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We have a new season of The X-files, people! Season 11 is coming! We will have shooting days with candids, fake call sheets, many-many gates, hundreds of theories, huge press tour, interviews, photo shoots, tonnes of fuckery and of course sleepless nights. We will have months of new experiences to share and 10 new episodes of our favourite show! 10! Not 6, but 10! Just think about all the crazy good things we shared after Season 10 was announced. On the road leading up to the new season, new people joined the fandom, new friendships were born and people were here to discuss all type of topics. It can always go a bit too crazy, but hey, this is a fandom. We are weird, so there is that. Tumblr is a sanctuary to everyone. 

Or it was, until a couple of months ago the fandom has been divided and not because of the ships, but because of egos and personalities. Out of a sudden, we had a Tumblr police going around policing & bullying people. They were yelling at people about respect while attacking them why they live in a fantasy world and calling them names. People deleted their blogs, because of this! I’ve never seen so much hate in this fandom before and I don’t want that darkness in my home, again.

Now, they want to come back, ‘cause The X-files is back, and pretend like nothing happened. Well, I’m sorry but  “You’ve made your bed, now lie in it.” You called people stupid, delusional, crazy - to say the least offensives - you created a blog for the sole purpose of mocking people, you hated on David, you said Gillian would never do X-files again, you said Gillian and David’s relationship is toxic. Feeling superior, bullying and mocking other people’s hobbies, making fun of their obsessions and enjoying all of this is not okay. I don’t think this behaviour should be forgiven, ‘cause if you did it once, you’ll do it again.  So, please just stop creating another drama the deeds are done. 

The two sides could exist next to each other, you just have to stop obsessing about the other side. You clearly stated your beliefs, your interest, stick with it. At least have the guts to stick with what you preached for months! I made the choice to have no interest in some topics and bloggers, you should do the same. Everyone should do that, instead of debating why people treat them the way you do. (Hint: not because who you ship, it’s never been about that)  

I’m not gonna ruin our - probably - last chance to enjoy the crazy ride, this new season will bring. I only follow bloggers who don’t go around judging people, who treat each other with respect here. I have my happy place and I’m perfectly ready to lose our shit together, fangirl and not sleep once August comes. I advise all of you to do the same! This place can be the best, I promise you!  

This blog will stay drama-free from tomorrow - cause let’s be honest, I might have to reply to some messages 😂 - and will only concentrate on joy, positive energy, love and a good spiralling is really overdue, don’t you think? This is what I’m here for. Bring on Season 11! ❤️❤️

  • Fandom: OMG Nygmobblepot is dead
  • Fandom: OMG where tf is Fish
  • Fandom: OMG Jervis's plot was for nothing
  • Fandom: OMG Ivy was aged up to be sexy and gross and for no other reason
  • Fandom: OMG Barnes's story was so disappointing
  • Fandom: OMG Isabella/Kristen will never be explained
  • Fandom: OMG I can't believe Babs is gonna hump Ed
  • Fandom:
  • Fandom:
  • Fandom:
  • Gotham: would you motherfuckers just W A I T
Groundbreakingly profound thoughts
  • I love how you know a fandom made it when it's drowning in all the gays, the gayer it is the stronger its fanbase... or maybe it's the other way around who knows.
  • Either way we're some thursty motherfuckers.
  • Can't say I disapprove.

Can I just say that all I really want from the series is that they cast an actor with a great ass to play as Nicki just so we can make screenshots of his butt each chapter and caption them with NicolASS de Lenfent


“OW!” I yelled at Carbonated Beverage. We have the same looks, I guess. I have his beautiful, majestic shiny sun-kissed natural-highlighted sandy — not like Sandy, I hate her because she’s so horrible — blonde brown-ish long hair. “Did you really have to splash water on me? I was gettin’ up, anyways!”

“I’m sorry,” Carbonated Beverage sang in response. “I love you so much you’re such a good sister you should come to the dx today I miss you hahaha you’re so cool and the gang loves to be aaround you1!1”

“hahaha totally!” I pulled on my cowboy boots. They matched my skinny jeans and tank top perfectly. And my leather jacket — duh, I’m a greaser — looked oh-so prefect with it1!

I don’t put on much for makeup because I don’t need any I’m so pretty. I’m not like the other greaser girls who wear all that makeup. But somehow everyone in my brother’s gang loves me!

“Ivory Diamond Ponygirl Sparkle Curtis!” Darry, my older brother called. “Come on and laugh and enjoy this breakfast I made or else I’ll hit you too because I’m so mean but when I’m not working 2,3493 hour shifts I find it in my heart to care about you!”

In the kitchen, I find Two-Bit, Johnny, and iwefisfsbbsuhf DALLAS. He’s this sexual magnet of a teenager that attracts me because he;s so aofdangerous and I’m soosdfj not! “H-Hi Dally.”

“Hey sweetheart dollface,” he said and I proceeded to blush so much. I’m really ugly in my opinion but everyone calls me pretty I hope Dally likes me.

Johnny is like my brother. He’s so little and fragile and I totally love friend-zoning him as my best friend!

But none of this matters, because my boyfriend is going to pick me up soon. And no — I didn’t change the tense of this story eight times!

“Bye friends and family! Two-Bit, you’re so funny! Steve, wash your face the cake I bake especially for you is all over youu!”

~O~o~“` time skip ” o~O~~

“What’s that, Ivory Diamond Ponygirl Sparkle Dakota Elaine Pearl Sierra Lavendar Curtis?!” I knew it was bad because he used my middle names and my last name.

“What is it, Darry?” I said innocently and tried to cover my makeup-covered bruise. I knew it didn’t cover well!1!! He removed my hand and gasped so loud that Coca-Cola woke up!!.

“It was your horrible hood boyfriend I’ve never, ever met, right?” Darry was so angry I tried to calm him down but it wouldn’t work ! “THat little loser —”

“I’m motherfucking dfucking dicksucking-ass here!! I am ready to fucck shit up because I am DaLLAs Winston, the *ugly in books yikes but then again pony was unreliable narrator thank you fandom* unresistable bad boi that’s always  motherfucking there for your fucking motherfucking ass, dollface babycheeks!”;al

SUDDENLY DALLAS APPEARED. Where did he come from? I thought he was banging Sylvia that cheating slut who sleeps with everyone! Woah! They must be broken up again.

“OH DALLAS!” I, skinny beautiful long haired Ivory Diamond Ponygirl Sparkle Dakota Elaine Pearl Sierra Lavendar — shit, I forgot Ros(i)e – Curtis, cried and leaped into his arms.

“Hey, baby –” he suddenly changed his personality for me — “I’m gonna beat the shit out of that guy! I knew he didn’t deserve you! nOT Like I do! let’s clean you up and possibly makeout, okay??”

Suddenly I so loved. More than I’ve ever felt in my lifetime!11!

A/N: hey guys so sorry I didn’t update for six and a half months but here it is! I hope you guys like it! Guess what happens next chapter? I’m gonna give a super big hint, okay? And if I don’t get 5464 reads or follows I won’t write anymore!! How do you feel about Ivory Diamond Ponygirl Sparkle Dakota Pear Sierra Rosie Lavendar being assaulted — physically and/or sexually — and/or getting pregnant at sixteen?? dally would make a good father!! socs love jumping girls!! they’re so mean like Cherry!

Never forget

More theory time! With extra spoilers!

So Dazai is an awesome character. I personally love him to bits. He’s *incredibly* hot, he’s smart, he’s charming, he’s funny.

He’s also a full on sociopath.

I’m not talking here about how he manipulates the shit out of people (which he does), or how he murdered like half of Yokohama at some point (which he did) or how he is an expert torturer (which he apparently is). Those could technically be seen as justifiable strategies or past sins.

I’m talking about this.

The three major ability organisations in the city are at each other’s throats and Dazai decides to get the government involved. That up there is him inviting his ally and previous enemy Ango for a ride so they can make a deal about that. What’s great here is that this happens after Dazai has already threatened his life. The first thing he does when meeting Ango is point his own gun at his head.

I repeat: this is a meeting about the government (Ango) working together with the Armed Detective Agency (Dazai) and the first thing that happens is a Mexican standoff.


The Guild proceeds to ram the hell out of said car during the ride and Dazai spends some time in a cast. We don’t see Ango until several chapters later, when he’s in a hospital room, in a much worse state. And then you get this.

He knew. He friggin knew.

He didn’t just know an accident was likely to happen. He didn’t just sabotage that car. He willingly put himself in it with a man he was trying to rely on for support of the Agency. This isn’t just him being suicidal. This is him not being able to stop himself from getting petty revenge on an ally when the city around them is about to implode.

The air bag was plan b and that is inSANE.

Never forget that Dazai is a crazy motherfucker.

anonymous asked:

tbh i want lance to shoot lotor in his chest armor thing and do that same smirk he did when he shot sendak and for lotor to just go *hearteyes motherfucker* like the rest of the fandom did in that scene.

Haha, I would love Lotor’s first introduction to Lance to be a moment when Lance doing something incredible and badass.

Yes, that Sendak scene completely sealed the deal for the fandom falling head over heels in love with Lance..xD So how on earth can Lotor look at this:

And not go….

A Sad thought.

Even if Homestuck comes back. 

If Hiveswap revitalizes the fandom. If Homestuck 2.0 (Whatever that is supposed to be) is amazing, if Hussies Secret Project (Which I guess is related to Homestuck 2.0 or Hiveswap? IDK) Is also amazing. 

Yes, we’ll have the Homestuck fandom back again. 

But it wont be the old fandom. It will be “Current Year” Fandom, the worst kind of slimy motherfuckers who go around policing headcanons and ships and fanart and who knows what else?

I mean before Homestuck had its end, those toxic parts of the fandom were actually showing up. We managed to avoid most of it throughout our tenure as a fandom BECAUSE we started so early, before The Discourse™ was common fandom practice. 

As much as I would love to see the Homestuck Fandom resurrected, im scared of the twisted mockery it would no doubt become.