in toliet paper

Important fact I learned somewhere that has been a serious life safer:

Your own saliva will remove a stain of your own blood.

I learned this in costuming as a tip for in case a male actor gets a bit of blood on his shirt from shaving and MY first thought was ‘what about menstruation blood tho’?

it totally works

if you are a uterus-owner please PLEASE remember this tip! You get a sudden stain on your pants? You got a spot on your fave white undies? You out in public with your friends and you spot and you can’t elegantly bail to change clothes cause you happen to be in fucking disneyland? (seriously it happened to me)

while the blood is still wet literally spit as much saliva as you can on the spot and work it into the fabric with your fingers then dab with toliet paper. This obviously works best with small spots but can lessen the darkness/colour on a larger spot if you do it right. Obvs your clothes will still need to be washed but its a LIFESAFER in tight situations!!! Pass this info along!!!

Things to bring to hospital
  • Some things I wish I brought to the hospital
  • Your own toliet paper. Seriously bring this. It will save your bottom.
  • Snacks. Food cart only comes every so often you will get hungry.
  • Comfy walking slippers. You might walk bare foot in your room, but out on the main floor you don't want too.
  • Advice: walk and walk and walk.
  • Also shower and use the tub. I really wished I got in the shower before my contractions got to bad.
  • Also don't feel bad about getting pain meds. You don't have to answer to any but yourself. Labor is super hard.
  • Oh speaking of labor. You will poop and pee. The nurses and doctors won't tell you if you did because they don't care. It happens all the time
  • Also pushing is hard and it takes a long time. Even when crowning it will take a while to push baby out.
  • After birth, you might start shaking. That's totally normal.

So today at work I’m in at fourth grade classroom. The kids are working on laptops and I notice this one kid making a powerpoint on the anime Soul Eater.

Im simetrical garbig said death the kid

(I only noticed the image he was looking at when I zoomed in to crop this picture. LOL.) He later discovered spell check and made a second slide:

No your not kid how about this I’ll check the toliet paper and see if its symmetrical. 

On the Next Episode of Game of Thrones:

Daenerys and Tyrion talk about deep shit while flying on Drogo and Jorah hanging from his tail yelling NOTICE ME KHALEESI!

Shit Goes down in the Wildling Territories but Jon and the red beard dude form a budding bromance.

Sansa cuts off Ramsays balls and puts them in the stew that everyone will eat

Brienne finishes Ramsay off just as Stannis comes marching in and then gives winter fell over to Sansa

Arya becomes someone.hopefully along with a bunch of riddles no one can fucking figure out

Cersie goes mad after 2 hours locked up in the cell with writings on the wall that include “I need wine,where are my fresh linens?,I asked for food not this shit,can I get some toliet paper?”

Bronn starts rapping and the Sand Snakes are his back up dancers also featuring DJ Jamie