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Yeah but think about it : Lance is Valkyon’s brother right, so just like him and Gardienne, his race is unknown. what if Ashkore is really Lance and he left the Eel Guard because he found out about his true race ? What if he awakened something about him while finding out his race that might have forced him to leave the Eel guard ? What if his race his dangerous/if it was dangerous for him to stay in the Eel guard knowing who he really is ? It might explain why he is wearing a full armor and not only a mask : to hide his identity AND hide his transformation. He probably wanted to protect his brother for discovering his race too.


A month after Hurricane María:

Still no food.
95% of the island still doesn’t have power.
Mobile communications are limited to some areas.
No internet.
The blood bank is low.
Diseases are spreading.
Places like Walmart are taking advantage of the situation and they are skyrocketing the prices of food.
People are not getting the FEMA help.
The medications are very limited.