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every time lexa says clarke’s name: 27/?

AA6 Headcanon: Edgeworth, Phoenix and the shower

So, that’s my headcanon about Edgeworth’s shower, the night before last trial…

Miles: “I-I can’t use it! What am I supposed to do with this sink?”

Phoenix: *coming in the kitchen* “Hey, Edgeworth, are you okay?”

Miles: “Y-yes, no problem. I need to wash my hair…”

Phoenix: “Oh, that’s true. It’s very dirty.”

Miles: “Shut up, Wright! What about yours? You’re all sweaty, and you still haven’t been in court!”

Phoenix: “Erm, I know, after all we’ve been through… Well, Edgeworth, sit down here. I’ll wash your hair.”

Miles: “WHAT?!

Phoenix: “Come on, it’s not that you are used to washing with this tap. Let me help you. I washed Trucy’s hair several times when she was a kid, you can consider me a specialist!”

Miles: *sitting* “I’ve had enough of you bluffs, Wright. But, at least, looking at the evidence, I must admit that Trucy’s hair are fine, so I could trust you.”

Phoenix: *starts washing Miles’ hair* “How nice… This reminds me of when we were kids. We used to take a bath together… Larry, you and me.”

Miles: “I remember… You had the same silly smile…”

Phoenix: “Oh?! That’s what you remember most? My smile?”

Miles: “Nggg… because it was silly!”

Phoenix: “Ha ha ha! You’re really getting sentimental on me, Edgeworth.”

Miles: “Next time you call me because you need my help as Chief Prosecutor, I’ll ignore you.”

Phoenix: “Okay, okay, sorry, don’t be mad. You’re getting shampoo in your eyes.”

Miles: “It’s all your fault! And you call yourself a specialist!”

Phoenix: “Hold it! I am a specialist, but… Okay, let’s have a challenge: you wash my hair next, then we’ll choose the winner.”

Miles: “But… You are crazy, Wright. This could be the last night of your life, and you want to spend it washing each other’s hair?”

Phoenix: “Are you in?”

Miles: *sighs* “I’m in.”

Happy Pride Month! I’ve made a bunch of edits featuring all of the canon/ my headcanon LGBT couples and characters. The first one I’m posting is Korrasami, because as far as I’m aware this is the only canon, interracial, w|w, ship is Western animation.

AA6 Headcanon - the night before last trial in Khura'in

Phoenix: “So you really missed me.”

Miles: “I didn’t, Wright. As I said earlier, the court was incredibly quiet last weeks. And, I have to admit, my personal life was too, since I never received invitations to parties or magic shows from a certain defense attorney.”

Phoenix: “Erm, Edgeworth?”

Miles: “Yes?”

Phoenix: “I missed you too. Really.”

Miles: “…”

Phoenix: “…”

Miles: “………………… don’t disappear like that again, please.”

Phoenix: “Okay, I promise.”


“Without waiting for an answer he pulled close to the pile and extended his hand.There was no help for it; Anne, clinging to Gilbert Blythe’s hand, scrambled down into the dory, where she sat, dribbled and furious, in the stern with her arms full of dripping shawl and wet crêpe.”