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More Haikyuu + BNHA!

Asahi’s quirk is “Stone Goliath”: his skin turns rock hard to create nearly impermeable armor! It also improves the weight and damage of his punches, kicks, and headbutts! When transforming, Asahi increases in size and intimidation! However his heart is still as frail as ever, so please be kind to him and his appearance! 

(When I thought about this quirk I was like….god i can’t animate that…but i tried guys…i tried;;; Asahi is a very sturdy and powerful character that’s frequently regarded as a giant and scary by others, so I wanted to include both of those characteristics! His quirk gives him a lot of strength, but because it morphs his appearance in a “scary” way he had a hard time making friends as a child, and even when acting as a hero children can find it hard to approach him when he’s transformed which hurts his feelings… Coincidentally, Asahi’s quirk is related to the earth, while Nishinoya’s is related to the sky, which furthers their roles as opposites (as designed by Furudate)!) 

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Catboy Kang Daniel

Member: Kang Daniel // Wanna One

Genre: Fluff, Catboy AU

Plot: What happens when you encounter a strange boy in an alleyway?

Word count: 2354

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“Dismissed.” The professor’s drawl set off a collection of books and laptops slamming shut as studies rushed out of lecture hall. Students were itching to enjoy the last of the warm rays of sunlight before winter would set in, with the boys already excitedly taking out their soccer balls and girls collecting in herds to go out for trips. You packed a little more slowly, mind wandering on what to do with your evening. Your best friend had been hospitalized recently from food poisoning, but the last time you tried to visit, Chungha’s boyfriend had been all over her and it was uncomfortable to sit there and even act remotely interested as he fussed over if her bed angle was at 45 degrees or not.

I’ll just go home, you decide, and you sling your bag over your shoulder and walk out of the hall, waving to a few of the students you were friendly with. The leaves had turned from a crisp orange and red to a dull brown, and they were rattling as they seemed ready to shed for the winter. You shivered at the thought of how chilly your apartment would get. Perhaps you should have invested in a thick and furry throw for the bed after all.

You were alert on the walk home. Your apartment was off campus, and quite honestly there were some sketchy alleyways you had convinced yourself to be trouble to you one day or another. You would always run past the opening, unable to figure out why they were so dreadfully frightening to you. As you prepared yourself mentally for the run, a thundering clang of metal startled you. You tensed at the sound. It was vaguely familiar, and you wracked your brain to think of what it was. Metal? Alleyways… A trashcan? You were almost certain it was a knocked over trash can, and slowly took one cautious step forward. And then another. There was no way in heaven that you would just run past this time– what if whatever it was caught you? Finally you peeked past the corner as stealthy as possible, and saw a boy who could not have been much older than you with brown hair poking out from under his blue beanie, sniffing at the knocked over contents. You watched in utter fascination as he picked up a browned apple core, before sticking his tongue out. Surely he wouldn’t…

“No!” You shout, waving your hands as he flinched and dropped the apple with a yelp of surprise. “Don’t eat that! That’s old and nasty!” He jumped away, his teeth bared. His canines were unusually sharp, and you felt uneasy. Otherwise he looked like a relatively normal boy; sure his clothes were a bit old and tattered, and he looked like he needed a good meal and warm shower, but otherwise he was quite normal. And cute.

“Don’t come any closer.” He hissed. It sounded distinctly inhuman, but you tried to push back the unease. Instead, you held your hand out cautiously. He was obviously tired, and you had nothing else to do. Plus, your mother had always taught you to have a soft heart for those in danger or unable to take care of themselves.

“Hey, I’ll help you.” You lower your tone, meeting his sharp gaze with as confident of a smile as you could muster. He cautiously took a step forward, his eyes flitting around to check the situation as well as he could. Then he looked at your hand, which was only a few centimeters away, and rubbed his cheek against it, purring loudly. You froze. Holy cow, what was this guy?

“Are you-”

“I’m actually starving. I would appreciate a meal, and maybe a place to nap a bit.” He said matter-of- factly, and you sigh. You were curious, perhaps a bit frightened, of who this boy was. Still, you could tell the only way to win his trust was through caring for him to some degree.

“Let’s go to my apartment. I’ll take you in for a bit.” He brightened considerably at this. “Do you have a name?”

“Kang Daniel. And you?”

“____.” He gives a childish grin at this, and runs circles around you in what you would assume to be excitement, his eyes gleaming in the light.

“Well, ___. Let’s get walking!” He ran ahead blindly, and you rolled your eyes at how hyperactive this guy was. Eventually he broke into a leisurely stroll, and kept blabbering about random stuff. Apparently he liked climbing into boxes and small spaces for shelter, and had a roommate but was forced out recently. He could not recall his family, but he was cheerfully certain that they were around somewhere.

“What about your age?” You ask as you pull the key from your necklace and unlock your front door. He thought for a moment, before shrugging.

“I was born somewhere in 96. I think.” That was a year earlier than you. This weird man- cat- child was actually older than you.

“I see.” He sprang into your house, looking at the clean interior with mischief in his eyes. You could already see the havoc he was going to induce. “Before anything, how about you wash up?” He nodded, before sticking his tongue out towards his wrist. You grabbed his hand, pulling it away before he could make contact.

“I meant a shower.” He frowned at this.

“You’re trying to make me touch water?” He asked incredulously, and you sighed.

“Do you not know what a shower is?” He shrugged. This was going to be a long day. You made him sit down on the dining table chair, and ran off to your room. There was a box of clothes tucked away in your closet, full of what your ex- boyfriend had left at your apartment after trips. Shirts, pants, and finally you reached and fished out a pair of swimming trunks. You came back out, praying it would fit him.

“Daniel.” You said seriously, and he looked up from the bird he had been intently staring at that was on the windowsill. “Go into the bathroom, and put this on. I need you to take off your clothes and put this on where your pants are, okay?” He nodded, before bounding off towards the door your finger was pointing at. It was going to be tough. The bathroom was tiny, and if the boy had no idea what he was going to do, then there was no point in you leaving him there alone.

“I did it!” He yowled triumphantly, and ran out. You sighed when you saw the beanie still on his head, but almost did a double take at how perfect his abs were. No lingering, you chided to yourself.

“Uh. Good job.” You fumbled with the words, before leading him away towards the bathroom once more. You locked the door, rolling up your sleeves and determined to get him clean. You turned on the shower, making sure the water was not too warm. “Get in the tub.” He flinched at the sight of the water, but your iron grip on him forced him into water. The hair poking out from under his beanie rose slightly at the contact, and you pulled it off with a quick yank.

He let out a yelp of surprise, and you felt your lower jaw slacken and fall open in shock. Poking out from his brown hair were cat ears. It suddenly made sense why his hair was so long and covered the spot where your ears would be proportionally on him. He shrunk into the corner of the tub as much as possible, and you forced yourself to breath calmly. He was a friendly creature. He would not harm you. You try to smile, hoping it did not come out as a grimace of confusion.

“Is there anything else I should know?” You say in a surprisingly calm tone. He gives a troubled stare, the water that was bothering him initially no longer fazing him. Slowly he reaches behind him, and pulls something out from behind of his trunks. A tail. He has a brown tail.

“I’ll… leave.” He got up, but you block him with your arms spread out. You were not a fan of cats, but clearly he was clueless on what the outside world was like.

“No! I’m cool with you. It’ll take a bit of adjusting, but it’s too cold for you to go out and I promise I won’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable so please…” Your voice trailed off uncertainly. He sat back down again, looking defeated.

“I didn’t want to scare you. I just wanted a friend, somewhere safe.” He mumbled, and your heart shattered. You offered him the shampoo, showing him how wit bubbled. He fixated on the bubbles, cheering instantly as he would dart his hands out to pop the few that would float out of his hair as you did your best to wash it. You hadn’t a clue how to wash the ears, but you were certain the suds should not be entering it. He purred when you rubbed his hair to lather, and you tried to not laugh as he became somber once more when you had to wash it out with the shower head. You let him figure out how to use the body wash.

“I’ll be back with a towel. I’ll leave it on the sink over there, and I’ll make you some food.” You excuse yourself. You exit the bathroom, only realizing then how you were soaked completely from the waist upward. You changed into your pajamas, before throwing a towel onto the counter and exited for the kitchen. You had no idea what he would eat. Did he have eating restrictions? Did cats have eating restrictions? Was he more human or cat? You settled on giving up your last salmon fillet for him, and made it with as minimal ingredients as possible. You would search online later how to satisfy a cat’s dietary needs.

He came out, still in the swimming trunks, and you cursed mentally at how you had forgotten to give him a change of clothes. They were tracking water into your dining area as he followed you curiously to figure out what the aromas were.

“Stay there!” You ran back to pick out some sort of clothes for him. Sweatpants. Crewneck. Thick socks. You came back with them, handing it to him. He took them gratefully, before giving you a quick lick on the cheek and walking off to the bathroom once more. You blushed. Was that his equivalent of a peck or was it just regular cat behavior? You sighed, trying to fight the inward squeamishness you had. In reality, you had a fear of cats. Your aunt’s cat had clawed you when you were seven, shredding the skin of your forearm into a bloody mess. There were still scars there, faint lines that seemed to tingle every time you saw a cat after that day. Even now, you were forcing yourself to see Daniel more as a human than a cat. But how does he exist?

He came back out, looking satisfied, before hurtling towards the table where you had set up his food. You watched in silent shock as he used no utensils or his hands, and instead took quite and precise bites of the fillet, which vanished in a matter of seconds. He let out a content burp, before looking around.

You took his plate, and he followed you into the kitchen, waiting patiently as you put the plate into the sink and turned on the faucet. Then, he ducked his head under, lapping at the water.

“Daniel! No!” You prod him out of the way, before glaring at him. “That’s not how you drink water!”

“It’s fine, calm down.” He said, but still accepted the water bottle you threw at him with startling accuracy. “I could use a nap though.” He glanced around a bit more, before finally settling down in the sunny spot of your sofa.

You sighed, before getting your old knitted blanket and handing it to him. He took it gratefully, before pulling you down beside him. You stiffened as he curled up closer to you than you would have liked, before letting out a rattling purr.

“This was the best day of my life.” He murmured as sleepiness overtook him. The words lodged into your mind, and you softened. Help those who are in need, especially the young and clueless. “I don’t think I can even remember that much, but I’m just thankful for you.” He let out a soft snore, his head on your lap. You realized you couldn’t move without waking him, but you strangely did not want to move either. You were enchanted at how his furry ears twitched periodically, how his tail flickered ever so slightly. His dark lashes were long, and a few times you thought they were about to flutter open. What did he dream of? Did he chase butterflies and mice, or did he dream of the same nonsense humans had?

You lifted a hand slowly, before reaching down to stroke his hair. You could not help it. It was astonishing how soft and fluffy his hair was, already perfectly in place after his shower and meal. He was still shockingly handsome, even as he was knocked out in dreamland, and for the first time in a while, you could feel your heart opening up just a little for this boy. A warm hand wrapped around the one that was petting him, and you were startled from your thoughts as you saw him smiling up at you.

“After I finish this nap, I’m going to teach you how to climb trees and catch mice and hide in small spaces so we can do it all together.” He said with a content sigh. He sat up momentarily, before hugging you tightly and knocking both of you over onto the couch, his tail wrapping around your side protectively. “But for now, let’s nap.”