in the wink of an eye

Adrien Agreste: *touches Marinette Dupain-Cheng every chance he gets*

Adrien Agreste: *smiles extra wide when Marinette Dupain-Cheng shows up and winks at her on occasion*

Adrien Agreste: *totally game to kiss Marinette Dupain-Cheng for a friend’s film, is really into it*

Adrien Agreste: *leans in to speak to Marinette Dupain-Cheng so far he touches her cheek with his eyelashes if he blinks. For a cookie.*

Adrien Agreste: *TOTALLY GAME to waltz AND slow dance REAL CLOSE with Marinette Dupain-Cheng, even resting his head against hers and closing his eyes*

Adrien Agreste: We’re just friends.

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You asked for omega verse recs and I was about to rec Vanilla ... then it hit me that I was literally on your blog doing my update check... I almost recommended you read your own fic....

Jokes on you I’ve alreadY READ THAT FIC H A H

But honestly I wouldn’t have been able to tell if you were joking or not I would’ve just
-awkward finger guns-
-winking with two eyes-

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How about a Kaneki/Hide scenario while Kaneki is working at Anteiku?

“Hide, what is this?”

Kaneki stares at the enormous rose bouquet that’s about the same size as his friend.

“It’s Valentine’s day, and you deserve this. Especially since your last date didn’t go too well.” Hide winks.

Kaneki touches his eyepatch, unconsciously. “Yeah.”

Hide pokes the eyepatch. “Kakugan out?”

Kaneki gasps. “Hide!”

“Kaneki, I know.” Hide sighs. “I still want you to be my Valentine’s date.” 

“You - you know - you mean -” Kaneki stammers. His eyes slide to Touka, who once threatened Hide should he find out.

But Touka’s changed, even if just slightly, over the last few months. To his surprise, he sees a faint smile on her face.

“We can close up shop.” Enji Koma shoves Kaneki out from behind the counter. 

“Will you be my Valentine?” Hide beams at his friend.

“Uh - uh - help me with the flowers first! Then yes,” Kaneki blurts.

When they leave Anteiku, the entire shop is filled with Roses, and Kaneki’s heart is filled with happiness. 

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*whispers* if you're still taking prompts, "“I think you’ll be happy to know that I’m not wearing any underwear.” for your apprentice and Julian?

Thanks for the prompt nonnie! u3u here you go~

In which a dance with the doctor and the magician know how to tease each other. (Julian/Apprentice; my apprentice Ren)

Prompts ]

“Care for a dance, Ren?”

“Huh?” the magician looked up from her stein, following her lover with her maroon gaze when he stood, leaning down and offering his hand out for her to take. With a grin she took his hand and stood, allowing him to lead her to the busy dance floor at the Rowdy Raven. “Sure, just don’t cry when I step on your toes, doctor.”

“You know I won’t,” he answered with a chuckle and what must have been a wink (it was still hard for her to tell with his one eye).

In a fluid motion he tugged her towards him, a hand resting on her waist, the other intertwined with her smaller hand. The pair fell easily into their dance, simply following the upbeat tune of the bard’s songs, carefree and jovial.

After a moment, Julian leaned in close to her, holding her close as he could. “You never did tell me your poison. Which is it really?”

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i had a dream i met ten, taeyong, and yuta and taeyong pointed to my face and asked a question and ten translated it and he was like “look taeyong dead in the eye” and i was like uhh ok and TAEYONG WINKED and i literally fell to the flor like nooo dont do that ill dIE and he kept apologising and helped me up and then we have a lengthy conversation about pokemon 

wanted plot

My muse has known yours his entire life, ever since his family moved to the neighborhood to give him that picket-fence upbringing they felt he deserved. At the time, you were a young bachelor, and over the years you struck out time and again in various relationships. Meanwhile, as you watched this fresh-faced young lad grow from cherubic child to awkward adolescent and through puberty’s final completion, you couldn’t help how your eye was always drawn to him. But it was wrong – he was underage, and you were a close family friend who’d attended countless birthday and holiday parties and earned their trust.

Until the day you noticed he was intentionally leaving his curtains open while he changed in his bedroom – until your eyes met across the space between your homes and he flashed a cheeky little wink your way.

His eighteenth birthday party is coming up. Will you continue to keep your respectful distance, or will you take what he’s so obviously offering up?

Available muses: Tobias, Rio, Grayson, Finn, Max
ABO compatible, supernatural compatible. IM if you’re interested


they’re all sweaty and gross after training but they still find the time to be cute