in the shadow of a fractured sun

i want you to cling to me like your soft / buttermilked lungs cling to air / i want you lightyear-lit & unimpeachable / as an animal / i think we would be / a moonlit desecration / mere embers against / the anatomy of the biblical night / heavy with the tears of saints & lost prophets / fractured in fire-flecked pools / of dismembered stars (like your heart or a hot sip of void) / i miss August already, the way the angels toppled one-by-one into / your upended mouth / how the sun dreamt us / a new world where the dark / tasted like warm chocolate / syrup instead of a dying man’s blood / how our shadows could’ve made halos / now we sleep / gently / as the clouds string us up into / another space-time calamity and we / collect dust /our bodies / shining furiously / like / sharks or meteorites / our sadness / in our hands / rebuilding the / castles of old constellations.
—   You, The Animal & The Night || j.r 

Probably the most anyone has ever seen of me, scandalous! This is a bone scan i did a few months ago. Healthy bone in bone scans is seen as white or almost transparent. Shadowing or black bones are signs of low bone density, stress fractures or in some cases cancers (luckily mine is just density so far). This is what happens when gastro and autoimmune disorders stop you from absorbing vitamin d. It’s all well and good to tell people to get some sun, and sometimes your body just doesn’t convert it properly. Shout out to anyone with IBS, Crohns, celiac, Ibd or any other disorders which effect absorption. Make sure you GET YOUR LEVELS CHECKED, so you can fight back. Love and spoons xxxx

Our boundaries were like shadows, shifting and changing depending on the time of day. Some afternoons we opened both our hearts like the trapdoor into the attic and climbed together into the marrow of our very bones and we wandered through each other’s souls. We never thought twice about displaying all the new cracks and old, healing fractures alike. Other days we just smiled in the hall way, our eyes shaking hands for only half a second. I don’t know what changed between those moments. Whether it was the air or the sun or the way the other stars were lined up in the sky that day. What I do know is that it was always beautiful and I wouldn’t have traded it for all the stability in the world.
—  A.O.A.M || Boundaries
He looked at her the way the sun complies to the horizon. The inevitable fall, falling into her and finding acceptance for the shadows, bruised across his battered soul in her darkness; she judges not what she sees but what she feels. Then the rise, blinding and burning love, fanned light finding the fractures in his image and iridescent reflections through the cracks like a mirror caught in the sunlight. He sees his face for the first time as he was meant to be; lit by love and her.
—  venomousvelvet