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Dr. Forrester’s Nicknames for Joel (S02E07)

In this Episode:
“Joelarini-weenie” / “Joel-a-reenie-weenie” / any spelling you like

“My Takeout Troglodyte”
“Grog Blossom”
“Pink Boy”
“Joel Hackerson”
“Joyless Prole”
“Pasty Boy”
“Joelarini / Joel-a-reenie /
or your preferred choice of spelling

The Complete List of Season 1 Nicknames: (below the cut)

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i….. honestly cannot remember if i ever saw the end of the lego movie.. i remember getting pretty far but i’m also pretty sure i ended up closing the tab at some point bc i just wasn’t feeling it anymore so. i probably didn’t.

anonymous asked:

I gotta know: who in team voltron would be the choir kids, the orchestra kids, and the band kids

YES GOOD IDEA im gonna have to resist adding in theater or ceramic kids becasue tha’s me ;; 

Shiro and Keitth and orchestra kids i bet (also idk but are orchestra and concert band the same thing?? i think so right??” 

Coran, Hunk and Pidge are def band kinds, probably all join marching band

Lance and Allura are 1000% choir kids and probably do dance too. 

Wild Rebels (S02E07)

Wild Rebels! Are you prepared? Can you handle it? Oh, relax, this is nothing compared to Sidehackers. We already made it through that, and we’ll get through this, easy.

Actually, this episode is quite a treat. In the opening segment, a plot is set in motion! This will be the most fully-realized attempt so far at this sort of continuity. As Joel explains to Tom Servo and Crow, Gypsy is feeling “kinda depressed” and needs to be temporarily shut down for maintenance. Further, he explains how Gypsy is slaved to many of the critical higher functions of the Satellite of Love, and the Servo & Crow will be required to cover for her during this maintenance period.

Joel turns a dial or knob of some sort on the back of Gypsy’s head, the lights dim, and Joel apparently must hold his breath. The Editor has chosen to “just relax” and not analyse this or infer anything from it. However, we do note that, for someone who has chosen not to “just relax,” this act of breath-holding would likely raise both questions and eyebrows.

On return from commercial sign, we are treated to a precious, unique treasure: Gypsy’s voice, unencumbered by her usual heavy workload. An effeminate voice, delicate yet stern, is heard to intone just the tail end of a command sequence: “-sonic and photonic systems on my mark. Re-initiate.”

The lights and air return, and Gypsy confirms to Joel that she is back in control with nominal functions across the board. Of course, all she can manage to say is “Richard Basehart!” but we know Joel knows what she means. They embrace, and Gypsy departs, frazzled but steady.

Now Crow and Tom Servo rejoin Joel on the bridge. Joel, his voice floating from inside a dream, tries to explain to the bots how amazing he feels after talking to Gypsy. He sounds very much in love, and this sets up our continuing host-segment-storyline. In fact, Joel is so lovestruck that he fails to notice when the light flashes to indicate that the scientists are calling. 

(The Editor notes with some vexation that this light lacks a catchy title like “Movie Sign” or “Commercial Sign.” We pine for a punctuation mark representing an exhausted, resigned sigh.)

When Tom Servo mentions that the scientists are calling, Joel keeps talking. Only on second call does he respond, and even then, all in a fog, he reaches over and ‘presses’ Servo’s head. Finally, Crow is forced to ‘peck’ the button himself.

This little love story is the beginning of something pretty big, my friends! The rest of the episode is a gem, too. A great film (to riff)… no Phantom Creeps… great riffing, of course… and, as you may have noticed above, it’s in Color! One thing we enjoy about the early seasons is the comparative rarity of color films. It’s not that The Editor prefers black and white, but, in the later seasons when color films are more common, we miss the sense of some color being a ‘treat.’

This episode is definitely a treat. Nicknames are still back, going strong, after a bleak time of “Joel,” wholly “Joel,” and nothing but the “Joel.”


Some jumped-up punk with a criminal record and a whole bunch of friends; also a noted Union Organizer and local artist.

Go West, Young Man.

(You can never really leave New York behind)


pumped up kicks - foster the people || boxer - the gaslight anthem || it’s hard to be a saint in the city - david bowie || new york, i love you but you’re bringing me down - lcd soundsystem || til it’s gone - yelawolf || david - noah gundersen || dear fellow traveler - seawolf || i’ll take us home - matt & kim || seven nights, seven days - the fratellis || kill your heroes - awolnation || sleeping at night -caught a ghost || left hand free - alt-j



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Invention Exchange (S02E07)

Frank is spared from any mad science experimentation this week, but we think you can see the fear in his eyes now. He’s fairly well behaved in this episode, although at one point Frank’s interrupting causes Clayton to lose both his train of thought and his temper; this leads to hilarity.

Here you see it in all its glory: The Hobby Hog. You know, like a hobby horse, but it’s a motorcycle instead. It’s an attempt, Clayton explains, to update an old concept for more modern times. The Cowboy and the Biker can both be anti-heroes, we admit, but still, the connection is tenuous at best. Of course, The Editor is not a mad scientist, so what do we know?

Meanwhile, Joel’s got 3-D Pizza. Tom Servo moves Pepperoni to Anchovy level 4. We aren’t sure what this means, but it definitely happens. Also, Crow is wearing 3-D glasses, and he feels like he’s really there. (nobody tell him -ed.)

Joel has a bit of a secondary invention, too: the pizza lunchbox. Tom Servo bitingly points out the obvious fact that it is, in fact, just a trash can lid:

Joel responds as only Joel can: “Well, you can use it for that, too.”