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The Signs as Beautiful Things in the Universe
  • Aries: Two galaxies colliding together, the arms of them tangling up creating a cascade of stars in a bright disarray
  • Taurus: Stardust compressing together to form a new star after years of its clouds making forms you can only hope to identify as shapes
  • Gemini: A light hole and a black hole next to each other, eating and creating spacetime all at once until you cannot tell what is destruction and what is creation anymore
  • Cancer: A solar flare that launches beyond its star system, the threads of an alien sun tangling outer planets as it dances throughout the universe
  • Leo: A storm on a planet with such a radically different atmosphere, that the rain is shaded rainbow and the clouds eternally colored sunset, this hurricane having lasted for over a thousand years
  • Virgo: Sitting atop a rogue planet which does not have a solar system to call home, watching the most perfect view of the stars that has ever been before it finally reaches a star, experiencing the first sunrise in this planet's three-billion year history
  • Libra: Sitting atop a moon that orbits a planet made of diamond, so when the sun lines up, it shines brighter than even galaxies
  • Scorpio: The planets of a system with over a thousand satellites align, seeing one of the few pieces of perfect symmetry in the universe
  • Sagittarius: Sitting on a planet where the rain is made of glass, the gravity being light enough so it won't hurt you when it lands, the sunset reflecting off each of the slow-falling pieces into a cascade of colors
  • Capricorn: Planets that orbit a black hole perfectly, moving slower than the rest of the universe but also meaning they last longer, allowing them to flourish for near eternity
  • Aquarius: Watching a meteor that's been travelling for eons so large it picks up smaller satellites along the way, travelling in an endless vortex across a thousand alien night skies
  • Pisces: The center of a point in the universe where colors unimaginable surround you, the stars highlighting cosmic dust that makes you feel like you're not watching clouds, but celestial titans with no form

Every time Levi kills a titan, he always whispers a cheesy one-liner to himself (e.g. “Catch me outside, bitch”). Whoever is close enough to hear, normally Erwin, always groans at the sheer cringe. Levi feels that one-liners are a fucking way of life and thinks he`s the only one to understand it.

That is until Eren kills his first titan outside of his titan form. As Levi goes to congratulate him, he hears the brunet whisper,

“Taste the rainbow, motherfucker.”

And at that moment, Levi realizes he`s in love.

Love in Attack on Titan

“There is no love in Attack on Titan….” 

I beg to differ. There are many kinds of love expressed in the Attack on Titan world. Here are a few examples I have found (and have been obsessed over).  Warning, spoilers ahead. 


Carla and Kuchel were such great, selfless mothers who wanted nothing more than their child’s safety. It may have been brief, but their willingness to sacrifice everything for their child is admirable. Also, I had to add Eren and Mikasa cause  look…

When Eren thought he had no one left in his family, he suddenly looked back and briefly looked at Mikasa. This was such a sweet moment for him to realize that he still has a family member left to protect. The love between them is undeniable. 


 Friendship could also be just as passionate as romantic love. 

Look at Eren and Armin

The two have been supporting and assuring each other nonstop. Eren whole heartedly trusts in Armin in many situation, and Armin believes in Eren’s strength/spirit. Also, both have sacrificed their lives for each other! They definitely do love each other. 

Reiner and Bertolt also are like Eren and Armin. Even though both have flaws, they still give each other their full support and love. 


Do I need to say anything for this one? It was satisfying and enjoyable to watch their love story in season 2. All their moments were so cute~


Sorry… There are so many of tragic love in this series… :( Three of these tragic love didn’t even get the chance to blossom into romantic love (Bertolt, Petra, and Marlowe). Bertolt didn’t even get the chance to save Annie or confess his feelings for her… I’m pretty sure Petra had a crush on Levi (or Oluo… Idk but most likely Levi) and never had a chance to experience marriage. And right before Marlowe’s death, he started to realize his hidden feelings/thoughts about Hitch. Ugh, my heart… 

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Loving how Reiner always looking out for his little Bert, his caring and nervousness toward him can’t be hid even behind his titan eyes. Need more Armoured Titan x Bertolt aesthetic. 

Also noticed Bert’s chest is wounded since there’s hot steam coming out, which is in contrast with the anime. When watching the anime ep, I was already thinking “it’s pretty hard to be THAT precise even for Erwin to only cut the wrapping cloth, while Bert’s chest and shirt stay perfect lol” But that isn’t really important so I guess they decided to save work. I do like the visual of steam coming out of a wound as it’s healing tho.

Is Levi Gay ? Snk fact #2

Levi is one the most popular character of Snk wich lead to a huge interest in his romantic life. He’ve been ship with many other character like Eren, Erwin, Petra, Hanji, Mikasa (hugh sorry but that’s incest), Isabelle, Farlan… But what is his sexual orientation ?

Isayama Answer 

When ask about Levi type of women, Isayama question if levi even likes women and answer that levi probably likes tall people.

You can interpret it the way you want, I personaly conclude that he is bisexual, wich I believe suits the characters pretty well.

So this gives a lot of hope to some otp like eruri ( Erwin is 188 cm), or even ereri ( Eren is 170 cm and still growing, plus his titan form xD  yeah it’s my otp)

The only one who might be a kinda ruined is Rivetra, sorry Petra is smaller than Levi.

It’s my personal opinion but I believe Isayama said that because he cares about what  fan like and didn’t want to destroy their otp. But I also think that bisexual levi seems pretty accurate.

Can we just admit how bland Eren and Zeke’s titans would be if it weren’t for the Coordinate/ Royal blood? I mean here’s every other titan form:

Female: Incredible endurance, can harden any parts of the body plus the user can crystalize and be untouchable.

Colossal: You become an practicaly invincible 60 meter behemoth.

Armored: The whole body is covered in hardened skin making you nearly indistuctable.

Cart titan: You can stay in titan form for months on end plus have amazing speed and agility.

Jaws: You can nom-nom literally anything and move very quickly.


Beast titan: Throws shit 

Attack titan: You get really angry sometimes idk man

Bertholdt, Armin and the Colossal Titan

I was going to wait to see Armin’s Titan form properly before posting this, but that might be never, so here it is now! I’ll update if we ever do get to see it.

Shifter lore is something I hope Isayama will reveal in more detail, as there is still so much of it we don’t know. One of the most controversial moments in the story was when Armin gained the power of the Colossal Titan. Let’s see what Isayama did to set up this story event, and if it can reveal anything about the Nine, the Colossal Titan specifically.

Armin and Bertholdt are unique in that they’re thrown against each other, in a similar way to Eren and Reiner. During the Clash Arc, while the rest of the 104th try to appeal to Reiner and Bertholdt, they question why they would betray them, calling back on their times in training. Mikasa is purely antagonistic towards them, she pushes past that and is focused on getting Eren back, ignoring Bertholdt’s pleas. Armin’s antagonism towards Bertholdt is something different. He is notably the only one who doesn’t say anything in this scene, but he is the focus of a panel when Bertholdt says “Someone has to stain their hands in blood” (to that effect).

When Armin faces Bertholdt later, he takes advantage of Bertholdt’s feelings for Annie. This attack is such a deeply personal thing, beyond attacking “humanity’s enemies”. In doing so, he shattered whatever friendship they had beyond repair. No one else in the story does this with Bertholdt. Armin goes further than needing to get the job done, he toys with Bertholdt, he’s gratuitous in his words, shocking even Eren who knows Armin better than anyone. The distraction works; Bertholdt is furious. He loses his temper and tries to attack Armin. “Children of the devil”, the first time we have any indication of why the Warriors believe the people in the walls should die. This is the first time he deliberately targets Armin, but wouldn’t be the last.

The next significant confrontation they have is in the Return Arc, and the confrontation on the roof.

Bertholdt is a different character at this point, and this is a different situation to the Clash Arc. This time he has allies, they have a plan, they have the clear advantage, they’re so close to finishing their job. Bertholdt in this arc has a clear head, he’s calm, to the point of being unnerving. Armin makes the mistake of thinking he’s the same as when they last met, which ignites Bertholdt’s anger again, but he’s learnt from his mistakes and is very aware of the soldiers around him. He listens to Armin, he tells him that he will accept nothing less than handing Eren over and everyone dying. This goes against what they’ve said in previous arcs: that they would leave the walled people alone if they handed Eren over. Bertholdt also attacks Armin exactly where he needs to: he goes straight for Armin’s insecurities, something he has not been able to deal with.

“I know, as long as you’re standing there shaking, you aren’t able to do a thing.”

This hits Armin harder than I think even Armin expected, and he freezes up, going so far as to ask Jean to take over command for him. Where Armin had previously tormented Bertholdt by using his feelings for Annie, so Bertholdt uses Armin’s insecurities against him. They both use deeply intimate and personal traits against one another. 

Bertholdt transforms, and after a time Armin comes up with a plan, sacrificing everything he has to give Eren the opening to defeat Bertholdt.

The interactions between Bertholdt and Armin throughout the story have built up to this scene. Armin is horrifically burnt by the steam of the Colossal Titan, and it is through doing this that Bertholdt meets his downfall. Armin receives the serum, and Bertholdt is eaten by the very person he had tried to kill.


As we can see from previous interactions, Armin has been singled out numerous times when it comes to Bertholdt. Isayama specifically focuses on Armin when he reacts to Bertholdt eating a person during their reveal. 

Armin is focused on during Bertholdt’s “hands stained with blood” scene. The concept of descendants of the devil is introduced through the reaction that Bertholdt has to Armin’s words. 

Character wise, Bertholdt and Armin are quiet and unassuming. They don’t draw attention to themselves, they fade into the background when around their louder, more extroverted and confident friends. They both have the same mannerisms, they both are the only male characters in the series to use “boku” rather than “ore”, a reflection of their personalities and how they present themselves.

The ritual of passing on shifter powers is shown to be as intimate as it is horrifying (I’d go as far to say it’s violating, especially considering the context of how it happened here). It’s mentioned numerous times in the narrative that the previous shifters live on in the current one, their memories alive in them. Bloodlines play a role in that memories are more easily accessible when a Titan power is inherited into the same family, but as we see with Porco in chapter 93, the memories are still very much accessible without that. That Armin and Bertholdt, two characters who are so very much alike, yet on opposite sides on the battlefield, have been placed together like this is no coincidence. We don’t know if Bertholdt’s memories will affect Armin, or if he will even receive them at all but, narratively speaking, that Armin, out of all the characters, was chosen is no coincidence at all. The sheer irony that Armin inherited the very same power that so nearly killed him

Which brings us to the Colossal Titan.

The CT is the icon of the series. Characters call it “The God of Destruction”. It’s capable of massive devastation, levelling entire battlefields during transformation alone. It was the catalyst that began our story. It was also in the possession of a shy, quiet boy. It was passed on to another shy, quiet boy, coincidentally the first of the main cast to lay eyes on it.  

This makes me wonder if the shifters are determined by fate already, before they’re born; everything already decided for the past, present and future. The Attack Titan has been inherited by people whose “eyes that could burn the world to ashes”. The Armoured Titan was inherited by Reiner, who we learn was never meant to have it. If Reiner has his way, it’ll be inherited by Falco, who would have also only received it by way of intervention. Were these people always destined to host the Titans? With Armin and Bertholdt’s antagonistic relationship all leading up to the final battle and the similarities between them,  one could almost think it was all destiny.

I believe the Titans themselves could be sentient, only “awakening” rarely. The 145th King made a deal with the Founding Titan. Eren has a dream of the Attack Titan after hardening for the first time. Armin sees the Colossal Titan looking down at him while weeping. 

Was this a vision of Bertholdt, or perhaps the Colossal Titan itself, weeping for the tragedy the Eldian people have to endure? What is it about Armin and Bertholdt that this Titan was passed on to them? Is it fate, or all just an unhappy coincidence that both the inheritors share so much?

Hopefully these questions will be answered at some point in the future. 

Thanks for reading! 


Can we talk about how fucked up this is? How fucked up that it may not even be the titan serum by itself that does this to people, that even in a titan form, they could have a chance at individuality but even that is stripped from them? How fucked up that human beings are turned into mindless nothings, only good for killing enemies?

 This may be the most evil scenario I have ever seen in a series. People forced to kill their own, from both sides. The cruelty of their situation is insurmountable in my eyes. I don’t know who has it worse. The titans, or the people devoured by them. 

 It is absolutely depressing.

She’s beauty,

She’s grace.