in true british fashion


The Big Fat Quiz Of Everything S01E03 




“You either step into the abyss or step back from it; you cannot walk along its edge for long.” -London Spy

Where was this show when I was in high school! Seriously!! This is show is cool and sleek and thrilling and tense and, most significantly, as if it’s not a big deal, not even the most important part, the main character is gay. The Brits always seem to be a step ahead of America culturally. Not only is this show really well put together, beautifully acted, and really fucking enjoyable to watch. It also doesn’t pander or preach. The main character is a charming but certainly not perfect guy played by the amazing Ben Wishaw. He has a meet-cute with a super hot recluse who is also, flawed but they work it out. And it’s not perfect. In fact it’s far from it. But they show that gay relationships can be messy but the show isn’t about that. It’s just a casual thing. The main character is gay. His partner goes missing. He’s led down a rabbit hole of espionage and into a fight he most certainly can’t win. The supporting cast is also amazing. Jim Brodoadbent plays Wishaw’s older platonic friend who is also, gay but that’s not ever treated as a plot point. It’s just fact. Charlotte Rampling is stunning as his missing partner’s estranged mother (she is out of touch in real life but is undoubtedly a towering presence on camera). The show, in true British fashion, is only 6 episodes long and at the end you feel like you’ve been cheated because the story isn’t over. Normally that can be annoying but here it just makes me want to tell everyone I know about the show and can’t wait for next season (hopefully that happens).

I can’t stress enough… this show is really fucking great. Entertaining and cool and thrilling and fun and progressive without drawing attention to its self. 


semperpreparatus celebrates its second birthday today!

I think I’ll give Mother’s vintage Beatles albums a spin.

The vinyl pictured are vintage first pressings from the 1960s.


Sweet baby Jesus in a manger. Literally. The Birmingham Frankfurt German Christmas Market was everything I needed and then some after a stressful day trying to fight Anthem over my hospital bill through my mom. (It was hard enough dealing with them when I was actually in the country, but now it’s nearly impossible. And of course, there’s about $5k too much on that hospital bill. No worries, my barracuda of a mother is on it. Thanks, mom!)

Reindeer? Ostrich burgers? Footlong franks with mustard! Doughnuts! Candied nuts! I want to live there!

And then in true British fashion the heavens opened and spit on us for about an hour until I was frozen to my core and resembled a drowned rat, which led to mugs of hot tea, while eating said doughnuts and watching Parks & Rec under a fort of blankets.

And for my grand finale: I drove by myself for the first time today! My hands were shaking and I was hyper aware but I think I did ace. Once I reached my location, I started sweating profusely. Hi, I’m a nervous (after-the-fact) sweater.

I’m grateful for another day of “I get to live here?!”

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