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The Orionids meteor shower is happening this weekend, but it’s cloudy…. so my boys are watching it in my place

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What do you mean by 'natural hair'? That it's just, not dyed? Or that you don't cut your hair or something...? I'm sorry if this comes across as offensive, I didn't mean it to be, I'm just confused.

no worries friendo it’s not offensive at all!

The term ‘natural hair’ usually refers to a hair’s texture that hasn’t been changed through the use of chemicals like relaxers and texturizers. I used to get my hair straightened every 2-3 months so that it’d be straight and flow-y. But my natural hair is a tight curled ‘fro!

Here’s a fun selfie board I made rlly quick of my recent pics because i’m laughing and can’t get over how i’m winking in all of them KDHJFSDG. My curls a wee bit more loose here because I tried relaxing it like…5 months prior to chopping it all off :”) 

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what would the different Halloween costumes be for the houses?

Gryffindor: Some form of combination costume like a skeletal mermaid or a steampunk vampire.

Slytherin: Something classic. 10/10 would rock a witch or vampire get up. Extra points for being gory.

Ravenclaw: Superhero costume or a costume involving a pun. Example: drawing the Kiss Star over their eye and then dressing in stereotypical French garb to be a French Kiss.

Hufflepuff: The coordinated one who organizes a large scale group costume. Ex: every member of the friend group is a different Care Bear.

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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH where is that Vince McMahon reaction gif, that’s the only thing that can properly express my feelings for that trailer

not gonna lie I am most excited for the return of SPACE SENSEI!! if anybody gets to actually do something and not just be a quick cameo I want it to be him. he still has so much to teach us. :(

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Maybe an obvious one, but top five Eleanor/Chidi moments?

Aaahhhh bless you anon 
Ok, in no particular order (because I honestly can’t pick a favorite):

1. Chidi storming into Michael’s office to save Eleanor (+the little mouthed “thank you” in 1.08 when Eleanor gets off the train (+the hand holding afterwards)
2. “Looks like someone learned something” “Well, that’s because someone else is a really good teacher (+that look) in 1.03
3. Eleanor coming clean about everything because she can’t handle seeing Chidi in so much pain in 1.07
    (as a bonus; “Do you know who killed Janet?” “Yes.” “Will you tell me?” “No.” from 1.08)
4. “I used to never want to a part of any group. But I’m a different person now. Because of the person who helped me.” (the looook they share) from 1.09
5. It’s a tie between the boat scene in 1.05 and “You were my flashlight” from 1.13

I’m doing 5 for each season I’m sorry anon I’m too into them:

2. Nearly all of their interactions in 2.01/2.02 (”I’ve never seen you before in my life, but…I think, somehow, that we know each other” soulmates)
3. “How many times, in all the reboots, did I ask Chidi for help and he said no?” “Never. He always helped you.” soulmates
4. “We’re not friends man; I don’t owe you anything.” becoming “We should help [Michael]. Because that’s what Chidi would do.”
5. Chidi’s refusal to slice Eleanor up to save 5 people, coupled with Eleanor’s refusal to laugh with Michael about Chidi behind his back (reading it out, Chidi’s seems like a bigger deal, but refusing to make fun of someone is big for Eleanor)
     (+Eleanor’s anger every time she realized Michael was enjoying the trolley experiments too much at Chidi’s expense)

NNT Week Day 1: Favorite Hero

NNT Week is here, hooray! To celebrate, @extremelypoorperson and I collaborated on a series of art and mini-scenes to celebrate our favorites all week. 

Ban and Elaine are so interesting to think about. He is immortal, and their connection will keep Elaine going as long as she is able… so after all this dies down, and the years go by, what exactly do a fairy princess and a thief do with themselves once the days of kingdoms and knights are over? Move to America and become bootleggers, of course.

It was actually all Elaine’s idea. Ban was fine living out his days in England after the Great War… after all, why would they choose to move somewhere where alcohol was against the law?!? What did Prohibition have to do with them? That’s exactly why they needed to go, she told him: they will give you fast cars, more money, and guns. Big guns. And in his mind, he was kicking down the door to the nearest way outta this dump–and to the land of the free. 

Between her ability to know which humans to trust and his vast knowledge of alcohol, they could make a ton of money. Plus, she argued, they’d be heroes. The Americans were suffering, they needed a brave and cunning knight with a knack for stealth and a talent for ignoring authority in order to do what is right to bring them the alcohol they so desperately deserved.

Even if he was still not convinced–which he very much was–then Elaine leaned over and whispered, I’ll buy you a guuunnnn…

Her smile and the way she batted her eyes at him was the final straw. That night, he bought two one-way tickets to America.