in the way that all humanity is

Jack’s Betrayal

Bitty sobbed, “I can’t believe you! How could you do this to me?” He glared at Tater. “How can you let him do this?”

Tater shuffled his feet nervously, too afraid to look at Bitty.

“We are all human. Cannot help it.”

Jack tried to place a consoling hand on Bitty’s shoulder before thinking better of it.

“Bits, I’m so sorry.”

“Store bought pie! And not just any bakery bought pie! I’m gone for one week and you buy pie in CVS, and your precious Falconers just go along with it. How did artificial sweetener and failure taste like, Tater?!” Bitty spat out.

“We spoiled, of course we not like it as much as yours!” Tater hurriedly assured Bitty. “But we are human, and pie is pie.”

“Bits…” Jack tried to placate Bitty again, but was rebuked.

“Fine! Since all pie is pie then Jack can get all of your food from CVS! Maybe he’ll feel fancy and try Kroger cakes! Y'all better really enjoy that because I’m making nothing!” Bitty stomped off.

“Noooo!!! Zimbonni, what are we going to do? No more pie!” Tater cried out miserably.

Jack’s ears reddened, but otherwise there was no change in his expression. “Come on, he’s my boyfriend. I’ll find a way. Maybe. There’s still some frozen pie at home if everything fails.”

Tater’s mouth dangled open. “There was pie?! And you not share it with us? You give us fake pie and have Bitty be mad at everyone but it is okay with you because YOU still have pie at home?! You are dead man walking, Zimmboni.”

Jack shrugged.

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hawknath + "where did all these puppies come from?" XD

“Sir? Where did all these puppies come from?”

Gabriel cleared his throat, embarrassed. “I may have, perhaps, not thought the latest akuma through.”

Nathalie tried to edge her way through the mass of squirming, yipping creatures to her desk. “You made a puppy akuma?” Her eyes widened. “Did you akumatize another child? You promised you wouldn’t do that again!”

“At the time, it did seem as though the benefits would outweigh any potential-”

“Oh my God, is this because you feel guilty about telling Adrien he could never have a pet?”

Gabriel’s face went red. “Certainly not.”

“This is that damn birthday party all over again, you know. You make some ridiculous decree, realize you’ve crossed a line, and then instead of admitting you were wrong like a normal human being, you make an akuma to give your son what you refuse to.”

“I don’t have time to stand here listening to wild accusations, I’m in the middle of something and I really do need to be getting back to the lair.” Gabriel hurried out of the room. Sighing, Nathalie bent down and scratched one particularly eager Bernese mountain puppy behind his impossibly soft ears.

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Well obviously Steve has a biting kink, but what if Steve bites Tony in the heat of the moment?

This got kind of long lol mind the cut


Ah yes.

A day that would be forever seared in Tonys mind as the first time since being newly turned that his fire literally leapt from his body.

He bit Steve all the time, of course. Loving little nips when they were spending time together. The deep bites when he had to drink. Sharply, but not usually enough to break skin when they were coming together, when Tony was buried deep inside the gorgeous human.

But one time, Steve bit Tony back.

It was just a quick thing, right in the middle of everything. Neither one of them had come yet, but Tony already was drinking from him, pulling deep swallows from Steve’s neck and Steve– Steve loved it, he loved the intimacy and the way Tony held him close, and how their breathing synced up– he loved it.

So much so that he didnt think anything about when he he pulled Tony closer and bit him back.

It was weird maybe, to bite like that, because Steve had never done it with anyone else. He preferred his encounters to be gentle and loving, which didn’t usually involve teeth.

But gentle and loving with Tony did involve teeth, and Steve thought maybe Tony would like it, so he just…bit him.

Tony froze above him, going stock still and Steve instantly pulled away, apologizing quickly. “Damn, Tony, Im sorry. I thought– I mean, I like it so much when you bite me I thought maybe you would and–”

“Again.” Tony’s voice was practically a purr. “Again, harder.”

“Yeah?” Steve asked cautiously, putting one hand on the back of Tony’s neck. “Harder?”

“Wait.” Tony let go of Steve to reach for the pocket knife Steve had pulled from his pants before undressing. “Like this.” Tony ran the knife over his neck just enough to draw blood. “Now again. Harder.”

Steve took a deep breath because the presence of blood changed things, but not enough to stop him, so he tugged Tony back down and bit harder, sucking hard over the shallow wound until he could taste him.

Tony tasted like leather and smoke and Steve loved it.

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Vol 13 showed characters are selfish and the people who are self righteous get in trouble.

Pride does come right before the fall, after all.

That being said, while I think the Moon Arc is to render all of these characters at their lowest point, as the violence that dragon is now showing is a clear manfiestation of Kaneki’s Id, and his long repression of wanting to harm humans, but considering himself too morally above it all to do it. 

Kaneki’s odd want to value life, but also his refusal to care about masses of individuals who weren’t directly related to him in some way, yet positioning of himself as their savor regardless. Basically, a bunch of contradictions folding in on each other and coming out as his darkest desires made manifest. The Id. I desire. 

The same way that Mukade itself was created by Kaneki forcefully separating his kind side that he showed to Hinami, and his violent side that he showed to the other ghouls around him, and thus repressing himself again and again until it all came flowing out at once. 

That being said, while this arc is a really natural and thematic consequence to the over 40 chapters of repression and building up we’ve been going through (really this has been one long football toss in terms of buildup and payoff), I’m not sure Volume 13 counts as consequences to everyone.

Goat is the main failure of this revolution yes, but Kurona, Seidou, Akira, Amon all split off for their own selfish desires and refused to see the bigger picture. Urie, Saiko, the rest of the CCG not currently under Juuzou’s wing, also participated and enabled Furuta’s bloodshed to some extent. It would be weird to see them in this final culling of consequences to escape scott free, or even to be allowed to be the heroes in stopping Kaneki, when it is their own refusal to empathize with ghouls that allowed the situation to exacerbate to this point.

I mean Kaneki did a lot of things wrong, but at least he kind of sort of created Goat with the idea of helping ghouls in mind. Which is, much more than can be said for the other half of the characters on the CCG side of things who haven’t even seemed to realize the theme of the manga is how they treat ghouls, not how they resolve their own personal issues and resolve to treat other humans slightly nicer while still mostly ignoring ghouls. What I’m saying is, it’s a bit odd to me how Goat’s side of things was punished, and it looks like the humans who went down to the 24th ward are about to get punished too, but the rest seem to be relatively consequence free for now. 

Say what you will about Ishida’s style of writing, as you said in your ask his sense of narrative Karma is almost perfect. 

Isaac (A human version of Ink made by the awesome @onebizarrekai!! X3)

HHHHHH… I absolutely love reading Kai’s fanfics! And IBVS of course, is no exception :3 Oh, and please do check their blog out, their drawings and stories are very beautiful, and well-written!

*I always look forward to seeing Kai’s art or posts in my dashboard ;v; Their posts brighten up my day (as well as inspire me), and Kai is absolutely wonderful ;3

And (original) Ink of course, belongs to comyet!

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Second time Tony bites Steve? 😇 for the Vamp!Au ❤

“You should be scared.” Tony is staring down at Steve, into velvety blue eyes, his hand on Steve’s throat, thumb stroking over the pulse point. “You should be scared of me, not inviting me back to your place.”

“I don’t care.” Steve shakes his head. “I don’t care. I spent six months obsessing over you. It doesn’t matter who or what you are at this point, I just want to– just want to feel like I did that night.”

“I will make sure it doesn’t hurt.” Tony promises and Steve’s heart speeds up in anticipation. “Let me compel you a little, it will calm you down.”

“No.” Steve jerks his head away, and Tony is too surprised to hold him still. “No compulsion or mind stuff. I want to remember this time. I want to remember it all. It drove me crazy not remembering last time.”

“Alright.” Tony agrees, even though he knows that’s a bad idea. Compulsion makes sure the human won’t recognize them again, makes sure they won’t wake up halfway through in a panic, or start screaming, which is a pretty quick way to switch a vampire from just drinking, to killing.

But Tony knows that whether he uses compulsion or not, he will keep coming back to Steve, and Steve will keep remembering him, so it doesn’t matter.

“Relax.” He whispers, and bends his head, but Steve startles him by reaching out and running his fingers through Tony’s thick hair, and down over his face.

“You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” Steve says with awe lacing his voice, and Tony is so shocked that his jaw falls open, his fangs flashing in the low light. “God even this–” that deep voice is a little shaky as he drags a thumb over Tony’s lips. “Even fangs. I never would have thought–but god. Just the most beautiful—”

Tony kisses him then.

He hasn’t kissed anyone in years and years and years, but he needs to kiss Steve. Needs to taste those lips beneath his own, needs to feel warm breath and a slick tongue and to swallow the little noise Steve makes.

Then Tony pulls away, lays the gentlest kiss over Steve’s pulse, and sinks his teeth into his neck.

Steve’s back arches, fingers pulling through Tony’s hair, and the groan that punches from his chest is just…just good. Tony sighs against him, pulling hard at the punctures, and swallowing noisily, drinking in time to Steve’s heartbeat, rucking the t shirt up so he can feel skin, feel the heat that was pouring from the man.

“Please—” Steve has his eyes closed, even though he is limp beneath Tony’s hands. “At least say my name this time. You didn’t last time.”

“Steven.” Tony stops drinking only long enough to croon in his ear. “Steven.” and now there is a sweet bite to the blood that only pleasure brings.

Knowing he brings pleasure to this man just by saying his name makes the vamp smile.  

Another Damian Wayne Headcanon

Okay, so I recently learned about this thing that humans do. I already knew that when you go through a trauma, your brain kind of shuts everything except survival down so the only emotion you really let yourself feel is adrenaline because nothing else is safe. Well, then, if/when your brain heals and starts telling you it’s safe, your emotions go all the way up to 12000, I guess because your brain has to get use to processing them again?

Anyways, please imagine with me, poor Damian has been living with the bats for years, and while everything that they do isn’t exactly safe, he has people who love him fiercely and well and his brain starts to relax. And he finds himself tearing up at almost everything - happy tears, sad tears, mad tears, emotionally ambiguous tears - he hates it and because his brain is so relaxed he can’t stop it nearly as fast or completely as he used to. Cue way too many cuddle sessions with teasing but concerned siblings. It doesn’t last very long, but there’s tons of photographical and video proof. Including Bruce’s not-at-all-small freak out when it first started happening. Drake - the traitor - does his research and finds out the most probably cause and he tells Grayson. Damian’s revenge is swift, though not as harsh as it would’ve been two months ago. Mostly because he’s just glad it’s over. (He still can’t watch The Land Before Time, though.)


Key’s “art”
Also you pronounce Andromache, like Andro-MA-Key
Something like that lol.
[even tho I’m sure you all know, ‘cause I didn’t lol]

I’ll probably call her Key even tho I’ve been calling her Andro the whole time b/c I didn’t know how to pronounce her name until I googled it. 

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Does Tony try to spoil Steve with a lot of courting gifts? Is Tony old fashioned when he woos his love or does he ignore “dating rules“ because they changed way to often over the decades?

Tony doesnt believe in dating, he thinks its a waste of time. Obviously humans only use dating as a chance to get others into bed, and there are much easier ways to sleep with someone than having to call them multiple times, pay for expensive dinners, put up with families and pets and odd habits— all just to fuck someone? 

No thank you.

He tries to spoil Steve, he buys him old books, expensive art supplies, and gets all his clothes made by Tonys favorite tailor, but he doesnt understand the constantly changing rules of “Dating”, especially since up until Steve he hadnt really had the desire to spend the night with someone he had drank from. Thats not to say that Tony hasn’t slept with (more than) his fair share of men and women over the decades, but he had never wanted to spend the night with them.  

But he likes sleeping next to Steve. So he spoils him with new pillows and beautiful blankets as well. 

(those might be more for Tony than Steve. Who ever decided that polyester felt good enough to sleep in? Tony prefers the highest count cotton, or when he is feeling particularly slutty, silk.)

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Do you ever wonder why humanity has started throwing temper tantrums to get what they want? It's no different for your channel. They will hate, hate, and hate, until they get what THEY want. What makes you happy means nothing to them. But, don't worry, nearly all of the rest of the world is that way too. If ya need it, i'm here for support. Despite being an anon that's too lazy to make an account.

That’s completely fine!
Yes this world is now based on stalking
Social media and showing where you are
Children and brought up to receive what they want and to not care about anyone else
I’m a giving person which is why I’m been used in the past but no more

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how do you deal with L after the comments she made about the shippers? some days, like today, i have a hard time finding in myself to look past it and i just get really sad and – sigh.

Anon I just do. I know she’s a way better person than that. i’m so used to the shippers always being the punching bag that I internalize my disappointment, but I don’t forget anything. You know? there’s always an option that it might’ve not be Lauren at all, but either way it still upsets me as much as you. A lot of camren shippers are amazing human beings that didn’t deserve to be generalized or associated with a “mental facility” from the outside.

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Was cat!virgil always a cat? Or was he all the way human before?

He was human before. There was a mishap with that fandom macguffin, the Dragon Witch. ;) It will wear off eventually. But for now: shenanigans!

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I love when uppity fandom nerds call people "puritans" for saying not to make porn of kids/don't talk about sex with kids. Like I am constantly horny and infinitely kinkier than all of these 35 year old straight women that think Snape making them wear handcuffs is the Epitome Of Kink but I just keep it to my goddamn self like a normal human.

Mood same.

Honestly like even if that wasnt the case tho i rlly feel a Way abt ppl like seeing being “vanilla” and ~prudish~ as a bad thing and the Go to Insult tho bc i feel like that contributes to a lot of pressure on girls to do things theyre not comfortable with but thats an entirely different can of worms and i dont feel like getting into kinkcourse tonight

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I don't think any of them will be top/bottom in their 16 years old. Also not in 17. Probably not until the war ends. And not when Mika is vampire. I can't imagine Yuu having sex with Mika who might not like it as a vampire. If Mika becomes human again, it's up to them who will be top, bottom or if they will switch. Or if they will do it at all.


There are several problems with the “who tops and who bottoms” discussion:

  1. They’re 16???
  2. Mika’s a vampire <- Chances are he can’t do sex.
  3. There’s literally no way to tell unless they state it, and personality has nothing to do with someone’s preference. That’s some yaoi bullshit.
  4. 99% of the ppl who discuss this sort of thing are straight women… Just- Don’t. Stick to your preference but don’t claim “this is the girl and this is the boy in the relationship” or I swear to god…

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I wonder if after all of this, Komaeda would ever dare open up to you again. I know it was late, it was inappropriate, he hurt you with this, but the way you reacted when he tried to tell you what was one his mind? Leaving in anger I can understand,but your last words were unnecessarily harsh and were clearly meant to hurt back. Violence may not be the solution, but words hurt much more sometimes.

Do you think I don’t know that? Maybe my reaction wasn’t the best but I’m only human, I can’t always have the perfect reaction, even I can reach a point where I can’t just smile and be understanding.

HannibalHallow Day 19- Space

I immediately thought of Star Trek because it´s my absolute favourite when it comes to sci-fi and then @matildaparacosm asked for spacedogs so here you have a Spacedogs Star Trek AU!

Nigel is the captain (aka Kirk), Adam the first officer (aka Spock).

Nigel is a ladies man, flirts a lot. Adam doesn´t quite get it, he learned early on that humans are different from vulcans that way. Adam is fascinated by space and all the technical details, but also the history of space travel. He owns an original antique spacesuit from the 21st century.

The two of them have a rough start but soon get closer over the time of their five year mission.


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Who do you think should be the leader of the Justice League, assuming a Big 7 line up.

Wonder Woman. She’s comparably powerful to Superman (even the way I’d handle it where he’s actually much stronger than any other hero including her and Captain Marvel but in a punching contest they can all hurt each other just fine because magic, it’s all about the same to us humans) and a far better fighter, and unlike Batman, who’s experienced in giving orders to subordinates in what amounts to a black-ops unit, she’s the one who’s been trained since childhood to act as a leader to fellow warriors. I think she could rally the troops and get them in line in a way neither of them could; not that Superman wouldn’t still be leading the charge a lot of the time given how much he can do and endure, and that Batman wouldn’t frequently be coming up with last-minute saves, but I see her as the one actually barking orders in the field and forming their standard tactics and keeping the whole operation on-point and running smoothly at the head of the table, especially once you throw her political experience on top. Scott Snyder actually seems to be writing her in much that role in Metal as the one calling the shots, which I appreciate seeing.

Okaaayyy 9am, now tea and back to work. Soon I’m finished with this, one way or another (the two ways being : good manuscript or meh manuscript and I don’t give a shit)(second option is fine by me, thanks). 

Next week at the same time I’ll be home, sleeping with my arms around my tiny human bear and that’s all I want (now with the biggest beard I’ve ever seen on him. It’s terrible. I don’t know if I like it or of I’m going to pester him to shave it off :P)


I remember when I was a 16 year old goth kid with a big purple mohawk and ridiculous-ass makeup and kids at school would spit on me, call me dyke, throw food at me, etc.

So I come home from school one day and I’m like “Mom, I’m tired of people bullying me all the time. This sucks.”

And she was like “Well, you walk around looking really strange. It shouldn’t be that way but the world sucks, so if you want the bullying to stop, you have to look and act more normal”

I had NO IDEA how to look or act normal because no one taught me, on top of being really mentally ill and untreated, and to this day I’ve almost got the “looking” normal thing down but I still can’t speak or act like a human being so the bullying continued into the workplace and I’m just sitting here at 27 years old like



Clowbois doodles
Croxie bobsie is a tiny little fella that tries his best to be a scary clown but he is way too cute and victims dont take him srly and just laught at him, that makes him more angry , he also tells bad taste jokes and when he appears there is confetti all around, he likes to eat human skin

Olsybud , this is a chill clown than never opens his eyes and often jokes about why he cant see anything , he also sings all the time and only can make dogs from balloons, he likes to eat human baby fingers