in this case between sets of weights at the gym

Let’s talk about something different real quick.

For those of you that lift, how do you structure your sets?

For example, in my case, every workout I do, I do it in sets of three, where I have a Light Weight, a Mid Weight, and a Heavy Weight.

In general, for dumbell exercises (which I really don’t like to do), the difference between light and heavy is 25-30 lbs. For most machine exercises, the difference between light and heavy is 50 lbs, and for most barbell exercises, the difference between light and heavy is 90-100 lbs because the plates at my gym are 45 lbs, and I imagine it is the same elsewhere.

And I do one set of 15 reps on the light weight, one set of 10 reps on the heavy weight, and one set on the mid weight to failure. 30 second break at most between sets, and the last set must be continuous to count towards the next part.

When I am capable of doing a 15 rep set on mid-weight without pause, then mid-weight becomes light weight, and heavy becomes mid.

So, for example, today, when I did lat pull downs, I did one set of 125x15, one set of 175x10, and then a set of 150 which ended up being more like three or four sets of 3-5. So next time I’m doing back and biceps, I’ll stay on that weight.

I did the same weight set for seated cable rows, except I was able to do the last set to 15, so on Friday, Light Weight will be 150, Mid Weight will be 175, and heavy weight will be 200.

This has given me progress that seems, to me anyway, satisfactory.

Is there a better way to structure it that people could suggest?