in the wink of an eye

dating boxer!tom...
  • omg okay so the first the time you both every laid eyes on each other it all happened in slow motion
  • that was only because the second Tom moved his head he got punched right in the face 
  • you couldn’t help but let out a laugh
  • but he would jut jump right back up 
    • “didn’t even hurt, babydoll” with a wink 
  • you would admire the muscles in his back and arms as he threw punched a little while longer before you got to your own training 
  • but you’d always feel his eyes on you 
  • also feeling self-conscious of your skills after watching him 
  • he’d come up to the trainer, whisper something to him before trading places with him 
    • “you need to punch harder, darling,” and you nod, taking his feedback and wanting to use 
  • throwing a few punches before he speaks again
    • “c’mon darling, I know you can hit harder than that,” with his signature smirk 
    • “don’t be afraid, punch me anywhere,” and you’d nod your head before throwing the strongest punch of your life
  • he stumbled back, just barely having enough time to block it 
  • his eyes would be blown wide, his mouth hung open as a small whoa left his mouth 
    • “that was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” his cocky attitude coming back
  • he’d become your personal trainer even though it was the most unprofessional dynamics ever

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i've been off tumblr all day did dan and phil hold hands today or are you just appreciating the idea of dan and phil holding hands

they might have held hands today i don’t fuckin know i’m just chillin ! shooting the breeze ! killin the swine ! locking the doors ! winking my eyes ! drinking some milk !

Nothing disgusts me more knowing that a lot of antis only ship Shatt just to keep Shiro away from Keith. Like ew? Stay away from Matt Holt. Cuz if Shatt didn’t happen, you know damn well Matt and Lance would be Shiro & Keith’s wingmen trying to hook the two of them up.


So today, the cute bread delivery girl at my job asked me about my morning and i told her i got burned with a fryer (i work at a fast food restaurant). I also told her i got a deep cut close to the burn that looked like it was going to scar. I swear to god, she looked me dead in the eye and said, “That’s ok! Chicks dig scars”

She winked and then walked away.

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“Jimin keep watch, I’m going to throw my boxers up there next.”

The moment the words leave Taehyung’s mouth, Jimin’s eyes almost double in size from shock. They are literally in a packed club with bodies surrounding them from every side. Really, what the fuck did Taehyung mean when he asked for Jimin to keep watch???

“Taehyung there is literally like three hundred people here what the fuck?”

“I know that Jiminnie but did you see the wink he shot at me??? I have to show him I’m the alpha fan here!”

Jimin doesn’t even get the chance to try and speak some words of sense into his best friend’s ear before Taehyung is reaching down to unbutton the cargo shorts he’s wearing, before pulling them down a bit. Hell, Jimin doesn’t even get the chance to stretch out his arms and try to cover Taehyung before the months-younger is grabbing the side of his flimsy thin boxers and ripping the sides of them straight down.

A loud squeak leaves Jimin.


Taehyung shoots his shocked friend a wink before reaching for the other side of his boxers.

“Stand in front of me I’m ripping these off and my dick is going to be out really soon.”

Just as he said, Taehyung easily rips the cotton off and Jimin suddenly has an eye full of Taehyung jr. For a moment he think’s he might pass out. It’s a nice dick actually.

“Okay here hold this.” Taehyung hands his boxers out to Jimin. “Gotta hide my goodies.”

On stage, Agust D is finishing up his last song for the night, and his most popular one, when his eyes lock on something interesting in the crowd. A fond smile fills his lips as he notices the cutie silver-haired boy from before, who threw his shirt on stage,  has managed to push to the front of the barrier holding back the fans. He’s holding something out for Yoongi to take that looks black and like some kind of cloth and the moment Yoongi takes it, he breaks out into a giant grin.

There, in his hand, he holds the boy’s torn boxers.

When he looks back to the boy, the cutie shoots him a wink.

Yoongi actually chuckles into his mic and stuffs the boxers alongside the bandanna in his back pocket.

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PT! Blu: ey V, I came up with you and Anrez's ship name mate *winks* ((sorry angel, i mean no offense, I love you and Anrez together too)) It's V-rez Everyone!!! -v-

V: Blu, I swear I will feed you to some sharks if you don’t knock it off!!!! 

Jai Courtney Drabbles

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A/N requested by the beautiful @morathavictoria

Rated G

Pairing/ Jai Courtney X Reader

“You know, just because my ass is attached to me does not  give you unlimited grabbing access.” You frowned pouring coffee into your favorite mug.

“Correction Y/N. I’m pretty positive that it does.” He grinned and with a loud “THAWK!” smacked your ass for good measure.

“Stop it! I almost dropped my mug you jerk!” You said trying to hide a smile. 

“I just wan-a grab it. all the time. its mine anyway Sheila; what do ya need it for?” He laughed and pulled you closer as you rolled your eyes.

“You get on my nerves.” You said leaning in.

“You can get on somethin else.” he winked. 

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something sappy maybe with pokeshipping 95? But it's up to you.

It’s a rare occurrence when Ash does something romantic, but that only means that Misty enjoys those moments all the more. Tonight, for instance, he had taken her up to Mount Moon for a night of stargazing.

“Gotta say,” Misty says, lying on her back on a grassy hill, fingers interlaced with Ash’s. “Didn’t think you had it in you.”

“I’m full of surprises.” chuckles Ash. “Hey, look!” He points up to the inky-black sky at a small dot streaking across. “Make a wish!”

Misty watches the object move. “It’s actually a comet, but I’ll still make one.” She closes her eyes for a moment, and once she opens them again, Ash asks her what she wished for.

“Can’t tell you,” She says, winking. “Or it won’t come true.” 

Ash pouts, but as Misty snuggles closer she thinks to herself that she didn’t really need to wish for anything: it’d be more fun to keep him guessing.

“No time to waste”

Entry number: The last one.


My last entry into the pvz fanzine project.
Drawing based on the Gnomes from GW2, from the very first second I stepped into Infinity, I knew I was in for a ride. Ever since, and furthermore thanks to the “Trials of Gnomus DLC”, the gnomes have intrigued me; I find them to be a very interesting, yet misused potential, in the pvz universe…
But also, my last pvz fanart.
I feel like, I have grown out of the fandom; I still love GW2, and I have met some, if not one of the most amazing people on the world (*winks an eye at @mmmagic-chiwawa-pie*), and even if it was an awful experience what I went through this one time (not talking about it thanks), I have learned something important about justice. I feel like I have become a much different person as well, I sense as if I have become more… deep into my own thoughts, and, well, I feel like the time has come to leave the fandom. If you remember, I once back said something along these lines; but it was also close to that time, that Jukie, invited me over to this project; and that made me think “This will be it, my farewell”. And, with this final, Gnome drawing, I declare my official “see you” to this fandom.

Thank you all, so much for this experience, I would never, not in a million years, change it for anything else.

And I hope, you follow me into the next step of my journey… Good night.

Program: Paint Tool SAI.

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