in the wink of an eye


Michael: what? find my pun shockingly good?


Michael: Are you staring at me because I’m strikingly good looking?

Jeremy: Adios asshole

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Prompt where dan always has bottle pop candies and lollipops every day and teacher phil had the hots for him but loses it after Dan accidentally calls him teacher phil daddy then idk smut ensues

i like the idea of dan having a crush on his english teacher mr. lester and dan seducing phil into fucking him on his desk during free period? btw your account is so fucking amazing.

i changed phil’s age cause idk i wanted him to be younger 

warnings : daddy kink, degrading, sex obviously, and uh,, dan’s technically underage (but only by a month)

Phil felt like hitting his head against a fucking wall. 

He wasn’t just frustrated; he was humiliated. And it wasn’t supposed to be easy to humiliate Phil Lester. 

Phil glanced up, his eyes automatically going to the back of the classroom, where Dan was sitting. The boy was already looking at him, and their eyes met. Dan was smirking like he knew something Phil didn’t, and he winked. 

Don’t get him wrong: Phil wasn’t partial to having huge crushes on his students. He was a good teacher, he was one of those fossils that had been working at the school for years, and they had kept him around. Not to say that he was an actual fossil, either, he was only twenty eight. Which did not excuse his feelings, in his mind. 

It had started at the beginning of that year, when he had met his new classes. Everything was normal, until fifth period. 

And that boy just waltzed into his classroom, not having a single care in the world. 

Phil remembered it specifically. He had been wearing a bubble gum pink sweater and a white tie, and a matching skirt. The skirt cut off mid thigh, showing off much more than should be allowed (in Phil’s opinion, anyways). His hair had been curly and a bit messy, falling in his chocolate eyes. 

Phil remembered his first thought being that there was no way he passed the front office dressed like that. His second thought was that this boy was beautiful, and not in a delicate little baby way. Phil thought he was beautiful in an adult way; in the way that made Phil want to take him on dates to expensive restaurants and kiss him under a sky full of stars. 

That was, of course, until Dan opened his mouth. 

The first thing he did was walk straight up to Phil’s desk, hips swaying slightly as he walked, and lean against it. He had looked Phil up and down, much more like he was a potential fuck than a teacher, and smacked his gum. 

“You’re young,” was the first thing he said, his voice lilting and just the slightest bit bratty. 

Phil cleared his throat, pushing his glasses up on his nose. “I’m sorry?”

“Yeah.” Dan tilted his head at him. “You’re young for a teacher.”

Phil had frowned at him, not in a mean way, more like a question. 

“I guess so. Is that an issue?”

Dan had given him that grin, that evil smirk that he had grown to loathe, and shrugged. “Not at all, sir.” 

Phil hadn’t liked the way he had said that, like it meant much more than it should have. And if he had known, he would have kicked that boy in the pink skirt with beautiful eyes right out of his classroom. 

Ever since that point, things had only gotten worse. Phil discovered that Dan was a brat, a whiny, rich brat who always got his way. He always got what he wanted, and unfortunately, what he wanted was Phil. 

Phil came to hate fifth period, because it meant he had to see those eyes again.  And those lips, wrapped around a new candy. The second day of school, Dan had showed up with a pink lollypop stuck between his teeth. And Phil swore, it was like he hadn’t taken it out since. 

At first, Phil had protested. 

“I don’t know what other teachers have been saying,” he had said quietly, resting his hands on either side of Dan’s desk. “But you’re not allowed to have candy in here.” 

Dan had just raised an eyebrow, twirling his lollypop in his mouth and making a loud sucking noise. 

“But I want to,” he finally said, keeping the eye contact. He uncrossed his legs, (now Phil was sure, deliberately) spreading them apart. 

Phil had sighed. 

“Well, in the real world, you don’t always get what you want.”

Dan had pouted, sticking out his bottom lip. 

“Sucks for you.” 

Excuse me?” Phil had raised his eyebrows, practicing his authority. Dan had just giggled, ignoring him completely and instead rubbing his calf against Phil’s thigh. 

And over the next few months, Phil had been slipping more and more. He used to at least send Dan to the office, or write him up, but everyone seemed to love him. The principal himself had told him that whenever he saw him, Dan seemed like a lovely young man. And for a while, Phil couldn’t put his finger on why Dan only acted up in his class. 

That was until Dan’s boyfriend picked him up from class. 

He was almost taller than Phil, and he looked just about old enough to be in college (which made Phil self conscious, although he would never admit it). He wore biker clothing, the kind of stuff you put on to go to a street fight, and he had a tough yet attractive face. 

The first thing the guy did when he got there was pick Dan up, setting him down on Phil’s desk and fitting himself between his thighs. 

“Dan, get off my desk,” Phil had said in a monotone, not even looking up from his paperwork. 

Dan giggled, and Phil looked up only when he heard a sucking noise. The guy was sucking a fucking hickey on the side of Dan’s neck. 

Phil shook his head, standing up. “Get out of my classroom, Howell. I know for a fact you have History soon. Get moving.”

Dan turned to his boyfriend, smiling innocently but still not getting off of Phil’s desk. “You heard him, Bradley. Get out.”

“Meet me in the hall,” he said, his voice low, and glared at Phil. 

Once he was gone, Dan hopped off of his desk. 

“Wish he was you,” he whispered bluntly, and then sauntered away. Phil watched him carefully, seeing him take his lollypop out and toss it in the trash by the door. 

That night, Phil had gotten hardly any sleep. Wish he was you. Phil pondered the fact Dan had thrown away his lollypop the second he was out of the classroom, even though there was plenty candy left. He realized he had seen Dan opening one when he sat down, and throwing it away when he left. 

Then it hit him. Dan was teasing him. Testing him, seeing how far he could push him before he snapped. 

Phil fell asleep going over all the reasons he couldn’t just bend Dan over his desk and fuck him until he cried. 

And it didn’t stop there. It seemed like every day that Phil ignored him, denied him, Dan pushed harder. He would wear the shortest skirts he could find, and then pretend to drop something. He would rub against him, he would breathe down his neck while asking for help. It was all getting to be too much, Phil was cracking at the edges. He kept forgetting not to cuss, forgetting to hide the dark circles under his eyes, and Dan noticed. 

But now Dan had crossed the damn line. 

The class was taking a test, their English finals, and Phil couldn’t be happier to be getting Dan out of his class before he broke. But Dan had come prepared. 

He was wearing a lacy black skirt and a red t-shirt, one that might be slightly see through. And he was currently sitting in the back of the classroom, touching himself. 

He wasn’t full on jerking himself off, but Phil could see his hand under the desk, palming himself through what looked like panties. His thighs would tremble every now and then, and he would bite his lip, or let out a quiet whimper. 

No one else seemed to notice, too focused on their tests, but just the thought that someone could turn around any second and see what Dan was doing was making Phil sweat. 

He had to make this stop, or he was going to have a raging hard on, and then he didn’t think he would be able to stop from taking Dan right then and there. 

He slowly made his way back to Dan, his heart pounding like hell in his chest. He leaned over his desk, pleading his eyes not to wander. 

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” He hissed, quiet enough that no one but Dan could hear, completely giving up on having any respect. 

“Nothing, sir,” Dan whispered back, choking out a quiet moan. Phil had to stop himself from covering his mouth with his hand. 

“Doesn’t look like nothing,” he growled, glaring at him. “Stop it right now, or I’ll make sure you get summer school.” 

Dan raised an eyebrow. “Summer school? With you? Doesn’t sound too bad to me.” 

Phil was at a loss. What in the world would make this boy shut the fuck up?

Dan moaned again, his voice breathy and desperate. 

“Fuck, daddy,” he blurted, his breath hitching. 

Phil stopped in his tracks, cursing under his breath. 

“Stay after class,” he hissed. “You’re getting what you fucking wanted.” 

Phil spun around, walking back to his desk before he could get any more aroused, and so that he wouldn’t see Dan’s smug grin. 

The rest of the class seemed to last for years, but Dan stopped touching himself, which let Phil calm down a little. When the bell finally rang, Phil was ruined. He was sweating, and he was still hard. 

“Okay, class dismissed,” he said, trying to keep his voice steady. “See you all tomorrow.” 

He caught Dan’s eyes, and the boy crossed his arms, staying where he was seated. 

As soon as the last student left and the door closed, Phil was standing. 

He was silent for a moment, the atmosphere tense, and Phil could practically feel the sexual frustration radiating off himself like an aura. 

“Come here,” he said finally, his voice low and firm. He was done playing Dan’s little games. 

Dan stood up, walking towards him and stopping at the desk. Phil glared at him. 

“Do you have a sixth period?”

Dan shook his head, smiling slightly. 

“Good.” The only reason Phil thought he could get away with this was because he didn’t have a class for another two periods.

He moved towards Dan before grabbing him by the hair in a sudden aggressive motion. Dan squeaked, but let Phil push him against the desk without resisting. 

Phil pushed his face against the surface, so his cheek was pressed against the wood. 

“You’re such a fucking slut,” he growled, letting his crotch rub up against Dan’s ass. He whined, but shut up quick when Phil pinched his side. “But you know that, don’t you?”

“Yes sir,” Dan got out, breathing heavily. “Please, sir.” 

“Please what, whore?” Phil tugged at his hair, pinning his wrists behind his back. 

“Please fuck me, daddy, need it, need your cock-” Phil cut him off by covering his mouth, turning him around and setting him on the desk. 

“I know,” he muttered, brushing his lips over Dan’s neck and feeling him shiver. “That’s what you’ve wanted this whole time, isn’t it? Say it.”

Dan whined, squirming under Phil’s touch. “Y-Yes, sir. This whole time, what I wanted, wanted your cock. Wanted your big cock inside me…”

Phil hummed against his throat, sucking a hickey just below his collarbone. He didn’t care, he didn’t want to think about consequences, he wanted Dan so fucking bad. 

He ran his hands under Dan’s shirt, over his stomach and up to his chest. He pinched one of his nipples, savoring Dan’s gasp. 

“Say it again, slut,” he breathed, nipping at Dan’s ear. 

“Fuck.” Dan cursed, wrapping his legs around Phil’s waist, anything to get as close as possible. “Need you, sir, need your cock inside me, please, so deep… fuck me so hard I c-can’t walk, make me forget my own name.” He gripped Phil’s shirt with both hands, as if it was the only thing keeping him grounded. “Please, Phil.”

Just those words were enough to get Phil ripping his shirt off, tossing it aside and unbuttoning his own. Dan whined needily, tugging at Phil’s zipper. 

Phil pushed his hand away, tutting and going back to kissing his neck, working on Dan’s skirt instead. He pulled it down the boys’s thighs, letting his fingertips brush in a teasing manner before digging his nails in. Dan yelped, clinging to his torso. 

Phil decided to stop teasing, he had waited long enough, and instead moved Dan so he was bent over the desk again, his ass in the air. Phil tugged at his panties, letting them fall carelessly to the floor. 

“You have such a pretty ass, baby boy.” Phil let his hands glide over Dan’s skin, hearing Dan’s breath catch. 

“Phil, please. Get on with it.”

Phil grunted, sucking on his own fingers. “Since you asked nicely.”

Without warning he pushed a finger into him, and Dan whimpered. After a moment he pushed back against the digit, wiggling his ass needily. 

Phil added another finger and scissored, and before he knew it, he was adding a third. Dan seemed already completely wrecked, Phil had to hold him down to keep him from squirming. 

“Please daddy,” he moaned, practically falling apart under him. “Fuck me.”

Phil didn’t answer, simply spit on his hand, stroking his cock to cover it, and then lined up with Dan’s pretty little hole. He gripped the boy’s shoulder with one hand, the other resting on his lower back.

“Ready?” he asked, already knowing the answer. 


He pushed in almost to the hilt right away, and Dan cried out. Phil chuckled, pulling out a bit and giving Dan a moment to adjust before pushing in again. 

“Feel good, baby?” Phil asked, his voice low and rough. Dan let out a high pitched moan in response, nodding frantically. 

“Yes! God, daddy, more…!”

“More?” Phil shifted, repositioning to get a better angle. “You sure, angel?”


Phil grunted, thrusting hard, and he could almost feel the table shake beneath them. 

He pulled out despite Dan’s noises of protest, moving him so he was facing him, wrapping Dan’s legs around his waist again. He pushed back in, feeling Dan’s thighs tremble as he started fucking him at a faster and harder pace. 

Dan whimpered, burying his face in Phil’s neck, muffling his noises. 

“Fuck.” Phil dragged his nails down Dan’s side, groaning close to Dan’s ear. “Such a slut baby, such a good boy for me, doing so fucking well.”

“Daddy,” Dan breathed, his breath hitting Phil’s neck. “Gonna cum…”

“Yeah?” Phil grinned, adjusting his angle to hit all of Dan’s good spots. “Go ahead. Cum for me, honey.”

He pounded into him even faster, and Dan squeaked. He let out a loud high-pitched moan, before letting go and coming over his and Phil’s stomach. 

Phil groaned, pulling out and giving his cock a few pulls before coming and adding to the mess. 

For a moment, the only sound in the room was heavy breathing. Dan fell back against the desk, his head lolling against the surface, his eyes closed. Phil thought he might be dead for a moment before he spoke. 

“Worth it,” he said softly, practically a whisper. 

Phil shook his head, but couldn’t help but chuckle. 

“Shut up,” he muttered, taking some tissues from his desk and cleaning both of them off. 

It took him a while to get Dan motivated enough to dress himself, and when he was dressed, he wouldn’t move from Phil’s desk for a whole ten minutes. 

“So,” he started when Phil finally got him to stand on his own. 


“That was fun,” Dan said softly, letting his gaze fall to his feet. Now that he seemed to have gotten rid of the sexual tension, Dan was being a lot nicer, and a lot less bratty. 

Instead of saying anything, Phil leaned over, kissing Dan deeply. Dan started to stumble back in surprise, but Phil caught him with a firm hand on his waist. 

When they parted, Dan was glowing more than he was before. 

“So,” he repeated, looking a lot more confident. He flashed Phil his notorious smirk. “Summer school, huh?”

Wanna One as your classmates

Kang Daniel
- scolds for always coming late to class after recess
- but still smiling like a loser
- president of dance club

Park Jihoon
- that popular kid in school
- wink everytime you refuse to let him copy your notes
- “can i borrow your pen?”

Lee Daehwi
- really loves talking. just talks a lot
- lowkey best in spreading gossips
- always gets called on to answer questions

Kim Jaehwan
- his laugh is creepy and funnier than the joke
- sings in between classes and thinks its the damn singing competition

Ong Seongwoo
- nobody ever gets his name right
- the one who looks like never studies but gets straight As
- highkey savage af

Park Woojin
- the nicest & friendly kid despite his intimidating looks
- cant read his own handwriting
- avoids eye contact with the teacher

Lai Guanlin
- brings snacks to class
- his notes are in 3 languages
- rich bitch who always celebrate his birthday at school

Yoon Jisung
- everybody’s best friends
- the one who dare tell the teacher the class is over
- always ready with sassy comeback

Hwang Minhyun
- the one who reminds the teacher of homework
- gets a lot of love letters
- everyone has a crush on him
-  well dressed

Bae Jinyoung
- the teacher loves him eventhough he never do his homeworks
- but makes sure he never absent
- his least fav class is math

Ha Sungwoon
- polite and diligent student
- always stay after to ask questions and get tutoring but still ends up with average grades

no slumber

chris rolled over onto his side, one eye peering open to see that you were laying awake. you were laying on your back, staring up at the ceiling with wide eyes.

chris muttered and pulled the duvet up onto his shoulders. “what time is it?” he asked through slurred words.

“almost three.” you said after feeling him stir awake. a second later he scooted closer to you, sliding a leg between yours before cuddling you close to his chest.

“you can’t sleep?”

“no,” you huffed “i’m thinking about stuff.” 

“what is it?”

“chris… does mike wazowski blink or wink?”

you felt chris freeze in his spot, and a second later in the dark of the room, you watched him raise his head to look at you. “holy shit..” 


at the coffee shop/bar
between cigarettes
porter sips
I see so many winking eyes
thirsty lips
I keep writing

I see short skirts
tattooed thighs
my eyes may wander
I keep writing

they ask me for lighters
they ask me for cigarettes
they ask why I’m alone
I smile
I keep writing

I keep writing
because they aren’t you
because they don’t know me
maybe they could
not like you
I keep writing

It’s crazy
any man would
jump on the chance
with any of them
I keep writing

Maybe one day
you’ll look in-between
these words
like I’m begging you to
at this point
I will keep writing


Seveenteen: Reaction to revealing clothes

Request: How would seventeen react when you wear something revealing?

I had fun writing this lmfao 🙆🏽

S.Coups : S. Coups would laugh nervously, turn very red. He’d love it 🤷🏻‍♀️ but when he saw his member eye you up, he’d quickly shrug off his jacket and put it around you

Jun: Would be a tease, but would turn red when you wink at him

Vernon: Would smile and bite his lip. He’d def enjoy it. Wink at you

Jeonghan: Would instantly cover you up, wouldn’t mind it, but doesn’t like anyone else eyeing you up

Hoshi: A blushing mess. Would stutter and avoid making eye contact

Woozi: Act cool but in the inside he would be dying. You would pout, thinking he wasn’t affect. But you noticed his ears were bright red and you couldn’t help but laugh

Seungkwan: Turn red and try to cover you up. Whine the hold time and hits Vernon when he catches his eyes lingering

Dino: A. Blushing. Mess. Wouldn’t know what to say or do. His group members would def be teasing him

The8: Would be very happy that’s for sure 🤷🏻‍♂️Would give you a big kiss and compliment you

Wonwoo: Be very shy. Bright red. Couldn’t help but stare at you. Would turn even more red when you lean forward and he gets a better look

Mingyu: Would def be in heaven. Would tease you and wouldn’t let go of you

Josh: Would blush a little, but would continue throughout his day 🙆🏻

Dk: Biggest smile. Would wiggle his eyebrows at you suggestively until you couldn’t help but laugh

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Yo yakuza genj💚


“I am not a patient person, Mr. Shimada,” you declared, looking out across the city from the large window. You didn’t even turn when you heard the door click open, you knew who you were meant to be meeting. But as soon as you saw the reflection in the glass it was obvious that plans had changed. You spun on your heel to face the green haired man who was standing in the centre of the room.

“Oh. I was under the impression that I was meeting with the head of the Shimada clan,” you said, a frown crossing your featured.

“My brother is currently occupied. He sends his apologies and me in his place. If it is of any assurance, I can make the deal just as efficiently as he can. Besides, I’m much better fun,” he replied with a cheeky smirk and a wink.

You rolled your eyes at the comment but decided to accept the meeting with him. You wanted it over with as soon as possible. Besides, maybe you could squeeze a better deal out of the younger Shimada.

“Very well, sir. Please, feel free to take a seat,” you offered, walking to the drinks cabinet to pour yourself something. “Can I tempt you?”

“Please, call me Genji,” he responded, fixing the pristine white jacket of his suit as he sat down. “Trying to get me drunk? Perhaps take advantage of me?”

You let out a snort at the tease as you turned to hand him the glass. Despite what he had just said, he downed the contents in one gulp.

“Oh I’ve heard all about you, Genji. And your…antics. I don’t think I have enough liquor to get you drunk. Though we can give it a damn good try.”

He licked his lips, watching you as you refilled his glass. As he held it out you noticed the beginning of a tattoo on his wrist. Shameful as it was, you were extremely curious to see what was under his clothes. You tried to push that thought away as you took your seat beside him.

“Oooh, I like you,” he chuckled, leaning back on the couch. A knot formed in your stomach as his eyes raked over you. And he was making no attempt to be subtle about it. You wanted to look away and hide that blush creeping up your face. But that would be playing into his hands. No, you refused to fall for those cheap tactics.

“Money is more persuasive than your flirting,” you replied, swirling your drink, “Lets just get these terms and conditions straightened out.”

Your breath hitched as he leant within inches of you, his breath hot on your skin. You dug your nails into the couch and clenched your jaw as you tried to keep yourself composed. 

“Who says we cannot mix business and pleasure?”

Prompt #2 - Business

Evfra called him Shena. It was Keema would told him what it meant with her sly eyes and laugh. “He called you, Mouth.”

“My friend, he hasn’t even seen what I can do with my mouth.” Reyes sipped his whiskey as his companion laughed even harder.

“I believe it is because you have a way with words.” Keema retorted.

“Amongst other things,” Kian gave him a wink from behind the bar. Which caused his Angaran companion to start snorting with laughter. “Does this make you a big deal in the resistance?” 

“I am always a big deal,” Reyes gave the man a smirk. 

Keema grumbled. “Are you humans always like this?”

“Only the best ones,” Reyes raised his glass. 

“To business or pleasure?” Keema asked.

“Why chose? To both.” Reyes said clinking the glasses. “May our business bring us pleasure, and our pleasure bring us business.”

“And to all the spoils between,” Keema smiled.


they’re all sweaty and gross after training but they still find the time to be cute