in the third one he really grabs it

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RFAs reaction to MC who always wears heelies

A/N: I’ve never worn heelies ;~; ~ Admin 626

-He thought they were really cool!!!
-That is, until one day you literally took off after the ice cream truck
-He couldn’t catch up!!! What if you tripped and got hurt!!! MC!!!
- literally starts saving up for a pair of his own

-Came home to his maid wiping some tire marks off the floor??
-What the fuck has tires in his penthouse?
-When you come zooming around the corner with a string and Elizabeth the Third trailing you at high speed, it made sense
-MC that’s not professional stop it
-He does think it’s cute when you grab onto his arm and skate along side him when the two of you need to get somewhere in a hurry cause of his long ass legs you cant keep up

-The two of you Heely literally everywhere
-Also like to prank each other and hide the others wheels
-”LOOK AT THESE ONES MC” “Those are ugly though” “DO IT FOR THE MEME”

-god daMMIT
-You and his brother have to wear those damn shoes ALL THE TIME
-Gets a pair just so he can have competitions with you and his brother


- obviously he isn’t the biggest fan bc every time you get into an argument you roll away???
- hell, u roll away from him when he tries to kiss just to diss him
- he’s so petty that he will take those wheels right outta ur shoes, don’t even doubt it

- your heelies look like so much fun to wear that she actually steals them???
- she LOVES wear them to work because she can roll around serving customers instead of walking
- Jaehee is actually a lazy booty confirmed
- she has to stop wearing them when one day she somehow managed to lose control and she skated through a glass door

- he never sees you in them??? Hahacauseheblind He doesn’t know you have them for the longest time???
- he did think you walked really fast but he never questioned it
- after his surgery, he sees you roll into his room???
- he finds out he loves taking photos while skating away omg

I’m crying imagine one day during one of the training camps tsukishima’s about to go practice with the third gym guys and daichi’s like “gonna go practice? have fun” and kuroo can’t help himself and butts in like “i guess he wants to spend some time with a cool captain for once huh” while bokuto hoots in agreement. Daichi just straight up grabs tsukki, yanks him back and goes “don’t you talk to me or my son ever again.” Tsukishima ends up practicing with karasuno that night.

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Hello! Can I request a Hanzo x Zenyatta Sister making flower crowns? If you don't mind, the fluffier the better! Thank you!

He had just sat down, exhausted from a mission, when you knocked on the door. He opened it and some of tiredness ebbed away from looking at your smiling face. You lifted the basket you were holding and tilted your head as you asked.

“Do you wanna make flower crowns?”

He let you in, you giving a playful giggle as you sat on one of his cushions that he used as chairs. You put the basket between the two of you and opened it to reveal a myriad of flowers. He awkwardly grabbed one with a large stem he vaguely remembered making one with Genji when he was really young. You tenderly reached over with a few flowers in your hand and gently moved his hand through the motions. 

When you had gotten to the third flower he was starting to get it but pretended to need help for a few more flowers so you could hold his hand longer. Finally letting go you turned your attention to your own crown. Quickly and efficiently finishing yours before Hanzo was even halfway through. He raised an eyebrow and you giggled.

“Zenyatta and I always used to do this,” you explained, soft smile as memories slipped through your mind. 

Tying into into a loop you gently dropped it on top of Hanzo’s head. It slid lopsidedly on his hair and you gently positioned it into place. Something warm grew in his chest at the way you lovingly tucked his hair into place. He hurried his flower crown so he could give it to you. As you started on your second he weaved the last flower in his crown.

Tying it into a circle he gently placed it on your head, you gave a small ‘oh’ of surprise before gently reaching up. Your eyes softened as you looked at him, something crossing his heart at that sight. Fear shuddered through him as well, his feelings for you were growing and after what he did to Genji he wasn’t sure he deserved you. 

He knew logically that Genji had forgiven him but there was still a shard inside him that screamed that he had no right to live. For now he would just treasure your innocent smile until you left him for the monster he was.

I Care 4 U

Hey my baby

Why you lookin’ so down?

Seems like you need a lovin’

Baby you need a girl like me


 Grabbing a cold beer from your fridge, you popped the top on the edge of the counter, walked back into the living room and handed the beer to Jai who was sitting on your couch devastated yet again.

“I really cared for this one Y/N” he told you as he took a swig of the beer.

“I know you did Jai.” You comforted as you sat beside him. You did not understand why he subjected himself to stupid, immature women. This was the third time this year that his ‘relationships’ ended badly. So here he was yet again sitting on your couch in the middle of the night pouring his heart out to you. You listen as you always did fighting the urge to lean in and kiss him. Why did he not see that you were the one that has always been there for him? Not those stupid young fashion models he dated. You were the one he called first when he had good news to share, you were the one that read scripts he received and offered advice on what role to take, and you were the one who was always there to support him in all his endeavors. Why could he not see how much you cared for him? You took a sip of your beer as you continued to listen to him as your eyes fell on his bulging bicep as he lifted his beer to his lips. It seriously looked like he was about to Hulk out and bust out of his tight shirt. You shook your head to dispel the image of Jai’s broad, hairy chest.

Hey my baby

Tell me why you cry

Here take my hand and (yeah)

Wipe those tears from your eyes

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Okay, I wrote this for one of my networks, but Imagine Miller being a Slytherin, like, I feel like everyone would take one look at his permanently grumpy face and be scared of him and little 11yr old Clarke and Murphy (I just really love these three as bffs, sue me).

Anyways, eventually, it’s two days before halloween and little 11yr old Hufflepuff Monty is in the library but cant reach the book he wants on the third shelf so Miller grabs it for him and they strike up a conversation which goes on for the whole of lunch period without them noticing until the bell rings and they just look at each other in surprise and realise they have Transfiguration together and if they don’t hurry, McGonagall is probably going to transfigure them into mice, and so they rush off to class and grab the only available desks which are next to each other.

So now Monty is friends with not only Miller, but Clarke and Murphy as well, and all of Montys friends are like, “….???? But Miller is so scary tho?? And Murphy is terrifying???” and Monty just laughs and is like, “They are literally the biggest dorks you will ever meet in ur life.”

And from then on, Little Hufflepuff Monty, has a bodyguard in the shape of a Little Slytherin who glares at anyone who comes near his Monty and Monty is just smiles and shakes his head but appreciates the sentiment all the same.

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I really miss him a lot. He was the only one that could grab a hold of my heart in two lives. And I'm pretty sure he also was my sweet, overdramatic boyfriend in a third life. It's just seems so like him to be both the overly energetic skinny boy & the overdramatic plant-loving ceo. It just feels unlikely that I'll ever find him again, since both sources are obscure, & I'm so self-isolative in this life. I still love my golden boy with all of my heart though.

On Ice

anisstaranise prompted: Seblaine meeting at an ice skating rink.

“Ugh, come on, Sebastian! It’s going to be fun, I swear.” Jeff nearly pleaded, tugging on his roommate’s arm.

                “What could possibly be fun about going around in circles in the freezing cold?” Sebastian asked the other boy, raising an eyebrow and crossing his arms over his chest, “I’m not even remotely drunk, right now. There is zero chance that I will enjoy going ice skating. Besides, is Nick going?” Jeff immediately looked guilty,

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