in toews we trust

woo so i’ve finally gotten to do this and i’m really excited because i’ve been wanting to do this for a while so let’s go (also i’m (kinda (not really)) sorry about the fact that the majority of these are canadiens and blackhawks blogs)

| wild benchwarmers | svechniikov maxdomiis

| # - f | 88-kane a-bgally alexeiemelinstwin andrewshawshankredemption babypattykane bcandykaneswithtoews-(noah haniFINE) becausethecup blackhawks-shuffle bobrobsky bolligsbeard brandoncrust brendamngallagher canadiens-not-canadians captainchicago carey-price-31 craawford crackpoutine crawferd curtisslazar dadsyuk dontbesaad dropthosegloves dylanstrome19 eatsleephockhey elzaechelon flamespenguins fucale

| g - m | galchenyum-gallawhore gnyquist goallagher-galchenpuck hawksofwinterfell headshoulderskneesand-toews hockeyapuckalypse hockeyismyreligon hockeyleagues-(!!) hockeyplayas in-fucale-we-trust jacobdelaroses jakegards-flow jodrouiin-(hello) jonathndrouin kanerboo lahs-ellah lovelycalder lundvquist marianyossa mcdavidaf mycaptaintazer

| n - t | nik-scherbaks oduyareally panic-at-the-goalline perksofpuck pierremcguire pksubban76 plekaface price-devant-la-cage price-isright punkchelseadagger qmjhl saad-squad segsytoews shotblockking-(yo) shuffling-with-kaner so-hockey-eh stanleycupfuckboys swiggity-swagger-chelsea-dagger teamfucale tehvoteravainen timomeierr toewsaf toquegamestrong

| u - z | unitedstatesofkessel whodiedandmadeyoulordstanley yanweber you-saad-bro youbruinedit yourmomsfavouriteplayer

okay now that’s finished anyway y’all are amazing and cool i hope you have a great day and you find some change on the sidewalk or you get a promotion at work or you get into that college you applied for or ice cream is on sale at the grocery store and it’s your favourite flavour 

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) hello friendssss (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

sorry for spamming you/forgetting you im sorry i dont like making lists and shit because i love everyone but ya :^( but anyways; its never too late to jump onto the bandwagon of making people happy so hello these are they people that make my dash amazing ((some of the many!!)) btw ya thats me am i pretty heheheheheh eh hueruh

fyi; its organized in alphabetical order/ if they edit/gif or not!! (tell me if i get anything wrong yes because ill probably get it wrong yea since im looking at if they link to their edits)

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alexburrowsishot benngeron bieksas bundle-of-bollands captain-crosby crosby-juice danhammerhamhuis hawkeytime in-lupul-we-trust jamiejellybenn jeffsinner kane-and-toews  kess-my-ass ketnep lack-attacks lackstamkos  luon-go lupestroops mayray-lack-kostka reimerboy sealcat thomashertl toewseh visentinempire

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bbieksa colbornes crosbye darthtulip gauncer glovehand goalieglove hockey-fever hunterrshinkaruk jeffskinnr joetoews jordanschroeders  jonathndrouin lcehockey mulanies nordiquebec officialblackhawks riemsdyks sedintwins sheercompulsion sidcrosbys so-hockey-eh stoutant thecanucks thepittsburghpenguins toewscrosby 

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