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Based off of the request: Hey! If you’re accepting requests, would you mind doing one where Peter thinks the reader is dating Ned or Flash or even MJ? I think it’d be hilarious and I haven’t read an imagine like it yet 😜

Requested by @yoyococo18

A/N: Peter thinks the reader and MJ are dating and gets a little jealous. Requests are still open!

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“I had already decided that the record was going to be called Bella Donna. With my previous boyfriend, who was an engineer on Tusk, I had gone to Chile for six weeks after finishing recording Tusk. I met his mother, who was just a marvelous lady; she became like Bella Donna to me. She’d been around when the [1973] military coup happened, and had been in love with a man who, when the government fell, was banished to France or face life in prison. She told me this story one night, and I just decided right there that my first solo record was going to be called Bella Donna. I knew it meant ‘beautiful woman’, but also that it’s a poisonous root. People use it for healing, but if you take too much, you can die. So I thought: This is the perfect double-edged sword title for the record. So the idea was handed to me on a little silver tray with some toast and blackberry jam by the sweetest lady.”

Happy 36th birthday, Bella Donna!