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         looking for new characters !!!

We’re a new RP group active on DISCORD and we’re currently
looking to add these four characters to the group!

  • Barbara Gordon
  • Stephanie Brown
  • Cassandra Cain
  • Harper Row

Due to the different aliases and timelines of these characters, it’s completely up to the discretion of the applicants as to where they pull their characters’ canon from!             

               Check out OUR PAGE and
               submission for application!

can i just say something real quick ? not every rp is cliquey. most of the time, if you think an rp is cliquey, it’s because you are not trying hard enough. that sounds mean as fuck, but in twitter rp, you gotta be extra with it sometimes. it moves so fast, so dm people. reply to them. make connections. most of you crying that every other rp in the tags is cliquey aren’t replying to other people and either hide in your dm’s; or don’t dm anyone at all. i’m not saying cliquey rp’s don’t exist because i know damn well they do. but, in my opinion, for an rp to be cliquey, that means that there are multiple groups of people who strictly and i mean STRICTLY interact with their “friends” only. that’s fucking cliquey. just because not every member of that rp comes running to reply to your bland tweet doesn’t mean an rp is cliquey. so, anyways, don’t come to my inbox saying how some rp is cliquey if you don’t have receipts. i’ve literally got the same message twice today about it, and i don’t wanna hear it.


yes you

are you a keen fanfiction writer or role-player in the yuri on ice community???

are you looking for somewhere to manifest your complete obsession over gay skate boys???

do you enjoy watching world-class figure skaters make fools of themselves while katsuki yuuri looks into the camera like he’s on the office??????


set after the barcelona gpf, the detroit sports academy is a closed RP group where yoi enthusiasts can come together to RP and write as their favourite characters from the series in all sorts of adventures

you want drama??? sure thing. debauchery??? why not. dogs???


with full rein over your character you’ll have the opportunity to shape them however you want - from their chances of success during in-house skating competitions to their relationships with others

who knows you might even get your otp canon

a whole host of your FAVE characters are still available, including:

Phichit Chulanont
Leo de la Inglesia
Guang-Hong Ji
Georgi Popovich
Sara & Michele Crispino


rules, audition process, character listings, event announcements and other goodness is all available on our lovely tumblr blog for you to peruse at your leisure - but if you have any other questions our admins are READY TO TAKE YOUR CALL

(i mean message we don’t have phones i’m sorry)

come on you know you want to

you know you want to you beautiful disaster

Plot 123: Victorian Era (1837-1901) Plots

  • Muse A has been groomed since birth to be a respectable noble-person, constantly reminded to practice the etiquette proper for their gender and expected to anticipate the day they will meet a well-bred suitor.  Muse B has never enjoyed the privileged life despite being within arm’s reach of it; they’ve worked on the estate grounds for Muse A’s family since they were a mere child and have observed the high life of the aristocracy all the while with envious eyes. Perhaps due to their contrary social standings, Muse A has always been fascinated with Muse B and vice versa. With Muse A constantly under the watchful eye of their chaperone, Muse A and Muse B have resorted to leaving letters for one another in an old tree on the property; they’ve been planning for several days to meet one another in secret.  
  • Muse A is fortunately matched to be married to Muse B, a wealthy aristocrat of higher ranking than the patriarchs of their own family. Though publicly reputed to be charitable and of high moral character, Muse B is a boorish, cruel person behind closed doors. Muse B’s sibling, Muse C, is sympathetic about Muse A’s undesirable union and one dreary evening they confide that this is not Muse B’s first marriage; they’ve had to endure their sibling’s awful behavior since they were young and they strongly suspect that Muse B was responsible for the demise of their first betrothed. Muse A and Muse C bond over their shared disdain for Muse B and they ultimately conspire to put an end to Muse B’s wickedness.
  • When their successful, merchant father amasses enough wealth to afford a valuable piece of property, a rather unrefined Muse A finds themselves thrust suddenly into the upper class. Though they have no title by birth, Muse A is now considered eligible for courtship by noble sort. Now more than ever, it’s of great importance that Muse A learns proper deportment- how to conduct themselves in society-from a professional; Muse B is hired for this purpose, to prepare Muse A for their debut to society at a grand ball. Every day Muse A attends etiquette lessons, in which Muse B attempts to teach essentials such as how to dress, how to ride a horse, and how to behave at a formal banquet and so on. Muse A proves to be an exhausting student, never quite behaving as they should, questioning every rule. 
  • Muse A is an unhappy member of the royal family.  Since they were a child, they’ve been reared to be a perfect model of virtue and modesty for the common people. For years, they’ve upheld boring traditions and repressed their true passions for the good of the crown. One afternoon, Muse A attends a play at the queen’s theater and is shocked by the vulgarity of the actors’ speech and risqué costumes. The shock quickly turns into intrigue. Though Muse A’s seated in an ornate balcony, sectioned off from the lower-class attendees, Muse A insists on meeting the actors after the play concludes. Muse B, the playwright and lead actor, is humbled when Muse A applauds their work and immediately commissions them to write another play. Muse B is excited, until Muse A reveals that they would like to star in this new play. If the queen disapproves of Muse B’s role for Muse A (or the new play in general), more than Muse B’s livelihood will be at stake.

                                                                      Beacon Academy.

An academy for Huntsmen and Huntresses alike, where bright-eyed young students can come to sharpen their skills in the ancient art of combat, and learn how to handle themselves out on the battlefield. A prestigious academy, where only the best of the best can attend. Beacon prides itself on producing only the best Huntsmen and Huntresses for the future. You will find nothing more than the absolute pinnacle of physical and mental prowess here.

Of course, an academy is just a large building in the middle of nowhere if it does not have students. That’s right. Beacon Academy wants you. We want to help mold you into the warrior we know you can be. We want to help create the best generation of Huntsmen and Huntresses this world has ever seen. And we want to make sure you can live up to your full potential.

But of course, this all starts with you. We need you to help us achieve our goal. As such, we here at Beacon have but one question for you.

Will you realize your potential, and enroll in our academy?

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Want to Roleplay? You Got the Right Place! 

Roleplaying is what we’re all about! 

We are a Steven Universe roleplaying group that runs on Skype. We do multiple roleplays, both in canon verse and in alternative universes, that help us grow our characters and progress our writing styles. Our main focus is for everyone to be able to bond over common interests and to have a blast! We always look forward to having more characters and members that allow us to create new plots and experiences. 

Home | About and Rules | Character List | Questions? | Apply Here! 

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