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So!☀️ How about a beach day with all the bros you know sand castles, volleyball, swimming, and all the fun summer things to do on a beach but then the reader gets a pretty bad sun burn(or everyone can get a sunburn too). So I guess then it would be how would each of the bros help their s/o with their sunburn ☀️ I hope this all makes sense

my days of watching anime OVAs has prepared me for this moment

For the first time in a while you and the rest of the guys were able to actually spend a day off together.  Considering it was summer and the sun was creating days that were blistering hot, you all decided that the best thing to do was go to the beach.  There was plenty to do, and the water was always right there to cool you off should you get too hot.  Plus Prompto preferred the beach day to the other ideas because he claimed beach days held the most potential for great pictures.

You’d all gotten there relatively early in the day, so there was plenty of time to fool around.  You all started a game of beach volleyball, pulling in strangers to make something of a tournament out of the game.  Gladio and Prompto had won competition easy.  Then there was a sandcastle competition going on a little ways down the beach that you and Prompto partook in.  While you two may not have won by a long shot, there were certainly plenty of pictures taken of your mess of a sandcastle.  Other than that the lot of you rotated between laying out in the sun and playing in the water.

It had all been an insanely fun day, and one that you definitely wouldn’t forget in a long time.  With all of those festivities, however, you may or may not have forgotten to reapply your sunscreen.  Several hours in the brutal rays of the sun without any sort of protection left you looking, well…more red than you really would have liked.  

You weren’t nearly as badly burned as Prompto though. Even though he was easily more burned than you were, he insisted on taking care of you claiming his burn didn’t hurt all that much; it looked worse than it really was.  Yours, on the other hand definitely hurt whenever something so much as brushed against it.  Hell, you were reduced to having to wear your bathing suit from the previous day due to the fact anything else would cause pain.  

As you were bedridden for the better portion of the next couple days, Prompto did what he could to help alleviate the pain.  He’d smooth aloe over your chest, doing his best not to press too hard.  He would bring you cold, wet wash cloths to press to your heated skin.  And he would get you whatever you needed if it was within his ability.  

“Thanks, Prom,” you said on the third day upon waking.  The burning sensation was still present, but it certainly wasn’t as bad as it had been the last two days.  You were able to put on a loose top at least which was a win in your opinion.  “Are you sure you’re okay though?”  While you were feeling better, Prompto’s burn still looked rather the same.

“Yeah, I promise,” he grinned.  “This has happened a lot, actually.”  His voice turned slightly sheepish at that confession.

“Well, don’t worry,” you said.  “It’s my turn to take care of you a little bit now.”

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On the "It should be illegal to sell or give animals to minors under the age of 13": about a month ago I got the first fish I've owned in 17 years. About 4 days after we got him home and set up he had problems with swim bladder and I panicked thinking he would die because I didn't even know that swim bladder in fish was a thing. Now I feel a bit better (and disgusted) about all the fish I owned at eight years old who just kinda suffered til death.

I hear ya. I think back to my childhood fish and shudder. I’m sorry Walter! I didn’t know you were miserable in that vase!

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But preschool Boze being really big and Wes being really tiny and Wes coaxing Boze to swim but she's /terrified/. She starts drowning but Wes remembers this thing his papa mentioned in passing and /saves her from drowning/ and the teachers cant tell whether to be impressed or terrified that their TINY Wes just saved Boze's life



He gotta give him that air you know

  • me, about any show™: honestly this is so lame and pointless lmao inconsistent characters much

“you better run”

my entry for a beach themed contest on deviantart! I had so much fun drawing this asdfjkl; surprisingly, I didn’t struggle much with anatomy, shirtless guys and perspectives *A*

as for the context… I’m guessing viktor and yuuri (mainly viktor) was trying to get yurio in the water but he didn’t want to and didn’t want to get tan either so he decided to chill with otabek under the shade. But then viktor (with the help of a reluctant yuuri) dumps a giant bucket of ice water on yurio and he gets super angry and runs after them into the water (*7*) I think that’s where I was going ahaha //and phichit is taking videos while chris is just observing the scene



“…I’ve met various waves as I went around here and there.
   The sea is cold and dark but…if I have to become a wave for someone,
I thought it would be nice if i am… a bit more of an affectionate wave.”
  “Somehow, I think it’s right for me to set things under my control and swim out once again.“

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