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The Spy in Black/U-boat 29 (1939)

In this film, Sebastian Shaw plays a recently disgraced drunken sailor by the name of Lieutenant Ashington. Supposedly, he is blaming his superiors for haven given him a faulty order rather than admitting that it had been his own drunken mistake.

After having been shown the right price, he chooses to collaborate with two German spies in a plot to sink some of his own country’s submarines in revenge (and perhaps to please his new paramour the female spy).

Or does he really?

Appearances of Shaw’s character:

Scene 1

32:20-32:25 (Not very useful footage. Brief view of him as he approaches the spies house.)


Many good moments.

Various expressions and several close-ups. He’s fully I troduced as he sits quite at home while holding the female spy’s hands.

He snarls at the male spy’s formal behaviour.

He smokes a cigarette while discussing the routes of some ships.

“Alright, alright we both won.”-33:59

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We Meet Again (Derek Luh imagine/ requested)

A Derek Luh imagine as requested,
This is not as smutty as I would make it but I hope you like it, let me know if you maybe want me to do a pt. Two

“Hurry we gotta go, you’ll miss your flight Y/N!!”
My mom was yelling while I was putting my jacket on and pulling my suitcase downstairs.
Today is the day, I’m going to live my dream, I was moving to L.A. to proceed my carieer as a singer, I know this guy there at whos place I’m staying, he actually discovered me on YouTube and invited me to Los Angeles, his name is Nate Maloley but they call Him Skate. He is. actually quite an amazing artist and is going on tour soon so I’m happy to be working with such a sucsessful musician.

Finally I’m on the plane, I will miss my family but I am one step closer to my dream. I decided to watch a movie until we land

As soon as we landed I called Skate to see where to wait for him because he said he will pick me up, he told me to wait for him he because he went to pick up his friend who was in town for a day before he goes back for the tour.
Finally they got there in Skates famous Nissan which he’s obsessed with. As I got into the car I introduced myself

“Hi, I’m Y/N and I’m 18” I said with a smile
“Hey I’m Jack, I heard a lot about you Nate says you’re really talented” Jack said
I smiled and stared at his jaw which is more structured then my life
“thanks, it really means to me” I replied

while we were driving Skate was explaining to me where can I go if I’m ever bored or need a quiet place to think or write songs and how far are those places from his place.

As soon as I left my stuff in the guest room, where I was staying we headed to the studio for me to meet the squad.

“Y/N, how was your flight btw” Jack asked before we got into the studio. As I was about to answer I got cut off by Tez he came up to me to I troduce himself and after him I found myself greeting and meeting everyone.

“Nate I really like it here everyone is so nice” I said
“Thats lit, because you’ll be spending everyday here…” Skate replied “…you didn’t meet everyone tho, Dillon and Derek won’t be here for the next few days so you that’s when you’ll meet the whole family” Nate said grinning.

“Oh Jesus it’s only been three days and I am this exhausted from all this work, maybe I’m not prepared for this…” I was mumbling to myself while I was dramatically throwing myself on the bed. “Dont be so harsh on yourself, we all felt the same when we started” a familiar voice said which was coming from the other side of my door. I refused to get up so I just lifted my head up from the pillow an said “thanks for cheering up, but it would make it easier for me if I knew to who to thank”
“we haven’t officialy met I’m Derek, they’ve told you about me, I just got back from my trip and I thought I heard something when I came in to look for Nate and I heard you, can I come in”
“Um sure.. I guess”

My face was under my blanket so he couldn’t see me but as he got into the room and started talking I realised where do I. know that voice from. I slowly uncovered my head and asked “Derek as Derek Luh?” “Yeah, why?” asked as. I took the blanked of my face and tried to talk but he cut me off “Y/N?!!”
Derek is my ex, we were dating before he moved to L.A. that was actually the reason of our break up. “Y/N, what in the world are you doing here??” “Well when you left I was really hurt so I started writing songs and it was actually going for me so I started posting my songs and covers on YouTube and Skate discovered me so now I’m here.”
“Well this will be weird…” he said grinning. I smiled and asked “We cool?”
“We cool.” he smiled back.

After this weird happening I decided to take a shower and clear my head.
in the middle of my shower I realised I still have feelings for him, I mean i pushed off so many guys because of him, but I don’t think he likes me back, he probably has a girlfriend.

I got out of the shower and I was trying to decide what to wear I mean tonight is the guys night in at Nates place and they invited me so I wanna try , let’s say, seduce Derek with provocative clothing.
Maybe I should wear an oversized hoodie, a super tight short shorts, knee socks and adidas sneaks because it’s a chill hang out.

Nate and Derek went to pick up the Jacks, Swazz, Tez and Sammy. Twenty minutes after I heard a a door bell. I put my hear in a messy bun and rushed to open the door. I got really happy to see that Jack brought Madison I really wanted to meet her. Everyone got in except Derek, I turned to the living room facing my back to the door just to check if he is there so I can lock the door and in that second somebody slapped my ass and got into the house. I opened my mouth and eyes as wide as I could in shock and he just turned around and made that devilish smile.

I was actually pretty glad that happened but I acted like I was suprised and shocked. I decidet to act chill and let it slide, but imma play dirty too, I’m going to make him want like he never did before.

“Guys what do you want to drink?” I asked
“GIVE US JACK!” Derek said
“Ohh shit that’s Dereks sex drink” Johnson said and the guys started cheering.
“Who are you gonna fuck after this you badass” Nate asked.
“Who says it’s for me?” Derek answered and they all turned to Mads and Jack I started laughing and hurried up to the kitchen to get glasses and Jack Daniels. I poured some into all of the glasses and decided to spread them up. I stood next to Derek and leaned over the table to give the glasses to everyone else, making my but pop out looking, especially, revealed and calling him out. When I got up I looked at him noticing he spilled his drink looking at me.

“Derek what’s that on your pants? you got them a bit, let’s say, dirty” I said with a smirk
he looked down and realised what has happened, got up and rushed to the bathroom.

“Y/N can you come and help me clean this?!” I heard Derek yelling from the bathroom
“I’m busy now, Nathan can help you” I said laughing
“Y/N, liar liar, she’s just sitting and laughing Derek, Y/N go help the poor guy” Sammy said smirking.
“Seriously Samuel?” I wishpered grinning.

I went to the bathroom to help Derek but when I got in I couldn’t see him. Few seconds after I heard someone closing and locking the door as I turned around I saw Derek
“What the hell are you doing Derek?”
“God, Y/N I forgot how sexy you are” he said trough his teeth getting my hair off of my face.
“You’re not so bad yourself” I said while starting to breathe heavily
“Jump on me mami” Derek said right before he kissed me. I jumped as he told me to and he stuck me up against the wall and slowly started kissing my collar bone. As he started to get his hands under my sweater we got interrupted by Johnson.
“Everything okay there guys?”
“Yeah we’re fine Y/N is just helping me clean my pants” Derek said putting me down.

“We should do this more often, but we’ll have to keep it a secret, deal?”
“Deal” Derek said giving me one last kiss before leaving the bathroom.

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