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Random Black Panther Thought

Marvel better not skimp on the merchandise for Black Panther. I want to see Black Panther pajamas and sheet sets, shower curtains, toothbrushes, AND toothpaste. I want Black Panther wallpaper, rugs, and kids’ vitamins. I want to see official Black Panther Halloween costumes for the whole dang family. I want novelization spin-offs from the movie and those lil Viewfinder things. There had better be action figures for all the cast (except Freeman and Serkis– I’m good on that). Black characters are forever getting ignored with merchandising, and kids who wanted a toothbrush or Halloween costume of the one character that looked like them should be denied no longer. 

Now, I’ll start working on a concept for my premiere night nails. I’m so serious. 

okay so i had the idea for a youtube au  and i decided to write a little thingy based around the universe and now i want to write more. 


“Hello, everyone!” Yuuri waved at the camera, a wide smile gracing his features. “Welcome back to my channel,” He settled his hands back on his lap and was about to speak before eyeing the viewfinder. “Wait…it’s not focused…” He murmured, reaching out to adjust it while giving a small chuckle. “I should really buy a new camera since this one isn’t working as well as it used to,” Yuuri checked the viewfinder again to see if the focusing was good before giving a thumbs up. “There we go!”

Yuuri shifted back to sit in the middle of his bed with his legs crossed. He was wearing a cream oversized sweater with a pair of simple plaid sleep pants. The sleeves of the sweater were long and covered both of Yuuri’s hands from sight. Glancing down, Yuuri made sure that they were kept hidden before looking back at the camera.

“Alright, we can start now,” Yuuri declared with a grin. “As you can tell by the title, today’s video isn’t going to like the regular ones. It’s not a make-up tutorial or a vlog which I’m really happy to see you all enjoying by the way,” His grin turned into a warm smile. “It’s so wonderful to see you all liking my content because I really do enjoy making it for you,” He then pursed his lips. “But I do have some very important news and I made Viktor not upload his vlog due to wanting to reveal this first,” Yuuri laughed as he shrugged. “Call me attention seeking but goodness, it’s just so…important.”

It was then that Yuuri pulled back the sleeve covering his left hand and lifted it up to showcase a simple gold band sitting on his ring finger. This was also when millions of his viewers screamed to their screens as they began to understand what was happening.

A soft flush settled over Yuuri’s cheeks as his eyes became glossy with oncoming tears. He brought his right hand, still covered with a sleeve, to wipe away a tear that had already fell. His head was lowered, like he was attempting to pull himself together so he finally push the two words out of his mouth. But it was so hard but his throat felt locked and the words were struggling to make their way through. There was a lot of emotion bubbling inside of him, just like on the night Viktor dropped down on one knee and stared up at him with warm blue eyes.

Drawing in a deep breath, he looked back at the camera with a watery smile and made sure to keep the ring visible for everyone to see.

“I’m…” Yuuri’s lower lip wobbled but his smile became wider as he let out a laugh of happiness and slight disbelief. “I’m engaged.”

Social media went on a complete frenzy after that.

And when Viktor uploaded the vlog which consisted of his proposal plans and the actual proposal, it almost broke the internet.

i kind of see this as the beginning and it would take you back to when viktor and yuuri first met and etc. …if this were to be an actual fic…*rolls away*

Takaba as a cat...

Following mangakas on Twitter can be an entertaining thing at times because sometimes you get to see what inspires them or what they create while they’re just bored or doodling.. Yamane Ayano sensei is no exception and this time it’s all about cats - which is no surprise considering that she’s always posting pictures of her beloved neko-chans.. 

So, this was the inspiration. A retweet about the origin of organized crime boss cats. We know all too well that a cat is the popular choice of pet for any aspiring crime boss:

I suppose this got her to thinking about her own organized crime boss - Asami Ryuichi-sama! Of course, being a crime boss himself, why not have Asami pose with his own cat? The result - a very sultry-looking Asami with a cat.. complete with pinkie ring for effect! But something wasn’t quite right, which left her wondering “Hmm?”


I’m sure it was then that she realised that rather than having an actual cat, Asami already has a pet of his own! None other than that koneko-chan Takaba - complete with cat ears and a tail! Haha! She knew this was the perfect match since her response with this tweet was “This one!” And I guess it makes perfect sense since Takaba is the neko in this relationship, with Asami being the tachi!


It’s nice when mangakas have fun with their creations and it’s even better when they share it with us! And I’m sure Asami would have no problem keeping this particular cat with him forever…


My Life

Me: *only looks at nsfw stuff of OTP when bored*

Me:*is always bored*

Me:*looking at my OTP doing the bad things*

NHL!Bitty, Part X - Body Issue(s)

ESPN Magazine comes calling. Eric makes a creative choice. Jack gets excited.

NHL!Bitty Masterpost!

Cold. Colder. Freezing.

“The Body Issue, Bits. You can’t turn this down, and if I did it for you, you have to do it for me.”

Actually, a three-hour naked photoshoot on ice is definitely something he can turn down, but he promised Jack he would participate if asked. Granted, it was a sleep-deprived, post-coital promise, but a promise just the same. 

A copy of the spread from Jack’s issue is already tastefully hung in the master bathroom of his townhouse. Eric will have to get his framed to match.

It’s not about the nudity, except, maybe it is a little bit, but he’s worked hard to get his body to look this good. His ass may never be in the same arena as Jack’s magnificent backside, but hell, if the whole world got to ogle Jack, why can’t Eric get some love, too? 

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