in the words of mean girls

Hold On

Author: @randomoutsiders

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Daddy Kink, Slight Smut

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Ecstasy was the only word to truly delineate the past blur of events. Your breathing became shallow and you pulled your full bottom lip between your pearly whites. “God damn.” The words had already been flung from your lips before you could actually fathom their meaning.

Rather, it came out as a guttural moan than a sentence. “..and here I thought you didn’t know what you were doing.” You murmured, your (e/c) eyes fluttering closed with a sigh.

“Thank you baby girl,” he cooed softly, his chapped lips connecting with the flush skin of your collarbone.

A prosaic feeling proceeded to bubble inside your lower abdomen, and you arched your back to meet his balmy touch. You were positively in Utopia, and you combed your fingers through his raven hair. “You never fail to amaze me, Jughead Jones… III.” You added with a giggle, flipping the two of you so you straddled his tone torso.

Jughead rose a curious eyebrow, his calloused hands venturing to your petite waist. “I do realize that you may be tired.. but I do have a good reason for what I am proposing,” he informed you. “Round 2 in the shower?” he uttered agilely in your ear. 

Your incoming breath got caught in your throat, a shiver rushing down your curved spine. He continued to peer into your stentorious (e/c) eyes before embracing you in his arms and flipping you once again. His rough thumb felt its way over your bottom lip and dipped its way into your awaiting mouth.

His other four fingers wrapped around your throat and gave it a gentle squeeze. You anxiously sucked on his finger, letting a moan escape. “What is your answer?” A smirk danced on his swollen lips.

“Y-Yes Daddy.” You answered, whimpering as he retracted from your heated body.

You were barely clothed, only sporting a thin sports bra and your loving boyfriend’s boxers. His arms dipped under your legs and the small of your back, whisking you away to your small bathroom.

As he placed you down on the cool tile to assist in undressing you, your toes curled unexpectantly, your arms winding around his bruised neck. “What’s wrong kitten?” A frown adorned his perfect features, a curtain of worry blanketing his blue eyes as he wrapped his muscled arms around your small frame.

“The ground is cold.” You whined quietly, jutting out your bottom lip with a pout.

A small chuckle left his parted lips, and he pulled away slowly. However, his touch never stopped lingering as he hooked his long fingers under the waistband of your sports bra, pulling it off your body.

You simply kicked off the navy blue boxer shorts, grasping his face in your hands to clash your lips together for a heated kiss. He moaned quietly, earning an excited reaction from you.

Your nimble fingers ghosted over the waistband of his second pair of boxers, tugging down. He complied with your request, kicking them off and turning on the shower. As the water transfigured from cold to warm, and you both hastily stepped into the glass, confined space.

The combination of the heat from the kiss and the heat from the water aroused the both of you. You could feel how hard he was, based on how he was pressing against you.

He pressed his chapped lips to the chasm between your breasts, sucking so harshly, your back arched into his touch. This earned a smirk from him, and he proceeded to leave a trail of his love bites across your chest.

You burrowed your fingers into his mess of hair, whining softly. Your eyes were hooded with a haze of ecstasy, but you could imagine how Jughead was smirking at the moment. “D-Daddy. Please..” You begged, pulling his head closer to the delicate skin of your neck. 

“Oh, you don’t know what you do to me when you beg,” he grunted, capturing your lips in his once again. You squirmed underneath his touch, and the two of you proceeded to make love.

Your small hand grasped the cool metal handle of the shower door, and you pulled slightly. A small gasp slipped from your tongue and you stepped out of the heated space. Jughead’s strong arm wrapped around your lower region, causing friction and you moaned quietly. “I’m too tired Juggie,“ you responded, still coming down from your high.

Your eyes fluttered closed and you fell back against his firm chest. He caught you easily, kissing your temple softly. He assisted you as you pulled up the boxers, kissing you once again. A grin spread across your lips and you giggled. For you, there was no need to do drugs. For there was Jughead Jones III in your life, and he simply made you drunk off of life. 

Before you could muster up the energy to pull over your sports bra, Jughead had pulled you into his arms. He placed you onto the cold glass of your sink, and it was a sight to see.

A gloss of water had situated itself on Jughead’s skin, accentuating his gorgeous features. His bottom lip had found itself between his perfect teeth, his blue eyes tracing your half-naked figure. His hair was still glistening with water, the artificial light of your bathroom causing it to look shiny with grease.

You hummed happily, your small hands finding his shoulders as you pulled him closer to your chest. Your lips found his collarbones, and they traveled against his warm skin. You littered his skin with bruises, leaving your mark for the world to see. 

“Kitten, I need to fix my hair before it gets dry,” he tried, reaching behind you to grasp a comb.

“Can I do it?” You begged, biting your lip once again.

A smirk played on his lips, handing you the comb. “Please don’t hurt me.”

You rolled your eyes before running the comb through his unruly hair. It seemed to comply with your wishes until it found a knot. Jughead hissed in pain and your eyebrows furrowed in concern. “Hold on..” You cooed, working against the knot, making sure to not hurt him.

As you completed your ‘grueling’ task, you pulled on your sports bra and found his signature beanie. Your eyes found to his blue ones, and you tugged on your (h/c) head. He didn’t seem to notice that you were clad in his favorite piece of clothing as he tugged on his boxers.

As he straightened out, he was finally aware it, and he brought you up in his arms. In seconds you were in your (f/c) room, and he placed you down onto the plush mattress. “I’m gonna have to take that hat, because if I don’t, we’ll just have to have sex again, and I know we both don’t have it in us,” he held his hand out expectantly. 

“Oh come on!”

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Might want to edit in a warning about Legends of Tomorrow. It's a biphobic, queerphobic mess that tried to erase Sara's bisexuality last season.

i stopped watching after the midseason finale but didn’t they literally say the word bisexual in the show to describe sara?! even the villain said “find a nice boy or girl”, and caity made a post stating that she talked to the writers and sara is still 100% bi? i mean just because sara only had female love interests doesn’t mean they’re erasing her bisexuality, she just has a preference for girls

or is there anything i’m missing?

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Okay, I 100% promise I'm not some asshole troll but I'm pretty sure I might be like aromantic or whatever but I really don't think being ace means you're apart of LGBT communities, like unless you're attracted to girls in some kinda way in which you experience attraction. Is that wrong or something? Like am I being insensitive or an ass? I'm just honestly confused. Again I promise I'm not trying to be an asshole anon troll

Alright anon, I’m going to take you at your word and answer this seriously.

The LGBTQ community includes everyone that isn’t Heterosexual AND Heteromantic AND Cisgender AND Perisex. That means, that if someone is Asexual, Heteromantic, Cis, and Perisex, they are a part of the LGBTQ community. If someone is Heterosexual, Aromantic, Cis, and Perisex, they are a part of the LGBTQ community. If someone is Heterosexual, Heteromantic, Trans, and perisex, they are a part of the LGBTQ community.

So yes, ignoring ace people is harmful and wrong.

Additionally, you mentioned “being attracted to girls” as a necessary thing to be a part of the LGBTQ community. I’m going to assume that you’re a girl, and that you really mean being attracted to your own gender. This is also harmful, because trans people don’t have to be gay to be a part of the community, and not every bisexual and polysexual person is attracted to their own gender.

Finally, I’ll ask you, what do you get out of excluding ace people? How does it benefit you at all? What’s the point, other than spreading hatred and bigotry throughout the LGBTQ community?

Criminal AU Pt. 3

admin k: not the best but whatever 

word count: 1.3k

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“W-What can I do? I literally no nothing about law! Get an actual lawyer not some girl you barely ran know to give you justice!” You cried out but Vernon immediately shut you up, shushing as he stepped closer to cover your mouth with his hand.

He took his hand away right after you stopped talking. “Just listen. I can’t do anything and I mean anything out there. You know that. The minute I show my face to the world, everyone will run in fear or I’ll be taken away again. You’re the only one that can help me, find a way to get me out of this situation. Please. I can’t live being on the run for all my life, I can’t spend the rest of my life in jail either.” Vernon pleaded with all his heart and you it hit you hard in the heart.

His story was so tragic in your eyes. Being the selfless person you always been, you were willing to help him as much as you could.

He had held onto your arms, gripping quite tightly and stared you down til you gave into his plead.

You sighed and it relieved him so much. Vernon was so tense and almost panicking a bit that you wouldn’t help him but from your sigh, he knew you were the kindest person to help him out.

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girl you really should make a bella ashlynn exposing account lmao. she was on ivy levan's snapchat story???? she literally hangs out with all of 5sos' fans it's kinda scary and pathetic

You know…I’d probably have enough content right now to run a Bella exposing account….but of course I won’t do that. Sksajdskjsj

And do you mean “she literally hangs out with all of 5sos’ friends”? Cause the way you worded this made it sound like you were talking about Ivy and saying she likes to hang out with 5sos fans haha.

(○゜ε^○)-  ‘’Le petit Jacques Septique ‘’


“Top of the morning to you ladies “ / “Bien le bonjour à vous, mesdemoisellles !“

The real translation word per word is “ “Au dessus du matin pour vous mesdemoiselles ! “ but that doesn’t mean anythin’ at all. “top of the mornin’” is more an expression so the french equivalent is a bit different too.(´ε` )♡

- Also,nice chez d’oeuvre ! Magnifique ! J’achète hon hon !-

Tips For Chubby Littles 💓

* it’s okay to sit on daddy/ mommy’s lap. Just because you have tummy roles doesn’t make you different thann a skinny little.
* Be confident if you finally found something sexy that fit you and you want to show daddy/mommy.
* Daddy/mommy love you no matter what size you are. Trust their words.
* Wear what you like because YOU like it. If you wanna wear a cropped top and a short skirt, by all means. Go ahead.
* When sending a sexy pic (safely of course!!) to daddy/mommy, don’t be afraid to sit in whichever position your comfortable in.- meaning if you can’t get your whole self without showing your chub, don’t be afraid. Daddy/mommy loves all of you.
* Your not the only chubby little out there. There are plenty of others.
* Just because you don’t fit into sexy outfits does not mean anything. It just means you have to buy a bigger size. That’s it. Not because your fat- your not!
* Stretch marks are completely NATURAL. do not be afraid to show those tiger stripes/ lightning bolts off!

Quotes I've Said While Reading Fics PT. 4

*thinking to myself* Oh god, how do I respond? How does one respond when your mother asks what you’re reading. I’m reading smut, mom.
*Out loud* Oh, just an online story.

“She seems too nice. This won’t end well…”

“I can’t even focus on the words, it’s 2 am, the screen is swimming. I need to go to bed.”

“Oh! I know the perfect song to go with this chapter!”

“Did you make a fucking Frozen reference? Followed by a Mean Girls reference? No.”

“That’s inaccurate.”

“What is punctuation? This person doesn’t know.”

“This is just words. Where are the paragraphs?”

“This isn’t proper grammar or spelling. Stop it. Get some help.”

“Wow, what a sick burn!” *Ironically dabs*

“In the words of Daniel James Howell: back thE FUCK UP.”

“Don’t these characters know that death is bad for someone’s health?”

“Oh my god! Clean and sharpen your knife! If you keep using it without proper care, it won’t kill people as easily!” *Whispers* “I’m sane, I promise.”

“I swear if he does what I think he will, I’m throwing my phone.”

“I’m talking to myself, shit.”

VLD Fandom after Season 3 Trailer Dropped
  • Lotor fans: HOT AF
  • Keith fans: not a single word from the new black paladin smh
  • Shiro fans: WHERE IS MY SON
  • Klance fans: Lance is in the red lion now this obviously means klance will be canon
  • Sheith fans: *dies in a corner*
  • Hunk lovers: my sunshine boy had some screentime yaya
  • Kallura fans: I got nothing but might as well make some headcanons
  • MEET *laughter*
  • Pidge fans: Can't wait to see my sassy small child kick ass again >:D
  • Theorists: *cracks knuckles*
  • Fans who are on the verge of a mental breakdown from this fandom: Oh boy...
  • this is a joke don't hurt me antis
RFA + When They Realize They’re In Love

ohhh, look a headcanon/scenario post! :D this was a whole lot longer than i originally planned, but oh well!! i played around with each of their stories, so i hope you don’t mind <3 <b>you can find JAEHEE, JUMIN and 707′s under the cut! if you have any requests, feel free to shoot them my way. anyway, i hope you enjoy!



Yoosung thinks he’s sick.

His heart starts palpitating, his palms grow sweaty and he’s so out-of-focus that he’s losing his streak on the LOLOL leadership boards. He downs a cup of coffee, glaring at his bedroom clock, which stared back with a 22:12pm in bright blue lights. It’s way too early to be feeling tired, he thinks.

He sighs, exiting the server and letting the game’s background music blast through his computer’s speakers. He places a hand to his neck, feeling for a warm temperature, only to end up confused as he realizes he’s not even remotely feverish. Worriedly, he calls her up, sure that she would know what’s up with him.

“Hey [Name],” he says, going back to his desk to take another swig of coffee. He joins another server, hoping LOLOL would help calm his nerves. Why was he always so nervous when he was talking with her? He prattles on about his supposed “symptoms” as he patiently waits to be connected to the server.

“Sounds like you’re in love,” she suddenly blurts out. He almost sprays his coffee all over his computer at those words. He can tell she’s joking. She was joking, right? Right? He tries to come up with a reply, but all that comes out of him is a strangled sound. He hears her laughing from the other end. “Ohhh, bulls-eye! Who’s the lucky person? Is it me you’ve fallen for?”

Yoosung’s eyes widen at this, and his heart feels like it’s about to burst out of his chest and start tap-dancing on his desk. He’s stunned to a silence; his mind is racing, wondering whether or not to confirm her statement. Well, that would certainly explain why he always felt so worked up around her. Before he could even answer her question, he hears her awkward laughter on the other end of the phone.

“Hey, I was kidding! Playing some LOLOL might calm your nerves, but I suggest not staying up too late. It might actually be a fever, after all.” Yoosung manages to quickly blurt out an apology as well as a thank you, before wishing her a good night and ending the call without waiting for her reply. He leans back on his chair, staring at the cream-colored ceiling above him.

It’s when he places both of his hands on his chest and feels the rhythmic thumping of his heart. It’s when he tries to steady his breathing, and when he finally does, he remembers what she said and wheezes. It’s when he realizes that he knows the answer to her earlier question, but he was too shy, too scared to actually answer her. It’s when he makes a promise to tell her, face-to-face and unabashedly, one day. Yoosung’s eyes linger to his desk clock.

It’s at 22:17pm on a LOLOL-filled Tuesday night that he realizes that he’s completely, head-over-heels in love with her.


Zen can’t sleep.

He’s lying in bed, positively tired after a day’s work. He knew he did well earlier, yes, but his own self-reassuring thoughts did very little for his nerves. Ever since the whole hacking situation, he’s been on edge during his performances; he can’t help but be upset at himself for not giving his all for his audiences.

Despite being an “egotistical prick”, as Jumin calls it, he was often hit by waves of doubt during these late sleepless nights. His self-reassuring thoughts began to shift into ones of doubt, pushing him to twist and turn in his suddenly uncomfortable bed.

Was he a genuinely good actor? Did people watch his musicals for his talents or for his looks? Would he ever be more than just a handsome face up on the stage? He was jolted back to reality by the sudden ringing of his cellphone. He begrudgingly reached out to view the caller ID: [Name].

Without a second thought, he immediately answers the call. Her cheerful voice was tinged with a hint of her own weariness. He feels his heart begin to swell, savoring the way her voice says his name. “Can’t sleep either?” he says, genuinely happy to find her calling him out of all the other RFA members.

“Yeah,” he hears her say. “I was hoping you were awake. I’m glad I was actually right.” His chest tightens at this, and he can’t help but smile at the thought of her thinking about him at such an hour. He finds a sort of solace in her, thankful for her constant presence amidst all the happenings in his life.

The two converse, and he finds the weight on his shoulders gradually become lighter. His heart is both calm and erratic, and he finds himself laughing together with her, despite being miles apart. When he hears her congratulate him for the show he put on, for being such an amazing actor on-stage, for doing so well, even if he may not believe so, he almost starts crying.

“You’re doing so well, Zen. I’m sure all your fans can agree that you’re doing so much more. I mean that, truly. If you ever need anyone to talk to, I’m here. So is Jaehee and the rest of the RFA,” she says from the other end of the line, and he allows himself to think that she means it. No, he knows she means it; it’s in the way that she speaks to him that he knows she’s saying nothing but the truth.

It’s when she says her good night that he catches himself almost saying it. He purses his lips, blundering out a good night of his own before slamming the END CALL button. It’s when his eyes shoot wide open, and he feels a ditzy smile gracing his lips. It’s when his self-doubting thoughts are replaced by thoughts of her. He brings his pale hands to his hair, and he can’t help but marvel at how much she affects him.

It’s when he catches himself thinking about her in wonder does he realize that he’s crazy about her.

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For anyone who ever falls in love with her or is lucky enough to get into a relationship with her. But hopefully she’s mine till the day I die. But take some of these things on board. - From someone who is in love with her and has been for 3 years. And always will be.
She loves FaceTime calls, especially video calls she’ll probably like seeing you because I definitely like seeing her. And hearing her voice. Her voice is special, and perfect to me because it’s hers. I could listen to her talking all day. Even if she’s complaining. She absolutely hates slow replies and being ignored, so reply to her as quickly as you can. And if you go out or you’re busy, make sure you tell her. Don’t allow her to overthink, and worry about you. It’s bad for her. Listen to her. Especially when she talks about something that makes her happy or inspires her. Listen. Even if she talks for hours , listen. Have deep conversations with her, about anything. She loves that. Talk to her for hours until 4am and you’re both tired , but happy so it doesn’t matter. Talk about weird things , like I do. Reincarnating into a tiger and a dolphin, so when we both die we can be happy together. Yes that’s weird but it’s us, and I love that. I’m sure she does too. Make her feel wanted, she absolutely hates feeling unwanted. I can assure you she’s wanted. More than anything by me. Send her cute messages and paragraphs , anything to make her smile, it’s difficult to make that girl smile. So it’s extremely precious to me when I see her smile. Be patient with her, it takes time to understand her. Wait. Wait a long time, as long as you need to wait until she’s comfortable to tell you something, for example if she’s in a bad mood. Don’t pressure her to tell you, don’t assume things. Yes I do that because I’m insecure and I overthink. But don’t make assumptions. Wait until she’s ready, but reassure her, so she knows you care. Please be patient and she’ll open up to you, if she trusts you. And it’s very hard to gain her trust. Appreciate her. Everything about her, how beautiful she is from head to toe. Her soul, her heart , her mind. I mean everything. This girl is special. Real fucking special. When she’s insecure and gets jealous of other girls , remind her she’s the best. To me she’s the best anyway. I wouldn’t want anybody but her. Admire every single thing about her. Emphasis on admire. She’s perfect. My perfect dolphin, I’d call her. That’d make her smile. All our little weird conversations mean a lot to me, and all our memories. I love her smile though, she hates it. But out of all the thousands of smiles I’ve seen hers is the best. I honestly can’t put into words how beautiful she looks when she smiles. The way her eyes glisten, sparkling omg. She hates her eyes too, because they’re “ boring brown” but to me they’re far from boring. They’re the type of eyes I could look into all day long and not for a second be bored. Even sitting in silence with her is perfect. The vibes off her are the besttttt. It’s unexplainable tbh. Don’t use her, never do that, she’s been hurt way too many times before and doesn’t deserve any more pain. Her happiness means the world to me. And if she ever becomes yours, do your best to keep her happy. This girl is different from the rest, NO ONE is like her. I swear you’ll never come across someone as perfect, precious, beautiful, amazing, out of this world etc. (I could go on) like her. Sometimes I have to ask myself if I’m dreaming, because the amount of love she shoes and all she does for me is unbelievable. And if you can ever call her yours , you’ll be very blessed to have her. This girl has her guard up too, a huge wall you have to break down bit by bit, for a very long time. Until you know her. I don’t know her to the full extent but I know her better than anybody else. And I lover her more than anybody else has or ever will.
She loves being called babygirl, princess or wifey. Or in our special kinda way she’s my dolphin. Something like that will make her smile. Don’t call her “B” or “baby” or “ babe” she thinks it’s cringe, or “ year 7 relationships” she’d say. And don’t put like 100 heart emojis or weird emojis when you text her, just be normal. When she’s happy she’ll put a lot of emojis. Pay attention to them. They represent her mood. It’s pretty important to me.
She’s passionate about reading and she’s soooo fucking good at writing. Anything. Literally. She’s the most intelligent, smart , brainy ( whatever you wanna call it ) girl I’ve met. No exaggeration at all. She absolutely loves getting new stationary, fine liners , coloured felts, glue, sticky notes, sexy note pads. You name it. And if she loves you she’ll spend hours and hours creating things for you. She’ll write you books if she’s 100% in love with you ( I’m lucky asf to get that ) even make a canvas of photos together. She will do a HELL of a lot. So appreciate that. If she’s ever yours. I appreciate her and I’m so thankful for every single thing she does.
She loves bright colourful sunsets ( purples and pinks , blues ) she likes it when they start to go dark though right at the end of them. She would spend ages taking photos of the sky , until it’s “ right ”. Sunsets are another thing that make her happy. Her happiness is key, remember that. And I hope In the future, me and her can sit and watch sunsets together. But if she becomes yours, please sit and admire the sky with her. Do anything you can to make her happy. She deserves happiness. And more. She loves romantic movies, tbh they’re her favourite, and horror movies. Lying in bed and watching a movie she’ll like, will make her happy. Some days she will push you away, and she’ll get angry at you for little things, but you need to understand that, that’s her. But try and stay, reassure her. Tell her how much she means to you, she loves when I do that. She will just stay in bed some days , not move at all, cry and hate herself. Those are the difficult days, don’t leave on those days. Do whatever you can to make sure she’s okay. Remind her that everything will be okay , the bad thoughts will go away. They don’t last forever. Better things will come.
She gets jealous too, very easily , if she loves you. Focus on her and nobody else, don’t ever take her for granted. Ever. And she doesn’t like going out, in crowded places , so don’t pressure her to go out. Whenever she’s ready you’ll know. She’ll prefer being indoors as long as she’s in the presence of someone she loves. That’d make her day, she’d say to me. There are a thousand of other things I could say, but hopefully this gives a decent idea. If you’re ever lucky enough to call her yours , protect her, love her, appreciate her etc. Take all of this into consideration. There’s much more but this is what comes to mind right now. But hopefully nobody else will ever have her and she’ll be mine until forever ends. If one of us die. But I will always love her no matter what. Regardless of anything, literally anything. I promise that.
—  for my wife.
home after rain

blue orchids short story

pairing: jungkook | reader
genre: too much fluff.. too much cute
word count: 3.986
author’s note: surprise! \o/ I honestly have no idea how or why this happened. yesterday I just… started writing, and here we are, a few thousand words later. also, bear in mind that this is a sequel to blue orchids, so you need to read that one first if you want to understand this short piece. hope you all enjoy!

This story is set six years into the future within Blue Orchids’ universe.

The sun rays are melting on your skin. It has been a while since the skies opened up like this, leaving the sun bare to the living, its warmth a pleasant gift after days of storm and gloom. The sand under your legs and feet is, fortunately, not scorching — not yet, at least. The early morning is still warming up to the pristine sun, and the salty winds of the beach are still a strange mixture of the growing heatwave and the remnants of past iciness.

You cannot remember the last time you visited the beach, but it does not feel foreign or uncomfortable. It feels like you belong, mind at peace and body molding to the sand as your extended legs allow your toes to brush against the gentle waves that break and ebb away, water still too chilly to enjoy at its fullest.

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