in the sexist possible way


I am… I am green

I love Mondai No Aru Restaurant with all my heart and I want to make at least one more gifset highlighting how good it is, but I wanted to show Nitta’s speech first because it really got to me. When I was a kid and I played Sailor Moon with my friends, I actually WANTED to be Sailor Jupiter. She was strong and badass and yet traditionally feminine and I loved characters that were allowed to be both strong and girly, like Rogue from Saban’s X-Men. However, I had the same problem Nitta had. When roles were distributed, I could rarely be Jupiter because, even if I didn’t look like any of the Scouts, Makoto was the furthest to me. A short, fat, girly, bookworm kid like me wasn’t imposing, strong looking enough to be Jupiter. I had to be Mercury, she looked nothing like me but at least she was shy and nerdy. Sailor Moon is often put up there like a feminist anthem, like a broth in which current young feminists were brewed, and although I do recognize its merits, I also understand its shortcomings and I loved how this drama showed the other side of its impact on young girls.

I found it fascinating how Nitta is given green in the show’s restaurant, and she has a rocky yet developing relationship with a co-worker, who she considers an “enemy” for being everything she’s not (she values appearance and romance more than study and work). But it turns out that this girl was also always Jupiter in the playground and, when she gets a color in the restaurant, she’s orange, like Sailor Venus, the one with the shortest skirt and the love, beauty and light powers and who was an idol, often dismissed by girls I grew up around for the opposite, because she was “too feminine”. They both find out, through the episodes, that the only thing keeping them apart is internalized misogyny. 

This drama, much like Sailor Moon, has a female protagonist who wants to fight for justice, a less magical and more realistic kind of justice, putting up a restaurant after a friend of hers gets severely harassed in the workplace and trying to fight back to the sexist environment they work in. Much like Usagi, she has an entourage of girls with different personalities, identities and issues (a young hikikomori with severe social anxiety, an overachiever with low self esteem, a girl who seeks validation through male attention and is victim of abuse, a trans woman whose work is put into question constantly for her identity and not her talent, a career woman who left her job because it’s too difficult to try succeeding when she isn’t a man and a mother who’s constantly denigrated and finally abandoned by her husband, who is trying to take her son away from her). They’re not only fighting for a common goal of helping their leader, they’re all fighting for their own self respect, the defense of their own identities and a sense of equality that is constantly being taken away from them, in the most denigrating and sexist ways possible. So yeah, I love this drama and I sure hope I can make more gifsets to represent its amazingness, but this speech dealing with internalized misogyny and female competition through a Sailor Moon metaphor really deserved its own gifset. 


‘The Bachelorette’ is finally starting to resemble real life — in the most sexist way possible 

This season, producers presented 25 men with not one, but two potential bachelorettes, Kaitlyn and Britt. Allowing the women to size up their suitors while the men sized them up right back — a two-way process — should have theoretically made the exercise feel more like real-life dating. And it did — too real.

Ugh, white people are literally the ugliest and most evil people on the entirety of the planet. Just the mere sight of a white person triggers my PTSD because once when I was 2 a white person said he liked my natural hair. My great-great-great grandmother’s cousin’s friend was a slave I think, so I’m owed reparations for their suffering.

And don’t get me started on men. They’re just as evil and misogynistic as white people. If I’m within 2 feet of a male my gag reflexes kick in because just his mere existence oppresses me. And God forbid he’s both male AND white. I might pass out from all the oppression.

Don’t worry though, I’m both black and a female so none of what I said could POSSIBLY be considered racist, Sexist or misandrist in any way. Because I was once oppressed, many, many, many, years ago. And somehow I still am, and it’s all because of those dirty, nasty, evil white men. Go equality! ;D

*If you couldn’t tell, this was all satire and sarcasm*

Let’s get one thing straight.

Donald Trump is not an aberration within the GOP. He is not a party outlier. He is not a party extremist. Donald Trump is the embodiment of everything the Republican Party has come to stand for over the past decade, stripped away of the cover-up rhetoric.

The birthers (which Trump was one of the loudest and most insistent), the Tea Party, the obstructionists in Congress… every single GOP-related development since President Obama took office on Jan. 20, 2009 has led to Trump’s rise as the party’s nominee.

Because at no point did anyone in the GOP with any sanity stand up and say “enough is enough.” Everyone who did got run out of the party.

The racism, the xenophobia, the predictable-in-hindsight backlash against the election of the nation’s first African-American president has led to Donald Trump – who has never held a political office in his life, who has failed in just about everything he’s ever done – being a prominent political party’s presidential nominee.

Trump also embodies all oft he GOP’s policy ideals, no matter what the GOP will tell you. The Islamophobia, the anti-immigrant rhetoric, the faux-populist economic “policies” that benefit the 1 percent and no one else… these have long been Republican staples, hidden only by the party’s ability to hide their policies in easy-to-stomach rhetoric.

Trump threw that rhetoric in the trash. The GOP can say he doesn’t represent them all they want, but he does. The only difference is, he lacks the concern and the tact to make people think his ideas aren’t the same as the party’s.

The Republican Party, when stripped of its mask of sanity, is fully embodied, in every possible way, by Donald Trump. This is a racist, sexist, xenophobic, elite-ass kissing party of extremists who long for the days when white men were the only ones who could vote and women and people of color only existed to serve them.

Don’t let the GOP fool you: Donald Trump is them, in every way possible.

And it’s their fault that he got this far. Whatever becomes of the Republican Party following the election – which should result in an electoral ass-whooping of historic proportions – just remember, GOP:

You built that.

It’s 2016, and a columnist thought this news anchor’s skinny jeans were “jarring”

There’s strong evidence that suggests when certain people see a female news anchor, they simply stop listening to the words she’s saying and focus solely on the clothes she’s wearing. That’s a normal way to consume news, right?

Recently, a writer from the Star Tribune devoted an entire column to news anchor Jana Shortal’s skinny jeans. In the now-deleted article, the writer criticizes Shortal for not taking seriously the story she was covering, writing, “being hip in skintight pants while discussing this story was unseemly, perhaps disrespectful.”

Despite the sexist critique of her outfit, Shortal responded to the writer in the best way possible.

anonymous asked:

hey emma! my favorite educated angel, can you explain to me why its not possible to be sexist towards men?

similar to the way reverse racism isn’t real if you already understand that concept. cishet men have created and still benefit from the patriarchy, and they can’t be taken down from the top of this system, especially not at the hands of the situations ppl are accused of being “sexist towards men”. this is bc situations concerning apparent sexism towards men fail to harm men or benefit women, /because/ of the power structure that is the patriarchy. for example, one of the most common times someone accuses someone of being sexist towards men is the ‘a women said that she hates men’ situation. a women saying 'I hate men’ is coming from discomfort and distrust for and around and men bc she is aware of the patriarchy that has drilled misogynistic values into men which threatens and/or takes a toll (either physically, mentally, or emotionally) on women like herself. it isn’t the same thing as a man saying he hates women, which would be sexist, bc a man saying he hates women is a product of the patriarchy having taught him to devalue and invalidate women and their thoughts, feelings, abilities, comfort etc. and his sense of entitlement being irritated at the fact that a women isn’t acting what he thinks is accordingly to benefit him. a woman hating men isn’t really her hating men, it’s her hating the toxic mindset that she knows misogyny has taught many of them. this is as opposed to her seeing them as lesser beings, the way a man who hates women views women. a woman who says she hates men doesn’t think 'I hate this man bc he is a man’, she dislikes the actions that she sees carried out by men bc they negatively affect her and others like her and she can’t protect herself from this bc pointing it out will only be ignored or invalidated bc of the misogyny in men and its effect of devaluation, which you should already be familiar w/. besides even this point, a women can hate men all she wants, it doesn’t affect men. it doesn’t keep them from getting jobs, from having legitimate anger or feelings actually considered instead of dismissed as just being irritable/crazy, it doesn’t kill men, it doesn’t do all the things real sexism does to women (this is really important, this is my main point). the only thing a women hating a man does is mean that she is aware of the patriarchy and doesn’t react to men’s entitlement to her and/or their mistreatment towards her or others the way the patriarchy has tried to breed her to do. it’s a completely different ballpark from real sexism if you get the gist, and i apologize this is so messy.