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Selfi from me?Never sorry guys hahah

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1) Well,my favoure band linkin park changed musical direction..It’s hard for me because I listen them since I was , what, 12? horrible

2) Idk what I really want to do In my life..

3)You all know that I love chocolate,yaoi,anime and music too much XD

4)I never had boyfriend..or first kiss,nothing about that shits

5) I never love anything like I love my otp NaruSasu!They are my everything when I’m sad and depressed!

6)Live with my parents and one kiss for them :*

7) I love everything that has to do with water..dishwashers, swimming, sea..puddles ahhahah

8) I’m agains hate and anti things, but if you provoke me ..I will shoot

9)I read fanfice for 6 years constantly…..should I be worried for myself? XD

10) like to be alone..but I’m afraid of loneliness so bad

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Here is a very short thing. It’s been swimming around in my head a while and I had to get it out.

Cait and Frank arrive in Cait’s childhood town - a trailer park that’s well lived in. It’s Cait’s idea, an attempt to reconcile her past in a different way than previously. The community is insular and suspicious, more than a few people going inside their homes when they step within its confines, except for one.

A young man around Cait’s age stands up from his chair on his trailer’s porch. He squints at the pair both curiously, ready to swear them out, when realization dawns on him. He smiles and spreads his arms.

“Why, as I live and breathe! I never thought I’d see the day!” He says, accent thick and musical. “Caitlin Donovan! Back from the dead to grace us with her presence!”

Cait tenses, inhales sharply, purses her lips, and shakes her head softly but quickly. Frank turns their attention from the man to Cait, her face just about as red as her hair.

“Caitlin?” Frank whispers. “Donovan?” 

Cait huffs. “Were you expecting O’McDonnell or somethin’?” She forces a smile and steps forward, “Colin, you little bastard! What’ve I told you about usin’ me full name?”

Colin laughs. “Can’t say I remember. Come in and have a drink!”

Cait takes him up on the offer, motioning for Frank to follow. Frank rubs the back of their neck and trails behind her, wondering what other secrets Colin will accidentally reveal before Cait lays him out. 


He gotta give him that air you know

There are a few things in life so beautiful they hurt: swimming in the ocean while it rains, reading alone in empty libraries, the sea of stars that appear when you’re miles away from the neon lights of the city, bars after 2am, walking in the wilderness, all the phases of the moon, the things we do not know about the universe, and you.
—  Beau Taplin

you really can’t escape the mishapocalypse no matter how hard you try you’ll be seeing him on almost every fandom today

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