in this car



  • jungkook: hey
  • jimin: hey?
  • jungkook: i just met you
  • jimin: we've been married for 12 years
  • jungkook: and this is crazy
  • jimin: oh no-
  • jungkook: but here's my number
  • jimin: why are you like this
  • jungkook: so call me maybe
  • jimin: i'm blocking you


The original owner of Chateau Hohner, a Brussels based engineer, was a man with a plan. He bought the 110 acre fallow terrain from the local authorities and had the ambition to turn the until then dry mooregrounds into fertile soil. In the middle of the huge domain he built an eclectic castle between 1882 and 1886. In the purchase agreement he stipulated that the domain would be reserved as building ground should he not succeed in his ambitious plan. A smart move, as it would soon turn out. Around the turn of the century the property was sold to an entrepreneur who built a steam powered dairy and mill next to the chateau. After this business folded around 1960 the property was sold and redeveloped into a housing project. The remarkable castle, consisting of a high dominant construction on the front and a lower annex wing was divided into two parts. The family lived in the main castle and the annex wing was turned into separate living quarters for a concierge. There is virtually no information on the last owner of the property. Judging by the large amount of car wrecks and spare car parts in and around the castle, it is safe to assume he was a car mechanic…