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Summary: “Ohana means family. And family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” Everyone knows that Dan is a Lester and belongs on the family holiday–well, everyone except Dan himself. However, a beautiful seaside walk and a special surprise from Martyn and Cornelia may be just the ammunition he needs to change his mind.

Genre: Pure fluff

Word Count: 2.6k

Warnings: Like 2 swear words but that’s it

A/N: Because we all know there was some soppy convincing needed to get Dan to stay in Florida. Inspired by this ask over @nihilist-toothpaste.
I hope you enjoy!!

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I wanted a shirt or something that said this but I couldn’t find any that we’re exactly like I wanted, or they were too expensive…

So I embroidered a hat instead!!!

(Images are 4 photos at various angles of a pink baseball hat with
“this is what
looks like”
hand embroidered across the front. The words are silver except autism which is blue. On either side of the word autism is a single white flower outline with a yellow center and one green leaf.)

Lost and Found (Part 2)

Prompt: Imagine finding a lost dog, but it’s not just anyone’s lost dog. Who will show up at your door to claim the pup?

Warnings: maybe language, lost dog…

Word Count: 1423

Note: My precious doggie went missing on 6/10 and no one has spotted her or turned her in to the local shelters or anything. I miss her so much, but it inspired this fic. Text msg in Italics. Thanks to my darling beta @like-a-bag-of-potatoes

Tags: @amarvelouswritings @blackwidow-romanoff


Of course he knows who the fuck he is. Real fucking smooth, Y/N. Just then, you remembered all the memorabilia in your house that featured him. Even your phone. Your fucking background was a picture of Sebastian Stan. You had a Marvel cover, a giant Winter Soldier poster, several Captain America posters and photos on your walls, every movie Sebastian was in on blu ray and DVD, several figurines of him. Thankfully most of that was in your nerdy ass bedroom which he couldn’t see from this angle, but if he stepped inside, he could probably see the larger than life banner of him.

You stared at his extended hand for an awkward amount of time before taking it and saying, “I know.” You shook your head angrily. “I mean, hi, I’m Y/N.”

While you were standing open-mouthed as if you were catching flies, Chuffy was jumping all over Sebastian in his white shirt, light blue jean jacket, and dark jeans.

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i did not know that @themanlylobster had a society6 shop, but now i do! and i have an awesome new rodimus shirt! the colors are actually even more vibrant than they look in the photo! life is good. also they’ve just opened up commissions so you should go check that out, too

(also also i’m wearing one hot pink sock and one bright blue sock and it’s not like anyone can see them but they match my shirt PERFECTLY and it makes me happy)

Runaway Part 2

Sister Winchester - Runaway Part 2

Pairings: Sam Winchester x Sister Reader, Dean Winchester x Sister Reader

Y/N = Your Name

Y/E/C = Your Eye Colour

Word Count: 2574

Episode Inspo: What is and What Should Never Be: Season 2, Episode 20

Warnings: just one death of a monster

Summary: You save Sam and Dean’s asses once again by absolute coincidence of being at the right place at the right time. As a result you can finally return home

A/N: SORRY IF I SPELT DIJINN INCORRECTLY, I wasn’t to sure of how exactly to spell it hehehe. Other than that this one is a bit of a long one and I hope I did an alright job just seeing how many of you guys liked the original. You can thank  spacelordofallthingsspacey for asking me for continuing the story and helping me have some idea where to take it in part 2. I might not be writing for a while because I will be busy with exam revision and exams. However I promise i’ll jump writing another asap. Love you all, sorry for my rookie writing and grammar skills. xx 


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You gripped the blood tipped knife in your clenched fist as you stalked towards the large abandoned warehouse. Like usual, people had been disappearing. It wasn’t werewolves, shifters, demons or vampires in this town but rather a dijinn that was responsible for the kidnappings. Thus why you were approaching the warehouse, where they the dijinn was likely to be hiding. 

You pushed the heavy door open, as it’s rusty and discoloured latches squeaked in protest. You silently stepped through the small opening and creeped into the dijinn’s lair alone. But that was fine because you did everything alone as you didn’t have anybody else. Being a Runaway had its ups and downs. You enjoyed the freedom of your independence but you missed the company, especially of your brothers. You wondered about them as you wandered through the halls. You were in fact wearing Sammy’s flannel which you stole. His smell had disappointingly left the fabric fibres and was masked by your own. The same went for the top of Dean’s which you also took. The musky smell of gun powder and whiskey had left and so was some of your memories of them. Not in large ways, but more in the ways you forget the sound of loved one’s voice or their laugh in the morning. You had just passed the three-year mark of not seeing your brothers, making you now 19. Sometimes you wished you had turned around and ran back to them or just stayed in the first place. At the end of the day you knew it was the right choice for you to become a Runaway.
You pushed through one last door to find a large open room with high ceilings. On the far side of the room you recognised five of the missing persons from their photos and quickly ran to remove the needles from their necks as well as cutting them loose from their restraints. You worked down the line of victims, gently laying them on the ground when you were done. You got to the sixth victim and lifted his drooping head up to remove the needle lodged in his neck, but instead you gasped and fell to your knees in shock when you recognised him, not from the missing persons’ photos but from your own past.

*Sam’s POV*

Sam sits with his peers who also wear black scholar robes with matching graduation hats. The sky is a surreal blue and the lawn was immaculately green and trimmed. His peers sit up straight as the names of their cohort are read out to the applauding crowd. From Anderson to Brown to Clarke the list of last names file down alphabetically before reaching Williams, Wilson and finally Winchester. Jess grins widely in pride as she leans over and gives Sam a quick kiss. Their hands meet and Sam’s thumb rubs over the silver engagement ring which lays on her dainty fingers. Pulling himself away from his fiancé, Sam stands and shuffles through the pews of his peers before walking to the stage and up the small flight of stairs. This moment of happiness and pride marks his features as he shakes hands with the Headmaster and receives his diploma with honours. He looks out into the crowd and spots his over enthusiastic and sharp looking family. Dean’s hair is combed and he is also cleanly shaven. Dean’s eyes twinkle as he claps proudly at his brother’s achievements. Sam couldn’t help but notice how nicely he brushed up as he wore a pair of chinos and a navy jacket, over an iron blue plaid shirt and tie. Next to him, Mary smiles behind her camera whilst taking a photo of Sam receiving his diploma before waving proudly at her youngest boy. John’s arm is draped around Mary’s shoulders as he too waves and cheers at his son. Lastly Sam’s meets your dazzling Y/E/C eyes as you stand next to your father. You whistle, clap and cheer whilst wearing a flowy white dress with your hair down and held back with a headband, something Sam never thought he’d see you wear but thought it looked lovely on you. Sam couldn’t have been happier in this moment. He had his whole family back safe and in support of him trying out the apple-pie life. He had his beautiful fiancé with him as well and now both were prestigious graduates of Harvard. Everything was perfect, everything was at peace. He looked back to his headmaster to be shocked when he saw a battered and bruised Dean standing in the distance. Dean’s mouth moved around silent words which couldn’t reach Sam as Dean waved his arms around in concern and warning. A chill ran up Sam’s spine as his eyes darted back to his family where the well dressed and proud Dean was still standing and continued to cheer in a rhythmic and continuous pattern. Sam’s eyebrows knitted together in confusion as he tried to come to some rational conclusion why there were two Dean’s at his graduation. It must be a trick of his mind, Sam thought, probably an imagination caused by the energy of the moment, he concluded nodding his head and centring himself with a steady breath. He turned his head back to where the battered Dean had been thinking he would have now disappeared, but that wasn’t the case. Dean was still standing with sad eyes and a pale complexion. Next thing Sam felt was as if he had been pulled backwards by some unknown body or force. But when he hit the supposedly solid stage he fell through it as it was tissue paper.

Through the darkness Sam wakes up with his head resting on the counter of a familiar motel room. He lifts his head as paper’s stick to his sweaty face to see Dean’s concerned face staring ahead, “Dean I just had the weirdest dream-“

“I’m sorry Dad I didn’t mean to… I just wasn’t thinking… I didn’t want to see you get hurt.” Sam saw as your 16-year-old self, followed theirfather into the living room of the rented motel room. Before John turned on his heel to face you, “You do as I say Y/N. Always. When I tell you to hide, you hide not jump out of your spot and play bait! Are you stupid? Taking on three vamps is way out of your skill level. If your brothers didn’t catch up to you, you would have been dead meat, you understand?”. Sam remembered that hunt and how well you performed. He was so proud with your natural talent. You had definitely saved your Dad’s, Sam’s and Dean’s asses on that hunt.

“Oh my God!…Sammy? Sammy!…Sammy wake up!…please c’mon please…I can’t lose you like this, not when I just found you again” a disembodied pleading voice which Sam recognised belonging to you, echoed around the memory and made Sam jump in his seat. The voice was older and deeper, a little broken and it choked up when it said Sam’s name. But even in the intense atmosphere of the motel room, the voice didn’t seem to affect you, John or Dad. The memory continued as before of you fighting with your father when it was interrupted again by your disembodied voice, “Please Sammy…Please wake up… alright this is going to hurt, sorry Sammy”. John swung his arm back before thrusting it forward and slapping the younger version of you in the face as Sam felt the same sharp snapping sting lace his face as well. Sam fell through the pain and into the darkness once again as he felt his now hot cheek. He knew he had landed in a new place once again but this time he felt so drained and weak. Sam’s eyes were heavy when he heard your voice again, “Sammy? Oh thank goodness, that worked, it’s okay I got you now. Just try and stay awake I’ll get you home soon…Sammy it’s me, Y/N… I got you now”. Through Sam’s numb mind, he thought that your voice seemed a little clearer than last time. As if it wasn’t being spoken through a glass window anymore but rather as if you were right in front of him. Sam didn’t want to accept the newest stage in his dream in this new landscape. You had always been his greatest weakness and he thought he would surely break if he accepted you were there just for you to be pulled from your side for a second time. However, he willed his eyes open and a concerned image of you swam in his vision.
Your eyes searched Sam’s in disbelief. What were the odds, of all the towns to be in, of all the monsters, of all the hunts you could be on, it had to be the one which allowed you to save your brother just in time. A loud crashing and commotion came from behind you as you saw Sam’s eyes bulged as the reflection of the dijinn responsible in Sam’s state appeared in his eyes. With an almighty force, you were hit away from Sam’s side by the dijinn. You slid across the concrete flooring and stopped when you crashed into some metal shelving. You bring one hand up to wipe the blood seeping from you busted lip as your eyes pan the room and stops when you spot an unconscious battered and bruised Dean lying face down on the floor. Fury crashed over you, running from your brain to each nerve in your body. You felt electric like the night in the hotel room, “How dare you raise a hand to my brothers…If you lay a hand on me or them ever again and I’ll make damn sure it’s the last thing you do.”, you warned the dijinn. Sam watched in fear as the dijinn just cocked his head a smirked before launching himself at you. You gripped the blade strongly as you pushed the leaping dijinn to the ground before stabbing the blade through it’s skin. A couple electric blue flashes fade until nothing as the dijinn’s heart stops.

You loosen your grip on the blade and pull your hand away from it. The blade stays in its position like the time you had stabbed the knife into the counter top between your father’s fingers. You then sprinted towards the lying Dean and turned him over so he laid on his back. You lightly shook him, “Dean-o, Hey can you hear me?”. Dean was pale and grimy much like Sam. Dean must have figured out that the two of them were under the dijinn’s control and somehow woken himself up. It looks like he was the cause of the crashed from the commotion before as he tried to take on the dijinn in his incredibly weak state. Dean’s eyes fluttered lazily open as you watched the green orbs focus on you Y/E/C ones. Shock spread over his face when he recognised you, creasing his forehead, “Y/N?” Dean voice quaked, he didn’t want to get his hopes up if it wasn’t you. “Who else would save both your asses for a second time” you chuckled in response. You couldn’t believe you had found your brothers again. You had missed them from the minute you had left that night. You knew your paths would cross again and you were so glad that they finally did. Dean’s head rested back on the ground as he sighed and chuckled in relief. Then uncharacteristically and surprisingly his emotions changed and he brought a hand up to cover his eyes as he pressed his lips into a hard line to stop them from wobbling. The tears ran down the corner of Dean’s eyes and collected the dirt littering his face as the sobs started to escape out his throat. You couldn’t help the tears as they welled and fell from your own eyes. You cried because you were so happy to find your own brothers but also from seeing Dean in pain. Hearing your sobs, Dean pushed himself up from the ground and onto his knees. He enveloped you in his hurried and strong embrace. You hid your face in the nook of Dean’s neck and inhaled that familiar scent that you had missed for so long. Dean held you like he thought you were going to slip from him again. Dean’s hand held the back of your head and patted it soothingly whilst pressing kisses into the side of your head. He never wanted to let you go, he had been away from you for too long to let that happen again. You leaned back and grasped Dean’s face with two of your soft hands as you smiled widely with tears streaming down your cheeks. You just stared at each in disbelief and laughed at good fortune in this fateful reunion. Finally, you pulled away from Dean and stood to diel 911. Afterwards you retrieved your knife and disposed of the dijinn’s body, the sound of sirens just started to be heard. Paramedics lifted the victims onto stretchers and out of the warehouse. You followed Sam and Dean being carried away and held their hands tightly as they continued to stare at you in disbelief that you were there.
With fluids given and their gashes cleaned and sewed up, you helped your brothers into the impala. Dean shouted shotgun first so that’s where you placed him in the car. You fussed around and made sure he was comfortable. A groggy and drugged up Dean responded with a simple thankyou smiling with heavy eyelids as he gripped your hand tightly.
Then you guided Sam over to the car and laid him in the back seats. His long legs remained bent but you also tried to make him as comfortable as possible. Whilst you placed a pillow behind his head,  Sam looked at you intensely with puppy dog eyes, as if he couldn’t believe you were real still. It made you feel self-conscious, “What are you staring at” you chuckled concerned as you tucked a blanket corner around one side of Sam. Sam’s eyebrows knitted, “I’m trying to take as much of you in before I fall backwards again”, Sammy sighed, “The dreams I keep having have a pattern, just as everything is peaceful and perfect I’m taken away and fall into darkness.” Sam was high on pain killers but you could tell he was still struggling with this internal conflict, “Sammy” you sighed,
“I can assure you this isn’t a dream anymore, I killed the dijinn responsible” you soothed reaching over Sam to tuck the other corner of the blanket around his waist, “Please Sammy you know I’ll always be there to save your ass and catch you before you fall.” You smiled. Sam processed this and sighed in relief resting his head back and smiling knowing you were righ, “You better stick around then”. You smiled and leant over and placed a light kiss on Sam’s forehead, “Well I think I will have to seeing you boys always run into trouble.” The three of you laughed as you slid into the driver’s seat, “Let’s go home” Dean huffed as you pulled away from the curb. You had spent years trying to find or create a home for yourself but now as the pair of your brothers slipped into a slumber you couldn’t help but smile finally knowing you had returned home once again.

A few Random Awesome Con Reflections

In retrospect I realize that the subject line above makes it look like I’m there. I’m not. 

However, I HAVE sifted through all the fan photos etc. which are super adorable… like really, how are all of you so cute?! Like I know you, dear follower reading this are thinking: “she’s not talking about me, I wasn’t at awesome con, and I am not cute.” but just going through the pictures and using that as a general sample of DT fan cuteness, I can conclude that the fandom at large is easily 95-98% adorable. Thusly, you, dear follower, by sheer statistical fact, have a cuteness factor in the high 90′s, which is at least 40% cuter than the average scummy human out there. Congratulations!… But anyway, I digress…

Aside from your cuteness I was struck by a few things.

  • Firstly, and most importantly I can’t believe how much hands on groping people get to do when they pose for pictures with DT. I mean, call me a pervert (fair) but there’s an impressive amount of square inchage pressed all up on DT loveliness. 
  • Pretty much everyone doesn’t seem to be checking out his arse, or flipping his collar to read the labels on his clothes, and if you doubted my assertion that I am not in fact at Awesome Con, that should be all the proof you need.
  • He apparently talks about his ratty sneakers, I’ll be looking for more details in that.
  • He’s wearing his blue bespoke Liberty of London shirt which I identified back in Dec. 
  • He also wears his blue zip up jacket (I love that jacket on him) which I’ve been trying to identify for a while with no luck. There’s a con question for you all!
  • His hair IMO is A+++
  • I’ll get to those socks, likely in another post after Tuesday (I’m about to head out camping for two nights). Although if people want to flood my inbox with observations and identifications that’s fine too. :)
  • A LOT of the photos from the con are pretty crotchtastic. I’m just saying, those black denims are noice!
  • Ok I’m going to stop, these observations are really crossing the line into stalkerville and I’m a happily married woman.

Anyway, Love to you all and more thoughts on Tuesday!

darrenismydarcy replied to your post “quirkyquantumqueen: snarkyhag replied to your photo “Can we talk…”

@snarkyhag and @quirkyquantumqueen I don’t think the boots are Mia’s. According to the Glee auction items, Blaine’s / Darren’s shoes are 10/11 men’s and I don’t think Mia has 11/12 women’s feet. Though I do agree that they are woman’s shoes. As for the jeans, they could be Mia’s but she said herself that she doesn’t wear jeans. But maybe she was referring to “blue” jeans. So very likely hers. The shirt too. LOL!

Oh, good point.  I thought his feet looked big because he is small.  Those are legitimate flipper feet for someone his size.

anonymous asked:

What would team Natsu dress up as for Halloween (feel free to add more characters to the mix if you want)


  • Natsu would want to be Charmander, with actually fire on the tail (he’d make sure kids won’t get too close to it, so no one would get hurt) And make Charmander’s noise and do tricks for kids.
  • Lucy would be Rapunzel and have Cancer make her hair very, very long and braid it with flowers. She would definitely allow pictures to be taken with children and parents when they go out.
  • Gray would be like a handsome pirate?? I’m sorry, I don’t see Gray dressing up too much, but he would do any costume to not wear a shirt…
  • Erza would dress as WonderWoman, and make it look aaaaawesooooome. She’d have the shield and sword and everything!
  • Wendy dresses up like Branch from Trolls (while Chelia is Poppy and they do FREAKIN’ ADORABLE COUPLE PHOTOS). Wendy is the Happy Branch, so she can use more blue and smile.
  • Happy and Chelia were flowers. Wendy and Natsu popped giant flowers on their heads and make them hold leaves while they fly so they’re “flowers in the wind”.
You Drive Me Wild: Ziall AU

Summary: Niall is a jock frat boy and Zayn is a hipster magazine editor, and also Niall’s boyfriend.

Warnings: fratboy!Niall, hipster magazine editor!Zayn, college AU, handjobs, blowjobs, breath play, inclination of subspace, alcohol use, shower sex, GAY SEX, SMUT

A/N: this one took forever to write but i really really love the way it turned out. it was just based off a picture that i saw of Niall and Zayn, if you scroll down on the blog you’ll find it. but yeah, i hope you like it! enjoy!

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So I just noticed something regarding the rest of the season of spn.  The last three episodes, 11x21-23 all happen one right after the other.  Look at Sam and Dean’s clothing!

Here they are at the end of 11x21 All in the Family.  Sam in the dark coat and light shirt, Dean in the Blue jacket and red/blue plaid.

Now, look at the promo photo for 11x22 We Happy Few:

Same outfits, so this episode picks up where we left off. This isn’t too unusual, they did it between 11x20 and 11x21 as well.

But look at this spoiler shot for 11x23:

Exactly the same outfits again!

I don’t know what it means but the last three episodes of the season all happen within a very short span of time.  Which likely means no FBI suits, not too many location changes (IE: drives across country) and all one story.

What do you think?

Aaron Baddeley focuses on grabbing a win at the Barclays

By Charles Lightfoot

Aaron Baddeley is known more for control in his short game and putting than for his ball striking. On Tuesday, I got a chance to meet with him where he was working on the part of his game that is lacking necessary accuracy. From my professional observation, it appears he has changed his swing dramatically since his Stack and Tilt days.

(Photo: Lily asked Aaron Baddeley a few questions about his practice drill and the importance of a good grip as fellow BJAGA student, Josh (in a blue striped shirt) looked on.)

In this short interview, with a wide smile long enough to answer her questions, Aaron Baddeley talked about how his drill was very effective “from keeping him from getting the club too far out front on the down swing”.

He also stated, “[that he applies his] left hand with the pressure of second and third fingers and a moderate strong right hand”.

Aaron was performing a pre-set swing drill routine, setting the driver at nine o’clock with the shaft parallel to the ground and the club face pointing vertically slightly outside his hands. After completing a well-timed shoulder turn in his backswing, he returned the club to same position with the club head exaggerated well behind his hands. This drill was intended to correct the part of his game that has shown flaws, and at times, has been the reason for him missing the cut in his last four times out. 

According to top golf swing analyzer “his tempo is one of the most aesthetically pleasing on Tour, but as seen in better players, past and present, the athletic use of compressing the ground was not apparent.  He continues, Aaron prefers to stay at the height he starts with during the swing by holding his right leg almost stationary during the backswing; his arms and hands approach from a considerably higher position than he starts. 

The drill was notably positioned with a pronated right wrist hinge action delivered to impact. 

As he reaches the moment of truth, impact, this drill is intended to un-complicate the wrist release, making it easier to square the face consistently. 

As good as the rest of his game is, Baddeley could easily overcome his last four missed cuts. 

Baddeley’s year to date driving accuracy is averaging 280.6 off the tee at 52.25% with a FedEx cup ranking him at 102 this week.  

Aaron Baddeley was pleased with his practice preparation looking forward to putting the turmoil of missed cuts behind him.

And as for Lily, her future looks great; being her first interview, hopefully she will continue and inspire other junior female golf writers.


Believe it or not, Mr. Hiddleston knows how to accessorise well for a party.

And he proved it once more by being his usual dorky self at the Crimson Peak wrap up party.

Just look at that cutie patootie with those maxi hipster glasses, and the antlers and the hats and stuff.

I don’t think I can handle so much adorableness… I just can’t.

And even though the photos (sorry for the bad quality btw) have a kinda sepia thingie filter, we can all make an educated guess and say that he’s wearing a blue or white shirt coupled with a navy blue or black jacket/blazer.


External image

Yep, I was right.