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10 most unique and beautiful things in the world (non negotiable):
1. baekhyuns voice
2. baekhyuns lips
3. baekhyun’s eyes
4. baekhyun’s laugh
5. baekhyun’s smile
6. baekhyun’s nose
7. baekhyun’s dancing
8. baekhyun’s hands
9. baekhyun’s moles
10. baekhyun’s cheeks

Further Reflection on 5x23...

I know I am in the minority but I remain sad about 5x23. I know many disagree, but I think Oliver Queen thinks all his family and his friends - his Felicity - are dead. This breaks my heart.

Whether we get an immediate return to the island to find them, as some think or some time passes before he can go back, as I think - either way there is no happy until he finds them.

It’s funny when Arrow 5x22 ended, I thought this would be a perfect place to end the season…I don’t need 5x23 and it turns out for me, I was right.

So keep myself in my Happy Bubble, I’m going to focus on the happy 5x22 brought me and look forward to the Olicity reunion. I’m going to try to forget the awful ending of Season 5….which is especially sad for me as I REALLY LIKED Season 5. There was a post a while back with Mindy Kaling how she ignores things she doesn’t like - this is my plan!

To sustain my Happy Bubble over the Hiatus I will write and read fanfiction, make posts and try to avoid spoilers and speculation. I will continue follow my friends who write spec, I just won’t read it - they post things besides spec too!

For me spoilers and spec are things that are unknown, they might be right, they might be wrong…either way they aren’t bringing me happy.

Here is some happy Olicity to cheer this post up!

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no you girls

[jason dean x reader]

author’s note: one of my jd fics has like 500+ notes currently and i’m so surprised cuz i didn’t expect my jd stuff to pick up much traction. y’all wanted to see more, and i’ve finally delivered! hahaha. this is the song i used as inspo, it doesn’t fit the timeline but whatever lol

word count: 1,071

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