in the whelping box


When she wants a break from puppies but still wants to be close to them she can now hang out on top of the whelping box
She likes to take some toys up there to play with but mostly she naps up there

Day 48, ready to explode!
Also sorry for the (unintended) hiatus, but my laptop decided to kill itself somehow and I can only start him in safe mode. I tried to upload some photos yesterday, but figured out later that their quality on the post was really poor. I hope to get this fixed before the puppies arrive. Until then I will keep you updated via mobile.

Callie’s signs so far are all ones that came along with her false pregnancy last heat cycle (huge mood changes and clinginess, appetite changes, larger pink nipples, vulva staying larger) so i’ve been hopeful that it could be another false

but now she’s showing a sign that apparently only comes with real pregnancy. clear discharge. she’s never had clear before. starting to look like she took. 2 months is such a short time but it already feels so long! i’ve been reading up on gestation and raising puppies for years, but still can’t stop researching for hours every night and asking my breeder friends about every step of this adventure.

Ghost Guac

I’m sorry. @haikujitsu made me do it.

Fluffy funny nonsense.


It was obviously a mistake. It had to be.

None-the-less, Skulker stood at the post office of the Ghost Zone. He received mail so infrequently that he had to ask for directions to find the place. But find it he did. And, as the rumor mill had said, there was a letter waiting for him. A small white envelope with his name on it, no return address.

Looking around the dark corner of the post office he’d ensconced himself in with his strange letter, Skulker nodded to himself. He was alone. Only then did he turn his focus to the white envelope. A knife flashed out of his wrist and neatly slit the top. Careful not to damage the fragile human paper, Skulker drew out the contents and stared at it.

Now he knew it was definitely a mistake. He scoffed and snorted and was about to crumple it up and disintegrate it when he paused. His green eyes fixed on one of the mail ghosts and stormed up to the diminutive creature, trying to look as large and foreboding as possible. “You!”

The bird-like creature didn’t even have the intelligence to shrink away. It just peered up at him through thick glasses and puffed up its tiny feathers. “Yes?”

“Who else received a letter like this?” Skulker demanded, holding out the slightly-crumpled envelope.

A wingtip pushed the glasses up its beak. “We go through a lot of mail here, as you might expect. I wouldn’t know.” It turned back to sorting a pile of glowing letters.

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the queue train CONTINUES!

sooooo… somebody pointed out to me that during The Stray, Wander talked about Lil Bits having a whelping box - however, those are usually associated with dogs. Wander would have been speaking either based on his own species’ terms or on assumption of Lil Bits’, so since she was clearly a cat…

could that mean that Wander’s species uses whelping boxes for when they have small babies/children?????

probably not, but I thought it was the cutest thing anyways, so I drew it out. 8u8 <3

Darling Dogs

Based on this imagine found at @imaginexhobbit

Thorin x Reader (first person)

Warnings: UGH. The fluff.

Word count: 1,229

Needless to say, I needed company when Thorin took off with his own Company. Our shared chambers echoed with his absence and I swear sometimes, late at night when the world had gone to sleep without me, I could still hear his robust laugh, that I could still feel his warmth beside me in our bed as he nestled closer to me. It was like my mind had begun to prepare me for his demise given the slim chance of his survival and, given how adamant against allowing it to happen I was, I needed to distract myself somehow.

I simply think it is a pity it took so long.

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Dreamworks University: Part 1

Hopefully the first in a three part…thing. But yeah, HiJack College!AU and this is what I came up with.
Part 2 here
Part 3 here

    “Dad,” Hiccup groaned, his tone slightly exasperated, “You really don’t need to do this.”

    His father let out a chuckle as he merely shifted the cardboard box in his hands, no doubt incredibly heavy with a printer and a collection of Hiccup’s own books.

    “I know I don’t,” Stoick said happily, a gruff, Scottish accent prominent in his voice. He cast a glance over his shoulder at his son. “Just let me help you this one last time.”

    Hiccup could only roll his eyes as he followed his father out to his car, his own hands already full with duffle bag and suitcase stuffed with clothes. Stoick had been helping him pack all day. Well, all day was a bit of an exaggeration, seeing as his car was only so big and he could only pack it so tight. But still, his dad had been insistent on helping Hiccup pack up his things and load it all into the car, despite his protests. So eventually, Hiccup gave in, following his dad in and out of the house, making sure everything delicate was packed away carefully.

    Amongst the packing and the boxing up and the loading of the car, Hiccup couldn’t help but notice that his dad was taking everything a bit slower than necessary. Now, this wasn’t cause for alarm, but still, Hiccup couldn’t help but wonder if it was deliberate. As if Stoick was trying to delay his son’s leaving until the last possible second. Either way, Hiccup decided to dismiss the pace of his father’s packing until it was nearly two hours past the time Hiccup had been planning to leave.

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