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Do you know how long after a concert does BTS usually reveal a concert DVD? Also when do summer packages come out usually? Thanks you so much and I love this blog~❤️❤️❤️

The Summer packages sometimes are released by the end of the year. After all their concert dates end they release the concert DVD (it doesn’t have an exact month)


Myungsoo saying Sungjong was cute during rehearsal and (bragged that) he also recorded Sungjong’s rehearsal~~


DVD Disc 1: X
DVD Disc 2: X
Special Making Film: X
Special Talk Show: X
Sunggyu Solo Day: X
Dongwoo Solo Day: X
Woohyun Solo Day: X
Hoya Solo Day: X
Sungyeol Solo Day: X
L Solo Day: X
Sungjong Solo Day: X

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[INFO]: ‘That Summer Concert 2′ DVD Release (Korean Ver.)

Contents: 3 DVD’s + 84P Photobook + 8 PC’s

Price: ₩ 46,900

Subtitles: English / Korean / Chinese

Release Date: May 13th, 2015

DVD 1: Live Concert Part 1; Includes performances of hit songs such as ‘Last Romeo’, 'Man In Love’, 'BACK’, 'Amazing’, 'Be Mine’, Acoustic Version 'She’s Back’, 'The Chaser’, etc. for a total of 22 songs. (82 Min)

DVD 2: Live Concert Part 2 + Concert Making (79 Min)

DVD 3: Member’s Solo Stages + Makings(?) (63 Min)

** Limited posters included (First 5000 sets(?)); 60 sets will come with signed PC’s **