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White Noise [Billy Hargrove]

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Prompt: Billy is head over heels for (Y/N) Harrington.

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Reader, (platonic) Steve x sister!Reader

Fandom: Stranger Things

Warning: cursing, drunk-ness (?)

Author’s note: by popular demand, the fourth part to the Billy imagine. You guys asked for a happy ending, so I’m trying to give it to you. Hope you like this. Also, I might only write one more part to this series. I still don’t know. 


(Y/N) Harrington thought she’d seen the last of Billy Hargrove. After all, before the day he asked her out for the first time, they hadn’t cross a word. And then, she’d told him what she thought of him. She hadn’t been the nicest, which wasn’t how she normally was (she was more of an overall-good girl), but she thought he deserved it. 

(Y/N) and Steve’s parents had never really been around, so naturally, Steve had assumed both the role of a big brother and a paternal figure. He’d made sure she never got hurt. So when he came home with her face looking almost unrecognizable, she couldn’t feel anything else but despise for the person responsible.

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Last One Out of Beach City - Podcast

If you can listen to the podcast on itunes, please do! My summary does not do it justice!

According to the writers, the comedy of the episode was that Pearl was trying to act like a motor cycle rebel, but she doesn’t really fit that superficial human version of a “rebel”. Pearl felt like she needed to prove something, but in the end, her friends let her know that she doesn’t. They see her as “cool” the way she is.

So much of the rebellious stuff that Pearl did in the past was because of Rose. She was following Rose, so when Rose left, she felt like that rebellious part of her left as well. That’s why she clung tighter to rules, structure, routine, etc. That’s why in Season 1 she’s so much about Gem culture, and other things she was familiar with.

In “Last One Out Of Beach City”, Pearl comes to realize that it wasn’t just Rose that made her that way, it was also something she had within herself.

It’s a lot of fun to write Steven in Pearl’s traditional role (worrying), and pushing Pearl’s buttons, and flipping her on her head.

Rebecca added the freeze frame title cards at the end of the episode. Originally, the cops were going to show up at the party.

The episode originally leaned more towards Pearl wanting to learn about humans, but it evolved into her wanting to prove that she wasn’t a “square”.

Also, Amethyst was originally a lot more pushy about Pearl going to talk to Mystery Girl. However, the writers realized Amethyst wouldn’t pressure Pearl at this point. She knows Pearl is cool, and she doesn’t want to give her a hard time because they’re having a genuine “moment” together. She doesn’t want to push her into something she’s not ready for or is uncomfortable with.

The resolution changed from “talking to girl” being the thing that resolved Pearl’s conflict, to instead the moment Pearl has with her friends telling her she is great, and that she is a rebel because of all the cool things she does. After that, she has a beat where she’s feeling more confident in herself, and has fun.

Mystery Girl was suppose to look like Rose (Pearl has a “type” was the joke). The character was created to serve the idea that Pearl was moving on from her past and the baggage associated with it, and not necessarily that they were going to have a relationship beyond that. It shows that Pearl is changed, and is moving on, and willing to try new things.

The writers had fun revisiting their “teenage punk concert” days by having the characters be awkward about approaching other characters to talk to them. It’s a big deal (back when you’re a teen).

Magical beings don’t really fit into “state laws”. The gems, up until recently, have been deliberately obtuse about human culture. They never learned a lot about it, which leads to a lot of comedy.

Rose was the one who really loved humans, and tried hard to sell the others on it. It wasn’t until Steven came into their lives did the others have to face human society. That awkwardness can lead to a lot of fun and humor.

Pearl driving is a throw-back to an early concept of an episode where Pearl drives Steven around Beach City.

Rebecca Sugar and Mike Krol went to school together, so Rebecca suggested having him in the show. She helped time out the car chase scene to his song.

A subtle joke in the episode was that Pearl heard Amethyst wrong, and thinks “Mike Krol” is “My Krol” or “Your Krol”.

The running gag with “Ocean Town” is that crewniverse enjoys coming up with various “problems” the town might have, like being on fire for a long time. Petty regional rivalries are funny to the writers.


How do you connect story/plot lines between different storyboarders and writers OR is there someone specifically in charge of maintaining continuity?

The show is one giant collaborative effort, so everyone involved remembers everything. There’s a core group of people, including Rebecca, who work on all the episodes. They know about everything that’s going on. When an episode is pitched, all the storyboard artists are invited to join, not just the ones working on the episode, so that they may give feedback. Everyone is always cluing everyone else in, nobody is kept out of the dark. They also have meetings where Rebecca tells everyone where their particular plots lines are suppose to be heading. Everyone has a lot of opinions, and everyone is really invested in their boarding and writing.

Do you guys work more bottom-up, or top-down?

Rebecca had scenes and images, and a concept in mind, and she would give it to the writers to add more detail. Other times, there’s specific things they HAVE to show, like Steven getting new powers, or Centi episodes, and they start from there. You don’t have to know everything all at once, taking things step by step is much more manageable. Once you have a good outline, you can go to storyboarding.

NEXT WEEK: “Steven’s Dream”


Cover done by my amazing friend @queenofbuttercups
She was super nice to draw me a cover while I finished the last page. Please check out her amazing art👌👌👌

She also inspired me to do this comic. She introduced me to the hanahaki disease, and it’s been in my head all day w/ kiibo so I thought of an au and drew it.

Lemme point things out. I completely gave up on shading on the other three pages, but some have told me it looked fine that way, so I left it be.
Second of all, I completely gave up on this and gave it a terrible ending. I had no idea of a happy ending right away, so I just was like “okay that’s a bad ending let’s do it”
Consider it a introduction. If you really wanna see more- let me know! (Some suggestions would be hella nice.)
Third of all, it was suppose to be a Shuichi X kiibo comic but, If you wanna consider it also Iruma X Kiibo, go ahead
Fourth, I have my mom look through my sketchbook (with permission) so I couldn’t make Iruma, cuss,,, sorRY-

But, please enjoy this comic. I worked extremely hard on this!!
So please enjoy! ^^

You’re Not the Same Part 2

Lance let out an irritated growl. The others had been following him for the past fifteen minutes and honestly, he wanted them to just him alone. They left him alone for ten years, three of which were spent with the Galra.

“Lance! Just wait up, we want to talk to you.” Pidge tried as she jogged to catch up with the Cuban. Lance stopped suddenly, causing Pidge to run into his back.

He turned around fast, his icy glare fixed on Pidge, “There’s nothing to talk about.” He answered in a harsh tone.

“Lance-“ Shiro started in a warning tone.

“No! You left me! We battled the Galra as we always did then Allura opened a wormhole and you all left me! I was surrounded by the Galra and had no way out, I called for you guys saying I needed help but you all left… Some friends you are.” He muttered the last bit under his breath turning around again.

The team continued to follow him but in silence now. They didn’t know where Lance was going but they didn’t want to leave him on his own “again” especially when he was this upset. After walking for what felt like forever they approached what looked like a village.

“He’s back!” An orange alien who would’ve looked human if they hadn’t had a tail that resembled a lizards. Their ears were pointed at the tips and from the ones they could see it seemed that they had stripes that started beneath their lower lash line and ended in a point just above their chins, they seemed similar to an upside down triangle.

The orange alien with deep red stripes on their face ran to Lance before jumping on him hugging him tightly. They were followed by another orange being with blue stripes and a final grey alien with dusty rose stripes.

The small grey alien laid eyes on the Paladins and Alteans and moved closer to Lance before tugging on his pant leg.

“What’s wrong Co’san?” Lance asked setting down the alien who jumped at him. Co’san raised a hesitant hand pointing to the others. Lance, who was smiling just moments before, turned to the others with a sour look on his face, “Don’t worry they won’t be staying long.”

“Lance-“ Hunk began in a pleading voice.

“They won’t be staying long.” Lance said with venom lacing his words before taking Co’san small grey hand and heading towards the village.


The Paladins looked around at the small but seemingly cozy huts in the village. Most of the aliens had gathered around Lance and began asking questions.

“Did you fight the Galra again?”

“How many were there?”

“Who are the others you brought with you?”

“Were they prisoners you rescued?”

“Is it hard taking down the Galra by yourself all the time?”

Lance avoided the questions concerning his former team but answered the others with an amused smile on his face. Many of the aliens surrounding him were children, who all seemed to be wearing what looked like a moroccan robe while the adult women wore what looked similar to a sari dress and the men wore what looked like a tunic with the sleeves rolled up to their elbows and pants that looked liked jeans combined with slacks.

“Excuse me,” a women dressed in red with accents of gold on her dress spoke tapping Allura on the shoulder. She was a deep pastel purple color with teal stripes. On the center of her forehead was a gem encased by gold with thin golden chains hidden under her raven hair, “I am Narsielle, the Empress of Tai’il. I as well as the other Taiains would like to know who you are and how you came to our planet. Are you friends of Lance? He came here wearing the same symbol you bare on your armour.”

“‘Friends’ isn’t exactly the word Lance would use to describe us with.” Keith said bitterly looking away from the Empress.

Nariselle cocked her head to the side with furrowed brows, “Why not? Have you had a falling out of sorts?”

“Not exactly,” Shiro replied hesitantly, “The details are a bit… blurred I guess. Our story of what happened doesn’t exactly line up with Lance’s and there’s some… miscommunication.”

“Maybe you could tell us about Lance, Empress?” Coran spoke up, casting one more look to Lance who was telling a story to the Taiains around him.

“Oh, of course!” Nariselle started with a smile, “Lance arrived to our planet five years ago, about three months after we broadcasted our distress signal. He took down many Galra ships, fighting alongside our bravest warriors. Once the battle was over he seemed disappointed. When I ask him what was troubling him he replied saying he had hoped his friends would’ve come to answer the signal so he could once more be reunited with them.

“We took him in and listened to his story. He told us how he had been fighting the Galra with his team. He said his team also flew lions like the Blue Lion he came to our planet with. He said that the Galra became overbearing and an evacuation from the scene was needed immediately. He had called to his friends for help because he was cornered by the Galra and had no way out. He called for his friends to come back and help him but his friends had already left.

“He was then taken prisoner by the Galra for three years. He remembered how they would play cruel tricks on him. Such as tricking him into thinking his friends were close to finding him or had boarded the ship to save him. They forced him to fight for his life almost every night in the Gladiator Ring.” Nariselle’s face became solemn as she remembered the details Lance told her of the many people he had to kill just to survive another day.

“He wishes he had never had to fight to stay alive. The number of innocent people he had to-“ she took a deep shuttering breath to calm herself. The Paladins and Alteans didn’t know what to say. Shiro understood how Lance must’ve felt having gone through the same thing but now he wished something could’ve been done so Lance wouldn’t have had to deal with something like that.

“Later, after a difficult fight in which he lost his eye sight in his right eye, he decided he needed to leave as soon and as quickly as he could. He wouldn’t share the details of his escape with me but he did tell me that after his escape he spent two years searching space for his friends only to realize he wouldn’t be able to find them anytime soon.

“During the five years he has spent with my people he accepted that he would never see his team ever again and a deep loathing came with the realization.

“I am thankful for him though.” A small smile graced the Empress’s face, “If it had not been for him, I do believe my people would either be enslaved or extinct today. It’s as if the Ancient Ones sensed our distress and gave us the protector we desperately needed.”

Allura shook her head, a hand placed on her chin as though she was deep in thought, “I don’t understand though. The battle with the Galra you spoke to us of, the one where we supposedly left Lance behind, that happened about a varga ago for us.”

“Do you think it’s possible the wormhole was corrupted again? Except this time it launched us ten years into the future instead of sending us to different places throughout space?” Pidge asked.

“It could be possible but, the Castle didn’t pick up and readings of the wormhole being compromised. I’ll need to go back and do a system reboot to see if anything would pop up.” Coran answered.

“Wait, so it’s actually totally one hundred percent plausible that we were projected ten years into the future and left Lance completely and utterly on his own?” Hunk asked with a look of despair on his face.

“I’m afraid so.” Allura responded.

“Then how do we fix this? Is there a way we can go back?” Keith questioned looking at the others.

Shiro cast his gaze to Coran who gave him a look. Shiro sighed deeply before turning to Keith, “I don’t think we can.”


Part two is finally here!! I know I said this was gonna be going up like last week but somethings came up and that didn’t happen so sorry about that. Anyways I hope you enjoyed this, let me know what you think!!

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So Rebecca comes back the week leading to Christmas according to shady anons. And that'll be a tough week for Robert leading to him in hospital. Could the two be connected?

Yeah, it’s weird that they have her ghost for three weeks only to come back just before Robert’s breakdown and I am like but how do they related because she’s already barred him and then run off with Seb, so what more can she do? Then you have this Alex stuff happening as well. I was telling @sugdingles wouldn’t it be so angsty if Robert left town after seeing Aaron kiss Alex. He takes off his ring and leaves it for Aaron to find and just is like I hope you are very happy with Alex but there is nothing left for me here, I wish you the best Aaron. Then Aaron goes on a warpath cause Robert’s left. That way Robert is gone for two weeks and rocks back up just before Christmas on a bender and shit gets real. 

Ficlet Outtake

Lucy pulls his lips back to hers, kissing him long and slow. He is soft and hesitant, all traces of his usual confidence gone. Taking his face in both of her hands, Lucy trades the first lingering kiss for a second. “It’s okay,” she whispers afterwards, brushing his bangs out of his eyes so that he can see her clearly. “It is, it’s okay.” Lockwood, eyes dark and serious, very slowly reaches out to her, brushing his knuckles lightly along her cheek before pulling her back to him.

Lucy’s world dissolves into whispered reassurances and kisses that are both gentle and filled with electricity.

For all the ways they differ, there is one crucial way in which they are similar. He’s the orphan who locked himself away so he wouldn’t ever have to hurt again, and she’s the statistic whose purpose in life was providing for a family she never saw and barely knew. They’ve both been cheated by life and abandoned by death, left behind to pick up the pieces of what once was.

They’re lonely hearts who found a home in Portland Row, and, just maybe, in each other.

Lucy knows that, were she lucky enough to be given the chance, she would make it her life’s purpose to eradicate all traces of loneliness from his life.

Happy Birthday, @hidetheremote! I hope you enjoy your day and this little drabble! ❤️


She came back.

Kazama wasn’t completely sure how she had tracked him, and he came to the conclusion that she must’ve used her Oni powers to do so. She arrived when the pitch black night of a new moon was giving way to the grey of early morning. She said nothing. Kazama merely let her in and settled her into a room to rest.

When Chizuru awoke later that afternoon, Kazama could tell that the spirited young woman he had left on Ezo had been dimmed. He could feel the visceral anger he always felt for humans surge up as well as the petulant urge to tell her “I told you so,” but his mouth remained shut. Instead, he offered her lunch and watched her mechanically eat. All Kazama could think was that he was never going to let her return to the humans again.

“They’re gone,” she finally whispered. “Hi-Hijikata…he gave his life.”

So that was what happened. Kazama felt a grudging sort of sympathy for a brief moment. As much as he despised the man, he had to give him credit for dying with honor and never waivering in his convictions. Hijikata was truly one who wasn’t completely like other humans, and it was a shame that he had sped through his life.

Chizuru said nothing else about the subject. After lunch, she returned to her room to sleep some more. Kazama wanted to scold her like an errant child, but he also knew that if he wanted her to stay, he needed to keep his mouth shut. Instead, he took to his own room, settled himself comfortably on a cushion, and smoked his kiseru while allowing himself to rage at the humans that kept this Oni woman from him for far too long.

The next morning, Chizuru was more like herself, and Kazama approved as he watched her eat a little more than she did the previous day.

“Thank you,” Chizuru finally said after she had eaten a good portion of her meal. “You didn’t have to take me in.”

Kazama snorted. “Of course I did. What sort of Oni would I be if I abandoned one of the clan leaders?”

Chizuru startled. “But I…I refused you. You have every right-“

Kazama’s answering smile was feral. “Yes, you did, but I suppose not everyone learns from what they are told by those wiser than them. Some must experience for themselves in order to finally believe. I was hoping to spare you that pain, but I see you have finally seen what I’ve been trying to tell you.”

Chizuru frowned thoughtfully. “If you think that I now believe humans to be terrible, you’re wrong. I won’t ever change my mind on that.”

“He abandoned you, Chizuru,” Kazama growled. “After he promised to protect you!”

Chizuru huffed. “He did it to protect me! He knew Ezo wouldn’t be safe, and he thought he was doing the right thing by leaving me in Edo.” Her voice broke, and Kazama saw tears in her eyes. “He was right. It wasn’t…”

Kazama could sense there was more that happened that she didn’t say, and he wondered what exactly had transpired after he left. Either way, he could tell whatever it was had deeply upset Chizuru. Kazama sighed.

“I’m glad you’ve returned.”

Chizuru looked up at him, shock in her eyes. “Will you accept me as I am?”

Kazama closed his eyes with a small smile and shook his head. “Of course, even if I don’t agree with your views on humans.”

Chizuru’s smile was small but full of conviction. “Then I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.”


♦  Gasoline  ♦ 

“Why are you here?” Jughead frowned as his dark-haired cousin strode purposefully over to him with a wide grin across her face. He knew that look on Tilda, and it always spelled trouble. 

“To tell you I’m riding shotgun.”

Jughead’s eyebrows flew upwards. Although his cousins had been an integral part of negotiations with the Ghoulies, he hadn’t anticipated that Tilda would want to play an active part in the street race. Mulling over it and considering the way she’d flipped Malachai off when they’d left, it didn’t overly surprise him. She wanted to challenge him, to put him in his place. Elijah tried to stay out of trouble, but his younger sister was always ready for the adrenaline rush.


“Shotgun,” Tilda repeated patiently, gesturing to the car they’d managed to borrow from a reluctant Reggie. “You know, sitting in the passenger seat. We’re Southside royalty. You haven’t been in this gang a long time, but we have. Trust me. I should be there.”

dont hate on amy because she's playing imra.

i cant believe i have to write this but i saw that some karamels left hateful comments under her posts for “getting in the way of our ship”, sounds too familiar doesn’t it?
i thought “we” could be better than that ugly side of our fandom. she’s just playing the role.
i dont like amy, for other reasons that don’t concern karamel or the show, but i dont go leaving hate on her account. please, be mature and make this a peaceful environment.

Betray - PART FIVE - Kim Taehyung OS [angst]

Plot: In which Taehyung leaves you on the day of your wedding to run off with your best friend and you finding out about their secret.


You couldn’t leave your place even after she left. You looked down at your feet and literally cursing them because they brought you here. Regretting every step you made towards her. Everything was well planned and she reached what she longed for but why did she still talked so bad about you?
You turned around to the road where her car just drove off. Doesn’t matter how much anger you had towards her or Taehyung you couldn’t ever hate them. Hate is such a hard word with a deep meaning. You only wanted to avoid the two but unfortunately, you always crossed the same ways. Slowly you closed your eyes, inhaling the cold air and sighing. You smiled weakly to yourself as you finally left the place.

You went to the bus stop and sat down on the bench. Looking at the cars speeding in front of you. Suddenly you felt the urge to cry. Your throat was sore and your eyes felt heavy. The feeling you wanted to avoid. Just a moment ago you smiled and now you forcefully tried to hold back your tears. It felt like time stopped and your vision went blurry. You closed your eyes firmly and hit your chest slowly because of the lack of air you had in that moment.

It’s always the bad people who win. Always…

“Excuse me” you heard a female voice saying. You opened your eyes and tried to look into her eyes.
“Are you okay?” She asked worriedly. That girl was looking like a high school student. You nodded and smiled weakly.

“Thank you” you stood up as you saw your bus parking at the bus stop. You got into the bus and sat down on the seats at the very end. Thankfully, the bus wasn’t full. You looked out of the window and tried to stay calm. Slowly your hands made its way up to your chest where you felt your heart beating fast. You wanted to be home now!

When the bus finally reached your station you hopped out of the bus and tried to walk fast towards your little flat. Unfortunately, you were pretty slow because of your ache.
It was also the first time in which your neighbors were outside. You walked in the middle of the small street in your area.

“Isn’t that Y/ N?” You heard some old women whispering. Pressing your coat against yourself you walked faster.

“She is back, when did she come back?” Others talked.

“Poor girl …” you heard another one saying.

“She was left on her wedding day. Her husband ran away with her best friend, rumors said-” she was cut off by another woman being surprised and giving her a shocked voice.

“I wouldn’t ever come back. Is she insane?” Another tried to whisper. But the more you reached your house the more people stared at you and talked about you. When you reached your house you entered the little gate and tried to put your key in the door. Your hands were shaking like crazy. After you opened your door you pushed it close, loudly and pressed your back against the door. You closed your eyes feeling the hot tears coming up. When you opened your eyes you looked into the mirror which was in front of you. Your breathing was heavy and loud. You looked at yourself.
Red and puffy eyes, lips dry and slightly apart, your hair is awful, and your eyes … crying. Still crying. Even though many years passed still crying for that reason.
Suddenly you grabbed a small base next to you and threw it into the mirror which broke into pieces. You let out a loud yell and fell to your knees, crying loudly and awfully. Your head was pounding on the door behind yourself.

“Why did I turned like this? Why do I still cry for the same reason!? Why do I hate myself so much! So much for not forgetting.” You threw your bag across the room and stood up feeling the anger towards yourself as you pushed everything which fixed your gaze.

I will fight for the father of my son. You can’t get angry at me for that.

Her words were repeating itself in your mind. You kicked the belongings which were on a small desk and went up to the small bookshelf where you threw all the books on the ground. Everything went so fast in front of your eyes.

Poor girl.

You looked at your door. Again the anger and frustration were making you act without thinking.

Is she insane?

Suddenly you started laughing loudly with your little cries in between. The scenario was horrific. You weren’t sure what the hell was going on with you.
Were they also hurting? Are they suffering from guilt? Feeling down and depressed? Why can’t they feel the pain you had to go through? You went through your hair, pulling on your roots while closing your eyes. Slowly, you wiped your tears away and lied down on the couch, putting your head in your neck. It was immense pain which you suffered from mentally and physically.
Even though you were telling yourself to not mind and think about it being not worth it, you couldn’t stop thinking about it. Thinking about him.
You were happy about the fact of avoiding him but it was rather sad because somewhere deep in your heart you wanted to meet him badly. Talk with him about everything. But you couldn’t because you knew that you would fall for him the moment he started talking. If you wouldn’t cut him off several times when you two met you would probably believe all of his words and forgive him immediately.

No … you should get rid of those thoughts as soon as possible. He betrayed you, lied to you and hurt you. He doesn’t deserve to get your attention.
You were looking at the ceiling and tried to think about anything but him and slowly drifted to sleep.
You were woken up by the sound of your phone ringing. You got up and looked at the caller ID. Seokjin.

“Hello?” Your voice was hoarse and deep. You coughed to stable your voice.

“Y/N … c-can you please come?” He breathed out quickly. You heard a strident voice singing on the other end of the phone. The voice wasn’t familiar to Seokjins.

“Seokjin are you ok?” You went through your hair.

“Seokjin? It’s me … it’s me y/n. Taehyung” he laughed as if he was drunk.
You stopped, looking at the empty wall.

“What do you want!?” You gritted your teeth “Where did you get Seokjins phone?”

Again he laughed. “Ah … y/n. I told you that this wouldn’t be the end of us-” you cut him off.

“You’re not in your right mind. Are you drunk? Stop talking nonsense… call me again and I will-” you thought about something good “t-tell my boyfriend” you lied, hating yourself for putting Jimin in your lie.

“Boyfriend?” He laughed sarcastically “tell your boyfriend that I will rip his head off when he treats you wrong”

“As if you’re the person to give lessons on how to treat people. Already forgot what you did to me, huh?” You didn’t know why you were still talking to him and why you said this.

“Aish… even when you’re angry at me I get flustered. Your voice is making me feel better about myself-” that was the moment you knew you would fall for him. Immediately you ended the call and threw your phone on the couch. No more nonsense! You should forget him no matter how much you would like to talk to him. It was just a feeling you wanted to fulfill.

You heard your phone ringing again. He will regret calling you again. You took the call without looking at the ID.

“Stop calling me you moron!”

“M-moron..? When did I call you today?” You looked at the caller ID and facepalmed yourself. Shit! It was Jimin.

“I… I am sorry …” you hit your forehead, hating yourself for acting so fast and without looking at your phone.

“Are you alright?” He asked immediately.

“Y-yes I-” you looked around your living room trying to search for a good excuse. Then you spotted the TV “I- I was watching a drama and this guy was calling the girl and I got pretty into it that’s why I swore at you … well not at you to the men and-” you heard a slight chuckle at the end of the phone.

“But you said "me” though,“ he said waiting for an answer.

"Did I … n-no I actually didn’t … you must have misheard it” you laughed in a pretty fake way and hoped that he didn’t notice.
“Why did you call?” You asked, changing the topic.

“Well … I put something in your locker in school. It was for my third graders… I wanted to make sure that you saw it and gave it to the children” he exclaimed. You remembered the documents which you gave his third graders.

“Yes … I did”

“Thanks …” an awkward silence appeared.

“How are you, by the way? You weren’t in school…-” you asked, nibbling on your nails.

“Ahh me? I wasn’t feeling good in the morning but I’m okay now” he sighed.

“Should I come over? Do you need anything?” He chuckled at your worrisome words.

“I’m okay now .. I will be in school tomorrow as well so don’t worry” he said.

“Alright then … call me if you need anything okay?” With that, you ended the call.

You sat down on your couch. Taehyung is really causing trouble. He should finally stop bothering you. If he has the guts to call you’re going to make him regret it. It was strange that you acted like that. The first moment you were going insane and literally could tear you whole room apart and then you slept, after that you literally boiled in anger because of Taehyung. It felt schizophrenic. But you weren’t sick or insane. It was just that you didn’t know how to deal with these emotions. Seokjin texted you that he wasn’t present when he called. You still were curious why of the sudden Taehyung met him.

“I should get something to eat …” you were looking around your room “it’s cold … I will order something” you called the pizza service and ordered two pizzas for yourself. In the time waiting you cleaned your room. It wasn’t worth to damage all of this. Why did you even start? It should bother you what other people think or even say about you. It doesn’t really matter because you should be over it.

The doorbell rang and you took your order. After you ate your meal you were preparing for the next day’s lessons.
The time went past pretty fast and knew that Christmas was already in the corner. You thought about something cute for your first graders. Some presents or decorating the room, doing fun games. You should ask Jimin and prepare together with him.
It was already the next day and you were having a lesson right now. The fourth graders learned the basic English they needed. Their pronunciation was adorable. It was really cute how they tried to speak fluently.

After that, you gave lessons in first grade. Junho’s eyes lighten the moment he spotted you. His smile faded when he thought about something. He slowly looked at the ground which made you confused. You started the lesson and gave them little tasks to write certain words in hangeul. They started what they’ve been told and you were going around to help and correct them if anything is wrong. Then you saw Junho who was pretty much struggling. When you looked at his paper sheet you saw that it was empty. You kneeled down next to him.

“Hey little boy … why don’t you start writing?” You whispered, smiling weakly at him. You remembered him being so small and cute. He was literally the cutest little baby you’ve ever seen. Sadly he left. He is so innocent and doesn’t deserve to be treated badly by anyone. He is still a precious little boy who wants to live a happy life.

“He can’t write” the girl next to him whispered which made you confused.

“What?” You looked at Junho whose cheeks flushed slightly red.

“He can … but he makes so many mistakes. That’s why so many mock him” the little girl whispered to you so that nobody heard. You sighed and looked at Junho. Did his parents know that he struggled in school because of his lack of writing and other people bullying him? You thought that they probably didn’t or else you would have gotten a report from a doctor if he suffers from a weakness which led him to have reading and spelling problems.

You put your hand on his shoulders. “How about you draw what the word means for the time being?” You asked him and he started smiling. Such a humble boy, your heart literally felt the ease.
He nodded quickly and you smiled.

You wanted to help him with that problem but you didn’t know how. There was no other option than giving him some lessons to improve but for the approval, you needed to talk with the director and his parents which you wanted to avoid. There must be another way. You wanted to talk to Jimin about it because he is always a really good helping hand to you.
Hopefully, this little boy gets over his weakness fast so he can feel more confident about himself.

The lesson ended and you went into the staff room where you searched for Jimin. He was sitting on his desk and wrote something intensely on his documents.

“Jimin” you breathed out quietly. He turned around and smiled at you.

“How are you?” You asked and sat down on your chair.

“I’m good as you can see…” you didn’t know why but everything felt pretty awkward right now. You scratched your neck and turned to your desk. Was it perhaps because you left on the day where you two were hanging around?

“Jimin?” You were curious and without any communication, this awkward atmosphere wouldn’t disappear.

“Yes?” He still didn’t look at you.

“Are you really feeling ok? Did I do something wrong?” You went through your hair.

“No … everything is fine” he thought a little but decided to stay quiet.

“I guess it’s not… but I will respect that now. But I actually thought about something” you started facing him.
“How about we prepare something nice for Christmas? For the little kids… and-” you weren’t sure if that would lead to a misunderstanding but still asked “and for us?”

His eyes light up and he stared at you with hope in his eyes. He nodded slightly and smiled at you.

“Cool! Let’s meet up sometime to prepare…” you told him. The main reason to meet up with him was to make things better between you two and talk about Junho who didn’t leave your mind.

“How about this weekend?” You added.

“That would be pretty good for me actually… I will text you then” he said in a monotone voice. You nodded and wanted to leave when you felt something vibrating in your pocket. You looked at the caller ID which was unknown. It was probably Taehyung. You rolled your eyes and ended the call before picking it up. You left the staff room to go to your next lesson. But before it even started you put your phone on standby.

This will be another problem for you.


The text messages between Seokjin and YN is in my previous post! And btw the coming parts will be full angsty so be prepared♥



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Fanfic Friday: Breathless, Chapter 10 [FINAL]

This chapter is longer than the other ones, but there was a lot to be resolved! I could’ve opted to split it into two chapters, but for structural reasons I wanted this fic to have ten chapters. I hope you guys will enjoy it; I certainly had a lot of fun writing it 😉.

A little disclaimer: everything I know about childbirth is through the internet and CtM.

The contractions started in the night. Shelagh felt them, decided they were probably Braxton Hicks, and forced herself to go back to sleep. When she woke again, Patrick had already left for work, leaving a hastily-scribbled note in his illegible handwriting.

Shelagh made breakfast for herself and Timothy, doing her best to ignore the pains in her lower back.

“Are you all right?” Timothy asked her, frowning. The way he knit his brows was exactly the same as Patrick’s.

“Yes. Don’t worry about me. You must go to school,” she said, giving him a tight smile.

“You look pale.”

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birdswriting  asked:

👼🏼 - what is your ideal friend like?

My ideal friend is one I already have. I only really get to see her when I visit home but the smile that breaks out on her face every time she sees me and the way she runs and jumps into my arms will never not delight me. We’ve been friends forever but we both struggled so hard with lonliness growing up, and as we got older, other friends fell away until we really only had each other left. She’s really truly honestly the only person who’s always been there for me outside of my family and she is the sweetest person alive. She’s so funny and fun to be around and I will never tire of crashing on her couch and watching movies until we pass out on one another.
In truth, the last time I’ve cried was in the summer when she told me that she would be moving away this coming year.

I reached my personal NaNo target this morning. I’ve written 30,000 words which was what I set as my goal when I started this craziness. My novel has morphed over that time and I’m quite liking the way it’s turning out. 

There is a lot of dross in those 30K but with only about 10,000 words left I can get to the first redraft sooner than I hoped

Here’s an excerpt: 

She stopped at my desk and gave me a small plastic bag which contained a letter unfolded so that you could read the fading grey cursive print. I picked it up and began to read:

Katherine, though you would not remember me, I see your kind face in all that is beautiful here. There are trees that line the fields, spreading willows with their golden leaves that shake in the sun. The narrow river that sparkles in the sunlight, the water gurgling over the flattened stones. The wild hyacinths that grow. The depth of the sunset, the way it mourns the end of the day just as we mourn the loss of our brothers. My father would be proud of me. And I miss him. But it’s strange to admit, even if only on this letter, that I miss you more.

              The power of these words drew me in. Such a heartfelt outpouring from a young soldier who no doubt had lost his life on those foreign fields. In my mind I held the image of an orangey-red poppy, growing in honour of this man who spoke his feelings through words for a woman who may never had read them.

anonymous asked:

"#Way too many people on this site seem to have no working understanding of how democracy functions" umm pumpkin, in the United States (of Late Capitalism) democracy DOESN'T function. If it does a truly left candidate would've won, and we'll be Swedenly socialist in 4 years. Our votes never matter, because even the democrats follow their donors. Their Wall Street donors. Tell me, would Hillary not do the same if elected? She said otherwise, but who can trust her?

No, she would not have done the same thing, what the fuck are you even on about? You’re quoting my tag on a post about a Trump appointee planning to remove net neutrality rules created under the Obama administration that Hillary Clinton explicitly pledged to uphold and defend in court. Like I’m sorry you didn’t pay any attention during the election, but you can stop waving this “late capitalism” and “voting doesn’t matter cause Wall Street” edgy bullshit around like it means anything. Stop getting your political information from the Intercept and TYT, or, more likely in your case, leftist tumblr. If you think the people who just elected a far right white supremacist are aching for Swedish-style socialism and it’s the Democrats that are holding it all back, you’re literally not engaging with reality and I have no use for your half-assed opinions or condescending bullshit. 

anonymous asked:

I have a question about coming out (FTM and in middle school). Would it be a good idea to tell my mom through a letter left on her desk, right before I leave for school? My school is in the next town over and I ride the bus for 1 hour each way, so she'd have plenty of time to think it over. Is it a good plan, or should I not do it? Please, I'm planning on doing it next Wednesday, November 29th.

Many trans people come out to their families through letters! Be sure to explain everything as clearly as you can so your mom won’t be confused or thinking it’s a phase, and so you won’t be too nervous/distracted by it while you’re at school. It sounds like a good idea, only if you feel safe enough! Good luck!
~ Mod Dalton

so a small realization that may or may not help some of you dealing with the same shit. i tried to talk about my feelings with my mom earlier and we both just got frustrated and emotional and loud and sad because she was upset that she didn’t know how to help me and I was upset that I seemed to be failing her. Im the end the way we were talking just made it sound like we were both blaming eachother. So she left and I felt absolutely horrible. My brother heard me and he came down and he somehow managed to talk me down enough to even get me laughing a little bit. I don’t know how he did it until I realized a difference. My mom is a wonderful person and she is one of the most emotional people ever. That doesn’t mean that she’s fragile or anything, far from it, it just means she places a lot of importance into how she feels. My brother, on the other hand, spoke to me completely straight forward and logically. Giving metaphors and even bringing up legit scientific theories (which he turned into a mass effect joke but yeah). Purely logical. When i asked him how to stop thinking my coworkers hated me, he told me to lie to myself. Not to convince myself, to blatantly lie. Even if you know that you saying they don’t hate you isn’t true, just lie. And somehowbthat struck more with me than saying for instance to remember that those thoughts aren’t true. It just made sense. And after his purely logical thinking peptalk i was sitting up and feeling better about myself and somehow felt like I could get through hard times just from getting tht advice. Because even to my purely irrational depression riddled brain, everything he said seemed real and made sense and still managed to give me hope. So as an extremely emotional person myself it kind of dawned on me that someome who thinks almost opposite of me but still in a caring manner was the best for me. Just something that I think I should think about some more

↠ Requested: Hi, can you write one of a female reader and Twice’s Nayeon in which Nayeon is jealous of the reader spending too much time with the other members (preferably Momo or Sana)? But with a happy ending please 💓💓 thanks!! 

↠ Admin:Mirae

Nayeon smiled as she walked through the door. She dropped her bag on the floor and glanced over at you. Nayeon pouted as your eyes never left your phone. She opened the wooden door again before slamming it shut. You quickly looked up at her

“Oh Hi nayeon welcome home,” you said turning off your phone and standing up. Your arms wrapped around her neck as you pulled her in for a kiss.

“How was your day?” you asked soon after. Nayeon smiled happy that you were finally paying attention to her

“It was great!” she said enthusiastically. You smiled and sat back on the couch. Nayeon made her way next to you slowly. Your eyes never left her figure

“Are you okay? You looked like you are in pain,” you pointed out making her nod. She yawned and stretched

“It’s just practice, no worry,” Nayeon lied, she wanted you to hold her close. Instead nodded and pulled out your phone. Nayeon bit the inside of her lip, she sighed lightly and looked away. They glanced back at your bright screen. Nayeons mouth fell agape as she saw what she stealing your attention away.

“You texting Sana?” she asked pretending not to care. You looked over at her and nodded bere looking back down.

“That’s great. You want to do something?” Nayeon asked awkwardly, her body swaying side to side. You didn’t even spare her a glance

“Not right now Nayeon, maybe later,” you said in a dull voice. She looked away. Tears brimmed her eyes, it wasn’t long before they poured down her cheeks. SHe niffled a sob and stood up. FInally your eyes met hers, quickly Nayeon watched before looking away.

“Oh no,Nayeon whats wrong?” you asked standing up while placing a hand on her shoulder

“I-I just feel stressed from work and seeing you text Sana and not pay attention to me just hurts for some reason,” she confessed, laying her head on your shoulder. Her small body vibrated from heavy sobs.

“Oh babe i’m sorry, i find mean to hurt you like that. Hey…. hey Nayeon look at me,” you said picking up her chin and looking into her red and puffy eyes

“I love you. Don’t forget that,” you reassured pulling her in for a hug. She held you back tightly

“Can we go cuddle?” her voice broke as she asked.

“Yes we can go cuddle,” you replied with a light laugh

“Thank you,” she said while walking in the direction of your bedroom

Ross Poldark, Book One, Chapter 15

After the postponement of the Wheal Leisure venture Jim Carter left his employment. … “I’m proper sorry to be leaving, sir,” he said. … “I know, boy; I’m not blind. Nor, by the way, am I deaf. I heard it whispered that you had been out poaching the other night with Nick Vigus.” Jim went crimson. He stammered and seemed about to deny it, then abruptly said, “Yes.” “It’s a dangerous pastime,” Ross said. “Whose land did you go on?” “Treneglos.” … “What does Jinny say?” “The same as you, sir. I…promised her not to go again.” “Then keep your promise.” … “How is she?” “Proper, sir, thank you. We’re that happy, just the two of us, that I wish, in a manner o’ speaking, that there weren’t going to be another. Still, Jinny’s happy about that too. It isn’t she that’s afraid.”


1. Added too muh butter to the pie crust, so decided to do all butter (usually itms 6 T butter, 2 T of shortening, which helps it hold its shape better). So the crust shrank and is no longer pretty, BUT it smells goddamn delicious.

2. Almost done with laundry. Working on my shirts now.

3. Wanted to make the bed, but Cini was sleeping in it. I know very well that I can move him, but intead I spent 5 minutes bribing him. He was having none of it. So I shifted the blankets a little and that annoyed him enough that he left.

4. I just started washing my shirts even though I added the soap 2 hours ago. Apparently I just added it and then fucking walked away without turning the machine on. Go me.

5. Sister wants me to go to the mall to look for something she can’t find online. No way in hell am I going today. Maybe tomorrow morning or something. (Or do stores do a whole weekend of Black Friday bullshit now? Maybe it’ll wait until next weekend.)

No way, I actually write

Here is my materialist just in case y’all were curious.

None of the pictures or GIFs are mine except for this one bee picture somewhere…

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