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Potential Rocknaldo Foreshadowing?

“I think it’d be like deep in my heart, or like a million tiny crushed up gems, like one crushed up gem coursing through my blood.”

“I was there. I saw it with my own eye. I watched the leader of the Crystal Gems, Rose Quartz, shatter Pink Diamond!”

“This is the Crystal Heart! It’s connected to the most dangerous areas of the temple.”

Does this mean that Pink Diamond’s shards power the Crystal Heart?

Rocknaldo Theory/Rant

Did anyone notice that this episode was literally directed at the fandom?
“Who are you to tell anyone how to be a Crystal Gem? You’re just a guy with a blog!" 

The way Ronaldo was criticizing everything, about Connie and Steven not being "crystal gem” enough, is kind of what the fandom does, criticizing every little thing about the characters and the way the plot is developing.

 Steven says “Bloodstone” is being selfish and just wanting things to happen to please himself. 

 I really felt like Steven was talking to us as the fandom too when he said “ This is my life! Do you even care about that?” 

The fandom kind of demands certain things, like the pairings that are "acceptable” The way the fandom freaked over Zuke drawing a “Lapidot” Picture… The way people analyze and over analyze every aspect of the show, getting angry when episodes are “filler” and demanding the plot move forward.

I think what Steven and the crewniverse were trying to say in this episode was summed up well.

 The show is about him, not us. It’s about Rebecca Sugars vision, not about what we think is right or wrong.

This fandom should be about love and acceptance.

That’s what it’s all about, guys. That’s what drew us all to this show in the first place.

Believe in Steven


How many smoke machines do you think they need to use in order to make Riverdale look like that? Also is it ever not raining/just finished raining? Everything is always wet. 

Why are we not talking about Jugheads homelessness? Where is he? Where is he living? Why is this not a more prominent issue?

Where the AF is JOSIE? Why is Valerie getting an arc with Archie? Is Josie even still on this show? 

What is with the Maple? Maple founded the town, people call slut-shaming “Sticky Maple-ing” someone, families hate each other over the Maple Syrup selling business….like TF? Did a Maple Tree shoot Jason?

Is there anything better than a Jughead/Betty sleuthing Nancy Drew/Hardy Boy-type-dynamic? Because I don’t think there is. 

Still not over the “Serpants” who wear leather jackets and send snakes as death threats being the “big bad gang” of the show if were supposed to be in 2017 and not 1950. 

Bettys mom? Yea, definitely NOT at a spa retreat weekend. Not a chance. 

Why did Veronica actually stay over at the Blossoms house when they are upper level legit terrifyingly cray cray I would have been like BYEEEEE

And we have officially found the audiences voice in Kevin and his reactions to absolutely everything that happens 

Cheryl falling for Veronica? I want to see it. 

Jughead in a suit: Even my Mom was swooning. 

Archie and Veronica, I see you… 

Ways I could see klance realistically playing out in Voltron:

• increased compliments about each other; Lance talks to people about how cool Keith is, Keith talks to people about how awesome Lance is
• a scene where Keith rescues Lance from Galra or something, and Lance says “I was hoping it would be you”
• more bonding moment revisits, aka just small connections they make to each other that one or the other immediately pretends not to remember
• at least one hurt/comfort scene
• being stuck to work together, and then somehow working REALLY REALLY WELL TOGETHER to the point where now they just automatically go to each other whenever there’s teamwork needed, even if they aren’t stuck with each other
• a lot of playful banter/insults, but with more smiling thrown in as the seasons progress
• Worrying™ when the other is in the tiniest kind of danger
• jealousy when the other seems to be hitting it off well with some alien
• the rest of team voltron starts referring to them as a pair; “have you seen Keith and Lance?” “I was talking to Lance and Keith and…”

just because they’re in space and surrounded by confirmed aliens doesn’t mean that pidge and keith have stopped their alien conspiracy theories. there are still so many questions, like

  • pidge: [slams table]
    keith: !!! what?
    pidge: how come the alteans look like humans and have lions, an animal supposedly native to earth?
    keith: …i think you’re onto something here
  • keith: they lost contact with the ship, AFTER it landed, and decided they would claim “pilot error”??
    pidge: what a cover-up!!
    keith: such a cover-up!!!
    pidge: i bet they’re working with the galra!!!!
    keith: i bet you’re right!!!!!
  • pidge: we’ve seen galra of different vertebrate classes…like, they all look different? not all of them are mammalian?
    keith: yeah some are totally reptilian
    pidge: what’s the deal with that?
    keith: what if…the galra aren’t just one species. what if they’re artificially created from other species?
    pidge: [whispers] i think we’re onto something big here

Minor detail, but Haxus is certainly ambidextrous

While collecting screenshots for drawing I noticed that he draws the sword on Pidge with right hand 

but when he & Sendak were playin’ commandos in the woods, he holds the pistol/scanning/whatever piece of GalraTech device in his left hand

As well as while approaching the castle  

And you can see the device is kinda designed to be held with left hand actually 

Keith seems to be ambidextrous too, wonder whether it’s common for Galra as species, or Galra military deeply cares about the soldiers and provides them with weapons according to their hand preferences. 

(Alternative theory, soldiers are trained to fight with weapons in both hands, so Galra military doesn’t give a quiznak which hand they prefer, carved in the stone sword goes to right and pistol to left)

Expect fireworks?

I don’t know how to feel about that but there are GUY FAWKES (you know, a reminder of TEH), GUNPOWDER (Chekhov’s gun), PLOT (speculation about plot holes in S4), CONSPIRATOR (TJLCer and TFHCer) and FIREWORKS (at Niagara Falls foreshadowed by print on Sherlock’s mug in TLD) in one tweet.

Don’t you have something to tell us, Mark?

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It is the presumption that the child must inherit the life of the parent that requires the child to follow the heterosexual line. […] [H]eterosexuality can function as the most intimate and deadly of parental gifts. […] Heterosexuality becomes a social as well as familial inheritance through the endless requirement that the child repay the debt of life with its life. The child who refuses the gift thus becomes seen as a bad debt, as being ungrateful, as the origin of bad feeling.
—  Sara Ahmed, Queer Phenomenology (85-6)
The Little Girl Conspiracy: An Overwatch Theory

While everyone has been in awe and wonder for the new character in the Overwatch lore, I have been observing an unsettling pattern that has been in all of our faces.

The first thing I wish to point out is the provided “Hero” animation, the first we see Soldier: 76 in action. His main purpose was to stop some members of Los Muertos from taking away weapons. That mission is side tracked by this individual.

Alejandra, a young mija that seems to be well known to the gang. It might be expected for the gang whose name is literally ‘The Dead’ to make frequent stops at her mother’s bakery…

The Mist Bakery

Chilling, I know. But we cannot leave out the other important person that is connected to Dorado, and that person is Sombra. Sombra, the shadow. A member of the Los Muertos gang…

..since she was a little girl.. (off topic,why has no one brought up the one omnic in the group? I swear, that lady with a rose probably asked our little shadow to hack herself a mechanical boyfriend. Whatever, back to the real theory)

In the “Infiltration”, we have Sombra blackmailing Katya Volskaya for her involvement with Russia’s omnic enemies. And what brings Katya to finally agree to be Sombra’s ‘friend’? Her daughter, Volskaya the Second.

Another little girl involved in the shadow’s schemes.

Sombra herself can be connected to even more little girl tropes in this conspiracy web, and that web contains our most well known spider. Widowmaker does state at the beginning of the “Alive” short that she indeed has a fear of spiders when she was a little girl. How interesting. Widowmaker was also responsible for the assassination of Mondatta. In his honor, King’s Row has provided a statue in his memory. A gold colored statue with him…

and a little girl. 

Going back to Sombra, we know she wants to find out who runs the world. Many people believe that the Iris, an A.I. that omnics like Zenyatta worship, discovered her hacking into things it didn’t want her to get into. One other line, or dotted line in this sense, that the Iris leads to is Efi Oladele.

Efi does indeed have a similar eye pattern of the icon, the potential Iris A.I. She is said to be an expert in A.I. The Iris itself is connected to Numbani, home to Efi. This is what it all comes to. A little girl is indeed running their world. Please, if there is anymore little girls that I have missed in the Overwatch canon, let me know. Blizzard can’t keep us in the dark any longer.