in the tye dye


Tye dye looking succulents 💕🌵💜💕🌵💜


We here at Abletale wanted to throw you a party.  So here is a pic from said party.  

We asked you to bring Goth, so glad the two of you could come!.

Pop/the dog, is being sneaky and trying to steak some cake.  Blurr maybe blind Pop but he see’s what your doing. (Blurr see’s through Pop’s eyes.)  “You better leave that cake alone Ryu took all day making it.  And its not yours!” 

Ryu (from @ryudrawingblind) is clapping for Palette and congratulating him.

Drago (aka the guy in the top corner) is wondering how Palettes scarf is moving when there all in a house and no wind.

Hope all has been epic @angexci this past year with your skelly-son.  We hope to see more of your work and more of the inspiration that is Palette.

Also Note is it just me or did we accidentally made Goth look like he’s mentally saying.  “Notice me senpai! Im right here!  JUST NOTICE ME!”

Undertale/ @tobyfoxofficial

Palette/ @angexci

Goth/ @nekophy

Blurr - Pop - Drago and Ryu are all Proxy and my own.  @askabletalecrew

See more art here at Ryu’s page!