in todays mail

The new adventure zone is out but it feels wrong for me to watch it during daylight hours it doesn’t follow my tradition taz is a 1am-5am liminal space for me so I’m just gonna … edge myself LMAO in the meantime has anybody else donated and what pin did you pick?? I want to donate but I’m torn between the wonderland and the 20serpentine pin ;__;

I got my albums in the mail today and I’m looking to trade some photocards!

have: pictured
want: jb making ver or promise ver
yugyeom making ver or promise ver
jackbum or yugbum event card

if you have any of the cards mentioned and would like to trade please shoot me a message. thanks!


011217- new planner!!! 

 I just got this baby in the mail today and i can’t wait to start filling it up!! It’s a dated planner so i thought that since i always forget to update my bullet journal all the time, maybe i’ll have a better reason to update this one because the dates and calendars are all set so all i really have to do is write what i want??? make sense?? no?? anyways lol