in this photo the shirt looks too blue

So I just noticed something regarding the rest of the season of spn.  The last three episodes, 11x21-23 all happen one right after the other.  Look at Sam and Dean’s clothing!

Here they are at the end of 11x21 All in the Family.  Sam in the dark coat and light shirt, Dean in the Blue jacket and red/blue plaid.

Now, look at the promo photo for 11x22 We Happy Few:

Same outfits, so this episode picks up where we left off. This isn’t too unusual, they did it between 11x20 and 11x21 as well.

But look at this spoiler shot for 11x23:

Exactly the same outfits again!

I don’t know what it means but the last three episodes of the season all happen within a very short span of time.  Which likely means no FBI suits, not too many location changes (IE: drives across country) and all one story.

What do you think?