in their matching shoes

26| Pas De Deux

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Ballet au, Romance, Angst
Warnings: None
Wordcount: 3655

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Not so long ago, you would have stared in awe at the girl in front of you. She was almost glowing in a beautiful golden tutu. It was long and shimmering, reaching down to her calves. Her pointe shoes was gold satin, with matching ribbons. Her bodice was made from panels of more gold satin. It was cut in a ‘v’ down her chest, making her look even more elegant, and translucent beads were stitched up in delicate branches. Her hair was plaited and twisted into a bun. She looked like some sort of a princess.

But you weren’t the (Name) who’d first met her outside Jimin’s studio that night.

Taeyeon stood glaring at you, looking nothing like the prima ballerina you’d once thought she’d resembled.

Jimin cautiously stood up, looking Taeyeon up and down. “Taeyeon, what are you doing?”

We’re dancing our pas de deux, Jimin.” She said, picking up a layer of her tutu and letting it drift down again. She couldn’t be serious.
“But right now I need to talk to (Name).”

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dai characters as things teachers have said to me

cassandra: oh sorry. i was into this new romance novel i got over the weekend and spaced out what was your question

varric: i have a retirement plan in place and it’s going to be rad. i’m not telling any of you because it’s super cool and all of you will steal it but it’s cool i’ll be famous 

solas: im kinda of like the school gypsy. im here for one year and boom then im gone

iron bull: the june on the board is a reminder for when i have to arm wrestle this kid in my algebra class. if he wins they get 10 extra points on their finals but if i win i get satisfaction of winning and my pride 

dorian: i think it’s important that you all learn to be yourselves and not like your peers or your parents. like me for example. my father was a mean bastard. me? im a sarcastic bastard. be yourself kids

cole:i think sophia’s right, not all ghosts have to be mean. if i was a ghost i’d be a helpful ghost. i’d do taxes or something

vivienne: and this is… wait, wait a second. let’s take a moment to take in what he is wearing, those shoes do not that match that outfit 

blackwall: hey guys just a side note in this contest between teachers dont vote for me. if i win not only will i be decorated but they’ll make me and mr chasse shave our beards and if my beard goes i go

sera: i hate the no cursing rule. as long as im not cursing at anyone i should be already. if i say ‘hey student fuck you’ then im screwed but if i go to this crap tv and say ‘come on you piece of shit turn on’ i should be alright, right?

cullen: cough drops? that’s drugs you cant have drugs here. I’m kidding i’ll take anything to numb the pain of living. 

leliana: if a bad guy were to walk into this room i could kill him in eight different ways so there’s no need to worry about anything like that

josephine: why did everything in history have to end in a fight im sure if they all just got into a room and talked it out they could have gotten to some sort of agreement


Casual Prompto! Look at him wearing his boyfriend best friend’s clothes
D’awww how gross, they match ahahaaha!
Here we go something that isn’t quick this time!
Sister piece to the Noctis one I did a while back

So, this is part 1 of my Valentine’s day gift to @dustflwr (Shout out to her for the awesome preview)

So, I took these amazing shoes by @madlensims and made them maxis match for my love Ashley. I have another one I am working on for her too. I was going to have it done today, but I sort of deleted the pds file because I’m dumb sometimes. Anyway.. these come in 21 colors, 5 two-tone colors. Custom thumbnail. If you have both mine and Madlens shoes in game my thumbnail will get wonky. Just a heads up. Clear your cache after you delete Madlens, if you do. 

Download here

This is a maxis match version of the beautiful Makahari Shoes by @madlensims. I honestly did my best to make them look quite good :) They come in a black colour and there are only two swatches with different soles - the swatch with the red soles and the one with the black soles. 

The mesh is NOT included - grab it HERE!


  • Do not re-upload my CC/Sims.
  • Do not claim my CC/Sims as your own.
  • Tag me if you use any of my creations. I would love to see them in your game!

DOWNLOAD (SimFileShare)

@madlensims Hektor, Oxa, Umbria and Katrin shoes made Maxis Match. 

These were requests from @chumchacc and @dustflwr - keep in mind, I no longer take requests. You’re welcome to send some suggestions, but I am more likely to fill them if they are sent off anon. Hektor and Unbria are done in @dustflwr‘s  Anathema Palette with some colors removed and I changed her blue to be more blue and added red because everyone loves red shoes. These are most likely the colors I will use on all my recolors now. Anywhoo.. links below.. adfly free as always. Please like and reblog. Mesh included, custom thumbnail. 

Workout Lookbook!

Thank you to the cc creators

Please leave me a question if you have any style of lookbooks you want me to do!

Please tell me if the links dont work/are wrong, or if i tagged the wrong person!

First look:

Second look:

Third look:

Fourth look:

Fifth look:

Let me know your opinion on these looks! i’d love to know :)

Have a lovley day! x


73.. I believe there are 73 colors. They are shown above. That is the order they are in, there is a custom thumbnail that looks like this: 

It will look like that on all of the colors because I recolored these when S4S was giving me thumbnail issues, that’s why it took so long to get these out.. I was trying to fix it, but I can’t. Anyways.. so, these are the ones that do not have the bow. Disabled for random. Enjoy. Download…  Tell all your friends.. Give me hugs.. I love you.. 

Download here 


Converse High