in this case because we can only see his kawaii hands

Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.11

                                               Part E L E V E N 

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 3k+

A/N: im back, hello! im so, so, so sorry for the slowness of these parts! school is crushing me rn and my recent break up is no help. but, i decided to let you guys in on a little personal side of me: im implementing some of my lyrics into this part (i write music a bit, too), so i really hope you like it! 

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]  

                                                    I M A G I N E

At the airport, 6:23 A.M.

At 11:11 P.M., Calum tweeted a photo of you and him kissing with the caption, “made a wish, got a wish.” 

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The somewhat winter themed ZaneChan oneshot that I have had lying in my word document for nearly a month! 

Oh gods this is it I’m trash for this ship aren’t I? I started making a playlist earlier. 



Rating: High T 

Words: 5,851 (Oh gods that’s long.)

Summary: “So let me get this straight, you Zane ‘Edge Lord, Stoic, Pony Loving, Social Anxiety Ridden’ Ro’Meave are going to a party?”

The surrounding atmosphere of the cafe frightens him to no extent, it’s his Mother’s favourite cafe after all, bubbling with vibrant people chatting back and forth… But it’s also where Zianna Ro’Meave has always called her sons out to discuss something serious.

She traps them like that, and Zane feels as if he got a lot of his personality and mind from his Mother, she was cunning and clever, and he wouldn’t be surprised if she’d been secretly running the business from behind their Father. Still calm, lively, places where it was polite to be polite, and shouting would cause a scene was her greatest weapon against her middle child.

“Oh Zuuzuu!” Her voice rings out as she waves him over to a table in the back, two cups of coffee steaming gently in front of her, she had known he would be on time as always, and Zane slipped into the seat across from her, “I ordered the coffee just how we like it, black with tons of sugar!”

He takes a sip, and it is, fifteen packets of sugar no doubt, “Thank you Mum.” He speaks earnestly, and she smiles proudly at him, “Now, shall we get to business? You never call specifically me out unless you have a reason, and I thank you for that.” She sighs, but the proud smile remains.

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Nyiro’s favourite video games characters [in no particular order]
Corvo Attano || Dishonored

You’d have to be lucky. And a complete madman. You’d have to be Corvo, in other words.

Hit A Wall//OGOC

Warning:Contains Domestic Violence I was laughing so hard with my friends I completely lost track of time. “What time is it?” I laugh. “Dude it’s 2:00 a.m. Nate laughs. I stop laughing.“I gotta go home"I say putting on my uggs. “What’s the rush?” Johnson asks me. “I just have to go.” I say. I give all the guys a kiss on the cheek and run out. Blake is going to kill me. I rush home. When I pull up I try not to slam my car door. I slowly turn my key in the door and creak open the door. I tiptoe into the house until the light comes on. “Hey babe where have you been?” Blake asks. I look at the kitchen table and notice the empty case of beer. Looks like he was drinking with his friends again. “I was with Nate and the rest of the guys.” I smile. “Are you cheating on me?” he asks. “No baby, I’m not.” I say. “Yeah you are.” he says grabbing my arm. “I promise I’m not.” I cry. “Stop lying.” he yells. “I’m not.” I say rocking back and forth. “Yes you are.” he says punching me. I fall down and he kicks my stomach. He picks me up and slaps me. “I’m sorry.” I say. “Whatever.” he says. dragging us upstairs. “We’re going to sleep.” he says pushing me on the bed. I pull off my leggings and shoes then I lay down. He pulls my body close to him as I flinch. “Goodnight baby I love you.” he says. “I love you too Blake.” I sniffle wiping my tears. *The next morning* I get up and out of the bed and notice my eye is black. My ribs hurt if I move too hard. I was supposed to go swimming with the guys today. Oh no, if they see my black eye they’re going to have questions. I rush to the bathroom and rummage through my makeup bag. Of course, I have no foundation so there is no way to cover my black eye. I will just have to say I hit a wall or something. I decide to put on a turquoise skater skirt with a flower pattern crop top and blue heels. I walk out of the bathroom as Blake sits up while rubbing his head. “Hey baby.” I smile. “Hey babe.” He says kissing me. “Is it okay if I go out with the boys today?” I smile. “Are you going to be the only girl? he asks. "No, Ash, Brit and Tana (Mongeau) are going to be there too. We’re going shopping for Coachella clothes. The boys are just helping.” I say. “Are you sure?” he says. “I promise baby.” I say sitting on his lap. “Okay, I won’t stop you.” He smiles. “Thank you baby.” I say kissing him. Blake is actually a nice guy except when he drinks he gets really abusive. Every time I try to leave him, he starts to say how he will stop and how sorry he is. It’s like I’m stuck in a circle that’s not horrible but it’s not safe for me. “Baby, can I use your truck today? It’s going to be three of us plus a bunch of bags and then the boys might ride with us.” I say. “Yeah, I’ll just drive your Charger.” he says. “Okay baby. Bye, I love you.” I say walking out. “I love you too.” He yells. I grab my keys and my purse. I put my blue Converse shoes in my purse just in case my feet start hurting. I get in Blake’s silver Ford F-150. I have to literally run and jump into the car because there isn’t a step thing. Once I finally get in the truck I drive to my friends house. I put on sunglasses so they won’t notice my black eye. I honk my horn and my three best friends get in my car. “Hey Y/N.” they chant. “Hey guys. Ready to go coachella shopping?” I smile. “Yassss.” they scream as I drive off. We get to the boys house and we all hop out of the car. I knock on the door and open it. “GUYSSSSS.” I yell. “Shut up.” Nate says coming from the back. “Why hello to you too.” I smile. “Hey.” He says. “Hi Tana.” Nate says. “Oooooooh.” We all harmonize. Brit pushes Tana to the front of our group. She bumps into Nate and she looks like a baboons butt. “H-H-Hi.” She says. “You look nice.” he smiles. “Not too bad yourself.” she says. “Hey Nate, where is Sammy?” Brit smiles. “He is with Stassie and Kylie, he said he wasn’t coming today.” he says. Brit frowns until Johnson walks around the corner. “Hey guys.” he says. “Hi.” We all say. “Hi Brit.” he says. “Hi JJ.” she says grabbing his hand. They start to walk off until I call their names. “Let’s go back to the truck before you guys go screw each other.” I say to Nate, Johnson, Brit, Ash and Tana. G walks around the corner and Ash frowns. “Hey Ash.” G smiles. “Hi.” she rolls her eyes. Ash used to like Gilinsky until he dated Madison and then when they broke up G liked her but she said if he is into children he can’t have her because she is a woman not a girl. “Okay, everyone is here let’s go.” I say turning around. Everyone piles into the car and we drive to the mall. We all walk into Forever 21 and walk to their shirt section. I see this bralette that is lave and white. I go into the changing room and put on the shirt. I take off my sunglasses. “What do y'all think?” I ask them. “WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO YOUR EYE?” Nate yells. “Uhhh, I hit a wall.” I say. “Okay, what about your ribs?” he says pointing to my bruised ribs. “I fell down the stairs.” I say. “I thought you hit a wall.” Tana says. “Shut the fuck up Tana.” I say. “What really happened?” Johnson asks. “Blake hit me.” I mumble. “What?” Nate asks. “Blake hit me.” I say. “WHAT?” All of the boys scream. “I have to go talk to him.” Nate says. “No.” I scream. “Why not?” He asks. “Because he only hits me when he is drunk so just leave it alone before he starts to beat me while he is sober.” I say. “I’m sorry I can’t.” He says. “We have to help you.” Johnson says and Gilinsky nods. “No that’s not going to help me.” I say, tears brimming my eyes. “I’m sorry we need to go, we’ll call a Uber or something.” Nate says. I break down in my three best friends arms.“ Please just let it be, I hit a wall.” I cry. They all shake their heads and walk out of the store. “It’ll be okay.” They all say as I sob in their arms.