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hey lads i’m finally doing regular style commissions and not just lying to both you and myself for the millionth time!

These will be flat color and in the style seen above! If you’d like the line art as a separate piece hmu

I’ll be doing payments through paypal only and will be sending invoices this time around

I’m taking orders through google form over Here! 


I Can Spare Me: The Leonard McCoy Story

Starfleet Support Groups

The scary thing is that Starfleet probably needs a separate support group for “people who have accidentally lived decades/entire lifetimes in alternate realities until it turned out it was just an hour in the real world.”

What? Oh, no, you’re looking for the “I was caught in a timeloop and went insane” support group. That’s next door.

“Mirror Universe trauma”? Down the hall.

“Dealing With My Duplicate Self” meets on Thursdays.

(O’Brien just attends all of them. If it hasn’t happened, it’s probably going to.)