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Hogwarts!Shawn Blurb

a/n: this is me procrastinating because i don’t have a plot line anymore because i forgot it so i don’t know where i was going with this, so this is all i have, so enjoy what little bullshit i’m giving you like this isn’t even worth posting but like whatever #amirite?

“Shawn, c’mon man!” Matt yells from the Gryffindor Common Room into the boy’s dormitories. “If we’re late again, Wood is going to have our asses!”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m coming!” Shawn yells back, throwing his guitar in his case and shoving it under his bed before grabbing his robe and dashing down the stairs.

Shawn and Matt hurry through the halls of Hogwarts towards the quidditch pitch on the south keep where practice is about to begin. When they arrive on the field, the captain, Oliver Wood, is already staring them down, shooting an annoyed glare their way.

“Mendes, Camick, you’re late. Again.” Wood screeches at the boys as they hustle with their brooms to the center of the pitch.

“Sorry, won’t happen again,” Shawn promises, but Oliver shakes his head.

“Camick, get to the rings. Mendes, take a seat. This is your third time being late—you know what that means.” Wood orders, and Shawn’s eyes widen in disbelief.

“What? You’re kidding right?” Shawn detests. “This is the Ravenclaw match! There’s only two more games before Slytherin! You can’t bench me, not now!”

Oliver shakes his head again and whisks his broom off the ground. “Sorry Mendes, rules are rules. Don’t be late again.”

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Pairing: YoungK (Day6) x reader

Genre: college!au, band!au

Word Count: 1,457

Summary: In your search for social clubs at your new college campus, you run across a small band looking for new blood.


“Alright, everyone finish picking your theses over the weekend and I’ll see you all Monday!”

The professor’s voice was somewhat muffled by the chorus of backpack zippers and closing of notebooks as the class packed up. Usually one of the first out, you slung one strap of your backpack over your shoulder, grabbed your guitar case from against the wall, and swaggered out of the door before the crowd came behind you. You had plans, and you did not intend to waste any time. Pulling out your phone as you shoved open the door out into the quad, you pulled up the campus yikyak to double check that there were no changes in plan, and after seeing that there weren’t you made your way on over to the liberal arts side of campus.

Upon reaching the music building, you walked in and headed through a series of hallways, following signs for the room you were looking for. You’d been told that it was a practice room. The kids you’d been in touch with had said that they’d gotten permission the previous semester to bring some miscellaneous equipment in, like an old upright from one of the other rooms upstairs, a drum set that they bought themselves, and a few chairs and tables. Sounded pretty casual and just thrown together, and you were completely okay with that. When you reached the room, you saw pretty much what you’d expected. It was about forty by forty, and most of it was either open space or looked like it was being used as storage for music stands and extra chairs. The upright in the back right corner was walnut with worn finish and a sizeable helping of scratches and nicks. The drums were a few feet down from the piano along the right wall, and looked to be the newest and nicest thing in the room. Aside from that, there was a cajon, a mini fridge, and a low coffee table about five feet behind the piano that looked like it was borrowed from a dorm, with or without permission you weren’t quite sure. Around the table were a couple of chairs, and in one of the chairs was a boy. When you’d found the room, he had been shuffling some papers on the table and scribbling down notes on it. He reached a slender hand up to adjust his glasses and looked to be about to start playing when you decided to make yourself known.

“Hey, is this where the band meets?”

The boy’s head shot up to look at you. When he saw you, a smile spread across his face and he pulled a guitar pick out from between his teeth.

“Hey, yeah it is. I’m Jae.” He stood up to face you as you walked in and introduced yourself.

“The other guys’ll be here soon. We’re really glad you were able to come check this out, we could use some extra hands and it sounds like you can kinda do a lot of stuff.”

“Yep, drums, guitar, and piano.”

“Hey, you must be the new girl!” You and Jae both looked to the door as a taller boy walked in, flipping some shaggy black locks out of his face.

“Oh hey, Brian.”

“YoungK” The newcomer corrected Jae.

“But actually Brian.”

By this time, Brian, or YoungK, or whatever, was standing a couple feet in front of you, leaning on his guitar. He examined your face for a moment before speaking again.

“Ignore him, I’m YoungK. Good to meet you.”

“You too. So you’re the basist?”

“Yep, and a guitarist, and a vocalist.”


“I hear you’re pretty good yourself. How long you been playing drums?”

“About eight years.”

“So what brings you here? Like, to this band?”

“Well, I’m new on campus and I’m looking for some groups to get involved with. Not a whole lot of the clubs looked interesting to me, but I heard a lot of people talking about how you guys play at a lot of campus events and you’re pretty good and looking for new peeps, so I figured I’d check it out.”

“Well, I already ordered pizza, so why don’t we just screw around a little while we wait for the other guys?” Jae chimed in.

You and YoungK both agreed, the boys got out amps and guitars, and you headed for the drums, cranking out a few quick beats just to get a feel for the set and warm up your hands.

“So what do you like?” YoungK smiled over at you, his brown eyes opened wide in anticipation of your answer.

“A little of everything I guess. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of alternative rock, a little 2000′s pop. What do you guys usually play?”

“Same, you’ll fit right in.” YoungK hooked the base up to an amp as he spoke. “You good for a little Goo Goo Dolls? Like Iris?”

“I’m good for anything, just lemme know when you’re ready and I’ll give us a beat.”

So you did. It started with a chill, melancholy sort of pace and vibe. Then, as it reached the chorus, the three of you played off each other through the crescendos, the ritardandos, and the feel. You could tell they’d developed a repertoire with each other, they were clearly close, both has friends and musically. They matched up with each other perfectly, and they had their own silent lingo, as musicians develop in intimate play settings like that. It was a warm thing to be able to squeeze into, and they were kind enough to give you plenty of room to do so, YoungK in particular. As the characteristic emptiness that follows the final chord took over, the two boys relaxed their instruments, the smiles they’d carried through the song still present on their faces. YoungK turned to you.

“Wow, you’re really good!”

You smiled a little as you looked down, feeling suddenly bashful at the attention. However, the response was very brief. You never blushed, what the heck. Stop it, don’t be silly.

“Thanks, you too!”

He chuckled at your reaction. “So we meet this time Fridays, and we’re usually here pretty late. The doors look from the inside only, so you can stay in as long as you want, you just can’t get back in once you leave. Other than that, we usually meet Monday evenings around five to eight, and basically just whenever we feel like it and have time out from classes. Assuming you want to join. I’d- We’d, love to have you.” He nodded at Jae to include him in the ‘we,’ “I think the others would love to have you too.”

“I’m down with you joining, you seem great. We should all be besties together. Pizza’s here, ima go get it.” Jae chimed in with his approval before walking out.

“Yeah, sounds great.” You assured him, turning his hopeful expression into a look of triumph and relief that he did a good job of disguising as simple friendliness. While he went over the lowdown of the absent members, their names and skills, you couldn’t help but bask a little in his evident happiness. He was a casual sort of person, with a lot of maturity and a somewhat impressive appearance. And yet he looked so sweet, borderline loveable when he was happy. Not like an overly sugary sweet, like a homemade lemonade sort of sweet. The kind of sweet that made you feel all wholesome and refreshed inside. You got the impression that all of the boys would be great to be around, but this in particular was a nice bonus to finally being in a band again.

“Oh, can I get your number?” You snapped back to paying full attention to his words once again.


“Oh, for communicating.”

“Oh, yeah, sorry I’m tired, zoned out for a sec. Yeah, about band-”

“band- stuff” He handed you his phone.


“With, meetings and-”

“meeting stuff. Of course, here it is.”

“I got pizza!” Jae ambled back in just in time to freshen the social air of the place.

“I hope you like pizza, we have a lot of it.” Young K cleared the table of tabs and sheet music to make room for dinner.

“Nope. I, a broke college student, do not have a deep sea of love for the delicious cheesy goodness that is pizza.” You smirked.

The basist laughed lightly at your quip. “You know on second thought I don’t think this is gonna work out. I don’t think we can’t be friends.” The moments immediately following the brief exchange were passed with good-natured smiles and the silence that goes with delicious food.

Yes, you could definitely get used to this.


I feel like I gave this reader character a little more life than a lot of others, I hope it still works, person who requested this! It just fit so well, she’s kind of a chill, confident, drummer character.

i walk on stage at coachella 2018 with a guitar case and i open it up and it’s just packed with mashed potatoes and i sit down n start eating calmly

i found a club that is exclusively for lesbians. i build it deep in a forest, so that the straights don’t find it. the opening night is a hit. the waiting line is huge. the lesbians are pouring in, the spirits are high, everyones having fun and making friends. suddenly there’s a commotion at the door. “sorry sir, we can’t let you in. this is for lesbians exclusively you see,” says the manager apologetically. “let him in,” i say, “its okay. he’s with us.” by he i mean hozier. he walks in with a guitar case slung over his shoulder and a flower crown on his head. he smiles at me sadly and i feel like he understands. i don’t know what, but he understands. i drink more wine and ignore the tightness in my chest. on the stage, hozier strums his guitar.

so two ghosts was not only most likely written around the same time harry and louis weren’t allowed to publicly interact anymore but also around the same time harry started carrying around a guitar case and a journal that he wrote “let us love” “one and only” and “she doesn’t deserve his heart” on the outside and i just….

OtaYuri Band!AU

((I am bad with writing synopsis so bare with me TvT))

Yuri.P is a son of a famous prima ballerina and he is continuing his mom’s legacy as his mother told him to do so. 

One day while he was practicing (secretly) at school in a right wing music room that are supposed to be haunted (to prevent anyone from going there), a new transfer student with a guitar case at his back came across the room and stumbled him…… 

((a new little project that I’ve been thinking for awhile lol))

Over the years, I didn’t realise how many guitars I had. And then, when we finished our last tour, my guitar technician, he gave me all of the guitars that I had collected for the last four, five years, he just came up to my house with this big flight case with all of my guitars in it, and there was literally – I found out I had 25 guitars. I’ve since auctioned some off, and I’ve probably still got about 15, maybe.  But it’s so good, I love guit-, guitars are like, they’re just amazing to have. You get a really good one, you look after it.
—  Niall Horan // 1LIVE Facebook Live 12.6.17
All Or Nothing - Smut

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Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 6,244
AN: College AU, all human. This was never meant to be published tbh but you can thank @writing-obrien​ for it getting done. Also shout out to @hardladyheart​ for her late night motivation and @sarcasticallystilinski​ for spitballing title ideas with me.

The song that’s sung is obviously not mine, it’s by State Champs. Listen HERE.

You transferred into Berkeley college in the beginning of your sophomore year. You hated starting a new school, but at least it was college and not high school. You’d been here a few weeks. You hadn’t made any friends yet, just your roommate, but you were more acquaintances. She was an art major and a little quirky, plus her boyfriend lived off campus so she wasn’t around much.

Being a music major had it perks. There were a lot of hot guys in the music department, but most of them were too involved with their own projects to notice you. You were pretty quiet, always lost in your own head. No one would have guessed that you weren’t the least bit shy. And you liked to keep it that way.

However, life had become boring. You finally had the hang of your classes and schedule but you needed to find something else to do with your time. Which is why you found yourself in the music building, standing in front of the bulletin board. Most of the notices were the same, people selling instruments or looking for them, people looking for practice space, advertisements for open mic nights. But one flier in particular caught your eye.

It wasn’t fancy at all, maybe a little creased and wrinkled from being in someone’s pocket. It was plain white, written on with black Sharpie.






There was a crudely drawn Chewbacca next to it, holding what looked to be a guitar. You chewed your bottom lip in thought. You could do that. You fit the qualifications. You pulled out your phone, typing the number in and saving it to your contacts for later.

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pt1 | pt2 | pt3 | pt4 | pt5 | pt6 | (ongoing)

pairing: jungkook x reader

genre: smut, angst, punk!jungkook

word Count: 14,241

description: It was everything, from his tattoos, to his touches, to the way sweat rolled down his neck as he strummed into his guitar on stage; everything about him completely enthralled you. So why are you now, two and a half years later, on a train to Seoul, telling a complete stranger the recollection of how you became fated to forever have scars on all of your future hearts due to the happiness, but most of all the pain, that came along with falling in love with Jeon Jungkook. 

note: inspired by the anime/manga “Nana”


The icy breeze whipped across your face as you started your approach towards the building. The speed of your heart was increasing with every step, your legs began to weigh you down like lead, and your breathing became harsh and ragged. Nerves were infecting your body, intensifying as you finally reached the automatic doors. You closed your eyes, taking in a deep breath before finally stepping forward. The doors opened for you, and the bustling Busan train station was revealed.

Noises echoed in every direction, you watched as people quickly rushed towards their trains, and you suddenly figured that you should do the same. You shook away your wonder as you started to go through bag check, but your eyes still managed to drift around the building that you remembered all too well.

It was quieter back then, or maybe it wasn’t. You might’ve just been so numbed by all of the pain you were feeling that you couldn’t sense anything else. Your eyes glided across the path that had been etched into your mind for the past year and a half.

“I know it doesn’t seem like it, but I love you so much. I really fucking do.”

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Skulls and Roses 💀 🥀 (Part 3)

Jeon Jungkook 

College AU!, Tattooist AU!

The best way to get someone to like you is by calling them sasquatch and baking them cookies when you stand them up. 


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