in their not blue state


idk but this makes me feel so happy and proud of my blue son and his giant blue cat like slav is indirectly stating that blue is a lucky color and that just adds to lance’s endless charm points bc to me lance is the universe’s ultimate source of luck and good fortune

also if they used a lion other than blue for the prison mission then shiro would’ve still been trying to convince slav to leave his cell until now

what i’m trying to say is: lance’s sole presence was the reason the mission succeeded

“Blue Hair-dye.” The Flash preference

Barry Allen:

You had been texting him all day telling him you had a surprise for him when he got home. Of course he spent the whole day trying to guess just what the surprise was and of course he didn’t come close to the actual surprise. You had brought up every now and then how cool it would be if you dyed your hair a whole other color. Barry didn’t believe you. So when he came home to see you waiting in front of the door with beautiful blue hair, he was gobsmacked. His jaw dropped as you giggled at his reaction. He carefully walked towards you before he picked up his jaw and ran his fingers through your hair,

“It’s….blue!” He stated as you laughed. “It’s so beautiful! You look so cool! My beautiful blueberry haired girl!” He peppered your face with kisses.

Cisco Ramon:

“Hey Cisco! I’m home!” You bit your lip as you walked into your apartment. You had a baseball cap over your head to conceal your now blue hair. You heard heavy footsteps as you were met with your smiling boyfriend. The smile was quickly replaced with a frown.

“Why are you wearing a hat I thought you had a hair appointment today?!” He ask as he looked confused.

“I did.”
“Then take the hat off!” You took a deep breath before taking the hat off. As soon as you did Cisco gasped. Eyes wide as you smiled nervously.

“Is that a good gasp?!”

“You look hot! Well hotter than before. Not that you weren’t hot before-I love it that’s it.” He blushed as you kissed his cheek.

“I glad you like it baby. Because it’s staying.”

“Good.” He said as he ran his fingers through it.

Harry Wells:

It had been a bet you and Cisco had. Now you walked into work at S.T.A.R Labs as Cisco let out a giggle. You had been avoiding your boyfriend, Harry, all morning in order to avoid him seeing you with smurf hair. Caitlin’s eyes widened as she saw your hair.

“Your hair!”
“I know.”

“It looks great!” She stated. You smiled. You knew it looked good, it had back fired on Cisco as he groaned.

“Oh…my god.” You spun in your chair to see Jesse and Harry. Jesse grinned as Harry stared with a dropped jaw.

“Why…just…why?!” He asked in awe. Jesse giggled as she stood beside you. After all she had helped you. You motioned to it.
“Get acquainted because it’s staying till I’m sick of it.” You stood as you walked passed him. Pecking his cheek.
“You’re lucky you look beautiful no matter what.”
“Even if I go bald.”
“Let’s not go crazy there honey.”

Wally West:

You had inquired the help of Iris to help you pick just the right blue. Making a girls day you had spent most of the day at the salon. Coming home with your freshly colored hair. You walked in the house with Iris. Joe turned to say hello when he had to do a double take.

“Holy…cow.” He said as Wally’s brows furrowed before turning to where his dad was staring. The popcorn he was eating fell from his mouth. His eyes wide as you approached him.

“What was the reason behind this color?” Joe asked as he remembered the stories from previous hair colors. You shrugged causing Joe to chuckle.

“Babe it looks amazing!” He gushed genuinely. “Definitely than when you tried-”

“Let’s not talk about that time.” You blushed. He laughed before pecking your cheek as he admired your light blue hair in awe.


He has a 99.99% chance of stealing yo girl

anonymous asked:

hey hey for the character/palette thing, i'd love to see eponine in #92 and cosette in #128, and if you'd like to i'd love to see them in 19th book era clothes or hair or w/e (if you want :P ) otherwise just whatever u wanna do!!

Again, anon, why not both? 
Thanks for asking (I kind of went overboard on the sadness train with both tbh)

Peace Of Mind Spell


to achieve a state of mind akin to the clear blue sky, a breath of fresh air, or a new blank canvas, filled to the brim with lovely potential… A mind clear of any old markings or burdens.

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