? All you were supposed to be worrying about was getting to class on time and hanging out with friends, not going to doctor’s appointments and buying baby clothes.

You looked around your apartment and stared at the small baby bouncer that your mother had given you. It was the first baby item you had gotten and ever since then, things just continued to change. Laying back down on the couch, you turned on the t.v. for background noise, and stared at the ceiling.

You woke to the sound of your phone vibrating on the end table and you sat up, grabbing it. It was Liza calling you.

Hey! I just realized the time, and I’m on my way! I totally forgot that you don’t have a car to get to the hotel, and I figured it be better to get there before everyone is leaving the concert.

Your heart dropped as you looked at the clock. 9:45. “Okay, thanks Liza. I didn’t even think about it. I’ll see you in a few.” Your breathing became shallow as you stood up, panicking. After a momentary freakout, you grabbed the white dress that was loose and threw it on. It hid your baby bump a little better than the super small shirt you were wearing earlier.

Your feet were beginning to swell as well, another perk of pregnancy, so you put on your only comfortable pair of flats and waited for Liza to pick you up. Once she was here, you made your way downstairs and got in her car. It was silent as she drove you to the hotel. Once she was parked, she looked at you. “Hey, babe, don’t worry. It will be fine. Do you want me to wait here for you?”

You shook your head. “No, I don’t know how long it will take. I’ll just take the bus if it’s super late. I’ve got my bus card, so I’ll be fine.”

“No, just call me when you’re ready to leave. I’ll come even if it’s at three in the morning,” she said, giving your hand a small squeeze. You got out of the car and walked into the hotel, sitting down in the lounge area, waiting for Harry to get there. Feeling bored and out of place, you pulled out your phone to look like you had something to do.

Soon enough, screams could be heard and in walked the four boys with their massive body guards. You stood up, looking for Harry, but he was hidden well. Then, his head peaked up, looking around the room before he spotted you. He pushed past the guards and came over to you.

“Come on. Let’s go to my room so we can talk privately,” he said, grabbing your hand and pulling you along with him. The two of you were alone in the elevator, and to say it was awkward was an understatement. Neither of you said anything, the only sound in the room was the cheesy elevator music.

The elevator let out a chime! and opened the doors, letting you out into a narrow hallway. You followed Harry quietly as he led you to his room. He sat down on his bed and you sat down on the opposite one, staring down at your fingers. You weren’t really sure what was going to happen, but he broke the silence first.

“Is it mine?”

You were kind of insulted. It’s not like you slept with every guy you met once. “No Harry. But I really couldn’t tell you who the father is because I’m such a whore,” you responded, sarcasm seeping out of your voice. “Sleeping with you was a one time kind of thing. I don’t just sleep around, but really, thanks for thinking that.”

“Well, fuck. Why didn’t you tell me?” He wasn’t yelling, but he was definitely pissed. His hands were clenching and unclenching on his thighs.

“I don’t know. Maybe because I didn’t exactly have anyway to contact you,” you told him, rolling your eyes. He was acting like this was all your fault.

“Maybe you shouldn’t have snuck out and you’d have my number!”

“My fucking bad that I couldn’t predict the future!” You stood up and began pacing, a habit you had when you were mad. “This isn’t exactly easy for me, Harry! I wasn’t supposed to have a fucking baby right now! Especially not with you! I’m supposed to be in college, struggling to afford rent and eating ramen. Not wondering how I’m going to support a baby for the rest of my life!”

“I don’t know what you want me to do, Y/N. I have my whole career in front of me.”

His comment made you livid. As if you didn’t have a life waiting for you. As if you didn’t have dreams and goals. “I knew it was a mistake coming here. I didn’t tell you for a fucking reason, Harry. This is why! At least before I could pretend you’d be happy and excited.”

You grabbed your phone and began to walk out the door, but he stopped you.

“Why would I be happy that you got pregnant? This is a mistake and you know it.”

“It takes two to make a baby, but do you want to know the real difference between you and I? I am dealing with it. I am going to the doctor and I am buy the clothes and diapers and formula. You are running away. I thought you’d man up and at least offer to help.” You wanted to scream.

“How much did it cost? I can help with that.” he offered softly, trying to calm down.

“Oh my god! I don’t want your fucking money, Harry! I just wanted you to maybe be happy that you’re going to be a dad! You know everyone of your fans think you’d be the best dad ever, and it’s really disappointing to see that that’s not true.”

A few minutes of silence passed before he spoke next. “I want to be involved,” he told you, grabbing your hand and pulling you to sit next to him. “I just don’t know how involved I can be. But I’ll try!”

“I don’t know.” You didn’t know if you could handle a life of everyone knowing your business and having an opinion on it. But that was the life that came with Harry. You also weren’t sure how you could handle someone in your life one day, then disappearing for six months.

“You can’t keep me away from my own child. Just let me help the best I can,” he insisted. “Maybe we could be like a family or something?”

“Harry, do you even know my last name?” you asked, half joking. You’d only met once and slept together after that. It’s not like you knew each other at all.

“No, but let’s get to know each other. What do you say?” he smiled at you, this being the first time you’d seen his cute dimples the whole night. “Oh by the way, is it a boy or girl?”

“I don’t know yet. I have a doctor’s appointment in a couple of days to find out,” you told him. 

“Well, here’s my number,” he said, grabbing your phone, “so you can let me know the minute you do. I’ll come back as often as I can. I want to be here for you and our baby.” He paused and smiled, “So, what is your last name?”

You laughed and smiled, spending the next few hours getting to know each other. Maybe this could work, you thought, smiling at the father of your baby.

So there’s part two! I hope you guys enjoyed it and let me know if there’s anything you want me to write!


Trying - Chapter 7

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Pairing: Alya/Nino


After 5 years of a never ending battle with Hawk Moth, the Akumas suddenly come to a stop. For 4 months Paris seems like it’s finally at peace, but it may turn out to be only the calm before the storm. When Alya starts to hear a familiar voice, she realizes very quickly that Hawk Moth is far from gone. Alya must resist the temptation to discover the truth behind Ladybug, but as her life slowly falls apart around her Hawk Moth’s grip only becomes stronger.


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Saying that you are an idiot would simply be false. Your GPA and the fact you were able to figure out that one of your best friends was a web slinging superhero of New York proves that you are exceptionally smart. You were an idiot when it came to that friend.

You didn’t consider yourself popular at all. Your friend group consisted of Peter Parker and a few girls. It was no surprise when you started liking Peter. He was the only boy you really talked to and what wasn’t to like?

Well, his cluelessness. Even if yours wasn’t any better.

Peter Parker had attracted the attention of some of the popular girls in your class who so obviously just wanted his brains for their own gain. As a result, he had fallen under their spell to believe that doing their homework would get him a date. If only he could realize that he could have gotten one for nothing.

It started with a few times that Peter left early to tend to the needs of his new friends. He wouldn’t actually attend the party, but he would pick them up. Then, you would call him to see where he was and get a blatant lie of his whereabouts, as if you couldn’t hear the music in the background.

One apology from him and you felt your knees wobble under his chocolate brown eyes, which drove your friends insane. They all told you that you would only get hurt, but you brushed it off. Peter wouldn’t hurt you.

You texted one day before the last period. Hey, remember to meet me in the library to study for Physics. There was no response, yet you didn’t think about it, only assuming that he read it.

Well, something they say about assuming. It makes an ASS out of yoU and ME. The library was busy for the first thirty minutes out of school until it eventually cleared out. There was no sign of Peter nor any texts from him. You swallowed your hurt and kept telling yourself to wait 5 more minutes to see if he would come. You even went as far as to check the local news station to see if there was anything that Spiderman had to do. Of course, that day was the most peaceful day for the longest time.

By the time your friend found you, almost 4 hours later, the library was closing. She took one look at your face and sighed. “Again?”

“I’m sure something came up,” you responded, trying to sound happy, but your voice gave you away as it broke. Your friend hugged you and walked you home so she could help you feel better.

2 hours later, you felt a little better, after watching several episodes of Doctor Who. Your friend specifically avoided Peter in the conversation the two of you were having in your pajamas. She had decided to stay the night. At first, you cried for a while, feeling worthless, so you appreciated having her there to tell you otherwise.

Once Matt Smith had saved the world again, your phone rang. You took one look and immediately deflated. Your friend quickly snatched your phone and answered, “What do you want, jerk?” There was a pause. “Just answering her phone. You’re a bit late. Six hours late.” Before your friend started ranting, you tugged on her sleeve and pointed to the phone. “You are lucky she even wants to talk to you,” your friend seethed before giving the phone to you.

“Y/N?” Peter’s voice was a bit hard to hear because of the muffled music in the background. “I am so sorry for missing our study session today. I just-”

“Forgot me?” You finished his sentence, “Yeah, Peter. I’m used to it by now.”

“No, no, no,” he rushed to correct you, almost cringing at himself since he did in fact forget you.

“Then please elaborate why you weren’t there for the four hours. I must have missed you.” You actually tried sarcasm, which was not like you at all. “And I would actually know if you showed up, since I was physically there.”

Peter tried to respond, “Y/N, I’m so so sorry, but it’s really hard to balance my time right now.”

“So where are you then?”

“In my room,” he lied quickly, not wanting to hurt you, but Peter forgot how smart you were.

“Pretty loud music,” you noted, “If this is who you actually are, I’m not wasting my time anymore. Goodbye, Peter.” When you hung up, your friend high fived you.

For the rest of the night, Peter kept trying to text you until your friend decided to turn your phone off. Both of you watched movies for a good amount of time before she fell asleep. You reached for your phone to set an alarm before you realized that you would actually have to see all of his texts or attempted calls.

Tapping from the window interrupted your thoughts. You looked out and saw Peter nervously standing on your fire escape with his hands in his coat pockets. Opening the window, you stuck your head out. “You’re crazy if you think coming here changes anything.”

“I was worried since you weren’t answering,” he stated, shivering slightly from the cold weather.

“Well, I’m fine evidently.”

Neither of you talked for a little until Peter asked, “Could I come in?”

“Y/F/N’s here,” you explained, “They’d kick you out the second you come in.”

“I want to talk with you and I’d rather not have to speak loudly for you to hear me.” With that, you grabbed your coziest blanket and put on your slippers. Peter took the blanket and helped you climb through the window onto the freezing fire escape. You took the blanket back, wrapped it around you, and sat on a step. Peter sat next to you. “I’m sorry for not showing up today.”

“So I’ve heard,” you said curtly.

He looked down at his hands before looking back up to you. “I was going to leave after you called me,” Peter explained with a guilty expression, “I was going to tell everyone that I was leaving when I overheard a conversation. Why is that nerd still here? Only to ensure our grades.” Peter looked really hurt by the discovery. “I’m such an idiot.”

“I could’ve told you that,” you replied with a shy tone, “I’m sorry that you found out that way, but did you really want to be a part of their world that badly? Is this one not good enough?” The unspoken question of whether you were good enough hung between the two of you.

“That’s why I’m an idiot,” he continued, “I had a perfect world with you and all of our friends. I just didn’t realize until I left and became a jerk.” Shakily, he took your cold hand in his equally as cold hand. “I didn’t come here to make you feel bad enough to forgive me. I am really asking for your forgiveness and I promise not to abuse it ever again. In turn, you have to hit me if this happens again. In sound mind and body, I give you permission.”

The last part made you laugh. Looking at him carefully, you asked quietly, “Promise?” Realizing how desperate that must have sounded, you stared at the ground instead of him.

Peter carefully tilted your face up and said softly, “I promise, Y/N.” The two of you were frozen in that position for a minute, getting lost in each other’s eyes. He leaned in, making sure you wanted him to kiss you. You closed your eyes in preparation so Peter leaned in more to connect your lips.

It lasted for a little before you pulled away, pulling your blanket closer. “I should probably head back inside,” you realized.

Looking dazed almost, Peter agreed and gave you another kiss that was quicker than the first one, but made your head spin just like the first. He smiled sweetly before using his web shooters to swing away. You sighed slightly inside. Your Peter was back and here to stay.

Imagine Race Asking to Call on You

“Extra! Extra! Buy a paper, miss?” Newsies hawk the headline up and down the street, vying for your attention and your money. You simply smile as you pass them. For the past month, you’ve only been buying papers from one boy, Racetrack Higgins.

As you near Race’s selling spot, you begin to creep along. You’ve been trying for days to scare him. You inch closer and closer, getting right up behind him. His arms are in the air, holding a newspaper high above his head. “ExtrAAAAAHHH!” Race cries as you jam your fingers into his sides.

“Ha! I got you!” you triumph, clapping your hands.

He rolls his eyes and grins, seeing that it’s you he’s dealing with. He pushes his hat further up on his forehead. His trademark cigar is clenched in his teeth, but he quickly removes it and sticks it in his pocket, wanting to make a good impression on you.

“Want a pape?” he asks. “Pretty good story ‘bout some shipwreck survivor.”

“Of course,” you say, pulling a coin out of your pocket and taking the paper.

“Thank ya kindly, miss (y/n),” Race says. He stares into your (e/c) eyes for an awkward length of time, making you both blush and look away.

You notice the shadows lengthening and sigh. “I’d better get home. See you tomorrow, Race.” You smile and turn to go.

Race suddenly reaches out and puts a hand on your shoulder. “Wait.”

You turn back around and smile. He takes off is cap and runs a hand through his blond, curly hair. He puts his cap back on and pulls his cigar back out of his pocket. He turns it over and over in his hand.

“(Y/n),” he begins, and then he takes a deep breath. “(Y/n), I was wondering, ah, if I could… have permission ta… call on you? I mean, I know girls like you don’t go for guys like me, but… I think you’re really great. So… may I?”

“Yes!” you cry, smiling. “A thousand times, yes!”

Race’s face breaks into a huge grin. “There’s a band that’s gonna play in the park tomorrow night. Can I come get ya at seven?”

“That would be just wonderful!” you reply and give him your address. Somewhere, a clock strikes eight. “Oh! I have to get home. Mother is expecting me!” You turn and begin running home. “See you tomorrow?” you yell over your shoulder.

“Tomorrow!” Race calls, and you hear him give a whoop behind you.

New Pet | Part 4

Sorry it took a few days, I don’t write a lot during the weekend. Tell me what you like and don’t like please. I want the story to be good.

Warning: violence, language, smut

Word count: 1,902


“J!” I yell at him to snap him out of whatever trance he was in.

She shakes his head a little and looks back into my eyes, back into the moment. “What?” He asks in a sore, angry voice, like he didn’t even realize that he zoned out for a few minutes.

I hesitate to answer, worried that I’ve caused him enough stress for the day. He raises his eyebrows and slightly tilts his head like he was waiting for an answer, “You- you went weird for a moment..” I say in a quite voice, hoping that he can hear the fear in my voice.

He tried to get up and I run to his side helping him up. He pushes me off, trying to show that he can handle himself. I step back but still stay close enough for if he does fall over. He slowly walks into the kitchen, obviously in pain. Shortly after he leaves I follow him into the kitchen, peering around the corner, he is talking to a lady that I hadn’t seen before. ‘Does she stay here as well? I thought his guards only stayed here with him.’ He sits down at the counter as this woman gets down a glass and fills it with ice could water. She hands it to him with a couple of pills. She catches a glance of me and looks surprised.

“Hello.” She says briefly, flashing me a quick smile and then going back to making some food.

“Hi, I’m Y/N.” I announce while coming out from behind the corner. “What are you making?” I ask because the kitchen smelled so amazing.

She turns to me and looks confused that I’m talking to her. She quickly glances at the Joker, she looks frozen. He nods at her, giving her permission to speak. She turns to me and I can see the relief in her eyes. A smile appears across her face and she lets out a deep breathe, “How are you dear, my name is Brooke. I’m making lasagna for the men because they have had a long night. Would you like some?”

“Of course I would, thank you so much. Would you like me to go get the other guys to come eat?” I ask, trying to help Brooke because she seems a little overwhelmed at the moment.

“That would be so nice of you dear.” She says with a big smile across her face now.

The Joker gives her a look that says, ‘No, that’s your job, not hers, you will go get them.’

“..But, I can go get them. You take a seat there and I’ll be back shortly to serve dinner.” I see her face start to turn to shame and her cheeks turn red as she exits the room.

I go and pull out the chair next to Joker at the counter. I take a seat and he doesn’t flinch or even move from where he was looking. We sit their in silence, all you can here in our breathing. I started to feel awkward when I finally blurted out, “I am sorry Mr. J.” I truly was, I didn’t want to hurt him, no matter how much he hurt me. I just wanted to leave, to go home, to sleep in my own bed, to have Jake back.

He slowly looks up at me saying, “Oh trust me, you will be sorry,” letting out his maniac laugh as I tighten up in my seat.

Our chairs are close and he wraps his hand on my thigh, causing me to get a weird sensation. ‘How does a guy that just killed my fiancé have this kind of power over me?’ I stand up and walk over to the cupboard where Brooke got the glass from. I get myself some water as he watches my every move. I stand across from him, leaning on the counter, we are just looking at each other.

“You need to stop giving me that look doll face.” He says as he bites his slip slowly. I didn’t know what look I was giving him, but I just brushed off what he said and went and sat down at the far end of the table. He turns around in his chair and smiles as he stands up and sits across from me at the head of the table.

Brooke walks back into the kitchen with most of the men and they sit down around the table that J and I are already seated at. She brings over the food and dishes up my plate first then dishing up all of the men’s. We all sit their in silence, I think nobody wanted to talk because they felt the tension of having me there. I felt awkward so I stood up, grabbing my plate, and walked back into the front room to eat.

Im sitting on the couch that J had been laying across, after a few moments he walks in and sits by me. “Why did you come in here?” He asks me setting his plate down on the table in front of us. I can hear all of the men talking in the other room now. ‘It really was the tension that kept them from speaking.’

“I didn’t want to stay in there.” I reply while putting another bite into my mouth.

He tilts my head towards his, “You don’t have to feel awkward about staying here. This is your house now also. He can do whatever you want here, you just can’t leave without asking me first. You are safe within this house.” For some reason I didn’t believe him. I didn’t feel safe here. He scared me but I was intrigued by him at the same time. I mean for a maniac he wasn’t to bad looking.

“Okay Mr. J. I’m sorry.” I decided to just go along with what he had said, I mean it could be fun to just make the time worth it while I still could.

“Don’t be, just don’t go trying to do anything dumb or I’ll have to punish you Y/N.” He let’s go of my face and goes back to eating.

“Mr. J, how do you know my name?” I was confused for I have never said my name in front of him.

“The same way I knew that you were Jake’s fiancé. I have to know all of my clients weaknesses, that’s how I get my business done.” He didn’t look at me once to tell me that. It did bother me a bit but at the same time I can understand where he is coming from. I went back to finishing my food and we sat there in silence.

J had been done for a while by the time I had finished. The second I took my last bite he called for Brooke to come grab our plates. I looked at him trying to decide if he was a kind maniac or just a confusing one, I went with confusing. I can’t understand why he would take me and then treat me like a princess.

I didn’t realize I was still staring at him until he said, “I can’t take that look anymore.” Before I had time to even process what he had just said our lips were locked, his tongue now exploring my mouth. As he picks me up I can feel his mouth tighten up, it was probably from the pain in his shoulder. He takes me up stairs, throwing me down onto the bed and sliding my pants off of me. I lift the top half of my body up by resting on my elbows.

“Do you want daddy?” He asks while sliding his fingers into me. I let out a small grunt while my head falls back.

“Yes daddy.” I say, having a tremble in my voice. His fingers start to move back and forth faster as he leans down and kisses me again. I unbutton his shirt and he quickly takes it off of him self, sliding his fingers back into me. I can feel my self start to climax and I tighten, he pulls out and flips me over so that I’m on my hands and knees now. I feel his bare chest lean onto my back as he whispers into my ear, “Tell daddy what you want baby girl.”

I tilt my head towards his, biting his ear, slowly pulling down while my mouth stayed wrapped around his lobe. “Fuck me daddy.”I whisper. I feel him stand back up straight, grabbing a hold of my hair as he slides himself into me. With every stroke he would pull my hair a bit harder, while his other hand wrapped around my hip pressing his thumb into my back. I can feel myself start to climax again, he could feel it to.

“Wait baby.” Telling me to hold my orgasm in. The harder I tried to hold it in the quicker it happened. “Now.” Just him saying that threw both of us over the edge. The feeling was sensational. We both fall onto the bed, breathing heavily. I pull the sheets up over myself, getting up close to him while resting my hand on his chest. I look up at him and he is looking down at me, I smile as he kisses me on the forehead.

“How?” I ask while looking up into his eyes.

“How what?” He looks down at me confused by what I’m asking.

“How can I be attracted to the man that killed my fiancé?” He looks at me shocked and quickly gets out of bed, standing over me in just his boxers. I sit up and lean against the head board as I can see his anger build up in him.

“Don’t ask me anything about him ever again, do I make myself clear?” He scolds down at me, seeing that I was afraid.

“I just asked a simple question, why do you get so mad so easily?” I didn’t want to coward down to him. He slaps me across the face again, this time with his right hand. It was harder this time and his ring cut my cheek. I can tell that it hurt him too, so I just rolled over and lay facing the window. I hear him storm out of the room and slam the door shut. ‘Where does he always go when he just storms out?’ I started to get mad and was going to figure it out for myself. I quickly stand up and wrap the sheets around myself. I walk over to the door, yanking it open and he is standing there.

He walks towards me as I start to back up getting seated on the edge of the bed. He pulls his hand up and rests a wet wash cloth on my cut, cleaning it off. My anger dies and I get even more confused. ‘Why does he do this? Why does he flip and then get kind for a brief moment?’ Once he pulls the cloth away from my face he sticks a band aid across the open wound. He goes and lays down, patting the bed for me to come up and join him. I wiggle my way up, wrapping myself back around him.

He looks down at me saying, “Just don’t talk about it, it’s a trigger.”

Puppy Love (Part three)- Dean Ambrose x reader

The next morning you got to the lobby early to make some pancakes that the hotel provided. You left Dean to sleep. You just wanted to feel independent again, not like having someone care for you was a bad thing.

Roman lazily walked past you to grab some cereal to start his morning. “You have..pups,” he stated like you didn’t already know. “Yea, Rom I know. Last night was something else,” you said pouring some maple syrup on your pancakes. Roman grinned, you didn’t expect him to be so happy about the news. “You better start eating for two or more now,” he said pouring milk into his chocolate cereal.

You giggled and nodded. You sat at the closest table. Roman of course joined you, “honestly I didn’t expect Dean to let you down here without his protection. Or let you be so near to me. My scent my rub off onto you.” You circled a piece of pancake in syrup, “yea, well he’s asleep. I wanted him to rest after the excitement.” You ate the very syrupy piece of pancake. You tried to eat another piece but your gag reflexes started acting up. Roman saw you go pale, “hey, hey, Y/N you’re having morning sickness, don’t eat anymore or you’ll just uncontrollably vomit it all back up. I remember the times my wife had her’s.”

You sat down your fork and sighed, “god. I didn’t know morning sickness starts the NEXT morning.” “Just keep calm. Drink some water,” Roman got up and walked over to the little hotel kitchen and handed you a bottle of water. “Thanks Rom,” you said as you twisted the cap off and took a drink. “It’s fine. We take care of our expecting mothers. No need to disrespect a goddess that brings life to Earth,” Roman explained.

“Everything just kinda happened so I didn’t ask for this. But I love Dean,” you said getting emotional. “Oh I know. Dean did a rookie mistake and..” Roman trailed off shaking his head, “that’s what happens when you don’t have much self control.”

Roman looked up quickly seeing someone approach, “speak of the devil.” Dean walked up to the table and grabbed your arm tight and brought you up from the seat, “Get the fuck away from her!” He yelled with a growling undertone.

Roman raised his hands, “hey I didn’t touch her, I only helped her with morning sickness. And is that how you talk to your bro?” Dean was shielding you by this point as if Roman was going to jump up and attack. “You have no right to talk to the mother of my pups. Unless I give you permission.” Roman burst out with laughter, “I’m not mad right now because I know how you feel, I’ve been there. You get super protective once you find out. But god Dean, I wouldn’t do shit. I respect that you’re breaking off and making a new pack.”

You grabbed Dean’s shoulder, “come on, he’s ok, he didn’t hurt me. Don’t be the tough alpha.” He looked back and gave you a kiss on the forehead. Roman still had his hands up, “come on Dean my cereal is getting soggy!” Dean turned away and led you back to the room.

“Why did you go alone?” He asked. “I just wanted breakfast babe. But then morning sickness hit” you replied looking down to feel where the pups would be. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be the asshole alpha. The wolf was afraid. I panicked when I woke up. I followed your scent to the lobby.” “Well you found me.”

I’m sorry. But we need to start packing right now. We have to hop two towns over for tonight’s show. But uh, you said you felt sick?” He questioned. You nodded, “yea morning sickness.”

He chuckled and touched your stomach, “be good to mommy you little shits!” You smiled at his dad moment. “I’m pretty much ready to head out Dean,” you said. “Okay. Let me just grab our bags and load up.”


Another hotel room, in a different city. You were accustomed to traveling and never calling a place home. You unpacked and sat on the bed to rest. “When do you think I need to go to the doctor?” You asked. Dean turned around from unpacking, “we don’t go to the doctor. We’re afraid that our pups will actually be in their pup form instead of human. It happens. They also uh grow faster than normal. Normal people have their little rascals at nine months. Since the wolf’s gestation period is faster, we’ll have our pups at three months.”

“Seriously? That fast?” You asked in shock. “Yeah. But I don’t want you to shift during the next moon. I don’t want to put that strain on them. You know?” Dean said going back to unpacking. “Yea,” you simply said.


You stood backstage right before the gorilla position, waiting with Dean. He was behind you giving your neck gentle kisses and rubbing your tense shoulders. The Miz and Dolph came out of the gorilla position. Dean patted your back and started getting into the mentality that he needed before his music hit. “Good luck Lunatic,” you giggled. Dean headed up to gorilla position and got ready for tonight’s street fight against AJ.


Dean came down from the gorilla position sweaty and beat down. And the first thing he did was come to you with open arms seeking a kiss. “You ready to leave?” He asks. “Yea, don’t you wanna take a shower before we go?” You asked. “No, we gotta go now. The wolf is being a little aggressive right now,” he said trying to rush you. AJ came down the stairs of the gorilla yelling, “you fucking bitch, control yourself! You scratched my forearm pretty bad!” You looked back to AJ, “He’s sorry y’know!” AJ ran over and grabbed Dean’s shoulder.


Dean turned around, then doubled in pain.

Let me out! No one challenges me!

“NO!” Dean yelled fighting back the urge to change.

“Oh boy, here we go, the big bad Alpha has to prove his territory,” AJ mumbled, he was ready to turn the second Dean did. You heard a ripping of clothing before you, as you did you were pulled back by Seth, “careful sweetheart, you don’t wanna get mixed up in this shit.” Dean wasn’t turning into the feral wolf you’ve seen before.

Dean’s black tank ripped as his back enlarged; his denim jeans were shredded as large hind legs formed. The rusty light brown fur sprouted as the rest of his body changed into a large bipedal werewolf. He gave a short howl and snarled towards AJ. Seth stood in front of you, like how Dean shielded you earlier.

AJ was surprised by the monster that stood over him. “You’re going down!” AJ yelled as he shifted into a normal four legged wolf, unlike Dean, AJ has yet to master his bipedal form.

AJ went straight to the weakest spot, the throat. His fangs hooked around Dean’s neck; the pair fell back onto the floor. Dean viciously clawed AJ’s back, causing the feral wolf to release his hold to cry. Dean in turn went for AJ’s throat.

“Okay, we have to stop this right now!” Roman shouted. In desperation you screamed from behind Seth, “Dean down!”

She said stop. Stop!

Dean released the little wolf from his mouth and whimpered, knowing you were disappointed. You slowly walked up to Dean. You rubbed his head, “good. Good boy.” Dean panted in approval.

Her touch is so relieving. Sweet pups.

Dean shifted back to his naked form in front of half of the roster. You knelt down, “I love you.” He grabbed you into a strong hug, “I’m glad you’re ok.” You laughed, “of course I am honey, no one came near.”

AJ shifted back with what looked to be deep fang marks around his throat. Roman lifted AJ’s head to inspect. “Shit we need a medic!” He yelled in an urgent tone, “he’s not healing like he should be.” Bray and Kane carried AJ to the nurses office.

“Dean!” Roman growled, “if you fucking risk someone’s life again. I’ll have to come in and you sure as hell don’t want that!” Dean didn’t answer. You and Dean both got up and walked to the locker room to change.


You stared into the full body mirror in your room, “I think I’m showing a little.” You ran your hand down your stomach to go over a small bump. Dean stretched on the bed and motioned for you to come to bed.

Such an early glow about her. Pups are growing fast.

“Yea, they must be growing fast doll,” he said moving the covers out of the way for your entrance. You rolled into bed and covered yourself. His hand slipped down to your belly, “they’re going to look like you,” he said smiling. You giggled, “nuh uh. They’re going to look like their daddy!” You nuzzled into his chest, “I can’t wait to meet them.” “I wanna see them RIGHT now,” he said impatiently; you felt the rumble from his chest. You looked up to his blue gray eyes. Dean caressed your cheek, “god you’re too good to me Y/N. You’re everything I’ve ever needed. You keep me from being such a wildcard.” You smirked, “but I like the wildcard side.”

After a long pause and stare, you decided it was time for sleep. “Goodnight, I love you,” you said. “Goodnight, I love you too. Give the pups some good dreams.”

||Yes, there’s gonna be a fourth part! I’m going to wrap it all up (or try to and fail) Keep the many great comments coming, I’m in love with you guys, seriously!||

Obey. (Jimin Smut)

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oK I AM PROUD OF MYSELF WITH THIS just read n u will see y

Paring: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Smut

Warning: Mommy kink

Word count:  1388

“Fucking dumbass boss, fucking stupid ass coworkers” You muttered as you shove the key to your house, turning it and unlocking the door. You slammed the door shut and dropped your jacket on the floor while kicking off your shoes. 

You sighed and ran your fingers through your hair, you would’ve thought Jimin would be home by now since he had the day off and it was midnight but the living room and kitchen light was off but the TV was on and you saw his shoes.

“Jimin?” You called out, walking towards the living room and shutting off the TV. No reply came, you shrugged thinking that he may have gone to the studio or out to buy something you dragged your feet towards the bedroom muttering curse words thinking about the bad day you had work today.

You were right in front of your bedroom door and light was peeking out from the crack the door couldn’t cover, you squinted your eyes slightly and when you were about to push open the door you heard light moans cover the silence and the bed moving as if someone was on it.

You pushed open the door and Jimin was laying on the bed naked, his dick in his hands and his eyes closed while he bucked his hips into his hand, you smirked and closed the door behind you after walking inside the room.

Jimin opened his eyes at the sound and quickly sat up trying to cover himself, making your smirk grow wider. You walked close to him, joining him on the bed you went in between his legs, running your hand down his bare chest.

“I was just-” Jimin started but you shushed him while putting your index finger on his lips, you tugged on bottom lip and stared down at his erect dick, his hand was wrapped around it and you chuckled.

“Oh, I know damn well what you were doing” You said looking up and you put your finger under Jimin’s chin making him look up fully at you and you watched his eyes widened as you removed his hand from his cock and replaced it with yours.

“Y/N..” Jimin eyes closed as you brought your hand up and down his cock he whimpered at how slow you were going.

“Excuse me?” You asked, tilting your head to the side stopping your movements with your hand, Jimin opened his eyes again searching your eyes to find the answer of what he did wrong to make you stop.

“What’s my name?” You questioned, your eyes burning into his and his staring back at you, you stared at him as if you were both fighting for dominance.

“Mommy” Jimin whispered, bringing his head down.

“Look up, baby boy and say that again louder” You demanded your hand starting to move up and down his shaft again making him bring up his head in obedience and he innocently stared at you making a smile form on your lips.

“Mommy” He said louder his eyes still on you, waiting for your next order.

“There we go” You pushed his chest signaling him to lay down, he laid down and stared at you and you brought your lips around his tip, sucking at it. You smiled as Jimin whimpered grabbing the bed sheets trying to hold onto something, since that was your rule; don’t touch mommy unless she gives you permission to.

You put him fully inside your mouth letting the tip of his dick hit the back of your throat making you gag. Jimin groaned, lifting his hips slightly to get more of the feeling. You pulled away completely and left small kisses along his shaft. Jimin furrowed his eyebrows, the only sounds coming out of his mouth were small whimpers or low groans that got you turned on.

“What do you want me to do, baby boy?” You mumbled against his dick, Jimin sighed as he felt the vibrations from your words hit the base of his dick, making you proud of yourself. You loved to see Jimin in this state, vulnerable and obedient just for you.

“Fuck me, mommy” Jimin whined, leaning on his elbows as he sat up a little to look down at you.

“Take off my clothes” You sat on your knees, licking your lips in a seductive manner.

Jimin wrapped his arms around your waist to make you sit down on the bed, putting you where he was and he moved to your old positioned. You raised your hands up to help Jimin take off your clothes, you kept your gaze on him and saw him clench his jaw his eyes clouding with lust as he saw your pink lace bra.

He tugged down at your skirt, bringing it down with the stockings you were wearing making you half naked in front of him.

“Like what you see?” You asked you tongue poking out your mouth as you laughed quietly at the way he was staring at your body, he moved his hands to touch you and looked at you for permission and you nodded, he immediately stripped you out of your undergarments. Your skin slowly coming in contact with air in the room, making the hairs on your arms stand up.

You laid down on the bed, making him hover you. You wrapped your legs around his waist, your bare skins touching each other and his erection against your already wet region and you marginally moaned, grinding yourself against him as he cupped your boobs, putting your nipple into his mouth making you arch your back.

He swirled his tongue around the bud, you sighed as he started to nibble gently. You grabbed his hand and brought it to your clit and he put his thumb against rubbing it in circles.

He continued with his assault on your nipple and your clit making you moan, and you moved your hips against his thumb’s movements to apply more pleasure.

When you felt like you were getting close to your high, you put your palms against Jimin’s chest pushing slightly and Jimin pulled away making you sit up.

“Lay down” You ordered, he quietly obeyed your order and laid down on his back against the bed and you straddled him, you seized his cock in your hands and lifted your hips up and moved his tip against your slit to make you feel how wet you are.

Jimin released a low grunt his knuckles turning white as he clenched his fists. You sank yourself on his cock and moaned faintly. Jimin felt so good inside you, he filled you up not missing anything and he didn’t have to thrust deeper into you to find your g-spot, it seemed like it always there waiting for him since every time he would go inside you he would instantly find it.

“You’re so big, baby boy” You moaned throwing your head back. You gradually moved your hips back and forth on his cock, and you leaned down to press your lips against his, pleasure coursing through every vein in your body. You urgently stuck your tongue inside his mouth, your lips taking the lead in the kiss his tongue grazing your lips.

“Mommy, more please” Jimin moaned in the kiss and you pulled away and placed your hands on his chest and bounced down up and down on him, and you knew that you would spill your juices all over him shortly by the way his cock was hitting your g-spot every time you would bring yourself down on him again.

“Oh fuck” You said as you felt your walls clenching around him, you continued on bouncing on him, moaning and muttering a few curse words.

You could feel your legs get weak and your walls tighten around Jimin’s cock, Jimin moaned at the feeling his own cock throbbing at the feeling making him shoot his sperm inside you his climax coming first, as you felt a warm feeling in your stomach you let go around him, your juices mixing with Jimin’s sperm.

You got up slowly and plopped down onto the bed, your chest against the side of Jimin’s. He turned his body towards you and smiled, planting kisses on your forehead and you smiled back.

“Next time I’m in charge” Jimin whispered.

Peter Pan Imagine Request Pt. 3

“Heyyy!!!can you please do a part3 of virgin reader and peter who takes advantage of her when she was drunk??? I loved the previous parts😍”

Part 1

Part 2


You both look at the test, its +.

You both look up at each other and smile.

“You and Pan are going to have a little lost boy or girl.” Felix whispers.

You put your hand over your mouth, shocked and happy all at the same time, you were pregnant, with Peter’s baby.

You and Felix both sit on your bed, watching the trees go back and forth from your window, you were both silent, thinking of ways to tell Peter, but honestly you were terrified to, even though you and him were on good terms, considering what had happen, a baby was a whole different situation.

“You know, you have to tell him.” Felix says quietly.

You feel tears run down your face, “what if he doesn’t want it? What if he sends me away.?”

Felix turns to you and holds your hands, “Pan is cruel wicked, evil, and down ride dirty, but I know how he feels about you, trust me, he would never do that to you.”

You nod your head and Felix wipes your tears away.

“You’ll be alright kid, it’s time for bed, get some rest okay?”


You stayed up all night, you probably got an hour of sleep in, but you had to tell Peter, so you woke up and started to get ready.


You head outside to go find Peter, but he is no where to be found.

“Where’s Peter?” you say quietly.

“Over by the lagoon with her.” a lost boy says

“With who?”

“Some girl , some new girl.”

A new lost girl you thought, did Peter have any interest in her? You decided to go find out.


You walk over to the lagoon and suddenly hear laughter and splashing.

You see that its Peter and some girl, you heart sinks. They had their feet in the water, splashing one and other, that didn’t bother you, how he looked at her, that’s what bothered you.

Peter see’s you and gets up from the ground.

“Hi Y/n, meet our new lost girl.” he says as he points to her.

“Lost girl?” you turn your head over to her, “But i thought I was the only lost girl?”

“Now we have an other! Isn’t that great?” he says as he smiles 

The girl soon walks over to where you guys are, “Hi i’m Olivia.” (Sorry if anyone’s name is Olivia, it was the first name I thought of)

“Uh hi I’m Y/n, the original lost girl.” you said with sass, which made Peter cock a brow, but then smiled.

“She came from far away, she’s lost just like you, so we’re gonna help okay?”

“Right, Peter can I talk to you?” You said anxiously

“Not right now love, there’s so much I have to show Olivia, you know how it was when you first came, but you can start on the chores I left you, thanks!.”

You were left feelings so broken, you were going to have his baby, and he could care less about you. You sat there for hours, you didn’t even think he deserved to know now, he treated you like one of his lost boys, but you weren’t, you thought you meant something but clearly you didn’t.


You had went back to the camp and just finished up all the chores when Peter and Olivia were walking side by side and gazing into each others eyes came back.

You simply rolled your eyes and sat down on a log, waiting for dinner.

“So tonight is a very special night, we celebrate our send lost girl, Olivia!” Peter shouts and so do the lost boys, Felix just looks at you in worry.

You had gotten in line to get your food, when you noticed Peter and Olivia were sharing a plate, they would eat and take bites at the same time, they would talk low so no one could hear what they were saying, they would laugh so loud all of Neverland could hear.

You tried your best to ignore but at this point how could you not? They were center of attention ,

That night everybody drinks and dances, they are having the best time, while you’re in your cabin vomiting your dinner that you just had, everyday seemed more terrible than the last, but this today it felt worse, probably because you just got your heart broken.

 You cry yourself to sleep hoping and wishing that the girl would just leave, you enough problems as it is, you didn’t need anymore. So you decided, you were going to leave Neverland.


You wake up and start to pack your stuff, You had blankets that you had sewn over the years so you put all your stuff in their, you were so busy you didn’t even eat breakfast or lunch.

By dinner you were almost done, you were a perfectionist so everything had to be packed right.

*kock knock* on your door

“Who is it?”


You gasp and quickly go to the door, you look out the peep hole and begin to panic.

You totally forgot you had to ask permission to leave the island, and if Peter said no then, well, you were done for.

You open the door just a little, “Yes?” 

“It’s your turn to cook dinner tonight.” says

You were furious, “That’s why you came over here? You didn’t even tell me hi.”

“Oh right , well-wait why have you been here all day?”

“No reason.” you said in a sassy tone.

He opened the door and saw everything off the shelves , empty closet, covers of the bed are gone, he slowly turns around, “Is there an explanation for this?”

“I-I.. uh.” You start to stutter.

“You what Y/n?” as his British accent starts to grow stronger, it always goes stronger when he gets mad.

“I want you permission to leave Neverland.” You let out a sigh as if you were holding your breath forever.

“Why the hell would I let you do that?”

“Because you obviously don’t give two shits about me, why should i care about you?

“Are you serious right now?” Peter comes closer to you.

“I am very serious Pan.”

“Oh Pan? Since when do you call me Pan?”

“Since today now let me leave this island PLEASE.” you fold your arms.

“Fuck no. Do you honestly think I’m just going to let you leave?” 

Yeah kinda why wouldn’t you?”

“Because you’re MY lost girl.”

“Now you have a new one!” you yell

“This is what it’s all about huh? Her? Olivia?”

“No actually I have something important to tell you, in fact I’ve been having something important to tell you, but do you want to listen ? NO because all you do is go spend time with that girl , that’s all you ever do dammit.” 

“This is MY island and I can spend time with whoever, whenever I want to!”

“THEN GO!” you yell

Just then Felix walks in “Hey hey hey, is everything okay?”

Then you and Peter start yelling at the same time, explaining how its each others fault.

Felix doesn’t want to hear so he looks at you and simply says “Did you tell him yet?”

“Tell me what?” Peter says.

“You haven’t told him yet?!” Felix yells.

“NO!” you yell back.

“Just tell me already.” Peter says getting upset.

“I can’t!” you say 

“Why not?” Peter folds his arms

“Be-because I - I just can’t.” and tears start to roll down your eyes.

Peter’s hard face expression quickly goes soft, his eyebrows almost knit together, he was confused, and sad, he never wanted to see you cry.

“Love,” He comes up to you and wipes your tears “whats wrong?”

You just put your face in your hands, and let it all out, you cried for a good 30 seconds, until Peter picked up your face with his hands, and starting rubbing his thumbs with your cheeks.

“Is something wrong?” he says

“Not really.” you say as you sniffle

“Then what you’re scaring me.” he says

“Maybe you two should sit down “ Felix says as he directs you to two chairs to sit on.

“Thanks” you sniffle again.

“So what’s going on Y/n?”

“Peter, I’m pregnant,, I have been for a couple weeks now.”

Peter’s mouth drops and his eyes turn big. “You, but wait, how?”

“That night when I was drunk and you , yeah…” you put down your head.

“I-I don’t know what to say.” Peter says as he gets up.

“I can leave if you want me to.” you say

“Why would I want that?”

“Peter you’re just a teenager, you’re not ready for a baby.”

“Neither are you but you’re having it aren’t you?”

“Yes but it’s not your responsibility,”

“Y/N!” Peter yells “I took advantage of you, when you were drunk, it is a 100% my fault.”

You look down and play with your dress trying to avoid his eyes.

“And I will do anything and everything in my power to make sure that our baby is taken care of.”

“What about Olivia?” you questioned

“What about her?” he said

“You two were getting pretty close..” 

Peter sighs and kneel’s down to your level.

“I told you, she was lost, she needed my help, so I helped her, simple as that, Y/n you’re still my one and only lost girl, she’s leaving as soon as she finds herself.”

“Why haven’t I left? Haven’t I found myself” you asked curiously

“Oh you have, I keep you because I find myself in you.”

You blush and then kiss Peter on the cheek.

“Okay I’mma go now this is getting too romantic.” Felix says as he walks out the door, you and Peter both laugh.

“So , are you going to stay?”

“Of course Peter.”

“Good, because I wasn’t going to let you go anyway.” 

You giggle at that.

“Hey, look at me. “ Peter says. “we’re gonna make it, I promise.”

You nod your head and kiss him.

Blue Neighborhood {Part 1}

A/N: This was a request I got a hella long time ago, and I’m working on it now. There will be three parts, and it’s based on Troye Sivan’s Blue Neighbourhood Trilogy. Hope ye enjoy! Send requests if you have them!

They were only ten years old the first time they saw each other, and it was one of those storybook moments that people always talk about. The school was crowded, new, fresh with bright eyed and bushy tailed students eager for the day to begin and end. School, well, school held meaning for them. That was where they met, even if it wasn’t intentional; but something told Tyler that it was fate when he saw Craig sitting by himself at lunch. Ten year old Tyler? Not so much. He merely looked at it as an opportunity to make a new friend.

After getting his tray, he waltzed right over to the boy whose name he wasn’t sure about yet, and sat down. “It’s okay if I sit here, right?” Tyler was anything but shy. The other boy looked up, wire rimmed glasses framing his face; he hadn’t even noticed Tyler sit down. But he nodded, regardless of the situation. Tyler smiled at his answer, and began to eat his lunch, taking note of the silence. “You’re new here, right?” He’d never seen the boy around school before so it was easy to assume.

Keep reading

Dad Material

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request: you said you’re in a writing mood so here’s an idea- maybe like an adorable ashton imagine/blurb of the reader watching him around him around kids and reader realizes how good of a father he would be. Idk I’m just in need of ashton fluff xx

this is such a cute idea thank you for requesting it! this is the first ashton imagine that i’ve written so i was super excited about this, i hope you like it and that it’s the fluff that you wanted x

Ashton and I have been together for about a year and a half now, and four months ago we decided to move in together. Though Ashton was home more often than not, when he was hanging out with the boys for the first time since we got our place, I decided to get to know our neighbor a door over. Her name was Cora, and she has twins that are seven-years-old named Jace and Jamie. After we had been there a week, Cora asked me to watch them for her because she got called into work unexpectedly. And because it went well, I watched them a couple times after that. Though it was purely coincidental, Ashton was never home during the times I had watched them. That is, until tonight. I had offered to watch the twins so Cora could have some much needed time to herself, seeing as the woman worked most of the time and when she was home she had to keep up with her kids, and I felt she deserved it. So, we agreed on tonight, and when I told Ashton about it he got really excited.

“Wait, I actually get to meet the kids that you babysit sometimes?” He asked me almost incredulously.

“Yeah,” I laughed. “If you don’t have any other plans. I decided that we’re making cookies so that they’ll definitely behave and have something fun to do.”

Ashton’s eyes lit up. “I can’t wait. When are they coming over?”

“Around five,” I told him. “But you need to promise me something before they get here.”

He gave me a look as I sat next to him on the couch. “Alright, what is it?”

“Please be on your best behavior, okay? I don’t want to be blamed for her children turning into little demons or something.” I tried my best to be serious, but I’m not sure if I succeeded.

“I promise I won’t ‘corrupt’ the kids,” He air quoted. “Though, I’m not quite sure why you think I’m going to, like, act ridiculous or something. Do you not think I’m responsible?”

My eyes got wide. “I never said that, Ash. I just want to make sure everything goes smoothly, you know? If they go back to their mother and say that things went crazily then Cora will never trust me again. Plus, she’s paying me for this, so if you want half, you need to be a bit more mature than you usually are.”

Ashton scoffed, then chuckled. “I’m pretty sure I can handle that. Especially if she’s paying us.”

When the time finally came, and there was a knock at the door, Ashton quickly got up and answered it. I followed right behind him.

“Hi!” Cora beamed. “Oh, you must be (y/n)’s boyfriend that she’s told me so much about! It’s nice to meet you, I’m Cora. This is my son, Jace, and my daughter Jamie.”

“It’s so nice to finally meet you guys,” Ashton said politely. “(Y/n)’s told me all about you too.”

“Here, come on in!” I said to the twins. They walked in and took their shoes off, then looked up at us.

“Well, I’ve gotta run, you guys better behave. I’ll be checking in, so they’ll let me know how good you guys are.” Cora told them.

“They’ll be great, don’t worry.” I smiled at her. “Enjoy your alone time, we’ll see you later!”

“Alright, bye everyone, have fun!” She called out as she walked away and I closed the door.

I turned towards the twins and said, “So, guys, this is Ashton. He lives here with me.”

“Then why haven’t we seen him before?” Jace asked.

Ashton chuckled. “Because I’m usually with my friends or doing something else while you guys are here.”

“Are you guys married?” Jamie asked next.

“No, not yet.” I fake pouted, earning a laugh from them both.

“We will be one day, though.” Ashton assured. I’d be lying if I said hearing him say that didn’t make my heart happy.

Ashton offered to make spaghetti for everyone for dinner, and as he did so the twins and I watched Spongebob. It was their absolute favorite show, Cora told me the first time I babysat for her that they watched it literally all the time. She was so over the show at this point, but she’d never tell them that.

Once dinner was finished, we all sat in the living room and ate.

“We love coming over, because (y/n) always lets us eat in out here.” Jace said as he shoveled food into his mouth.

Ashton chuckled. “Yeah, she’s cool, isn’t she?”

The twins nodded.

“Well, I’m glad you guys think that, because I think you both are cool too.” I smiled.

“You’re going to think she’s even cooler once you hear what we get to do after dinner.” Ashton added.

The twins turned towards us, eyes wide with excitement.

“What are we gonna do?” Jamie gasped.

Ashton looked at me and I nodded, giving him permission to tell them.

“We’re going to make cookies!” He announced, causing them to squeal and squirm around.

“You guys are the coolest grownups ever!” Jace got up from his spot on the floor to hug us.

“Can we come here all the time?!” Jamie got up and joined the group hug.

“I dunno about ‘all the time’, we’ll definitely see about you guys coming over more often,” I laughed lightly.

After everyone was done, we got out the cookie dough I had already made from the fridge and Ashton grabbed the rolling pin, some flour, two cookie cutters, and a cookie sheet.

“Do you guys want to put some flour on the counter?” Ashton asked the twins.

“Yeah!” They said in unison, grabbing almost handfuls of flour from the bag each and dumping it on the countertop.

“That sure is a lot of flour,” I commented, causing them to laugh.

“Nah, it’s the perfect amount.” Ashton waved me off playfully. I rolled my eyes and laughed myself.

He asked them to smooth it out a bit, then unwrapped the cookie dough and put it onto the flour. After rolling it out, he handed them each a cookie cutter.

“Okay, so you two are going to cut out the cookies, but you have to make sure they have enough space between them.” Ashton instructed.

They nodded, each taking turns letting him help them until they were done, even though we both knew they could probably do it just fine on their own. Once all of the cookies were on the tray, I preheated the oven.

“You guys did such a good job.” He complimented. “I bet they’ll be the best cookies ever!”

“Really?” Jace said.

“Really.” Ashton confirmed, taking some flour on his finger and rubbing it on Jace’s nose.

Jace giggled, taking flour and putting on his sister’s nose. She scoffed, then gave her brother a mischievous look. They both got flour and put it on Ashton’s nose, causing them all to crack up laughing.

“Hey, (y/n),” Ashton called for me.

“Yes?” I said as I stood beside him. I knew exactly what he was going to do, but I played along.

“You have a little something,” He studied my face.

“Where?” I acted clueless.

“Right here,” He grinned as he rubbed flour onto my nose, the twins cracking up even more.

“Just so you know, I totally saw that coming.” I told him.

“Sure you did,” He drawled out.

When the oven preheated, we put the cookies in and set a timer, then went back into the living room. As I wiped the twins and I’s noses off, Ashton looked like a light bulb went off in his head. He walked down the hall and disappeared into our room, then came back out with his guitar in his hand. He sat down on the couch and the twins rushed over to him, looking at him in awe.

“Can you play something?” Jace asked him.

“Sure, little dude.” Ashton replied as he ruffled Jace’s hair. He thought for a moment, then started playing a song from Spongebob. The kids’ eyes lit up and the started jumping around and dancing. Once Ashton finished, they applauded him.

“Wow, I didn’t even know you could play that song.” I chuckled.

Ashton shrugged. “Luke taught it to me.”

“Why am not surprised?” I said, Ashton laughing as the twins begged him to play the song again.

He played it two more times, then after taking the cookies out he tried to convince them to let him play something he came up with while they cooled. They accepted, eager to hear something he made. They loved that song too, and after a while of singing and dancing and eating cookies, they were all worn out. We went back to watching Spongebob again, the twins curled up on either side of Ashton. They asked him random questions and he answered them attentively. After a bit I realized it had gotten quiet, the only noise coming from the tv. I turned to see all three of them asleep and chuckled to myself. It was so cute how the twins had grown attached to Ashton in just one evening. He was so sweet with them, and you could tell how much the twins enjoyed hanging out with him. And here I thought he would be letting them run around acting crazy and make a huge mess or something like that, when he actually acted responsibly and kept them entertained. I figured that Ashton was okay with kids, but it made me happy seeing just how good he was with them. And I couldn’t help but think about how he’d be with our kids someday, and just that thought made me smile so big. He was definitely Dad material. And I knew that when the time came, he was going to be an amazing father.

ahhh that was so cute i hope you enjoyed it (: if you want to request anything then please do, requests are always open x

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for college!5sos blurb night - do y/n and calum are both majoring in music and they live in neighboring dorms and they have to work on a project that brings them together (also I've spent like 45 mins on your blog today reading all your blurbs, you are amazing!)

You didn’t know why you were so nervous.

It was just Calum. Calum, who always lent you notes when you were sick. Calum, who since you’d been partners had become a good friend. Calum, who you’d spent days laughing with whilst trying to write a song, and spent nights giggling with as you spoke in hushed tones. Calum, who was not only a talented musician, which everyone knew, but was also one of the most incredible lyricists you’d ever encountered. Kind, funny, sweet, gorgeous Calum.

Right. Maybe that was why.

You knocked on the door hesitantly, Calum pulling it open with a grin.

“Hey!” You smile back, stepping in as he moves back. “No Ash?”

“Nah, he’s in a lecture.” He shrugs, kicking the door shut as you settle on his bed. “Just us today,”


There’s a silence then, both of you just smiling at each other. Calum’s laptop is playing an acoustic playlist that he must have been listening to earlier, and your eyes shift to his desk, where you can see sheet music and manuscript paper fanned out.

“So I finished the powerpoint.” Calum coughs, recapturing your attention. “We just have to practise delivering it and our performance now. And um, then we’re ready I guess.”

“Cool.” You reply, inwardly cringing. “Can I…um see?”

“Yeah. Right. Would be helpful.” He mutters, crossing the room to grab his laptop and sit beside you. “So, if you want to change anything, let me know.”

You sit in silence as he flicks through it, but whilst your eyes are on the screen, explaining the influence of Britpop on modern music, you can feel his on your face. Calum watched you the whole time, and you were pretty sure it was out of fear of your judgement.

“Perfect.” You nod as you finish, turning to look at him. Calum’s eyes are still trained on you, causing your lips to be almost touching. “It’s perfect.”

“Good.” Calum’s response comes out in a breath, and his eyes scan yours before darting to your lips and back up. He swallows thickly before speaking again. “I’m glad you’re my partner.”

“Me too.”

His eyes scan yours once more before looking at you hesitantly. You nod your head slightly, giving Calum the permission he wanted to close the distance between your lips. His lips taste faintly of nicotine but mainly of coffee, and you don’t think you’d ever get bored of them. He pulls away after a moment, eyes moving back to yours before he grins at you.

“I’ve wanted to do that since we got partnered.”

finishing up college!5sos blurb night with @tadpolehemmings and @cliffwoes 


Request: Hey, about your new list of prompts can you write a Peter Pan one-short with number 4 from the sayings list? Thank you! And I love reading your stories when they show up on my dash

Prompt: 4. “Don’t be an asshole, Asshole.”

Warnings: swearing

Peter playfully nudged you as you and him cleaned up a bit of camp. A nasty storm happened the night before, leaving a few tree branches in the middle of camp. There were tons fallen branched, some trees fell altogether. Overall, it was messy. You, Peter, and the Lost Boys were all helping cleaning up and piling the falling wood into the middle to create a huge bonfire later in the evening.

You nudged him back, keeping back your giggles. He nudged you again, him stifling on his own laughter. Blush rose to your cheeks as you side bumped him again

“Hey,” he chuckled.

Lost Boys stiffened, eyeing the two of you. None of them had ever heard Peter Pan laugh. They’d heard him laugh maniacally and sarcastically, but this was a genuine laugh. They all looked at you, wondering what was so special about you. Was it because you were a girl?

“Back to work, did I say you could stop and take a break?” Peter snapped at his boys. They all instantly turned back to doing what they were doing.

“Oh, don’t be so harsh–” But Peter cut you off.

“Come with me,” he playfully smirked.

You flashed him a confused look, but went along with him. Both you and him sneaked off from the destruction of the storm, running through the choppy jungle. He held onto your hand, running. You traveled right behind him, trying to keep your balance.

“Peter!” You squealed. “Where are we going? We have to get back to helping.”

“shh,” he stopped, turning around and placing a finger on your lips. “I’m the Ruler here. And I can leave my post if I want, and if I give you permission, you can as well.” He smirked again.

You chuckled silently, rolling your eyes. “Fine. Then why’re we out here?”

“Because… I wanted to be alone with you.” He got closer to you, a subtle grin on his lips. You backed into a tree, looking up into his light green eyes. Your hands were behind your back, his trapping you to the tree.

“What if I don’t want to be alone with you?” You pressed.

He crept down closer to your face. His hands rested on your hips. “I think we both know you want to be alone with me.”

You bit your lip. “Don’t be an asshole, Asshole.

You could feel his breath on your face. He looked so attractive right now. Hell, he always did. You could barely hold yourself back, you just wanted to kiss him. But you didn’t want to make it seem like you were throwing yourself at him.

“Asshole? How am I an asshole if I’m merely stating the truth, hm?”

You playfully glared at him. He was so close to you. You could seriously touch his lips if you moved your head forwards just by a centimeter. His hands circled more around to your lower back, you moving your own hands to grab his shoulders.

“You know what I think?” Peter asked, voice husky. “I think you want to kiss me.”

Redness formed on your cheeks and ears. You took in a sharp breath, becoming tense.

“N-No. Why would I w-want that?” You tried to play it cool, but failed miserably.

“You’re lying, or else you wouldn’t be blushing.”

You couldn’t even get another word out. He collided his lips with yours. He breathed in, kissing you. Your hands slid up his neck and around. One hand landed on his nape, the other in his hair. His hands stayed perfectly wrapped around your waist. God, was this amazing. This was something you’d been wanting for a long while now.

“Told you Pan fancied the Lost Girl!” A younger Lost Boy pointed out. You and Peter separated as the other Lost Boys shushed him.

“Now look what you’v done! Good job, Tootles,” another boy yelled out sarcastically.

Peters light eyes turned dark. You were blushing like mad from embarrassment, but that quickly subsided when you saw Peter. He looked mad. Beyond mad. The Lost Boys had disturbed a moment. They disrupted something, and Peter didn’t appreciate it.

“Peter,” you whispered, placing a hand on his chest. “Relax, don’t fret over it.”

He snapped his head down, fire in his eyes. But his feature cooled down. “They disturbed us, darling,” he hissed lowly.

“Yes, I know, but don’t be too hard on them. Please? I don’t like seeing your evil side.”

He was breathing heavily, but it went back down to a normal pace. His features softened even more. He looked back up at his boys. “Leave. Now.” 

They all scurried away, scrambling to get away. You nudged Peter.

“I thought I said don’t be an asshole… Asshole.” You giggled.

“Oh hush. My mood is ruined.” He grumbled, slinking an arm around you as you both started walking back to camp. 

You leaned more into his side. “Don’t be like that. Maybe I can stay the night in your treehouse tonight. Will that make you feel better?” He looked down at you to see if you were being serious. When he saw your facial expression, he nodded his head. A satisfied grin appeared on your mouth then. 

“I have no idea how I’m going to face the boys. Lord knows they’ll teas me,” you mentioned as you neared camp.

“Trust me, they won’t say a thing. I’ll be sure of it.” He said threateningly. 

You playfully rolled your eyes. “Asshole.”

Request – Damon & Stefan Salvatore “Brother in law” (not beta read)

“No. No, no, no. You did not just tell me that!” Damon stood up, walking over to you, but you only rolled your eyes.
“Come on Damon. You know I’m not a liar. Why is it so hard to get through to you that I have my own life, with my own boyfriends?”  He threw his hands in the air.
“But why Klaus? Come on, little sister. That guy is just…” He didn’t finish his sentence, only made a throw away gesture with his hands. You put your hands on your hips, not backing away for him. You weren’t afraid of your brother.
“What Damon? Hot? Sexy?” Suddenly you heard the voice of your other brother behind you.
“That was too much information, Y/N. We didn’t need to know that.” You turned around facing Stefan.
“Then maybe the both of you should stop acting like dicks when I told you who I was currently dating. After you asked me that…” Damon had found his voice again.
“That was because we would like to know what our little sister is up to, these days. With good reason, so it seems. I mean… Klaus?” You shrugged, still not impressed by their open disapproval.
“I still don’t hear a good reason why not. After all, you both slept with his sister. Why is her brother suddenly so off limits?” Stefan just shook his head while he walked over to the bottle of bourbon standing in the room, while Damon clearly couldn’t wait to tell you why.
“I only slept with her! That’s something completely different. Besides, I only did that to get back at Elena, it didn’t mean something. Klaus… that guy is just evil. No relationship material. Definitely not for my sister.” You had heard enough. Besides, no one would ever be good enough for you, when you had to listen to what Damon said. You turned your back on him, looking at Stefan.
“But it meant more with you.” Stefan sighed, taking a sip out of his glass.
“I was the Ripper back then, Y/N. Not really something to take as an example. And have you forgotten what Klaus has done to almost all of us? Come on, sister, you won’t make friends when you are dating him. Really, I just don’t think he will make you happy.” Suddenly you heard Damon again.
“Klaus? The day that he makes someone happy is the day hell freezes over.” You immediately retorted.
“With our luck, that’ll be somewhere in the coming months?”, before you started to walk out of the room. You heard that Stefan started laughing, and a small smile started to play around your lips as well.
“And by the way, I did not come here to ask your permission or something like that. This was just an announcement. I will date Klaus, and there’s nothing you guys have to say about that.” You turned around a last time, seeing both of your brothers stare at you, Stefan with a hint of a smile around his lips, something you didn’t get to see that often, Damon just dumbstruck. Then you walked out of the door, but not before you heard Damon’s voice again.
“Give me one of those as well, brother. When she’s going to bring Klaus into the family, I need as much booze as I can get.”

millipop  asked:

sing to me, muse: clarke pov?

Original fic!

If you think about it, there’s nothing wrong with flirting with two people, especially when you don’t have a chance with either of them. It’s just–it’s fun. Because, okay, Clarke has had a thing for Bellamy for years, but she’s completely incapable of doing anything useful with it. Useful, in this case, meaning either making a move on him or moving on from him. She mostly just thinks he’s hot, likes arguing with him, and sometimes Octavia will really deliberately and unsubtlely leave them alone and Bellamy will completely fail to notice. It’s fun, but–it’s never going to turn into a relationship. He’s not interested in her like that.

So it’s fine, that she also kind of has a thing for Gen.

He’s far from her first fandom crush; Clarke’s been doing this for years, and it’s easy to develop things. There’s this weird sort of intimacy to fandom relationships, where you learn a lot about things people don’t usually talk about, but miss a lot of basics. Plenty of times, Clarke has wondered idly if something could happen between her and her favorite fanfic writer, only to be caught off guard when they mention that they’re straight or taken or live in another country.

The first time something happens like that with Gen, it’s when she sees he’s a guy, which–she doesn’t know a lot of men like Gen in fandom, guys who write shipfic and seem to enjoy romance, which is probably why it’s such a surprise. It takes a little getting used to, which bothers her in terms of her own internal prejudices, but once she has, she just likes him. He’s smart and funny and has good opinions on canon, and she looks forward to talking to him. It’s nothing serious–she knows even less about him than she does about most of her fandom friends–but it’s still a little bit exciting.

And it’s fine to flirt with him and Bellamy both. Even if Octavia keeps side-eyeing her.

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Street Rat

Fandom: X-Men: First Class

Pairing: Slight Charles Xavier/Reader

Genre: General

Summary: Your parents had kicked you out after discovering your mutant abilities, and now you live on the streets, struggling to find food and shelter everyday. However, life changes when certain telepath finds you and offers you a better life.

Other Info: Based on this imagine [X]. I don’t know, man. I hope you enjoy somewhat. I thought this would be like 2 pages at the most, but this ended up being 4. Why does this always happen to me?

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Awkward Love: Steven Universe Fan-Fic

May 1st

    “What do you mean you’re leaving?” Sadie said looking up at Lars. His head was fuzzy and hadn’t been shaved in a long time. There were bags under his eyes and stress was clear on his face. She also saw a large bandage on his arm, but she didn’t ask. 

    “My mom and I are moving away,” he said quietly not looking at her. He had so much to say to her, but he couldn’t find the words. “We’ll come back, but we don’t know when. I…” He begun to say. I’ll miss you? Was he really going to say that to her after he had been such an ass to her for nearly his entire Beach City life? He sighed not sure what to say. 

   Sadie felt hurt, but she shrugged it off. “Come here,” she stood up on her chair as he came close to her. Leaning on the counter Lars’s cheeks heated up as their faces got closer. He nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt her lips press against his cheek. “I expect you to return that,” she was flushed too, but she didn’t say any more. 

   “A-alright,” he said going to the door. “I’ll write you.” 

June 24th

    “You got a letter dearie,” a olive toned woman said walking through the house. Coming to her son’s room she opened the door and nearly laughed when she saw her son flexing in the mirror. “I see you’ve got my bum.” 

    “Mom!” he screamed embarrassed as he scrambled to cover his boxers. When he had a shirt over his head he got the letter from her. Turning it over he saw it was from Sadie. “Thank you.”

    “You are welcome. Dinner will be ready in a couple minutes,” she said walking back out of the room. 

    Once she was gone Lars tore open the letter. He didn’t notice the picture that had fallen on the ground. 

Dear Lars, 

The tourists have hit Beach City hard this year and it has kept me busy, but it’s good for the economy. Plus I have gotten a new bikini, Kiki had talked me into wearing one to the beach. Granted I’ll probably wear a covering the entire time. I also sent you a picture of me in it. I wish I could make this longer, but with all the tourists I’ve been kept busy. 



    Lars looked down to his bed and found the picture of Sadie. Looking at it his cheeks turned rosey. In the picture stood a rosy cheeked Sadie with a simple looking bikini. The bikini covered what it needed to and would be considered modest by anyone else, but Lars wasn’t used to seeing all that skin. 

    He decided to keep it hidden so he tucked it in the crack in his desk. 

August 19th

    “Ugh, why is it raining?” Sadie groaned looking out through the shop windows at the dreary Beach City. The weather seemed to mimic her mood exactly. Tourist season was over and Beach City was returning to normal. However that wasn’t what was getting her down, Lars hadn’t written back in nearly two weeks. 

     “Might as well lock up for the night,” she sighed locking the front doors and headed for the breakroom. Pulling on her rain coat and hood she prepared to walk out of the room when she felt long skinny arms wrap around her. She screamed and spun around preparing to defend herself. Her arm halted in midair when she saw who it was. “Lars!” 

    Lars chuckled as Sadie knocked him back against the table in the breakroom. “Good to see you too.” 

    “Why are you here? Shouldn’t you be back home?” Sadie said looking him up and down. He had gained a little weight since being gone and his hair had grown out. She liked it like that. 

    “My mom had some things to settle in Beach City,” Lars said wrapping his arms around her. “If everything goes right we should be back in Beach City in no time.” 

    “Great,” she said hugging him. “I…I missed you.” 

    “I did too,” he said looking at her. She was just about the only person he trusted with his true emotions. He bent down and kissed her. 

October 1st

    “Sadie!” Lars’s panicked voice came through the bookstore door. She looked up from her book and saw his panicked expression. 

    “Lars what happened?” Sadie jumped up and ran to him. She saw the bruises and cuts on his arms and face. 

    “It’s…it’s my mom,” his eyes started to well up with tears as he thought about his mother. “My…my dad nearly killed her.” 

    Sadie ran out of the shop staying close behind Lars as they made their way towards where he had lived. She saw the red and blue lights of where his house is. Getting close to the house she saw a man with light blonde hair and sharp teeth sitting in the back of the cruiser. 

    “Where’s my mom?” Lars shouted coming up to an officer. 

    “The buggy took her to the hospital when you ran off,” the officer said seeing Sadie standing beside him. “I can give you a lift to the hospital if you want to see your mother.” 

    Sadie looked up at Lars and his emotionless face. “That would be nice.”

October 2nd

    Lars sat there in his mother’s hospital room beside her bed. He had refused Sadie’s offer to spend the night at his house. All he wanted to do was be with his mother while she recovered. The doctors had said she only had a few broken ribs and a broken leg. The rest of her injuries were superficial and only needed minor medication to treat. Doctors had also treated his own injuries, but only after Sadie had convinced him to let him. 

    “Did you get any sleep?” Sadie said coming into the room carrying a large flowering plant. 

    “He didn’t,” a soft voice came from the hospital bed. 

    “Lars you need your sleep,” Sadie said coming to sit beside him. 

    “I just want to be with my mom,” he said looking at her. 

    “Lars,” his mother’s firm voice made him turn to look at her. “I’ll be fine, go with Sadie tonight and sleep with her. Not sleep with her in that sense, but get some sleep. I give my permission for you and Sadie to share a bed.”

October 2nd

    “Is…is it okay for me to come in?” Lars asked nervously. He was dressed head to toe in a outfit he hadn’t worn to bed since before high school. He usually slept in his boxers, but since he was sharing a bed with Sadie, that wasn’t possible. 

    “Yes come in,” he heard Sadie’s nervous voice say as he walked through the door and into her room. He stood there looking around, it wasn’t the room he expected her to have. The room was modern and a little girlish. 

   “What?” Sadie said. Lars turned to look at her and he nearly squeaked at the sight of her. She was wearing a T-shirt that looked like she could vanish in if she wasn’t careful. “This was my dad’s…I like to wear it. He was a pretty big guy. Almost as tall as Steven’s mom was.” 

    “It looks fine on you,” he yawned. 

   “Come on lets get to bed,” she said climbing into her bed. Lars followed her but stood uncertain on the edge of the bed. “What? I won’t bite.” 

    An imagine of her crossed his mind and his cheeks heated up. He slowly got into the bed with her and slid under the covers. For a couple minutes they laid far apart, but as drowsiness set in their eye lids got heavy. 

Ultimate Vessel Pt. 1

Prompt: Reader, being the middle Winchester, is the vessel for both Michael and Lucifer.

Pairing: Cas x Reader

Warnings: None

Words: 1319

A/N: There will be one more part.

The angel sent you a small smile from the other side of the room. You were sure he didn’t know why he was smiling at you - he’s the most clueless person you’ve ever met - but you still enjoyed the random smiles he’d send your way, like he’s acknowledging your existence. Even with everything happening, though, you couldn’t help but return the smile.

But that was days ago.

“Dean, I assure you that I can take control over my own body long enough to throw myself into the pit with Lucifer still-”

“No,” Dean said abruptly. “I’m not letting you do that, Sammy. It’s-”

“Yet, days ago you were willing to give yourself up to Michael just as easily for the very same reason,” Sam returned. “What makes you so liable to save the world and not me?”

“I’m not letting you, end of discussion,” Dean snapped angrily at Sam. “Now, let’s-”

“This is ridiculous.” Sam let out an angry sigh and glared at his older brother. “You would have gave yourself up if it meant saving the world. Hell, Adam was willing to give himself up and-”

“I tried to save Adam and you know it!” Dean declared, snapping his head up and finally looking at his brother. “I couldn’t get the damn door open no matter how hard I tried, so don’t you dare play that guilt card on me when I’m already playing it on myself.”

“I’m not playing any-”

“Enough!” you yelled, both brother looking directly at you, even Bobby had a shocked expression on his face. You were always quiet whenever Sam and Dean fought, something you let your brothers resolve on their own terms, but you were quite annoyed with everything right now, especially with Castiel missing in action. “Nobody’s to blame for Adam and you both know it. Lucifer’s still trying to convince Sam to give in and none of us are going to let that happen because we love you, Sam, too much to let you do that. So, just shut up and think of a better plan to kill an unkillable angel.”

You ran both your hands over your face and looked back down at the book in front of you, even though none of the words on the pages were speaking to you anymore. You were so annoyed, you slammed the book closed and pushed it away from you.

Y/N’s right,“ Bobby said, speaking up finally. "We’re not going to let anything happen to you, Boy, so you might as well get yourself comfortable.”

You turned your attention to the Four Horsemen’s rings, spinning them around your finger, watching as they attached together in a certain shape like magnets. And then an idea shot through you quicker than a bullet, You looked up, all three men’s noses back into their own books.

“Maybe we could try it.” When the words fell from your mouth, everybody snapped their attention back to you, a small smile on Sam’s face as he thinks you’re going along with his plan.

“But you just said-”

“I know what I just said, Dean,” you declared, “and Ii also said that we have to find a way to kill an unkillable angel.”

“We’ll find a way,” he huffed, angry now that you’re siding with Sam all of a sudden, though it was only apart of your new plan, a plan you don’t intend on telling anybody at the moment.

“The only was it to throw him back down to the pit,”  Sam said, joining in. “We all know there’s no way we’re going to get him into the pit unless I’m the one he’s in and I could control my body for just a few seconds.”

Dean glared at Sam. “No.”

“We could do it right then and there,” you spoke up. “The second Lucifer takes over Sam’s body, activate the pit and Sam will manage to do the rest.”

“I said no-”

“Give it a shot, Dean,” you begged and he trained his eyes onto you. He could see, then, the look in your eyes, the look that you’re hiding something big, the look of somebody with a plan. So, he sighed and shook his head, making Bobby speak up only to be shot down by Dean with a look.

With everybody’s agreement, they began the plan.

And you began yours.

It took a long time to build a simple plan, but you finally got it perfectly in tact.

Sam is to lure Lucifer out with Dean and yourself by his side, Dean will then throw the rings and active the pit, allow Sam the time to fight against Lucifer and throw himself in there. A easy plan, something that will require a lot of hard work from Sam, but easy at the least. Then again, until you ruin it with your own plan.

Dean caught onto that little part, too, asking why you were suddenly on board with Sam’s ridiculous plan, and you told him the plan you made up with him, not your Plan A.

“The three amigos,” Lucifer said with a smile as he appeared in front of you in the old, abandoned building. You had no idea where Bobby went, you completely forgot his part of the plan now that you’re getting ready to launch your own. “You got something to say, Sam?”

“Yes.” Lucifer’s face expressed a slight hint of shock when the word did not come from Sam’s mouth, but your own. The same shock from both Dean and Sam, only stronger. “I give your permission to take me.”

Anger quickly replaced Dean’s face as he realized this was your plan the whole time.

“That’s a turn of events,” Lucifer said with a sickening grin spreading across his face, the small hint of shock washing away.

“No,” Sam declared quickly. “Take me.”

Lucifer pondered this a moment, but it didn’t seem like he was really thinking about it, just pretending to. And then he shook his head, not willing to pass this opportunity. “Take you, or the girl that could handle both myself and my brother at the same time?” He tsked. “That’s an opportunity too good to miss.”

You didn’t look at Sam nor  Dean, knowing the look they’ll give you if you did - betrayal, anger, disappointment - and you couldn’t stand to see those expressions before Lucifer takes you over.

A blinding white light flashed and you saw it happen. Lucifer escaping the current vessel it’s occupying and appearing in front of you, crawling into your now-opened mouth and shifting himself under your skin, making yourself feel as if your skin were literally crawling. And then, the flash of white disappearing, feeling as if it took hours for Lucifer to adjust himself just right inside you, but really only taking less than half a minute. When the light vanished, you could see through your own eyes, but you weren’t moving your bones. No, that was his job and he moved your right in front of your brothers, a smile crawling onto your face.

“Sam, Dean, I think… I think I got him,” Lucifer said for you, you screaming out for them not to listen to him. Dean tossed the rings against the wall and Lucifer turned towards it, your eyes looking deep into the pit and seeing red and fire, metal bars thicker than your forearm. You were looking right into Lucifer’s cage. No, scratch that, you were walking right towards Lucifer’s cage.

And then he stopped making you walk, and turned around, a laugh escaping your throat, coming out evil and dry, something you didn’t think were possible.

“You really thought I’d make it that easy?” He  laughed again and then the portal closed, him reaching down and tucking the rings tightly into his pocket. “Oh, but I do enjoy hearing her scream her lungs out, trying to reach out to the both of you.” And then he shrugged and vanished.

Sam and Dean were too ill to speak, just turn away and slowly leave the building, barely moving, feeling as if they were going to collapse and die right then and there.

When Bobby’s eyes landed on both of them, measuring their facial expressions, and his eyes darting around for you to pop out and go on your usual cheer about managing to beat Lucifer and keep Sam. “Where’s Y/N?” he asked.

Dean looked up at him, but Sam was the one to speak. “She beat me to the punch,” Sam said quietly. “Lucifer chose her over me after she said yes.”

“She said-” Bobby’s voice caught in his throat and he coughed.

“I knew she was planning something,” Dean whispered, running a shaking hand through his hair. “I just didn’t know it would be… this insane.”

Nobody said anything else.

Part 2