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So does this mean

that no one managed to dig the legendary OEG out of his kakuja, 100 years ago?

Does this mean that the body and kakuhou from which that huge kakuja originated is still somewhere inside? As in…

there is a very old person inside that thing???

My Ass Is a Damn Present | Billy Hargrove

Word count: 720

A/n: Somehow, I’ve become obsessed with Dacre Montgomery and by extension Billy Hargrove (silently judging myself) so I’ve created this blog to cope. Just a small imagine I was thinking about today. I’m currently taking requests for imagines and head cannons, just for Billy atm but we’ll see what happens


You opened your locker retrieving the books you needed for first period. Suddenly you feel two hands playfully slap you on the ass and then squeeze. Instantly, you knew it was your boyfriend, Billy. He had always been a tactile person, constantly wanting to be touching you in some way or another; by holding your hand; having his arm wrapped around you, his hand in your back pocket; or carelessly draped over your shoulder. You hadn’t always been comfortable with the level of pda he liked to display, ever so keen to stake his claim on you, but it’s something you had gotten used to over the course of your relationship and even come to enjoy.

You couldn’t help you smile when his placed his head over your shoulder and shot you his signature smirk, “Hey there, Princess.”

Billy’s hands slowly moved up to your waist, and then spun you around to engulf you into a passionate kiss. Something that he had never been shy of doing in the middle of the school hallway. 

“Hey,” you replied after breaking apart.

He moved in closer and trapping you against the lockers and leaning against his bent arm placed above your head. You took in his scent the one you knew all too well, and loved. A mix of cigarettes, cheap cologne and just plain man. 

Standing practically nose to nose Billy spoke, “I have a present for you,” then slightly bit his lip, in the way that drove you crazy.

“Oh really?” you questioned, dubious, although Billy had grown to be sweet and caring to you, he was hardly the gift-giving type and you half expected him to reply with something along the lines of ‘it’s in my pants’.

With a coy smile Billy leaned back and moved to retrieve something from his back pocket. He brought the item up between you, letting it dangle it from his finger.

Your forehead frowned in confusion trying to identify the object he presented. Suddenly your eyes bulged in recognition of the pink material and you snatched it off his finger quickly hoping no one passing in the hall looked on and realised what he was holding. 

You turned around hastily throwing your underwear into your locker and slamming the door behind you. Looking back to Billy you lightly hit his chest, to which he responded with a small chuckle and shit-eating grin, his tongue slightly peeking out between his teeth.

“What the hell!” you said, trying to keep your voice frim but low enough that no one could over hear.

“You left them in my car,” He explained

You just stared and moved you head in confusion prompting to elaborate further.

“And Max found them,” he raised his eye brows, “forcing me into a conversation with her that I never thought I would ever need to have, and don’t wish to have again.”

You let out a slight chuckle at the thought of him having to talk about his sex life with his 13-year-old step sister, but didn’t let it distract you from your point.

“And you thought the best place to give them back to me was in the middle of a crowded school hallway?”

He shrugged, “Thought it would be fun.”

“It was not. Someone could have seen!” you gasped unamused misbelief.

Billy let out a small humoured breath of air and ran his tongue over his bottomed lip. Leaning in again, one hand on your hip and other returning to its previous positon above your head.

“Well, maybe, next time,” he slowly spoke against your lips, “someone should be more careful about what she does with her panties.” 

With a small smile, he moved in to plant a small kiss on your lips. After pulling back he pursed his lips and tilted his head in consideration.

“Or just stop wearing them altogether.”

You opened your mouth to protest but he cut you off but wrapping his arm around your shoulders and pulling you away from the wall of lockers.

“Come on let get to class.” 

Later when you were sitting in history he leaned across leaned over to you from his desk beside you, “I’m just saying, it would save a lot of time.”

You playfully rolled your eyes in response.

How did you fall in love with this idiot? 



When I saw the teaser for Moonrise I actually started tearing up. I think it has finally hit me that this is the last month, the last release, the last concerts for this project. This year has been amazing for Day6. They grew so much as artists and I get so proud of them whenever I see them enjoying themselves on stage because finally, they are doing what they love. Not only that, but they are finally getting the recognition they deserve. I’m so happy jyp let them do this project to help them to not only grow their fanbase, but to share more of their music across the world. Yes I don’t want this to end, but creating songs and performing them every month must have been so tiring for the boys and honestly I can’t wait for them to just rest next year and bask in all the lobster, pizza and other fine cuisines. 


an excited hamster ready for the stage.

You were so close to me that you nearly died

lolol sorry this is so short, but I had alot of fun with it.  In a very plangsty mood at the moment haha XP  Slight epilepsy warning?? At the last like 2 seconds, but better safe then sorry right? :D

Find it on Youtube here!!

little concept:

What if the story unfolds where Dark possesses us and tries to make us kill Mark? Get into camera dude’s mind and strike or something.

How we joke about stranglin Mark, drowning him in the deepest pits of the ocean, flinging him right into the sun. It’s all goofs because he likes to hit our feels really bad.

But what if Dark used all those goofs and turned them against us. I mean, Mark did say that Dark would do that kinda stuff, right? I see Dark going for Mark’s friends and fans to hurt him. But maybe he’d take that a little more literally to have them actually hurt him. Hurt us. To hurt him x2 or something.

I still don’t know if that is our Mark, since he’s very prone to punching camera dude, but he does seem like he’s supposed to be good and probably not Asshole Mark. I mean, would Asshole Mark get us tickets to the petting zoo? Doubt it. I’m thinking if we ever do see our Mark, it will still be an exaggeration of himself with the douche like aura, but not Asshole Mark levels, you know?

(still think dark’s being led astray and going after the wrong mark, but of course, could be far off)

anonymous asked:

Hi! You know that I love your webcomic and I have read your novel "Solitarie" last night. I still love the Nick and Charlie pairing. I'm really sorry for my kind of questions but I'm really curious about it: I know you're not going to add nsfw stuff in your webcomic, but: Is there going to be a talk about sexual themes? I have also read that they did have sex after (I think after a year or so) and (1/2)

Hi. Thanks so much for reading my stuff, I really appreciate it and I’m very glad to hear you enjoyed them! I’ve answered a question similar to this on my art blog, but I will expand on it a bit here:

I know you’re just curious, and I understand that my characters are well-rounded and I talk about them very often in detail, but please remember that in Heartstopper, they are both kids. When they’re old enough, yes, Nick and Charlie have a healthy sex life, and yes, as teenagers, as you can probably imagine, that’s when they start to explore that sort of thing, by themselves and with each other. But I am never going to go into detail about it and I am not going to be exploring it explicitly in any of my works. Yes, the comic will discuss sex and explore it in the context of N&C’s relationship development, but it will be in an entirely non-erotic context. There will be no scenes that are designed to turn on the reader, which I imagine is what you’re really asking. It is not appropriate to write or draw erotic scenes between teenagers, and even if they were over 18, I would have no interest in drawing such scenes. 

Nick and Charlie are teenagers in Heartstopper right now. Sexual questions are inappropriate. If you are trying to imagine them in sexual situations - a 14 year old character and a 16 year old character - don’t. And take a step back and ask yourself why you are doing that. I’d also like to invite you to question why it matters to you who is ‘top’ and ‘bottom’, and also to question why you even think that all queer people align themselves to those roles. It baffles me that it’s a fun thing for people to speculate about on the internet, and the idea of people trying to assign those female-gaze power-play roles to my teenage characters is very disturbing to me.

The sexualisation of queer boys and men is an extreme problem here on the internet. I’m doing my best to write and draw a comic about an mlm couple that focuses on the warmth, love, respect, support, and trust between two teenage boys who are growing up and discovering their identities. And my comic is a no-tolerance zone for fetishistic behaviour and the sexualisation and eroticisation of queer boys and men. 

I delete most questions and comments I see like this, but I feel I should say something about it at least once. This isn’t meant to be an attack on you, anon - honestly, I just want you, and others like you, to take a step back and think about why these things matter to you. Because they shouldn’t. Especially in regard to a comic like Heartstopper.

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“Here, take me blanket/jacket.” - “I told you, I’m not cold.” *shivering* omg this and Steve offering Tony the jacket from his Captain America uniform

“Here, take my jacket.”

Tony looked down at Steve’s uniform jacket, held in Steve’s outstretched hand, then back at Steve’s annoyingly concerned face, swallowing at least five scathing retorts, settling instead on a curt, “No, thank you.”

“Tony, take the jacket,” Steve tried again, using the tone of voice people usually reserved for children. 

“I told you, I’m not cold,” Tony replied, glaring at Steve. The effect was somewhat ruined by the violent shudder that went through him. 

Steve opened his mouth, then snapped it shut, closing his eyes. Tony could see his chest rising and falling with deep, even breaths.

It was a really nice chest, every muscle outlined by the skintight undershirt Steve wore. And the only reason it took Tony ten seconds too long to realize what Steve was doing. 

“Are you actually counting to ten right now, Rogers?” Tony spluttered, indignant. 

Steve opened his eyes. Tony couldn’t quite recognize that look. He could identify frustration and concern, but there was something else there… something soft and warm that made Tony’s chest ache with that familiar longing he couldn’t quite smother, no matter how hard he tried.

“Tony, take the jacket. Please.”  

Tony grit his teeth - and it wasn’t to stop them from chattering - and squared his shoulders. “I’m not taking your jacket, Rogers, so stop playing a dashing hero and put it on.”

A muscle twitched in Steve’s jaw, mouth thinning a little. He made no move to put on the jacket. “You are behaving irrationally,” Steve said, and while Tony had to give him points for trying to remain calm, he also wanted to punch him in the face. A little bit. “We don’t know how long it will take until the others find us. It could take hours.”

Tony’s stomach twisted a little at the prospect of being stuck in an icy cave for hours. But he was damned if he would let Steve know that.

“Like you’re not cold,” Tony sneered. “You hate the cold.”

Steve took another deep breath, the furrow between his eyebrows deepening. Strangely enough, it was more worry than disapproval. He took a step forward. Tony had to fight against the impulse to take a step back.

“It doesn’t matter how I feel about the cold. What matters is that my body deals better with low temperatures than yours,” Steve said, rising frustration giving his voice a sharp edge. “It doesn’t take a genius to understand this.”

“Yeah, I know I’m just a fragile human, Mr. Super Soldier, but I’m not taking your jacket.” Narrowing his eyes, Tony bared his teeth at Steve. “And there is nothing you can do about it.”

Steve’s eyes flashed, his jaw setting in that familiar way that meant Steve was not letting this go.  

“Stop acting like a spoiled child, Tony, and take the goddamned jacket.”

“Why?” Tony asked, changing tactics. He was fairly certain Steve was one rude remark away from forcibly putting the jacket on Tony.

Steve blinked. “What?”

“Why is this so important to you?” 

The look Steve gave him was incredulous, like he couldn’t believe Tony was actually asking that question. “Because you are cold. I don’t want you to be cold.”

“We’ve already established that. As well as the fact that you’re not immune to cold,” Tony said, shrugging. The anger that was keeping him slightly less cold was slowly seeping out of him. Maybe he really should take the jacket. It wasn’t like Steve was wearing it. “And that’s not really an answer, Rogers.”

“Tony, for the last time, take the jacket.”

“If you answer my question.”

“I have seen children behaving with more maturity than you are right now.” 

“The answer,” Tony said, grinning.

Tony didn’t see Steve move. But between one breath and the next, Tony found himself enveloped in Steve’s jacket and two very strong arms, staring at Steve’s eyes from up close and personal.

“I don’t want you to be cold,” Steve said, voice low and deliberate, “because I care about you.”

Tony swallowed thickly, suddenly feeling a lot warmer than a moment before. And Steve’s jacket had only a minuscule part in it. 

“Define ‘care’,” Tony said, trying very, very hard not to jump to any conclusions. Or jump Steve, for that matter. “As a teammate? A friend? As another hu-mmph…”

The kiss was more a statement of a fact, than a seduction, quick and somewhat clumsy, but it still left Tony’s lips tingling and his heart racing.

“That good enough an answer for you?” Steve said, the corner of his mouth turned up into a grin that didn’t quite cover the vulnerable look in his eyes.  

“I’m not sure,” Tony said, placing his hands on Steve’s waist and relishing the almost startled joy in Steve’s eyes. “You might want to try that again. Just to make sure we are on the same page, of course.” 

“Of course,” Steve said, his breath warm against Tony’s lips. “Unless you would rather I explain myself verbally. Since you are so very interested in my motives.”


“Yes, Tony?”

“Shut up and kiss me.”

I always forget how episode 57 (give or take an episode) is directly where TAZ goes from fairly fluffy (barring moments - Hurley and Sloane, the epilogues, the cup flashbacks) to like… gripping. Shocking. Amazing. I don’t even know how to explain it, but suddenly I’m listening intently, feeling shivers run down my spine. And it doesn’t mean there are no more fluffy parts, and it doesn’t mean the story loses what it is, but fuck. I don’t even know what moment it is - maybe Arms Outstretched, maybe that effing line at the end of episode 57 (you know the one), maybe the flashback scenes at the beginning of episode 58, maybe “Those are the arms that held my wife.” Maybe just the music that Griffin composed for Reunion Tour, which is breathtaking, and I’m saying that literally.

Up ‘til that point, it’s a good story. From that point on - whatever it is - I say it steps over and becomes a great story.