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There's a picture of Stevie .. I'm thinking from the Neal Preston shoot in the 80's that has a great head shot of her smiling looking straight into the camera. Her eyes are very wide and she's wearing white... I inks you have this image, I just can't find it and it's a favorite...

Hey, maybe one of these?

If so, they are by Chris Walter. The only smiling/looking right in to the camera by Neal Preston in the early 80s that I can think of is one where she’s wearing black and her top hat, unless you mean one of the Venice beach photos… If so, these are the only ones that fit your description: X X 

Will you let me know?

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Google "no signal" screen, that exact image comes up who variations of it that say "no signal" on it, everyone over a certain age knows hat TOP didn't come up with this because we've seen it on our TVs before when there's no signal. The screen with the bars don't belong to top, no signal doesn't belong to top, and the way jimin was filmed is not exclusive to top. None of these things belong to BTS or top

Well no one ever said that TOP fucking drew that no signal screen, the way he fucking used everything on stage was HIS idea. We’re talking about the fucking idea being stolen not about that stupid ass picture itself. Have you ever seen an artist performing while not even being on stage, only showing that sign? And then only being shown for a few seconds at the end of the song? No, you haven’t. It was his idea. Don’t try to discuss this topic with me, a little bit of understanding would be suitable here. No one is perfect and it would be great to admit that BTS’ producers didn’t do something right for once.

‘The world deserves to see her, she plays better then any of those “graduates” just listen to her’

‘Lin, you’re lucky they picked up your play, don’t push it’

'It’s the roaring 20’s lets shake the world up! Lets show them the true meaning of musicals, of musical talent! She has it, she deserves to be on stage, the stage deserves to be her home’

*ooooh I return with 1920’s Lin, the writer and the violinist he lives next to, *dances with Cain and top hat* give them the old razzle dazzle! Razzle dazzle them!, I just love the Lin struggling 20’s writer makes it to Broadway and brings the woman he falls for with him*

Ah, these are always so amazing. @musicalmiranda Have you seen this one?