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A Revolutionary Impulse: The Rise of the Russian Avant-Garde opens today!

Planned in anticipation of the centennial year of the 1917 Russian Revolution, this exhibition brings together 260 major works from our collection, tracing the period of artistic innovation between 1912 and 1935, and highlights breakthrough developments in the conception of Suprematism and Constructivism, as well as in avant-garde poetry, theater, photography, and film.

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[El Lissitzky. Proun 19D.1920 or 1921. Gesso, oil, varnish, crayon, colored papers, sandpaper, graph paper, cardboard, metallic paint, and metal foil on plywood. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Katherine S. Dreier Bequest]

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Toma: Let’s take a picture togetheeer. Rintaro
Rintaro: Eh, ah, yes!
Toma: What’s with that respectful language (laughs)

★ Algeki

Letter from an unnamed fan (S02E02)

Dear Goe…

Joel: …which is ‘Joe…’

Serbo, and Crow,

I really like SF, and I don’t mean San Francisco. And I like Tom Serbo best… 

Joel: It’s Tom Servo by the way.
Servo: (slightly Elvis) Thank you very much.

…because he’s cute. I like Crow because he always makes me laugh. I would really like for another robot to be on the show, but not a boy, a girl. I would like her to look like —- 

P.S. I drew a picture on the back. But I want one girl for Crow…

Crow: Yeah, me too!

…here she is. and one for you, Joe.

Joel: But it’s kind of just Gypsy… a redesign of Gypsy? We’ve already got a girl, here, silly. 
Gypsy: Yaayyy!!!
Servo: (sarcastic?) We love Gypsy.

Editor’s Note: The Editor has some thoughts on this. Joel seems a bit baffled but some study of the screencaps indicates that we have ourselves some kind of wee young matchmaker at work here. While the words may be unclear, as the words of a child often are, the illustrations clearly depict an opposite-sex partner for each of the characters on the Satellite of Love (excepting Cambot, who is apparently of pure-neuter robot-gender, bless them.) Gypsy’s suitor is clearly some kind of implicitly robotic space dragon or something along those lines. The speech bubble reads “Huba huba hot babe.” The bots are left with the more straightforward feminised versions of themselves. Meanwhile, Joel doesn’t even get mentioned in the letter*, and this guy Joe, who we have never even seen before, he gets some kind of “girl” in this plan, too. Seriously, though, this kid wants a romantic interest for everyone. Weird and awesome in equal measure, fan content at its best.


Xandria ► We Are Murderes (We All) (ft. Björn Strid) (official lyric video)
Twelfth Night, by Shaina Taub
23 track album

Here you can download a free recording of the musical version of Twelfth Night that was put on at The Public Theater, with music and lyrics by Shaina Taub. These are the professionally recorded demos by Shaina Taub herself, and can I just say, she has the voice of an angel.
This musical is phenomenal.