in the way she left it

Step one of the breaking up the writing slump was to toss out a few prompts to myself that I’ve been hoarding. I had thought what would come from it would be a romantic little thing, but this smutty little thing came instead. I may have to try again, as the prompt does deserve that romantic version.

“This morning all non-coffee energy comes from having slept in your blue shirt.”
      Sarah Manguso, Address on the Tenth Day, Siste Viator

Words: ~600 | Rated: R


It was her – their – secret.

It couldn’t stay that way forever. Mary Margaret was too nosy and Elsa would eventually see through any story she’d try to concoct, but right here, these moments? Those belonged to just her and Killian.

The bed beside her, still rumpled and creased, had grown cold, and the thin curtain that framed the window billowed from the breeze that blew through crack Killian had left open when he snuck down the fire escape. But she was still wrapped in the soft blue flannel shirt she had thrown on when he began to pick through the clothes on the floor to retrieve his jeans and t-shirt from the night before.

The smile he had given her once he pulled the t-shirt over his head had been brilliant and blinding.

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Ladrien, Enemies AU

“Looks like someone’s on their last life.”

Chat Noir smirked. “You’re not exactly doing so well yourself, bug.”

Ladybug chuckled, the sound harsh as it echoed over the brick wall behind Chat Noir. “I’m doing better than you.” She glanced down at his ring as she swung her yo-yo. “One paw left. What a catastrophe.”

“Unfortunately for you, I’m not so easy to pin down.” He readjusted his grip on his baton as he spoke, scanning his surroundings for a path he could use to escape. “But you’re purrfectly welcome to try.”

He leapt out of the way the second she struck, her yo-yo digging into the wall behind him, instead of wrapping around his arms. Chat Noir raced to the edge of the roof and dove, his baton dragging down the side of the building as he went, slowing his fall enough so he could release his transformation in a bright flash of green and run to the main road the second his feet hit the ground.

Ladybug couldn’t be too far behind him, and he only stopped to catch his breath once he’d managed to put some distance between them. Plagg peeked up at him from his pocket. “Kid, that was way too close.”

“I know,” Adrien managed through gulps of air. “She’s getting better.”

Plagg ducked back into Adrien’s pocket seconds before something landed behind Adrien. He knew who it would be without looking, but he couldn’t let her know that. He fought every instinct to flinch or run or show any sign of fear. Right now, his only hope was tricking her into thinking he was a random Parisian walking home in the dead of night.

Ladybug stepped in front of him. “Have you seen-” She paused, recognition flashing in her eyes, almost too fast for Adrien to be sure he saw it. Then, she cleared her throat and continued, “Did Chat Noir come by here?”

Adrien shook his head. “I haven’t seen him.”

“Are you sure?” She frowned. “I could have sworn he went this way. What about anyone running through here?”

“No. It’s been pretty quiet.”

She grimaced. “Well, it’s not the safest part of town.” She tensed and turned on him. “What are you doing out here, anyway?”

“My friend was playing at a club down the road.” Adrien blurted out the first excuse he could think of. “I lost track of time.”

“Really?” Ladybug stepped closer. “Which friend?”


And he really should have noticed the way her tone changed when she asked the question, the way it settled into something too light to be natural. He should have paid attention to the way she positioned herself so she could wrap an arm around his waist easily if he gave the wrong answer. Somehow, he’d done just that, because in an instant, Ladybug’s arm was around his waist, and he was flying through the air, an iron grip holding him to her side.

“I think there’s someone you need to meet, Chat Noir,” Ladybug called down to him over the sound of wind whipping past his ears.

Adrien froze, his heart sinking as panic rose in his chest. Because if Ladybug knew who he was, he knew exactly who she was taking him to see.

And he was not ready to face Hawkmoth.

I feel like I see a lot of Chat Noir/Adrien working for Hawkmoth, but I kind of wanted to write something where it’s Ladybug for a change.

Send me a ship and an AU, and I’ll write something for it!

Samus speaks with a very unique accent. Although she spoke a human language on K-2L, she spoke Chozo exclusively from the time she was 3  until she left to join the Federation Army. She had to re-learn human language and speaks it with a pronounced Chozo accent. 

Since the Chozo are rare and rapidly disappearing, no one really knows why she speaks the way she does or understands her language. It contributed to her feeling like an “outsider” when she was in the Army. As a result, when she became a bounty hunter she avoided speaking to people while in her armor so that they would not recognize her unique accent and speech patterns.

When she had the baby Metroid, she spoke to it in Chozo since she often gets nostalgic for what she considers her first language. She also speaks Chozo to the etecoons and dachoras after Fusion.


The start of their trip was delayed by a day in which Sully spent it repacking Effie’s belongings and complaining about how many dresses she’d brought.

“Where the hell are your pants, Evelyn? Trousers? You know them things?”

“I don’t own any.” She scooped up the armfuls of dresses he was removing and stuffed them back into her case, ignoring the open mouthed stare he gave her. She rummaged around for a moment and pulled out a pair of cream leggings. “I do have riding breeches though.”

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Nico slowly walks up to the guest bedroom. He felt like he was on auto pilot. What had happened in the dining room…striking Allison…left him feeling completely numb. He distractedly remembers that it was a workday for him but he knew he couldn’t possibly go into work with the way he was feeling, and the chaos in his home.

He finds Lala crying softly in the bedroom while slowly packing her things. He felt an odd sense of relief seeing her cry. The hard cold Lala he’d seen earlier saddened him. She was a sweet girl, and he didn’t want her to lose that. He bends down, softly strokes her hair.

Nico: You don’t have to leave Lala. You’re welcome to stay for as long as you like. I know this has been a terrible day for you, but I don’t want you to leave in a rush, with no plans.

Lala soft: Thank you, Nico. But I can’t stay here.

Nico: Where will you go? You’re a stranger to San Myshuno.

Lala: I have friends here. They just arrived. I actually sent a text message to my best friend. She gave me her address, and she’s waiting for me.

Nico: Ah, I see. My brother asked me to speak with you. Can we talk?

Lala: We can. But I’m not changing my mind about leaving.  

BigBang Reaction “They lose their child at the company”


He was making some new beats with his little girl behind him playing, when she saw someone pass holding a giant teddy bear prop for Blackpink’s new mv, naturally she followed it. Her tiny legs carrying her all the way to the mv set. Jiyong turned around and noticed his daughter missing. He wouldn’t panic to much, knowing she couldn’t have gone far and went to look for her. When he reached the mv set, he saw his daughter and Lisa from blackpink sitting by the teddy bear, playing. “Omo there you are princess.” He’d say and quickly pick up his daughter. “She’s very cute, sunbaenim.” Lisa would say and pinch the little girl’s cheeks before waving goodbye.


He was having a meeting with YG and left his son to play on the floor next to themThe next time Seunghyun looked he was gone and panic ran through him. “Excuse me sir. My wife/husband is going to murder me if I go home without my son.” He’d say leaving abruptly. Walking past all the practice rooms he nearly walked right past iKon and his son. He was sat in between the seven boys who making him laugh. B.I doing the best job. “Ahhh there you are! Appa was so worried. Don’t run away again.” 


He ws recording with Jiyong and left his little girl in the dj booth with him. Both of them being soo immersed they didn’t notice her leaving the dj booth. “Jiyong, where did she go?” Youngbae asked, looking under the desk and behind the couches. “I didn’t see her, I’m sorry.” Jiyong said and watchhed Youngbae rush out the room panicked. He turned the corner and hearrd giggling, giggling that sounded an awful lot like his little girl. There she was sitting on Song Mino’s lap and giggling. “I think she likes you.” Youngbae said, making Mino jump slightly. “Taeyang, Sunbaenim, Is she yours?” He asked, awkwardly. “Yes, She really seems to like you.”  


Panic, Fear, Fear of his S/O and what they’d do to him if they found out he lost their son. He rran around YG trying to find him, not even stopping to ask. Until Jennie from Blackpink practically yelled at him. “DAESUNG, SUNBAENIM! He’s with Rosé!” She yelled and he let out a sigh of relief and started laughing. Jennie laughed as well and brought him to him. As he took his son from Rosé and smiled widely. “Just wait until you two have kids.” 


“Yes, jagi, Yes she’s right here next to….me.” He looked to his side and his daughter was gone. “I’ll call you back.” He hung up and started running around like a mad man. “Has anyone seen my daughter!?” He’d call out and start mildly freaking out. “Looking for this?” He heard a female voice ask and turned around to see Park Bom holding his little princess. “Oh my god, I was so worried.” He’d say and let out the biggest sigh of relief. “ You’re lucky she’s yours and adorable.” She said and kissed her forehead before handing her back.

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i love in your downstairs picture that the pillows arent lined up and completely horizontal, or that the books in the bookshelf arent all pushed in at the same degree... a lot of pixel art tends to look way too orderly bc i think its easier w pixel art so it's lovely to see art that has a more 'lived in' feel!

thank you! i’m glad people notice that stuff because it’s something i always keep in mind. i don’t have the time or manpower to add a completely realistic level of detail to these environments, but i like adding little touches to make it feel like a lived in world. stuff like the misaligned books on the shelves, or the coasters on melody’s coffee table, or the cup she left at her desk. it makes things more authentic and less sterile. and also just from a visual standpoint it’s good to make sure not everything in a shot lines up perfectly on a grid

Does anybody play video games and make the choices that they believe the character themselves would choose instead of making the choices you would choose? Like, play it in the actual POV of the character, and not through your own eyes? For instance, I believe Max would actually sacrifice Chloe even though it’d be the most painful experience she would ever have to go through; I believe Clementine would kill Lee because she doesn’t want him to suffer and be left as a walker; I believe that although Clarissa was a horrible person, Alex would stop at nothing to save everyone on that island. Coincidentally, the way I believe the characters would act in the situation is the same way I would. Does that make any sense?

Quite an old concept of main godlikes-characters, who take part in my PoE story. I call them HORNY SQUAD. :DD From left to right: Kuahi himself (and his small Adra Animate pet under the chair), his enemy…in a sence, Gramrfel the Wayfarer and his childhood friend, Sakate. 
At the time Ahi was born on the Deadfire Archipelago in poor aumaua family, Sakate was born on the ship, in the family of vailian merchants. She used to be a very kind but lonely girl. Though romp boy Kuahi wasn’t the best company for a young girl they became good friends. Later they parted ways, but that story is for another time. :p
As for Gramrfel (Grem), their meeting was the same as in the game. Short mordant conversation, battle, Grem taken to the Ahi’s prison where they had… no tortures but more conversations. Both stubborn as bulls they remained dissatisfied with each other. Kuahi let Grem go, but since then, every time they meet, it turns into a circus with bits, brawls and putting spokes in the each others wheels. xD By the way, Grem is also a leader of his own group.) 
p.s.Although, Grem and Sakate are both chanters.)) (Kuahi the monk is occupied. xD)
p.p.s. Yep, Grem’s braid is kinda alife. It represents a strong harness flesh (looks like a churchkhela :DD). Grem is veeery fancy and loves to decorate it with various “caps” of manual work, from simple wooden to gilded and fitted with small battle razors.


Ladies and gentlemen–a look into the ramblings of a disgruntled so called “fan.” She left these two comments on Mackenzie’s latest IG pic. I usually try to keep my sense of humor about the ridiculousness of this fandom, but these comments made me rage. So, Linda is getting called out…if she’s so sure of her opinion of Mackenzie then she can publicly stand by it. Please read every word she wrote. THIS is the level of vileness, pettiness, and craziness we’re dealing with in this fandom–yes craziness. There’s no other word to describe someone who thinks this way…and worse posts it publicly, and even worse than worse is mean enough to post it right on Mackenzie’s IG. And she got a handful of “likes” on it from similar minded love and lighters. 😯 Hope Sam saw this. Report her please. Grrrrrrrrr 😬😡

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What was Gigi up to all this time Bella was getting into trouble and older guys...

She was devoted to modeling way more than Bella and doing varsity sports, she was captain of her volleyball team and everything, and I think she hung out and traveled with Cody a bit, too. I think one of the biggest things for Bella getting into trouble was her starting to do online school half way through high school so she was basically a free bird for like two years and could hang around an older crowd easily. And then she stopped doing equestrian and working before her last year of school and Gigi was off in college so Bella basically had total free range then. 

I think Gigi was just more serious and had more goals and Bella just wanted to hang out and be cool. Even after they left home, Gigi did nearly two years of college in criminal psychology before dropping out to model full time and Bella did one semester in photography and I think Gigi’s been living on her own since she moved and Bella has always had a roommate as if she needs to be chaperoned or something. Like I think they just have major personality differences, Gigi never was/wanted to be a rebellious or edgy kid like Bella. And then she had more structure growing up and was serious about her goals where as Bella seems to kinda go whatever direction shes spun towards.

Shadowhunters : The Fair Folk

Great episode. Clace Seelie kiss was well done. My Clace shipping heart is doing a happy dance. While I wished that Clary had not blown Jace off at the end, I understood why she reacted that way. She pushed down her feelings for Jace way down that once confronted with it, she didn’t know how to deal with it. In addition, she is in a relationship with her childhood best friend. She probably feels that the kiss was a double betrayal of Simon. It will take some time for Clary to sort her feelings, but Clace will rise.

Sebastian was manipulating everyone left and right, as he ingratiated himself in the New York Institute. Not surprising he has an actual person in his closet, not just a skeleton. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s reaction when Sebastian’s identity is revealed. We got got both Jace and Sebastian playing the piano thanks to Valentine’s unorthodox way of teaching.Damn, breaking fingers when a note is missed? Ouch. Nice to see a healthy Izzy.

honestly the entire arc of cora is built around her having no self-awareness and being indecent to ryder?? she keeps going on about the loss of alec and how she wanted to be a pathfinder when ryder has to assume the survival of the entire nexus when they have no idea what’s going on, their father just died and their twin is in a coma? but sure cora keeps telling me about how you should have been pathfinder and clearly alec betrayed you (funny because he left his children for his studies and you seem to know him better than ryder but that cant hurt them right?). like yeah in irl if anyone was acting this way i would completely erase them from my life but sure

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Could you please pray for my sister? She was studying downstairs and left to hide in my room, because she heard her voice say her name three times, and then "I hate you". She was really scared. I've never seen her this way before.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, mother of God, Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death, Amen.

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray, and do thou O prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God, cast into hell satan and all the evil spirits that prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls, Amen. 

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Penelope hummed gently as she sat in the middle of her containment pen, swaying and humming to music even if there wasn't any playing. It had been a few weeks since Host and Penelope had met, and quite a lot had happened. She tapped the floor gently and listened intently, Host hadn't been back as much as he had promised. And she was beginning to worry, humming gently she stood up and tried to find her way to near the door. //Gotta love SCP Penelope!

(yup, I’m actually loving these SCP AU’s)

Host walked towards Penelope’s containment pen and replaced the other guard. He smiled as the guard left and he walked into the room. “Penelope, Host is here, he’s walking towards you alright,” he asks softly.

The mageroyal looked absolutely stunning to Lyrica as she gathered the herbs and placed them into her satchel.  She took a glimpse of her inventory and carefully arranged the blooms as to not disturb their structure. “A few more of these and I should be able to have enough to create that wine that that troll told me about back in Booty Bay." 

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A small smirk spread across the rogue’s lips as she thought fondly of her time there. She remembered the male blood elf warrior that had his way with her as well. She sighed as she recalled the swift and feverish way he placed his lips over hers and traced down to her neck. Next thing she knew…she shook her head. "Lyr, get it together…you left him behind in search of something better.” She silently continued to pick the florals and noticed a slight movement in the grassy knoll that laid out beyond a line of trees.  Quickly, she went into stealth an creeped up towards the tree line. Crouched down like a nightsaber, she eased a little closer.  

One more twig snap and suddenly the blood elf saw a gloved hand reach from behind her and cover her mouth. A sharp point dug into the rogue’s side, piercing the soft leather armor she wore. Her eyes a brighter green as fear and rage all swirled within the young rogue’s eyes.  "You’d be dead by now with reflexes and stealth that moved that slow. Perhaps easing off the flask like recommended in the first place would do you some good.“ Lyrica tore away from the grasp and spun around to see her mentor, Aurora standing there. 

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"I'm on a rampage against Sakura right now" ok but Big Mood?????? Canon Sakura is a binch but fanon Sakura is usually p great when they're not using canon Sakura and lambasting her for being an abusive binch, as they should

Yeah, that’s what I said in the one post. I realized that I liked stories with Sakura because the ones I liked never have her like Canon-Sakura, which is what I love!

Kind of like how I like Bella Swan fics when she’s basically nothing like Canon-Bella. Where she stands up for herself, tells Edward to fuck off, and actually gets a relationship that’s worth it.

Basically, there was much potential, but I think Kishimoto messed up somewhere along the way and left Sakura as a generic female character who isn’t worth much beyond a speck of drama here and there. And I can’t tell if it’s lack of imagination, sexism, or a combination of both.

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So I wanna get family headcanons out of the way before Kiri's backstory is given to us. I have it built where he has two moms. His dad was a criminal or just a bad dude so Kiri's mom left him when he was pretty young, and then met another woman and fell for her. Biological mom is a LOT like him, she's ripped and has his sharp teeth. Other mom (calls her Ma) is quirkless and very kind but exasperated 90% of the time. He has three younger adopted siblings that LOVE him. How bout you?

That’s amazing!!!! And I like it a lot. I…. don’t really have any headcanons, other than he has siblings. It’s difficult for me to make headcanons that could be proven wrong in canon soon ahahhaa

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Bismuth would create a defensive type tool for Greg - since he's not much for offense; that way he wouldn't have to feel like an inadequate outcast of the team.

She also doesn’t want him to fight much either knowing that he may hurt himself too but so he doesn’t feel left out (and because she loves him) she gives him a defence weapon as a gift to defend himself

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Saint Seiya for fandom meme?

Let’s go! >:D

  • the character i least understand
    Saori, but also her grandfather, who is quite responsible of she being what she is.
  • interactions i enjoyed the most
  • the character who scares me the most
    Kido Mitsumasa… because, well, we all know what he did in the manga. 
  • the character who is mostly like me
    AIORIA BECAUSE LEO Actually I don’t know ahaha.
  • one thing i dislike about my fave character
    Camus dear, that was the only way you could think of…?!!
  • one thing i like about my hated character
    Well… Seiya isn’t a bad persona.
  • a quote or scene that haunts me
    Goldies dying… every time… ;-;
  • a death that left me indifferent
    Every time Saori “died”. I was actually YES but oh no she is surely coming back.
  • a character i wish died but didn’t
    Seiya and Saori.
  • my ship that never sailed
    I always got a soft spot for Milo and Shaina, but the chances of that happening were always non-existent ahaha.