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Night Vale inspired embroidered patches for @yallana-la ‘s birthday ~

(+ the “flying ace” one is just a pun I thought of, it’s like a triple pun on a patch)

You can iron these on your jacket or bag or something, though with the embroidering I did on it I would suggest ironing + 3 stitches so that it holds correctly!

anonymous asked:

What do you think of the theory that Huntokar is Cecil's mom. I seen it on Reddit, Tumblr and Youtube. I don't know what to feel about this theory, since it sounds Gary Stu-ish, but I like its potential for development for the cast. Imagine how Carlos, Steve, Abby and Janice would react. The confrontation with the Distant Prince and TWFI could become interesting. Also, the Glow Cloud child, were did it go? I want to see it talk about its parent.

Hmm, it’s definitely an interesting theory. Some things to consider: Huntokar considers all of Night Vale to be her children, but Cecil does particularly stick out to her (as discussed in “A Story About Huntokar”). From what we know about Cecil’s mother, she’s most likely dead or hiding from Cecil. From what we can make out, she appears to be almost abusive in some cases, which I would consider far from Huntokar. I think perhaps while Huntokar is unlikely to be Cecil’s biological mother, she could have guided him and taken him under her wing in the manner of a good mother. However, if Huntokar is Cecil’s biological mother: what is Cecil? Is Cecil a god? A demigod? Does Cecil have two mothers, Huntokar and the potentially abusive mother we’ve seen in earlier descriptions? It’s all speculation right now. I don’t believe we’ve ever heard of Cecil having a father (please correct me if I’m wrong!) so there’s something more to consider. It’s also possible that the Woman from Italy is Cecil’s mother (in one description of his mother Cecil says she finds hurting animals and humans fun), and I think that’s more plausible that Huntokar being his mom. As for the Glow Cloud child, that’s a very good question! I’m hoping we see more of him/her/them in the future episodes (Khoshekh disappeared for a while there as well). Thank you so much for the ask, and please anyone add in if you’d like!

Moodboard request info!

On this blog, @xfromtheconcretex  I will do Haikyuu moonboards - 

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Can have  a song theme, color theme, LGBTQ+/pride flag theme ect.

–Also! I will still do personal moodboards! Send in Your hair color/length - Name/Pronouns (If you want) - favorite color- favorite song- anything else you like.

On this blog - @do-a-fancy-santa I do Homestuck moonboards:

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Can have the same things listen above.

–For this, I’ll do fantrolls or fankids..!  Send in blood color - species (Human or troll) - Hair length/color- Symbol color/them (If human) - Interests or anything else you want me to add!

On this blog, I’ll do Yuri On Ice themes Moodboards! @x-borntomakehistory-x, mostly just characters or ships with any of the first themes involved!

On this one, @the-one-who-the-storys-about , I’ll do Musical themed moodboards! Same info as mentioned before for characters or ships :O Musicals I’ll do are Hamilton - Heathers - Dear Evan Hansen- Be More Chill

On my main blog - @sincerely–alex , I’ll do moodboards with either no fandom theme- like “Moodboard for a rainy day inside?” OR I’ll do these fandoms with Characters or ships with the info above too :O

Welcome To Night Vale - Free! Iwatobi/Eternal Summer - BNHA - Tokyo Ghoul - Voltron Legendary Defender - Osomatsu-San - Black Butler - Welcome To Hell - Hetalia  :OOO

Pls give me things to make- If you have any questions, send them in to any of my blogs here :OOOO

Quick thoughts on episode 112

Citizen Spotlight picks a random person, who just happens to be in witness protection. Cecil reads some VERY detailed fake facts on Sigrid Borg (not her real name). 

I found this episode hilarious and super sad at the same time. Sigrid’s imagined life is ominous and dismal, because life in Night Vale tends to be that way. 

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