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Theatre kid culture is having multiple bootlegs of the same show and comparing which one is best to find your go-to bootleg

How to tell who wrote the musical you’re listening to

*moody guitar riff*: Jonathan Larson

colloquial angst: Joe Iconis

the most vulgar baroque opera you’ve ever heard: William Finn

unhummable: Sondheim

hella hummable: Rodgers and Hammerstein

*soaring melody* *same soaring melody repeated 100 times but you cry anyway*: Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schönberg

where have I heard this before?: Andrew Lloyd Webber

everyone is singing their own thing and you can’t possibly sing along anymore: Lin-Manuel Miranda

*key change*: Pasek and Paul

what the actual fuck: Robert Lopez

two weeks before the 1st performance:

  • tech kids hanging out in the house seats, lighting and sound crew just starting to figure stuff out
  • cast running all the dance numbers 129493 times, crying
  • first pairs of jazz shoes are spotted
  • ensemble mumbling like everything
  • running the show for the first time,,,, crying bc whAT ARE OUR CUES
  • leads still calling out for lines occasionally and ur director getting pissed
  • probs stopping as yall run the show

one week before the first performance:

  • ensemble crying in the corner bc they’re “not loud enough”
  • “?????” - band
  • tech kids are literally at school till 1am
  • set is coming together!!
  • leads are crying
  • !1!1!costumes
  • !1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1 makeup
  • death
  • this is the time period when kids limbs or ankles start randomly breaking
  • someone: *coughs* “REPENT”


  • literally everyone is sobbing backstage
  • quick changes killing people
  • inspirational speeches starting to happen
  • crew kids building their calm façade
  • internal screaming
  • lighting starts doing cool things
  • “dude the set looks so cool with the lights”
  • leads forgetting their lines simply bc of stress
  • “what’s that move again??”
  • “what’s our note again??”


  • everyone just got done with traditions and there are probably a lot of raw emotions happening ajsjdjjdk
  • calm, not a sound backstage.
  • numbness
  • “im fucking serious what’s that move again?”
  • “what the hell is our note”
  • crew is getting calls over the boxes every 10 seconds
  • “where’s my fucking prop”
  • ur stage manager is probably crying
  • everyone is crying
  • band - “?????”

the show:

  • “aw shit i messed that up oh well tonight ill do it right”
  • band - “!!!!”
  • “i can’t cross when they’re dancing to move props can i”
  • literally everyone is SObbIgn after the last performance makeup who??

I don’t “sing in the shower” I haVE FULL ON BROADWAY PRODUCTIONS

reasons you should not sleep on eddie kaspbrak’s strength

1. is the first (!!) to jump into the water right in front of the bullies to get better shots during the rock war

2. is attacked by his biggest fear at the niebolt house, literally has asthma attacks when he hears about it but still goes back to help his friends

3. L O S V E R

4. absolutely no hesitation about going back to the house when he’s called after he snapped his arm in half, was tormented by pennywise, and was literally .02 seconds away from dying there

5. stands up to his mom who has had compete and utter control over him when he finds out what’s been going on

6. literally propels down a rope into a deep ass tunnel with only one working arm (??????)

7. was the actual mom of the group during the final scenes in the sewers (being the first to notice people were missing, being in the front leading the group around without bill, etc)

8. at the beginning he was afraid to even set foot in the sewer bc of the greywater, but later on he literally falls face first into dead bodies swimming in it and still moves onwards

9. germaphobe but when he’s sprayed in the face with some dank fucking liquid by a demonic creature at the end he doesn’t panic; instead - “I’M GONNA KILL YOU!!!”

10. kid was deathly afraid of aids from a cut up ben at the beginning but by the end he was able to do a blood oath 

summary: please never sleep on this kid’s strength & character development

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: ben platt gave up so much of himself to this role, to this show. for over four years, he dedicated himself so fully and completely to this character and this experience. no words can describe how grateful i am for everything he’s done, for everything he’s given us. for his voice, for his song. as someone with anxiety, he’s shown be that i really can grow, that i can achieve great things in life too. i honestly just feel so blessed to have been lucky enough to witness it all, to witness the pure magic he pours out onto the stage every night, to know this beautiful story and to watch him so deservedly succeed. i’m devastated to see him go, but i so firmly believe that he’ll achieve so many other amazing things in life, and i can’t wait to root for him the entire way. so, thank you, ben platt. thank you, thank you, thank you. for everything.

vegas golden knights: this is our goalie marc-andre fleury. you know him, you love him, we love him, he’s the bes– wait hang on one second

vegas golden knights: this is our goalie malcolm subban. you might have seen him with the bruins. you don’t know him, but he’s played in the nhl before, we love him, he’s the b– wait no

vegas golden knights: this is our goalie oscar dansk? he’s an nhl rookie but played in the swedish pro leagues, we love him, he’s th– SHIT

vegas golden knights: this is our goalie? maxime lagace? he’s a rookie? but we love him and we’re very proud of him? 

(officials voice) you need to have a backup too