in these two

The real reason why both companies shouldn’t be in the same timeline


“Guess it runs in the family.”

“these badass girls skipped out on princess costumes”

or maybe they, as individuals, decided they wanted to be a toaster and not a princess this time. maybe next year they will be a princess. maybe not. But I know one thing: being a princess, liking stereotypical “girly” things, behaving in a more traditional feminine-coded manner is not a bad thing.

The entire point is that girls, as human beings, get to choose who they want to be.


JayTimWeek Summer 2k17 Day 5:  Road Trip // Island Vacation 

I absolutely couldn’t pass up the oppurtunity to draw Jay like this for @sociallyawkwardfoxwriter‘s lovely FIC Please read and shower with love!

So… even though on it’s own it’s not very ‘roadtrippy’, you can still enjoy Jason the Hutt Slayer’s thighs right… that is indeed a thing you can do ; )  

Space Cowboys, Lance and Keith, and a long-awaited reunion ...

It’s been almost a year since Lance and Keith disappeared, and Team Voltron has found them, at last … But things are complicated. See, the Castle crew were expecting (hoping) to find these two:

But instead, they find two rough cowboys who look like Lance and Keith, but …

There are questions and tears and a universe to save, but the space cowboy mercenaries are busy fighting a different kind of war, and there’s already been so much blood … but also not enough, not yet.

In other words, the noble Paladins of Voltron and the ruthless Two McClains are trying to fight together as they once did … But it’s possible that too much time and pain lies between them, the gap too wide to bridge …

Here we go:

Short Change Heroes (Watch You Bleed)

Author’s note: Here is the first of three chapters, my dears, and holy crap, I can’t believe I’m finally (almost) done with this story! *is nervous as hell* Here’s hoping I don’t let y’all down, especially after you’ve been so amazing about waiting! *hugs to everyone* 

what are friends for? - a supercorp playlist

never stop (wedding version) - safetysuit
the cure - lady gaga
versace on the floor - bruno mars
lightweight - demi lovato
bad at love - halsey
they don’t know about us - one direction
woman - harry styles
you are in love - taylor swift
for you - demi lovato
something just like this - the chainsmokers & coldplay