in the world, not of it

some dude defending video games/fantasy worlds: sexual dimorphism is present in most animal species, it makes sense the males are huge beasts and the females slightly tinted runway models

me: oh yeah?? Where are my plumy asshole male characters then? Where are my colorful flamboyant males with drab unassuming female partners?? We’re basing our junk off the animal kingdom, so where’s this:

(yellow is the male)

someone draw me a peacock-dwarf, fantasy world’s ain’t shit

anyway adam parrish had to deal with years of neglect and abuse but he doesn’t let that define him. instead, he’s kind and loving and strong and has built a life for himself that he can now share with the boy he loves and I have literally never in my life loved any character more than I love him.


when he gets the answer wrong vs when he gets it right (adorable both times)


Hope you like my Cosplay showcase video of my KH3 Sora cosplay at Disney World!!


What does Yuzuru mean by “wanting to win overwhelmingly” and making Mr. Matsuoka speechless yet again (after this incident) 

Another interesting interview with Mr. Matsuoka :D and this is my first time using Photoshop to do subtitles, so much thanks to @the-real-xmonster​ for rescuing me from my Photoshop nightmare :x