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Homestuck Meta Theory

Alright, so I know there’s a lot of people disappointed with the ending, again, I sound like a broken record by this point. And don’t get me wrong- While I love the ending, I would still love to see more of the characters and the story! I just feel it’s a good end as it is. I’ve made a lot of theories about what the End means and everything about Act 7, but all of the things I said, about the Jujus, about becoming freed from Paradox Space, it made me think about the rest of the story, and I believe it has made my entire idea of what Homestuck is change.

So the big question here is, what IS Homestuck? Most people, including me, when talking to someone who knows nothing about it, will speak about the story, the 4 Kids playing SBURB, and the subsequent destruction of Earth. And then mention its huge amount of references towards programming languages, popular culture, storytelling in itself, and it’s self-referential nature. But this Ending has got me thinking that maybe the reason why so many people have been disappointed in the End is because they got Hussie’s intentions wrong.

We tend to reference how the humor and the nature of Homestuck’s narrative is a little extra onto the story, and while it is true the story itself and the characters have drawn a big part of the Fandom, I thought… What if the important part of the Narrative isn’t the Story, but the Meta elements.

As soon as I made connection, everything about the ending began to fall into place. I have commented before that I feel Act 7 is like being shown the Good Ending of a video game without seeing its Neutral Route. 

The Kids have Earth, and Juju Vriska uses manages to flip the ending so that instead of being trapped by Paradox Space’s rules…

They manage to ‘End’ the game properly and get their Happy Ever After.

All while Caliborn is shown getting his power of Immortality, and while we’re left ambiguous about what happens to Vriska and Lord English and everyone in the Dream Bubbles…

Another thing people have complained about is the Character Arcs.

They say how ‘different’ the timeline is. What was the point of Rose’s alcoholism if then Vriska just swats the drink away and it never had any relevance anymore? Terezi’s relationship with Gamzee never happened. Dave and Karkat got together? The Game Over Timeline is bad, everyone agrees that people dying is never good, but they also claim that suddenly having all that Character Development changed made them unable to relate to some characters anymore.

And of course there’s always the mention of how Vriska, even though she’s an abusive 8itch, ended up being somewhat of a heroine, or at the very least not seemingly getting too punished…

That’s where the Narrative itself told us there was something off.

DAVE: rose we dont have fuckin “arcs” we are just human beings

Many have mentioned it, about how not having a closure to certain character arcs referenced this portion, the notion that the characters didn’t have an arc. The same way she then references Jade breaking Endgame ships and such. Rose’s power is Light, and her information source comes from the same place as SBURB and Skaia. It’s a game. Of course she’d have the notion that all of them have to fit certain predisposed stereotypes or their stories have to follow a certain pattern- Rose is looking at their lives since SBURB started as it has been. A Story.

But Dave is having none of it. Dave is beyond the thought that all they do has to follow a set pattern, and claims they don’t have character arcs. This might sound like a clever device by Hussie so he didn’t have to explore more of each of these character’s lives and he could close the comic leaving some loose ends but, there’s more.

Hussie? As an entity? Exists within the story. This would be all fun and dandy if it were a couple of stupid references and memes. And that’s what many people think! Most of his appearances in canon have been a joke, really. But…

Hussie joked about his influence on the comic, when his bot-self was about to mess up with the Kids in the Yellow Yard, but eventually didn’t do it. And yet? His fight with Vriska. His interactions with Caliborn. Everything pictured above? Hussie is a physical entity that follows the same rules as everyone else in Paradox Space and can influence the story. But he’s not a self-insert. He IS the Author. He is the one who wrote every of these characters and continued the story. He’s not another character, he’s himself, in the Homestuck Universe.

And then it began to dawn on me, that perhaps the Meta aspect of Homestuck was a bit more than Fourth-Wall Breaking fun and references to real life stuff. Of course, this train of thought led me to another main plot device that has never exactly been explained to its full extent. Jujus.

There’s the Sucker…

The Crowbar…

The House Juju…

A lollipop that could change character’s personalities, making them immediately make up for aaaall of their mistakes without a care in the world, start alchemizing new weapons, and end up exactly where they needed to be.

A crowbar that can break other of these mysterious devices, and more importantly, has been shown to be able to interact with the Website itself, which seems to be its own physical entity as well!

A house that gave John the ability to change the story, and that ended up being used against the Big Bad of the entire comic.

A puppet that trapped the Souls of various characters and became the gateway for the Big Bad of the comic to become who he is.

A mysterious pair of rings that oh so conveniently appear and disappear on characters, and leave you wondering what they really do, but clearly shown to at least be able to revive someone who, by no other means in the story, would have been able to get back to the world of the living.

Jujus are mysterious, when you look at them from the perspective of the characters. They have no beginning, no end, they just appear at some point and do a loop through time, ending up exactly where they appeared first. They are powerful artifacts able to change reality itself, with no explained origin… But we are no characters. We have seen what these things do on the comic through its entire lengths.

Jujus are plot devices meant to alter the Meta of the comic. They are not things that make sense in a true physical reality. They are artifacts that alter the rules of the plot. Because that’s what the plot is. A story. Because Homestuck is not real, and it acknowledges this.

Or at least… It was supposed to acknowledge this. Many have also claimed that the last updates were so disappointing, compared to Cascade, as Cascade managed to solve so many plot points, but this last one felt empty of everything. Plot. Character Development. That’s where Jujus and Hussie come in.

Hussie dies, in his own comic, a comic that acknowledges him as the actual AUTHOR of the events taking place. And later, we see…

Caliborn, the young version of Lord English, acknowledging Hussie’s death, as he takes the rest of Act 6 and makes it his. Through the use of the Command Prompt, through his own drawings, he begins to write his own story.

[S] Cascade had so many plot points resolved, and these last updates didn’t. Because that is the point. Ever since Act 5 ended and Act 6 started, Hussie has begun to lose control of the story. He was killed by Lord English, the big bad, who also took control of the narrative. Vriska acknowledges a narrator speaking, and forces the narrative to shift back to her opening the Juju chest out of frustration. The command prompts, John’s retcons- At this point, Hussie is no longer in control of his characters.

The Game Over timeline was bad, but it felt like it had more Character Development. That is because it was a not-retconned Timeline. The characters had struggles, the plot moved on forward, some people was possessed, it was all prime material for a conflict and a resolution afterwards! But Aranea’s intervention made it a Doomed Timeline. A Bad End. We all know how Doomed Timelines work, so everything that happens there would have been totally irrelevant. But John didn’t want to accept that. Roxy was still alive, and sad. And Terezi wanted him to fix things up. So instead of acknowledging he was in a Doomed Timeline, like Roxy did? Roxy, who saw her mother-daughter die in her arms, and claimed there might be nothing left for them. And meanwhile, John just managed to get his powers ready, zapped back in time and solved everything.

New problems arose in the new Timeline, sure, but not as many. And a lot of the character arcs were suddenly shoved back. Rose no longer struggles with alcoholism, Karkat doesn’t chase after Terezi, and becomes Matesprits with Dave after mellowing down. Gamzee, one of the biggest dangers, is shoved back by Vriska until he’s barely relevant anymore.

And all of this might just be me trying to find an explanation to the sudden loose ends not being tied. But I think, all of this, was meant to express more than Hussie rolling the story back or changing the story to fit other things. No.

We go back to Dave’s words. We’re real people, we don’t have arcs. We are real people. In a comic, where the author is a character, and that always acknowledges it’s a comic? Dave saying they’re real people is big. It was taken as a joke, because they are characters, come on! Right? … Right?

Well of course they are. But that’s the thing. Up until Act 6, all of the various characters were nothing more than that. And even during the Game Over Timeline, they were nothing more than that. But Hussie’s death, the ghosts, no longer relevant, trying to fight back against Lord English? Caliborn’s acknowledgement of a story and trying to take control of it? And finally, John’s powers.

The House Juju gave John something more important than being able to change the Timeline.

The ability to make Selfcest canon.

Wait no- That wasn’t it.

The ability to alter the plot to his own whims.

John’s zapping doesn’t follow the rules of Paradox Space. It allows him to change the timeline as he wishes and it still be the Alpha. Not only that, but he can also warp out of the story itself, sending people and things to the background of the website.

It’s when Vriska starts to try and find this Juju that everything about the narrative begins to shift gears. John now can change the plot. Which means he is not adhering to the rules that bound them all anymore. He can go back, bring people who were dead back to life, save his friends, and aid them get a better ending.

And in this new timeline he’s changed? Everyone seems a bit different. They have gone through different things, and are as confused as anyone else about what is going on. This is the moment where these characters stop being characters.

This isn’t a story about Four Kids playing a Game, getting involved in Shenanigans and trying to live a happy ever after as villains try to plot on destroying them and reality. Homestuck is the tale of the characters from a webcomic, becoming self-aware, and escaping the grasp of the author and the narrative.

I don’t know if this is what Hussie intended, and if it is, at what point he planned to start leading the story this way. I might just be crazy and be reading too much into this? But as I see it? It closes every single loophole in this story.

Doomed Timelines are meant to be nothing. They are meant to fade, and not be relevant anymore. But the ghosts are having none of this. They WANT to be relevant in this story again. They create an army, and head off to defeat the biggest threat in the entire comic.

Caliborn knows reality itself isn’t as it seems, and tries to make his own story within it. He strives to become almighty, and then begins to destroy and rend reality itself so he can make way for his own rule.

Vriska knows she’s in a story, having interacted with the very Author and the command prompt! But she is not trying to change the story- All the opposite. Vriska follows the rules of the story, closes loopholes from what she has seen, but tries to be the one who causes everything. She wants to be in the spotlight of this tale. She creates Bec Noir just because she had seen it in her screen. And knowing this is a story, she goes off of her way to find methods to defeat each of these villains, at any cost. Because in a story, once she defeats these big, powerful foes, she’ll be a heroine, and everyone will regard her so highly, she’ll be over everyone else. Just like she wants.

John? I don’t think he knows he’s in a story. But he has the power to alter it. And after he begins to mess with the timeline, the rules of Paradox Space begin to shatter around him and his friends. Time loops, Rules, Plot, why would they care about how a story goes, if it’s not a story, it’s their lives. They just want to be happy and get away from this cycle of destruction and death.

I’d even go as far as to say God Tier Calliope knows this. If her Land and her Earth were anything like Caliborn’s, she might also been in contact with the command prompt. Perhaps the fact her entire mission was a self-sacrifice to collapse the Green Sun represented how she, too, saw Paradox Space as what it was- A construct that kept these characters trapped as that. Characters. And the only way to escape its grasp was the erase its very existence, using Lord English’s destruction to tear a hole through the comic, and destroy it.

In this way, everything that happens towards the ending makes perfect sense. There are hundreds, thousands, who knows how many timelines, in which every plot hole will be closed. But we’re not following these. It would be easy to cause, say, the Condesce to wake up. Because of her immortality curse given by Lord English. Or the Draconian Dignitary get to the Frog Lily Pad. Something happens, interrupts the kids from entering to the new Session, and bam! Suddenly more plot! Their entrance to the Universe is blocked. Terezi worries about Vriska, so they begin to plot a way to help her defeat Lord English. The black hole in the Session that likely leads to Caliborn’s land becomes relevant, and they all have a trip to beat up Caliborn. Something happens to Calliope, her ring has ended up in Caliborn’s hands as well, he traps the kids, the Alphas beat him up, all loops are closed, we have a bittersweet, predictable ending. And this has happened. In many timelines before. Over, and over. Perhaps the one we’re following isn’t even the Alpha, for that very reason.

But it doesn’t matter. I talked about how the Jujus were a way to alter the plot, and let’s go back to this, and look at my theory about the Kids Souls being Trapped for all eternity in this Juju. The moment Caliborn uses this Juju, he kickstarts the entirety of the rules of Paradox Space. These kids we follow through the story, are trapped in a plot, with rules dictated by narrative that they HAVE to adhere too.

Then the ghosts decide that this is bullshit, and that they, even after death, want to still be relevant. Instigated by Vriska and Meenah, and aided by Aranea’s mind control, they manage to find a way they can alter the plot once again, a Juju. John touches this Juju, and suddenly he gains the power to alter this plot as well, and begins his and his friend’s journey to escape the clutches of Paradox Space and the comic itself.

John was trapped in the house all along. So of course, shoving his arm through it? He managed to grasp at the other side. He got a taste of what it was to be free. And he gained the power of changing the plot as a result.

Then, Vriska becomes alive again. She’s relevant, and bashes down on her ghost self. Ghost self that had at one point tried to make herself relevant, even though since she’s dead she shouldn’t be. This way, Vriska proves that, while she acknowledges the story as a story, and wants to be always present and in the middle, she never sees it as something she has to escape. She has no character development, because now, in this timeline that John has changed, she’s free to do whatever she wants, she’s her own person without a character arc, but doesn’t find the need to become said person. She doesn’t want to change, she wants to keep following the plot, and take down the big bad.

So Vriska takes the house Juju from her alternate self, goes against Lord English, beats up the Author of the comic itself as a last Fuck You, and then uses the Juju towards him. And this is when Alive Vriska makes her big mistake. By following this plot, this story, the Juju house crashes behind her…

She’s on Lord English’s side of the house. Because both of them know the comic is just that, a story. He knows about the narrative, and the author. So he kills the author, and becomes the big evil that must be defeated. Meanwhile, Vriska knows about the narrative, and the author, so she beats up the author and tries to become the heroine.

Caliborn and Vriska could very well strive to break free of Paradox Space in other ways, but instead they do what they do best- Be themselves, and fuck shit up in the process. And it’s this mentality that in the end, as the House Juju appears, tells us that both of them have been doomed. Doomed to be trapped in this Collapsing Paradox Space there’s no escape from.

Except there is an escape.

Because the door opens. It opens for the Kids and Trolls on the lily pad. And it opens for the Ghost Army and everyone else in the Bubbles. These are people that have been living aside from the story for a long time. The ones that are alive in the Session have had John change everything and the events happening after make them question Paradox Space itself. And the dead ones or the ones just stuck in the Furthest Ring? They fear being forgotten. They fear being erased by the collapsing Paradox Space, and had faced Lord English to try and become relevant once more.

Of course Condy’s curse didn’t wake her up. Of course DD didn’t appear. The moment the Juju appears, the story is done. There is no more plot. Because it’s not a story. The ones wanting to follow the plot are now seeing it crumble, seeing everything end. And the ones that wanted to become relevant against Paradox Space- Why would they need to even follow the rules? They are trying to escape them.

The Plot Holes are part of the plot in itself. John and everyone else didn’t need to fill it up. Because they are not part of the story anymore. We didn’t see their character arcs close. Because they are not characters anymore. They are not characters anymore. They don’t need to show us they have grown- Or maybe they haven’t even grown. They are always growing, learning. But now, they have escaped this evil Universe that trapped them and forced into cruel and crueler situations. They have escaped to a peaceful realm. They don’t need to keep following the story. They are happy and free to live their lives however they want.

They are finally happy.

A New Livelihood (Werewolf! Jimin x Werewolf! Reader)

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(The GIF of the wolf is intended to represent Aera when she transforms. I admittedly do not possess the ability at this current juncture to even fathom what godly wolf form Park Jimin would take on.)

Hello guys! So, here’s the fanfic that I’ve been working on in tandem with ‘Risen from the Ashes’. If you guys have yet to check it out, I would certainly appreciate it if you did. If not, that’s cool too. Without further wordiness from me, here are details of the story:

Pairing: Aera x Jimin (though it can totally be taken as a Reader x Jimin. Just replace her name with whatever you’d like to be addressed as, as her name is very seldom used)

Genre: Fluff, Angst (Smut to come in later chapters)

Rating: PG - PG13 (for this chapter)

Characters: Aera (or reader if you like) and, of course, BTS. Aera'a brother Jung (though this could also be replaced with whatever name you fancy)

Word Count: 4,516

Summary: Aera (or really Y/N) belongs to a pack of more traditional werewolf values led by her brother, Jung (or really Y/B/N). The very brother that murdered their parents in cold blood solely for the purpose of ascending to the position of Alpha. With her tyrant brother in control, Aera (or Y/N) is forced into a mating ritual with a rival pack in order to cement their alliance with her own pack. Things take a turn for confusing when this forced ceremony turns out to be far from forced. Aera (Y/N) must learn to adapt to an entirely different lifestyle, one that stands in drastic contrast from her own, while simultaneously navigating the confusing and passionate nature that is the mating bond.

Keep reading

Part Two // Somebody Else [A Stiles Stilinski Story]

Prompt: Stiles broke her heart and now she can never look at him the same. They remained friends, but she can’t exactly find it in herself to truly forgive Stiles and he doesn’t know how to accept her new relationship with the one person he can’t stand. Overtime, they both eventually got over each other… or have they?

Series (collab with @sarcasticallystilinski): Prologue Part One - Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight

Realtionship: Stiles Stilinski x Reader/ Stiles Stilinski x OFC/ Theo Raeken x Reader/ Theo Raeken x OFC

Warnings: Making Out, Erotic Touching, Swearing, and Angst

Word Count: 1,600

Taking a deep breath, Katalina walked into the chemistry lab and already sat in her assigned seat. She didn’t even bother to greet anyone, too embarrassed on how much she spent the night thinking about and missing Stiles. It made her annoyed and so confused, she just couldn’t take it anymore. And, so, with everything she had in her, Katalina tried to push it all down.

“Hey, partner.” A smiling Scott McCall greeted her when she sat next to him at their lab table.

“Hi.” Katalina cleared her throat, her voice a little rough from not using it until now. “Good morning, partner.”

“Good morning.” Scott chuckled, opening his chemistry notebook to get ready for class. “Did you sleep well?”

Katalina sighed at the question, the memories of her constant thinking and nostalgia over her ex had her up the entire night, tossing and turning in her bed. She tried everything she could to sleep. She listened to classical music, she tried reading to tire her eyes out and she even counted sheep, but none of them actually worked. Thank God for Lydia Martin, however, and all of the makeup classes she has ruthlessly given her. Because of her red headed best friend, Katalina was able to cover all of her dark circles with just the right amount of concealer.

“Yeah.” Katalina forced a smile and before she can ask him the same question, the chemistry teacher began teaching his class.

Katalina could feel his gaze on her and it made her skin tingle. He didn’t even try to hide the fact that he was staring at her, Stiles Stilinski has no boundaries and he certainly isn’t ashamed of that. Theo, on the other hand, was also watching her like a hawk. Well, her and Stiles that is. Katalina wasn’t a werewolf or anything supernatural, and yet, she could still sense the jealousy coming off of her boyfriend.

After giving a boring explanation, the teacher handed out an assignment to do and she and Scott immediately got to work. It had something to do with mixing chemicals and Katalina was very thankful that Scott had actually been paying attention, the girl too focused on the stares she was getting from two different people at the same time.

“So, why’d you leave the party so early last night?” Scott asked nonchalantly as he poured a green liquid into another empty test tube.

“Oh, uh, I just felt like going home.” Katalina answered and the werewolf scoffed at her answer.

“Even if I wasn’t a werewolf and could hear your heartbeat increase, I would still know that that lame excuse is clearly a lie.”

“Okay, you know I really hate that you’re always one step ahead of the rest of us, right?” She chuckled, accepting the fact that she just got caught like a deer in headlights.

“I do.” Scott laughed and she laughed along with him before a comfortable silence took over.

The Alpha werewolf cleared his throat and turned to look her straight in the eye with a look of protectiveness and care. Two characteristics Scott always has on and she admired him for that.

“Was it because of Stiles?” He asked, his voice soft and careful not to possibly hurt her.

Katalina just nodded, not really trusting her voice to verbally respond. Scott knows about everything that happened better than anyone else. He knows just how much Stiles truly hurt her and he was the greatest friend Katalina could have at that moment. Scott listened to every word her wounded heart had to say and gave her some of the best advice she had ever heard in her life.

“Did you know that he asks me about you everyday?”

“He does?” Katalina asked, her voice more perky than she expected.

“Yeah, he does.” Scott nodded, giving her a weak smile. “Stiles cares so much about you.”

Katalina’s eyes fell to the floor with that small and, yet, painful statement.

“Yeah, well, someone who cares about you doesn’t use you for their own personal interests.” Katalina scoffed, focusing on her terrible handwriting in their notebook.

“He made a mistake-”

“Scott, we’ve been over this way too many times.” She stated with an exhausted voice, looking back up at him. “How about we just drop it?”

“Okay.” The werewolf swallowed, agreeing with her terms. He didn’t want to push her and make her feel worse than she already did.

“Thank you.”

Class ended soon after Scott finally finished the experiment perfectly. Katalina helped with what she could, but he did most of it. Scott was focusing on his grades more lately, finally knowing how to balance the supernatural with school. It made Katalina proud and happy to see him so invested in his future and not just on the threats that surrounded them all the time.

Once the bell rang, indicating that the students were finally dismissed, Theo immediately made his way towards his girlfriend. He didn’t want Stiles anywhere near her and would do everything in his power to prevent it. The anger on Stiles’ face was so obvious that it wasn’t even necessary to glance at him to know just how furious he was. Theo could smell the chemo signals coming off of the human and he smiled, pleased with himself for causing that.

Stiles grabbed his things and left without even bothering to say a word, his patience too thin to spend any second longer in the same room as Theo Raeken. Katalina watched as he angrily trudged out of the classroom and felt slightly hurt. She just wished things could be like how they used to. She wants to be his friend again and to have him in her life, but everytime she tries to fix things between them, Katalina remembers how he just used her to get to the real girl he had a crush on and it pains her everytime.

“Ready for lunch?” Theo asked his girlfriend, glad Stiles was finally out of the picture.

“Yeah.” She sighed, looking back at him and getting her backpack. “Let’s go.”

The cafeteria was already full of students getting their meals when she and Theo had arrived. They would’ve gotten there earlier, but Theo wanted some alone time with her. Katalina’s pink lipstick smudged on his lips as evidence on just what they were doing before getting there.

Once they got their lunches and sat down at a cafeteria table with their friends, Theo immediately settled his hand on her thigh. She turned to look at him with a confused expression when he rubbed small circles on her bare skin.

Katalina gazed at him with a confused expression, but Theo was too busy looking elsewhere. She didn’t understand why he was being so straight forward, sure they’re very passionate with one another, but they never really show any public displays of affection. It made Katalina nervous and Theo didn’t like to make her uncomfortable in any way.

Her breath hitched in her throat when he slid his hand higher and under the fabric of her skirt. Anxiety rushed through the blood in her veins and she didn’t know whether or not she wanted him to stop. However, the second Theo’s finger lightly touched her over her panties, she knew she wanted him to keep going.

That’s when she noticed just where he was staring at and everything, finally, made sense. Theo was cockily smirking at her ex-boyfriend as Stiles angrily glared back. Everyone sitting at the table didn’t even seem to notice what was going on since they were too focused in their own conversations, but the moment Katalina realized just what Theo was doing, her entire body boiled with rage. It made her so upset that Theo would do such a childish thing just to spark some anger from Stiles.

The tension between the three of them was strong and once Scott, finally, noticed what was going on, Katalina had enough. She roughly grabbed his hand and urgently ripped it away from her body, Theo’s head immediately snapping towards her. Katalina didn’t say anything, she just watched as Stiles smirked to himself and focused on the meal before him.

“Are you okay?” Her boyfriend whispered in a hushed tone into her ear, his breath sending shivers down her body and she cleared her throat before answering.

“Just stop, Theo.”

“Stop what?”

Katalina groaned at his attempts of being innocent and it made her angry just how hard Theo always tries to be the victim and never the one doing the wrong thing.

“Stop trying to make Stiles jealous!” Katalina shouted a little too loudly and everyone snapped their attentions towards the couple. Her cheeks flushed in embarrassment as they watched in awe.

“I’m not trying to make Stiles jealous.” Theo lied right through his teeth and her ex-boyfriend scoffed from across the table. “Well, it was working until you took my hand off your thigh!”

“You’re such a child, Theo.” Katalina shook her head, annoyed at her unbelievable boyfriend.

“And it definitely wasn’t working.” Stiles stated, pushing a spoonful of food into his mouth.

“Please, Stiles.” Theo chuckled, the sound making Katalina cringe. “I can smell your jealousy from over here.”

“Yeah, for me to be jealous would require me actually liking Katalina.” Stiles answered with his mouth full.

The response was something she already knew, but still stung a small pang of hurt in her heart. It’s not like she has any feelings for him either, but ever since last night all she can feel is nostalgia clouding her mind. And it was stupid of her to think that things could ever go back to the way they used to be, yet she couldn’t help but feel the smallest bit hopeful. It was reckless and she knew that. Katalina can’t take back what he did and their relationship can never return to the peaceful state it used to be.

Or so they both thought.

Kaneki and Touka: Parallel Journeys, Part 2

First Part here.

Kaneki on Touka’s Transformation

Kaneki considers Touka’s transformation to be a positive thing. He is aware that he is part of the Ghoul’s World, and to fulfil his goals he knows that he will have to go deeper into it. So when Touka offered to go with him, potentially undoing all her development in the direction of the Human World, Kaneki felt like he had to refuse, to protect Touka from herself, even while it pained both him and her to do so.

Kaneki wants Touka to live like a human, because it’s the life he himself wants, but feels he cannot have. His martyr complex demands that he must shoulder the burdens of everyone else so that they can live happy lives while he alone suffers. But it’s precisely because of this complex that Touka suffers in the first place since she only wants to be by his side. In trying to be ‘save’ Touka, he only ends up hurting her.

And himself too. His own Human emotions, and the truth, nag in his head to give up his warped sense of responsibility and to go down and see her, but he shuts them out by allowing himself to be distracted by his ‘Ghoul business’.

He knows in his heart that Touka can never be a complete Human with her Ghoulish past, but won’t accept that truth. Just as he will not accept that he can never be a complete Ghoul with his Humane past.

Seriously, if any of the characters consistently listened to Yoshimura then this series wouldn’t be a tragedy, it would be a peaceful coffee shop AU. GO BACK TO ANTEIKU, KANEKI. What Anteiku represents is spiritual Half-Ghouldom - Ghouls living alongside Humans and being both monster and man, living in peace when they can and fighting when they must; a world away from the constant fighting that Kaneki’s Group undergoes and from the impotent passivity of the life of a college student. This revelation comes immediately after Yoshimura reveals that he is the father of a half-Ghoul, and it’s not just Eto - it’s the community he founded. Kaneki still doesn’t understand that, as a half-Ghoul, this is his home, where he can be both Kuroneki and Shironeki.

You’re a Half-Ghoul in body, Kaneki, so be a Half-Ghoul in spirit too.

Touka on Kaneki’s Transformation

Touka sees Kaneki’s slide completely into the Ghoul’s World as extremely negative, as he casts aside the very qualities that inspired her to change in the first place. It’s a trend she’s seen before. with both Ayato and herself, and she wants none of it.

This ‘endless bullshit’ is exactly what Ayato is doing now in Aogiri, and exactly what she did in her past hunting doves. To see Kaneki repeating her mistakes is infuriating for her.

The Bridge to Half-Ghouldom

The scene on the bridge is pivotal to our protagonists’ position on the Human-Ghoul spectrum - it’s hard to find a more symbolic setting than a bridge, after all. On one side of that bridge is the road back to the Ghoul’s World, and the other leads back to the Human’s World. Kaneki and Touka meet in the middle, and although they both leave the same way they came, the encounter with the traveller from the opposite road changes their perspectives forever.

It’s this retort from Touka that really snaps Kaneki out of his hero act. He begins to realise that if he keeps going far, far down the rabbit hole into the Ghoul Wonderland, Anteiku may not accept him back at all. He might lose his home - and it frightens him, because he realises the world of the half-ghoul is his home, not dark back alleys brawling with Aogiri.

And then Touka proceeds to demonstrate why she still belongs at Anteiku.

Kaneki’s efforts to “humanify” Touka were a complete waste of time. Touka doesn’t want the complete powerlessness that comes with living in the Human World. She wants the love and affection that it provides, but what’s that even worth, when the one she wants it from most is a denizen of the Ghoul World who refuses to give it to her? Against her better sense, she proves here that the Ghoul inside her is still alive and well. That’s why she still belongs at Anteiku - in spirit, she’s become part Human, but she’s still part Ghoul. She fits better into Anteiku’s hybrid world than the current Kaneki does.

Kaneki, seeing the Ghoul still within Touka, gives up trying to cut off part of his own nature.

And accepts that Human part of him while staying true to his new self as well, going back to Anteiku but changing his role.

Meanwhile Touka’s old self has been brought to her awareness, even if she’s still viewing it as a relapse rather than an indisputable part of herself, not realising that it was the Ghoul part of herself that she has been repressing that was what convinced him to return.

Both come close to Half-Ghouldom and the reconciliation of their fractured sense of self…

But, as is typical in tragedy, the revelation comes too late, and when the push comes to the greatest shove they remain in their separate worlds as the symbol of the worlds’ union goes up in flames, destroyed by the CCG, who want to keep those worlds separate for good.

Kaneki sticks to the ‘Ghoul’ way, and this is his punishment:

Touka wants to go down the Ghoul’s way again, but the memory of Mado’s wedding ring, one of the major stimuli for her journey into the Human World, paralyses her. She cannot escape the ‘Human’s Way’, and it’s deeply painful for her. And this is her punishment:

But despite all that, she keeps faith. She believes Kaneki will find a way back to that Half-Ghoul paradise, and sub-textually, herself as well.

But Anteiku, named after the antique coffee cup that Yoshimura saved to drink with his half-ghoul child - making the shop a beacon for the half-ghoul spirit - has been destroyed. So where does hope lie now for the hybrid existence?

It lies in :re.

Part 3, the finale, is here!

Fascination IV

Fascination Master List [4/?]

He’s staring at you- God is staring at you with such a pained expression it’s making your stomach a little sick. Your hands are slick with sweat, still clutching the angel blade tightly in your hands. Lucifer’s arm is heavy across your shoulders, his taller form leaning down so his head is closer to yours and you know he is smiling.

“I don’t,” Your lips tremble, your body is afraid of the position it is in, but you don’t feel that fear. “I don’t mean to rush you but I have the devil on my shoulder, so if we could get to the point.” You wanted to know what all of this meant, why God recognized you. Why any of this was happening.

Why you were missing a piece.

Lucifer laughs and his breath brushes against your ear, an involuntary shiver crawling it’s way down your spine.

“I like her.” He says calmly, the hand wrapped around your shoulder patting you against your arm.

Chuck frowns, lips twitching down and his mouth opens, closes, eyes the two of you and he lets out a long sigh. “It’s a long story.”

“Well we’re not going anywhere.” Dean says, clearly frustrated now at the predicament everyone was in, that you were in.

“Right, right.” Chuck says, resembling his vessel more than the almighty God that everyone praised him to be. He was, maybe, but in this moment he looked confused, hurt, and you didn’t understand it. Didn’t know why.

“Any time now, before Lucifer decides to snap her neck.” Dean’s anger is growing, frustrated he can’t get you out of the situation, frustrated that none of this is making any sense. But Chuck is quick to respond, confidently.

“He won’t hurt [Name].”

“What makes you think I won’t?” Lucifer takes it as a challenge, the arm that’s not wrapped around your shoulder moves back to your chin and tugs on it.

“Because she’s your charge.” Chuck says finally, the sympathetic expression on his face wiped away to a more serious one as he eyes his favorite.

What?” Castiel finally speaks up, apparently knowing exactly what that means, but you’re still unsure of it. Chuck glances at Castiel and then back to the two of you.

“When I created humans,” He starts looking at Lucifer. “I wanted you all to live with them, peacefully, happily. For every angel there was going to be a human counterpart. I wanted you all to see why I loved humans so much, and I wanted you to love them too.” His lips purse, a pained expression crossing his face.

“[Name], was-is your charge, Lucifer.”

Lucifer isn’t moving, you aren’t sure if he’s even breathing.

“When I created her, I felt.. She would have been the perfect one for you to watch over. Just enough trouble to keep you on your toes, witty, sly, funny. Caring, kind. Everything I felt you embodied, too. But.. when you refused, when you fell-”

“You mean when you cast me out.” Lucifer corrects through clenched teeth, and the hand around your shoulder tightens.

When you fell,” Chuck continues, “I had only just begun picking each charge for each angel. [Name] was the first one to have been connected to you, I had wanted to surprise you.”

“Color me surprised.” Lucifer says, his tone flat and unimpressed at this information.

“But you fell, and you took an army of angels with you- it screwed up the balance of things. There weren’t enough, I realized then that maybe giving each a charge wouldn’t work. Not if so many of you despised humans the way you did, I was afraid if I had connected everyone to an angel like I did you and [Name] it would end in disaster.”

“Connected?” Sam says slowly, inching forward to look at Chuck with a bewildered expression. Chuck looks over at him and sighs, glancing down at the ground and rubbing at his face.

“The myth that every person is one soul, torn in two?”

“That whole soulmate mumbo jumbo crap?” Dean asks, bemused.

“Yes, the foundation for that myth came from this. I planned to connect the two, so that you could share experiences better, understand one another better and grow from it. But after Lucifer fell, I realized it wouldn’t be good. Not if more continued to fall.”

“I’m connected to Lucifer?” It slips past your mouth, the surprise in your tone matching your expression and Chuck looks over at you and smiles bitterly.

“Yes. You were the only ones I connected before it all fell apart, from there I decided since there were more human charges than angels, I would just assign them to watch over you, quietly, from the distance. To prevent anything happening again.”

“Is this why he said I’m missing a piece?” You blurt, Lucifer’s words about your missing puzzle piece ringing in your head.

“No, that was my doing.”

“Your doing?” It comes out of your mouth a whisper, disbelief.

“When Lucifer fell, you two were connected. Him being in hell was agonizing for you, to feel the flames against your soul, to feel such hatred and anger within you. I didn’t know what else to do, some suggested I.. Some suggested things I refused to do.”

“Destroy her soul, you mean.” Lucifer clarifies for you, and Chuck nods slowly.

“I loved her too much, she’s my child. I didn’t.. I didn’t want to destroy her for my mistake, so I did the only thing I could think of. I took apart of her soul out.”

“Why don’t you tell her what piece?” You aren’t sure you want to know, you do but you don’t. Your fingers are trembling and you must be cold to be shaking his badly, but the little voice is asking where the fear is, why you aren’t scared. You know it has to do with that missing piece.

“I took out the portion of your ability to feel.”

“To feel?” You echo.

“Yes,” His expression is pained, and it hurts a part of you to see it. “It was the only thing I could do, I couldn’t remove the connection I had tried. I didn’t realize.. It wouldn’t separate. So I did the only thing I could do to ease your pain, I took away your ability to feel. Compassion, kindness, I took most of it. Others, like the anger, the fear, those are from Lucifer, muted because your ability to feel is gone, but you can feel that anger through his.”

The irrational anger, that always roared to life like a flame didn’t come from you, it came from Lucifer. You felt those things through him and his ability to feel, not your own.

“If that’s the case why didn’t [Name] turn into some psychopath killer?” Dean asks, as if he isn’t buying this whole fairytale straight from a nightmare.

“Because she still knew right from wrong. Taking away her ability to feel didn’t take away her knowledge of right and wrong, she just.. Didn’t feel anything for either. Didn’t go on a killing spree,” He cast Dean a bemused expression. “Because her moral compass knew better.”

“So she’s mine.” Lucifer says in such a way that your entire body trembles, it knows fear but you do not.

No,” Chuck says, a hard look on his face. “She is not yours, she is not a toy, if anything you were hers. Her guardian angel.”


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Yato Family - Thoughts

(I’ve been trying to get this post done for two weeks now, finally succeeded.)

It’s easy to fall into the mindset of trying to pinpoint who is right or wrong in the tragic Yato family past when I believe that no one is singlehandedly at fault. Everyone’s decisions contributed to the circumstances in some way, drove them to act as they did, and they all have valid feelings about what happened. Sometimes it is family who leaves the deepest wounds and sharpest stings.

Anyway, underneath the cut is a long post about the Yato family situation from my perspective – a semi-analysis, if you will. It’s almost 6,000 words, so kudos if you read it (can’t help it, I’m a writer and I also studied literature, so rambling is inevitable). There’s no pressure to read it, either. I just need a place to post my thoughts to. (Some spoilers ahead for next episode, I guess.)

If you cannot handle different opinions, then I would advise not reading further, because I speak honestly about this family, and I have no patience for people who will deliberately misconstrue it as hate because they don’t know how to differentiate between actual hate and an opinion that seeks to be objective in accordance with canon.

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Shance-Altean Lance

Thank you @merchant-of-aegis for the prompt! I had a lot of fun writing this! So here you go, I hope you enjoy!

Shiro couldn’t sit still. Not while Lance was in the pod. Not without seeing Lance come out of the pod as good as new. Not until Lance and Shiro talk.

To say that everyone was surprised when the castlems systems told them was an understatement. Allura and Coran couldn’t grasp what they were told, and they have refused to leave the room as well. Hunk, while having left a few times to grab food for everyone, was trying to figure out how he never noticed, how Lance will take the information. Keith and Pidge didn’t know Lance quite as well as Hunk or Shiro, but they did understand that Lance was going to need as much support as he could get. Shiro has been pacing back and forth in front of the pod for the better part of an hour, not really paying attention to anyone else in the room or to what they said, directed to him or not. All he could think about was how this was his fault.

It had all started as any mission would have. They were protecting a planet from the Galra, and doing a great job. Everyone was focused and working in
Unison. It was actually quite beautiful how everyone worked in tandem, covering for one another, weaving in and out of formation. That is until the Blue Lion was hit by the ion cannon. Falling and falling and crashing on the nearby moon. After that, there was no pattern of attack. It was just brutal rage. While Shiro, Keith and Pidge finished the rest of the Galra ships, Hunk had grabbed Blue and brought them back to the castle.

When they finally came back to the castle, Lance was already in the pod, and Coran and Allura were yelling in Altea, it seemed like they were arguing about something the at was on the tablet in Coran’s hand. And that’s when Coran told them.

Now all they could do is wait around for Lance to come out of the pod. And then what? Who would tell him the truth? They couldn’t hide it from him, they all agreed that Lance deserved to know, even if it wasn’t what he wanted to hear. Maybe Allura? She would tell him, straight forward. Blunt. Honest. But Lance would need comfort as well, and while Allura might be honest, she isn’t the most compassionate person on the team. Maybe Coran? He would be good, compassionate and still right to the point, he would beat around the bush, but he would help Lance through it. But to be honest, Shiro wants to be the one to tell him, they were the closest. While the others may not know about their relationship, Shiro could easily say that he was his commanding officer, and he should tell Lance. Yeah, that might work. But right now, all Shiro wants is to hold Lance close and make sure that he’s ok.

It took about two more hours before Lance came out of the cryopod, Shiro catching him before he could fall. He holds him close, feeling the rise and fall of his chest against his own. Just feeling Lance breathe against him helps Shiro’s anxiety and worries wash away with each breath. Shiro looks back to the others and they’re already backing towards the door, letting Shiro handle breaking the news to Lance. It seems that everyone was hoping he would do it, not that he’s complaining. But looking back to Lance he can see that Lance sees everyone else hanging back.

“Um? Is… something wrong?” Lance looks back at Lance. He gives him a warming smile, hoping that it would help smooth Lance.
“No, no you didn’t do anything wrong. But we do need to talk. Come on, let’s go and get you changed out of this.” Shiro leads Lance out of the medical bay, the others watching them with a bit too much of a glint in their eyes.

Shiro led them back to Lance’s room, knowing that Lance would like to change first. As Lance goes into the bathroom, Shiro sits on the bed, trying to figure out how to tell Lance. He could go blunt and honest, but that might be seen as if he’s accusing Lance of hiding it. He could try to beat around the bush, but that could end just as disastrous. Shiro hangs his head, letting it rest in his palms. How is He going to tell Lance. He was so worried about making sure Lance was ok, he didn’t think about how he was going to tell him.

“Shiro?” Lance quietly asks, he tentatively places his hand on Shiro’s shoulder, most likely hoping not to startle him. Shiro doesn’t lift his head right away, trying to steal his emotions and not show his worry. It didn’t work. As soon as Lance saw his face, his own fell and he stooped down to be at the same level as Shiro, he cradles his face into his hands, and says just as quietly as before, “ Shiro, what’s wrong? What’s got you all worried?”
Shiro’s realized that was probably the wrong thing to say as Lance starts to lean back. Shiro takes hold of Lance’s hands and pulls him back to him, wrapping him in an overbearing hug.
“I was so worried when I saw you take that hit, I was terrified that you were hurt, and that I would lose you and then Coran told us….told us.”
“Hey, hey. It’s ok Shir, I’m here. I’m right here. I’m fine, I’m safe. I’m, Wait….What did Coran tell you?”

Shiro slowly looks back up at Lance. He looks at the freckles that always framed Lance’s eyes. Only now does Shiro see how they look so much like Allura’s and Coran’s facial markings.he never noticed how they clustered just under his eyes and only lightly spread over his nose to connect with each other.

“Lance, after you were in the pod for awhile…the pod sent Coran a diagnosis about your condition….”
“Ok. And it said I’m alright. Right? I’m not dying. Right? Please tell me I’m not dying because of some weird alien disease, that isn’t a very heroic way to die. I’m not dying…….right?”

Shiro’s couldn’t help but laugh at how dramati Lance was being, it helped clear some tension he hadn’t realized was in his shoulder. “No Lance. You aren’t dying. I swear. You are perfectly healthy.”
“Oh thank God, I’m glad that it isn’t that.”

“Lance… have Altean blood.”


“You’re half Altean.”

Lance’s eyes widen when Shiro finally got the words out. Just three simple words and Lance’s world just shattered. Everything he knew about his family, about himself, just torn down by Shiro’s words. He never wanted to be the one to rip apart Lance’s view about himself. He knows his boyfriend has self image and self confidence issues. This would absolutely destroy any self image he had of himself.

“Lance…I need you to talk to me. Please, baby, don’t go lock me out. Tell me what you’re thinking.”
Shiro takes ahold of Lance’s shoulders and slowly leads him up onto the bed, all Lance does is follow To where he leads him. Once Lance is sitting next to him, Shiro wraps his Galra arm around him, holding him close, and lowers both of them down to lounging on the bed. Lance clings to him as if Shiro is the only thing keeping him tied to reality,

“I…I didn’t know….I mean….I guess a lot of stuff makes more sense now…i just….I don’t know what to do. Everything I’ve known is Earth, I knew that no matter what happened out here I would always have my humanity. But now…. I don’t even have that. Never really did, I guess.” Shiro runs his human hand through Lance’s hair, feeling how soft it is, scraping his nails lightly over his scalp.
“You still have your humanity Lance, even if you were Altean, or whatever alien life is out there. You grew up with humans, you learned like us and dreamed like us. Your humanity isn’t something you gain, it’s something you learn. And it doesn’t matter to us if your half Altean. I mean, we kept Keith, right?” Shiro was hoping the joke would get through to Lance, but he can’t tell with how they’re positioned.

“Do the others think the same? I mean, it’s pretty big news.”

“I’m positive that the others think the same. I think they’re more worried for you, how you’re taking it.”

Lance wraps his arms around Shiro, holding him as close as physically possible. He buries his face into Shiro’s chest. Most likely to afraid to look up. Lance’s next words are mumbled into Shiro’s shirt, but he can still hear it.

“ and the princess? I’m sure she isn’t to happy about me being this half Altean half human hybrid. probably think of me as some sort of mistake, if she didn’t already think that.”

“What?! Are you kidding?! Lance, I’m pretty sure she is delighted to know about this! She and Coran are probably planning on teaching you everything about Altea that they can. They aren’t mad, or think less of you. They never did.”

Lance looks up at Shiro, finally, but his eyes are watering so much Shiro is surprised that they haven’t fallen yet.

“And what about you?”

Shiro is a little taken aback by Lance’s question, and it seems that Lance takes the immediate silence as something bad because now the tears are falling down his face, cascading in rivers down his cheek bones to collect at his chin, where they fall in large droplets. Shiro uses both hands to wipe away his tears, holding Lance’s face in his hands as delicately as he can.

“ nothing could change how I feel about you Lance, just because we learned more about you doesn’t change who you are to me.”


“No. No buts. Just because your heritage is much more…diverse than we thought, it doesn’t change your personality. It won’t change how much I love you.”

Shiro bends down just enough to place a kiss on top of Lance’s forehead. He starts to trace the outline his freckles create around his eyes, as he trails kisses down Lance’s forehead, down the bridge of his nose, until he finally gets to Lance’s lips. Kissing them just as lightly as he did his forehead. Their foreheads touch and they stay like that, each wondering what this new information means for Lance. But all they need to know right now is that they each other, no matter what comes next. For either of them.

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Tsuna, Xanxus as Fathers and Chrome as a mother pls? about how they will act around their kids and stuff? Thanks, you guys rock!


~Whew! That was HARD! I hope this is okay, Anon!~

admin adelheid


It’s been rumored― but never before proven― that Vongola knew their blood on sight. And as far as Tsuna was concerned he had no interests in confirming the theory. Secretly he had always viewed the Vongola blood in his veins as nothing but a curse and the thought of producing progeny to make sure that blood will live on was something he had viewed with contempt. A necessary evil that was expected of him and a part of the mantle he had taken on as Don.

He slept with whoever he wanted whenever he wanted and no one called him out on it. Not his Guardians, not his parents and certainly not the people he bedded. Every single one of them knew the score and every single one was expected to deal with it or walk out.

So when he busted that disgusting pedophile ring that dared operate on his territory and found your four year old self on sale he was shocked at the violent, uncontrollable desire to protect, shelter, blood, mine, mine, mine! playing on constant replay in his very soul. Some of his men gave him curious looks when he swooped down and held you in his arms, his burning golden eyes glaring death at anyone who came near, treating everyone as a potential danger to your safety.

He would not let go of you even after he returned to the mansion and wouldn’t even allow the servants to touch you. Tsuna personally bathed you, and clothed you and fed you, his attention blind to the world around you both. He was acting like a man obsessed and he didn’t even care. Even Natsu was curled up around you, a carpet of devastating menace to anyone who might seek to take you away from its master. It had worried his Guardians so much that they called Reborn. Seeing the situation, the hitman immediately called for a paternity test. The test confirmed the hitman’s suspicion.

You are Sawada Tsunayoshi’s heir.

His Guardians had tried to find the woman who had neglected their Decimo’s heir only to find out it was not necessary. She indeed was literally dead. Apparently she had went through the pregnancy hoping to use you and force her new lover to marry her by saying you were that man’s child but she ended up getting killed by that lover. He was not very keen on fathering a child outside his own marriage. The man then banished the child to an orphanage barely even fit to raise pigs. It was probably a good thing that your mother was dead. Had she still been alive Tsuna would have probably crushed her neck himself.

He wrapped you up in his arms making silent promises that you will only have the best this life had to offer. He will love you with all his heart. He will make you strong enough to make your own choices.

Shockingly enough he raised you outside the Mafia while teaching you how to defend yourself and how to master your Flame. He wanted you to keep an open mind because Tsuna had seen how closed minded people who grew up and have been spoiled within the confines of Family could be.

He wanted you away from the lies, away from the betrayal and he had wanted you all to himself for a little while. He made sure to switch with his Guardians when he absolutely had to leave on Famiglia business.

He made you understand that he sought to be the best he could for you and that he will always be by your side. Even when you entered Mafia Academy during your high school that promise ― that resolution ―  did not change.

And you will always love that about him.


Xanxus walked around the corner of one of the Varia’s favorite training areas and watched you try to cheat your way out of Squalo’s training drill. It wasn’t like he can really fault you, though; you were trying your best. Add that to the fact that you were barely six and the mistake was totally excusable.

He watched as you lifted your weapon one more time and make another attempt at destroying your target and Xanxus could immediately see that you were doing it purely out of frustration now. Clearly you inherited his temper.

Before you could get yourself killed he made his presence known and walked up to you. Seeing him there you went still and winced right up until Xanxus smacked you on the back of the head with the palm of his hand. Normally an ordinary kid would have been thrown right across the courtyard but it was a testament to your genes― the fact that you were his― that you stayed firm on your feet. It made Xanxus nod, pleased; before demanding what the fuck it was did you think you were doing. He then learns the anger was coming from the fact that you haven’t been able to light your Dying Will Flames yet.

Xanxus scowled at the frustration and underlying fear in your admission. Squalo had been saying something about the kid wanting to be Varia Quality as soon as possible. You didn’t want Belphegor to beat him. The Varia Boss made a mental roll of his eyes at Bel and his love of baiting his brat.

He then asks you if you really were serious about lighting up your Dying Will Flames so soon and you reply you did with a stubborn pout on your face that reminded Xanxus of your mother. He then gives you another cuff to the head before dragging you off up a waterfall by the scruff of your jacket’s collar. Before you could ask what he thought he was doing, you were thrown over the falling body of water. You shouted for him but he merely stared right back down at you, watching your descent to death.

Realizing you were about to die you felt despair and regretted violently that you have failed to make your father proud.

It was then that your vision was enveloped in dense, orange Sky Flames and you felt as though there was nothing else that you could possibly lose. You turn your body in a graceful somersault until you land safely on the ground. As the Flames faded from your person you stare at your hands in awe and looked up in surprise as you felt a rough lick on your cheek. You look up only to see Bester right beside you, the box animal nuzzling you gruffly before running up the waterfall back towards Xanxus.

Smiling you realize he released Bester and made him wait on the ground to catch you if you failed in the task of activating your Flame before reaching the ground.

You look up just in time to see your father’s Varia coat leaving the edge of the waterfall and you stand up gratefully, sporting a grin that would have made Uncle Squalo proud.

Xanxus never did like hearing thanks from anyone; not even his own child. But that was the reason you wanted to be stronger faster, right? So you can be a child he’d be proud of?


Chrome need only take one look at you to know that something was wrong. She could sense it through the bonds you shared with each other both mentally and emotionally. Right now she could sense the confusion and the hurt in you and it was a measure of her respect for you as another human being that she barely resisted invading your mind and taking out what was hurting her baby.

Despite all this you act as though everything was fine. Chrome gave you a fond, gentle smile knowing you were acting normally for her benefit. Sometimes she wondered what she did to deserve such a wonderful child.

Chrome was not expecting to ever get pregnant. She had thought that the damage to her organs back when she was a child was the end of all her hopes of ever conceiving and producing her own progeny. So she was surprised and shocked when she was told of her pregnancy. She was treated by everyone in the Famiglia like a glass doll for the whole eight months she conceived you.

The moment you were placed in her arms at the hospital she couldn’t stop her tears from falling as she held you to her. It was the happiest day of her life. Loving you was easy for her as she has always been a loving person.

You were raised in freedom and with the assurance of a loved child. You were never given cause to doubt the affection your family and Family had for you. Yet you did your mother proud that you never took advantage of that love. You have a tendency of harboring all your problems to the last minute, hesitant to ask for help in fear of being a burden to your important people.

At first it made Chrome worried and wonder if she did anything to earn your distrust. Although she had grown out of her shyness for the most part her fear of not being a good parent― of turning into her mother― consumed her sometimes. She would give anything for you not to hate her. She would die if you told her you hated her. But she understood that she needed to trust you too. To have faith in your love.

When you excused yourself to go to school and kissed her goodbye Chrome did what any normal, self-respecting, law abiding parent would do.

Sent Mukurou after you, enveloping the Mist owl with Flames to make it invisible to your yet partly trained, yet already skillful sixteen year old eyes. It was through this method that Chrome discovered what was bothering you.

Chrome had been concerned about you not being able to make real friends at a Mafia Academy so she had you enrolled at an ordinary public school from kindergarten to middle school. The moment you stepped on Mafia Academy for high school, though, things started taking a vicious turn.

Everyone had been calling you an abomination. Someone who should not have been born of this world since your mother was no longer human. Everyone had known about the mythos behind the Vongola Decimo’s female Mist Guardian at this point. It was part of her infamy now that she was known for sustaining her own life with organs made of illusions. So people around you keep on thinking that perhaps you were no real person at all. That you were just an illusion; a homunculus borne out of Chrome Dokuro’s Flames in her desire for a child.

It made you sadly question your own humanity. It also bothered you that they were insulting your beloved mother.

That night Chrome waited for you in her study. It has been tradition for you to tell her goodnight before you went to sleep whenever she was in the house and not out on duty for the Famiglia. That night she hugged you close in a loving embrace and asked you if you loved her.

Of course you tell her yes.

Chrome then looks you deep in the eyes and holds a warm hand to your chest and tells you in no uncertain terms that as long as you feel love in your heart― the kind of love that made you want to do everything you can to make the people you love happy― then that made you human.

That night, as you lie in your bed you shed tears of relief before sleep claimed you, a raging clarity calming your troubled mind.

Your mother was no monster. She was proof of your humanity.


Part 1: Did Isayama have any say in this?

I’ve exhausted my salt supply because of the Season 2 cour drama already, (the one thing WIT Studio couldn’t have fucked up but did it anyway…) so I tried to be positive in my replies!

Anonymous said:

I m deceived of how they made the rivamika scene :( 

I feel you, anon! But honestly, after almost being scared to death while watching the raw stream because someone whose stream was ahead said they’d skipped the carriage scene again (@suniuz​ I’M LOOKING AT YOU LOL), I’m just relieved they did not skip that scene entirely.

@noatchka​​​ said:

I watched the 3rd episode of season 2, and Levi didnt say ‘dont make a mistake’, or something to Mikasa, but Towards Eren. I like that tho xD 

Nevermind, i saw your post xD 

Despite popular opinion, I also don’t really mind, as long as they do justice to Mikasa’s character development during the Uprising Arc, whenever it airs. Apparently they changed Levi’s scolding to be directed at Eren because of the butterfly effect that came with radically changing season 1′s last episode (rage mode Eren)

Pros: Changing Levi’s dialogue to “I dunno why you’re so attached to him, but protect him at all costs” made him seem just jealous of Mikasa and Eren, and that’s it. In the manga at least he had an excuse for what he said - he was concerned about Mikasa AND her performance. Rivamika feels!

Cons: Mikasa not being scolded takes away from her flaws and makes her character more dependent on Eren, and less on Levi (which is actually what happens in later chapters). Cue “Mikasa is a Mary-sue” and “Mikasa is just shipping fodder” comments. Plus, Levi’s scolding is one of the catalysts for almost her entire character development in the Uprising Arc, and that’s what I like best about Rivamika - Levi is the one that helps her mature in that arc.

It’s also bad for Eren’s character. While they removed his “I’ll know exactly who to point all this anger at…” line, they added his rage mode to episode 25, and now Levi’s scolding on top of it makes Eren seem even angrier and more out of control. We know he’s going to snap later this season because of Reiner and Bertholdt anyway, so what’s the point…? At this rate I don’t understand what they’re trying to get at with Eren’s character anymore.

Anonymous said:

I feel like the rivamika carriage scene got really trivialised…. my only consolation was seeing Levi’s face literally soften specifically for Mikasa when he gave her orders 

In the manga, while we can’t see Levi’s face when he talks to Armin, we can suppose he keeps the same expression when he’s speaking to Mikasa.

Notice above how his expression doesn’t change at all when he scolds Mikasa, after asking her why she’s so attached to Eren. In this episode, however, Levi’s expression is stern towards Armin, becomes softer towards Mikasa and turns even harsher towards Eren, because of his scolding!

That’s a big deal and something I’m eternally grateful to the anime for!

Anonymous said:

As time passes by I find myself even more disappointed and salty about how the carriage scene was handled. Mainly because of how Mikasa’s character is portrayed in the anime and how all the anime-only viewers I know see her and I quote “ she is a generic MC centered character with no actual purpose other than fighting and following the MC around. She lacks all the depth and development of other characters and as it is for a supposed main her presence feels insignificant ” and to my dismay I can’t defend her since The anime adaption does portray her that way with all the changes in season 1 and I can’t reference the manga in our discussions. I’m honestly worried about her character going forward………( two part ask. I guess having more than a 100 people bash one of your favorites while you watch helplessly does that. I’m mostly venting but I’d love to know your opinion on this if you don’t mind. )

Yes, unfortunately. See the pros and cons I wrote about above. We can’t do anything right now except be patient and wait and see if they fix it this season or next (which is more likely because… Ackermans).

Anonymous said:

With these drastic changes in the latest episode (which I was looking forward to so much) it is likely that EreMika and EreRi (NOTE: I have nothing against this 2 ship whatsoever) will gain tons of fans, it just saddens me RivaMika don’t even get much screen time and then the studio will just change it like that, and to top it all they had ruined Mikasa’s character development. We won’t even get the “How’s your leg part”… Is that too much to ask?? Do they really need to do that? 

I don’t think it was all that bad for the Rivamika ship relatively speaking. But which ship gets more fans because of that scene should not be the main concern here, it’s Mikasa, Levi and Eren’s character development!

As for the “how’s your leg” moment from chapter 53: Hold on, we don’t know if they’re going to cut that scene from season 3 just because of what they did to episode 28! Some time ago I even talked about how they might tie Mikasa’s missing monologue from episode 25 to that scene when it airs in season 3. Who knows, maybe Levi will scold Mikasa differently, in other circumstances!

It makes sense to postpone that part of Mikasa’s character development to season 3 since the Uprising arc is much more about these two (Levi and Mikasa) than the Clash of the Titans arc. But it doesn’t look good for Mikasa’s character in this arc - it takes away the balance that Isayama gave her from Levi’s scolding.

Anonymous said:

Hi! I know that you talked about the change in the last espisode, but I feel that they took away what Isayama himself put through several chapters: that feeling of curiosity towards Mikasa. They also eliminated the guilt of her, because first the dialogue of “the strongest man of humanity is injured because of me” was removed. And now the one of “protects to Eren but controlate” which just referred to that occasion of the fight with the woman Titán. (½) 

I would not be surprised if they removed the part where mikasa asks for his leg if they animate the bow of insurrection. The only thing I rescued from that moment in the anime, was that in fact Levi did not even scold Mikasa, instead to Eren himself and made him rather annoying. Sorry if my English is with google translate xD (2/2)

As I said above, let’s wait and see if they include these moments this season or next. Since they emphasized his leg’s injury with the added dialogue from last episode, I think chances are low that they’ll cut the “how’s your leg” scene from season 3.

@dark-als​ replied to your post “EPISODE 28”

I get that they are adapting things to fit with season 1 ending but I must admit I’m disappointed with how they handled this scene. I always viewed this scene as an important character development moment for Mikasa where she acknowledges her mistakes and takes responsibility for them. Yet they completely downplayed the moment … I really hope this doesn’t become a trend with other important scenes

I also hope this doesn’t become a trend, but let’s just wait. They can’t ignore this aspect of her character for too long because of the Uprising Arc. 

I’m still hopeful that they won’t cut the “is your leg okay” scene from chapter 53. In my opinion, the anime’s biggest fuck up was making Levi, despite his injury, use the 3DMG to stop Eren from eating Annie. But they included this line to last episode’s dialogue to remind everyone that he’s still injured and to explain why he’s not actively fighting in the Clash of the Titans arc. So you see, if they fixed their blunder with Levi’s character, there’s still hope they can fix the one with Mikasa’s.

@suniuz  replied to your post “EPISODE 28”

I was a little bit disappointed but maybe this means Levi doesn’t want to blame Mikasa in front of everyone else? (Idk I’m just trying to make myself feel less salty but yeah Mikasa taking responsibility for her own mistake is so important :’(

Maybe it is. But it’s the second time the anime skips over that matter (Mikasa’s blunder versus the Female Titan). While from a Rivamika shipper’s point of view that might be great since Levi seems less harsh on Mikasa (even less than he usually is, considering how lenient he was to her during the Uprising Arc!), I really hope that means they’re just postponing these scenes to season 3 so the context is easier for anime-only watchers to understand.

Lastly, I’m going to quote Isayama, because here’s a friendly reminder that he’s genuinely worried about her character development:

Isayama: Mikasa’s growth probably involves separation from Eren. By separation, I mean she might be able to return to that ordinary girl that she used to be in childhood…… I read some interesting thoughts from readers on the internet. People would say male mangaka have a tendency to reject the notion of “fate.“ On the contrary, female mangaka draw works that approve “fate.” You meet your Mr./Ms. Right, you say “This is fate!”, and you accept that the trajectory of your life is already predestined. People who interfere with that and seem to affect your serene life are portrayed as villains. Of course, I am not speaking of all mangaka, but with my mentality as a male mangaka, I think it is pitiful if Mikasa’s life is only about staying together with Eren. However to Mikasa, it is a wonderful thing to be with Eren forever. Combining what I’ve said, if I were to draw the separation of Eren and Mikasa, I feel like my portrayal likely won’t be satisfactory for readers, because Mikasa would have to endure the strain of being stuck between Eren and Armin…

If he allowed these changes there must be a very good reason, and we’ll only know it when this season ends or maybe when next season airs.

Fic: Rare Is This Love (Keep It Covered)

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Pairing: Caryl

Word Count: 4018

(A/N: This is a season 7 finale speculation fic, loosely based on spoilery rumours. Also available here on AO3. Hope you all enjoy. Forever nervous about writing Caryl and getting them right.)

When Daryl next lays eyes on Carol, the day the Saviours attack Alexandria, riding through the gates with Ezekiel and two dozen other people like some damn post-apocalyptic Joan of Arc, his first reaction isn’t relief, it’s terror. Because she is here, in the thick of it again, doing the exact thing he’d tried so hard to protect her from, and if she doesn’t die today, she’d told him there’ll be nothing left of her anyway if she is forced to kill again.

She’ll disappear for good, fade away, and if that happens she might as well take him with her. He’d been fighting, holding on, for her, and without her it’ll all be for nothing. And so he throws himself into the fray, the chaos of bodies, bullets, and horses, trying desperately to reach her, to not lose sight of her.

Whilst she’d been tucked away in that house, he’d told himself she was safe. Or safer than the rest of them. He could focus, breathe, and do what needed to be done so she wouldn’t have to… She’s not supposed to be here. And she’s even more of a target right now on that damn horse.

For a split second their eyes meet and time stops; he sees her inhale sharply, eyes wide with relief and fear and need, mirroring his own, then a body barrels into his chest, knocking him to the ground and the breath from his lungs. He lands hard, with the weight of his attacker crushing him further, and his hands fly up to land punches, grabbing and yanking at clothing, anything to throw the other man off.

There’s the glint of a knife, and he catches the wrist of the hand holding it just in time, holds it, shaking, inches away from his eye as the man (stupid moustache, sadistic grin, Simon says) forces it down.

“Found you,” Simon smirks, “Didn’t beat any sense into you then.”

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FAQ 4. Does this mean everything is a lie?

FAQ for: “5H and Camila have the same management and PR firm” post.

4. Is everything a lie? (about the girls’ relationships)

No. Just because I’m saying that the messy breakup is a purposeful PR move to fabricate drama and get headlines, that doesn’t mean that OT5 is strong and they are all super best friends behind the scenes. Realistically, I think some of the tension was real. But the key word is SOME.

I love a good OT5 moment, but I am not naive enough to believe that all Camila’s relationships in the group were perfect. Of course there was tension in the group at different points, and honestly (from an outside perspective) Camila seemed way closer to some members than others. It is incredibly hard for us to judge these things - this is mostly speculation. But I think all of us noticed some especially tense times around just over a year ago. This was at the time that the label first tried out ‘solo camila’ with IKWYDLS and behind the scenes LAND formed the band partnership without Camila. My personal opinion is that this was the time when Camila’s solo career was being planned. They started to set the separation narrative up and began the process of transitioning Camila into a solo act. If I were one of the other 4 girls and I realised that Camila had been chosen by the label to ride off of the group’s success and have the opportunity to kickstart a successful career (leaving the band’s future vulnerable), I would be pretty angry. I think this sentiment is reflected in the way that the parents aggressively stan their daughters. They were probably all trying to protect their daughter’s careers because they were worried. Even though they were all (C and some 5H parents) annoying AF, it is understandable that they were so passionate given the highly competitive environment and fucked up situation they were in. I don’t really usually like to discuss personal relationships because I am aware that it is just speculation and I may be completely wrong, but I am just putting this forward to show that I do believe that there were issues in the group. 

I think we also need to consider that we tend to only think about the business side of things when we think about possible tension in the group (because this is all we know anything about) but there could be tonnes of other stuff that has happened that explains certain members being less or more close to each other. Each girl has an individual relationship with each of the other 4 girls. That’s a lot of ships. And all over the span of 5 years whilst they are in a very fucked up environment that puts a huge strain on their mental health. This is all very complex and realistically there must have been fights and there must have been certain people who were much closer than others. NOT because they are girls. But because they are humans with complex personalities who are growing up in close quarters with each other in a high-pressured environment. Meanwhile, people were purposefully trying to pit them against each other: The public, the media and quite possibly even their own team. 

So yeh they’ve probably been through a lot. As Dinah said, ‘We’ve got a whole lot of history’ could be their soundtrack.


And this is a massive ‘however’…

All of this does not mean that the break-up narrative was real !!!!! The inevitable perceptible tension that us fans observed at some points helps to make the whole story of how Camila supposedly left fifth harmony seem more believable. From what I’ve observed, a lot of effective PR is about exploiting real life events and relationships

BUT this does not mean that the particular story they have fed us is real!! Particularly this ‘black and white’ ‘4 against 1′ narrative.

The key that gives it away is the TIMING. As I have said many a time, the story of Camila screwing them over last minute via her representatives literally just doesn’t make sense. The fact that we now know they are with the same management and publicists just confirms that this is bullshit.

The timeline they have sold us doesn’t fit with what the fans could see of the relationships in the group. Yes, we observed tension (as I said mainly at the time c’s solo career was probably being set in motion) but as time went on throughout the 7/27 era we saw some of Camila’s ships flourish. Lauren and Camila were sharing merch right up to the end basically. Another good example: on the same trip to Europe as 4H signed the trademark assignment (without Camila), we saw the famous camren kiss greeting in London. Out of principal, I do not discuss camren on this blog. But I only bring it up because (no matter whether you personally think they are just friends or more than that) two people who are not genuinely close do not greet each other with kisses in the morning and share each others clothes. Then of course there is Dinah. Good old Dinah. Caminah was seriously strong throughout 7/27 and LITERALLY RIGHT BEFORE the supposedly ‘bitter’ break-up we saw Dinah trying to get the message to us that she fucking loves Mila and supports her no matter what. We even got a tiny bit of OT5 and Normila towards the end as well. I mean come on people - the timing in their break-up story clearly doesn’t fit what the fandom knows and it is clearly aimed mainly at the general public who don’t know this stuff. It is apparent that some of C’s ships are probably not that strong, and that at some point shit went down, but we also know for sure that the ‘4 against 1′ story they are selling is not true.

To be honest, pure common sense and an understanding of how business works tells you that it would have been virtually impossible for Camila to screw everyone over by sneakily ‘going solo’ and letting everyone know last minute. This shit takes major preparation and involves a lot of people (and a lot of money). Now that we know that she had the same publicists and Maverick were also managing her solo career, we can see for sure that its all bullshit. THEY HAD THE SAME TEAM!!! It is probably true that contractually a member of a band has to give in an official month’s notice before leaving - and perhaps Roger (as her personal manager) was the one to deal with this formality. BUT seeing as she had the same publicists as 5H and Maverick were also managing her solo career… It would have literally been impossible for them ‘not to know’ about when she was beginning her solo career - THEY WERE THE ONES PLANNING IT LMAO. The labels. Maverick. Their publicists. They were all in on Camila going solo. Who else is left? Roger? Sinu lol? Camila can’t just use her personal manager to sneakily go solo - she needs her label, management firm and PR firm to make it work - all of whom are also 5H’s team. It’s just common sense.

This answer was way longer than expected, but I hope I have made it clear that that the recent discoveries do prove that the PR Breakup contained a hell of a lot of fabricated bullshit, even if there was real tension in the group. Don’t make the mistake of using tension in the group as evidence that the bitchy break-up was genuine. You are not being ‘realistic’ by using this logic: You are being misled. There may have been elements of truth in all this, but the bottom line is that the public were fed a dramatic story in order for 5H and C to gain massive publicity, sell records and eventually line the label execs’ pockets with DOLLARS.

Wake up people - This is business.

Mystic Messenger Analysis: V’s role in the story.


I wanted to write another Mystic Messenger post after my analysis on the timeline regarding Mint Eye and the RFA (which I suggest you read if you haven’t!) and I came across cool artist @zoecam37‘s analysis of V’s character in the story

In all honesty I respectfully disagree with them in every single way conceivable so replying to their post and their views on V is a good excuse for me to write a bit on what I’ve been meaning to! @zoecam37 I hope you don’t mind I made a new post for it!

This got LONG but it’s divided by small sections where I address five different issues concerning V. 

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Clarke’s come to recognize the familiar tug of her stomach that kicks in as she looks up and realizes there isn’t anyone else waiting to be seen. It’s just a little jump at first, in part relief that her day is finally, finally over, and in part that tickle of excitement that comes with a new kind of wanting. Clarke takes her time, though. She checks medical’s inventory, restocks where supplies are low and makes sure all the notes from her shift are in order. The world may be ending, but goddamn it, medical will stay in order until it does.

As she scrubs out, Clarke lets herself lean into the low haze of exhaustion that’s been prickling the back of her mind all day. Hours of meetings this morning, and then she’d arranged with Kane that she would cover her mom’s shift so Abby could get some rest. She feels like she’s gone nonstop for days, and honestly, one of the empty cots in medical, as lumpy and threadbare as they are, is starting to look pretty appealing right now. But as tired as she is, what Clarke wants, really feels with a deep thrumming in her lower belly, is to get fucked.

Specifically, she wants to get fucked by Bellamy.

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Harry (Earth-2 Harrison Wells) x Reader

A/N: This is the first part of the mini-series for Harrison Wells. It’s going to be about 6 parts, so stay tuned for the rest.

Originally posted by marcegarcia89

The saddest moment in any one life is not determined by love or loss, it’s determined when you finally realize your potential after a lifetime of pursuing the wrong destiny.

This is, for all intents and purposes, enough to discredit your entire existence. You, however, refused to let your past mistakes define your future. You weren’t a weapon, despite what everyone believed. You were a person, and therefore, you had the right to live just as everyone else did. Oh, how badly you wanted to just live.

So, you didn’t regret looking directly into the impossibly dark eyes of your father and telling him that you refused to fight his battles. You didn’t feel the smallest twinge of regret when you formally denounced your position as the last of the Al’ Berul bloodline and heir to all of Vincere. Most importantly, you didn’t look back when you finally left the cruel constraints of your home.

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A Witches Strength

So, this is my first fan fiction post ever. It’s probably one of the most nerve wracking things I’ve ever done, so please be kind!

I want to thank @rickssick​ for her amazingness and for her help talking through this idea with me, and editing this! I don’t think I would ever have posted it without her help! Everyone go check out her writing its seriously great! :)

Elide, Rowan, Lorcan, and Gavriel have made it to Wendlyn and Elide is trying to go through all the guilt she feel after Aelin gets taken. I’m definitely part of the Elorcan trashcan so please everyone join me! I’m also hugely into the friendship that I want to develop between Elide and Rowan!!!

I hope you like it! <3


The land was beautiful. Terrasen was undoubtably some of the most spectacular land to behold, but this was different. The air seemed to move around you like it was alive, easing every nerve and bone. The colors of the grass, trees, water, all seemed to radiate their specific pigments in ways not entirely natural.

Everything was so infuriatingly calming, and the land acted like a beacon to bring people in, but never let them out. There was an evil warming these lands, but you had to truly know evil to feel it.

Elide looked around the lush fields surrounding their campsite, and suddenly wished she had never left Manon and the Thirteen. Automatically she felt bad for feeling that way. Aelin had done everything for them, she had given up her life for them, and now it was time for Elide and the others to show her how much they appreciated her sacrifices. Elide also had the strangest desire to smack Aelin upside the head for doubting they would ever come for her. She expected them to go on living with Lysandra as their queen, while there real one was being-

Elide closed her eyes at the physical pain that accompanied the thought of her queen, and friend, being tortured by Cairn on Maeve’s orders.
Tears came to her eyes as she thought of the whip and how no numbers ever came out of Aelin’s lips. She was so strong, stronger then anyone. Definitely stronger then Elide.

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Without You: Bloodstone (Part 6)

Genre: AU, bts!werewolf, fantasy, angst

Warnings: language, violence, suggestive content

Summary: Werewolves, contrary to popular belief, are usually gentle creatures. Except for a very specific set of circumstances, they would never hurt a human (on purpose). The few unfortunate times when mistakes were made put a permanent dark mark on the beasts and people began labeling them as monsters. What the human population failed to recognize was the fact that they were protecting us from something much more sinister. Luckily, a few survived and the gene was passed down hereditarily until one day finding its way to me… in the form of my best friend.

Link to: Storyboard (reference pictures) | Prologue | Previous | Masterlist | Next

Originally posted by junghoshikie

Loyalty is often as blind as justice should be, as unstable as a lightning storm ought to be, and as misplaced as an opinion in the truth.

Chapter 6:

“Are you saying DEMONS were THERE?”

Namjoon runs his fingers through his hair, pushing the locks away from his forehead, thinking, “Well, I can’t say no. But I had Hoseok search the area. He has the best sense for those kinds of things out of all of us, but couldn’t find a single one.”

“So then why did Jungkook transform early?” as I ask this, I feel like we are wrapping back around to where this conversation started. A perplexing question indeed.

“I don’t know,” is his only answer.

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Becoming Real - Part 1

Originally posted by livingstills

PART 1  |  PART 2  | PART 3    

Characters: Thorin, Company, Reader.
Erebor after BOTFA (Everyone lives, fix-it).
Synopsis: Firmly ensconced in Erebor and fed up with the tedium of their daily duties, Thorin’s company tries to revive old times by going on a camping trip. Meanwhile, Thorin is reconsidering his choice of queen and trying to avoid the company’s well-intentioned meddling into his love life, with mixed success.
Imagine getting into a heated argument with Thorin at @imaginexhobbit.
NSFW eventually. Angsty. Hurt/Comfort with a lot of hurt.
This is the first sequel to THE LONG DARK. It will make a lot more sense if you read that story first. My thanks go out to my darlings @hardlyfatal​, @fromthedeskoftheraven​ and @snugsbunnyfluff​ for listening to my interminable whining about this story, making excellent suggestions and slogging through my first (and n-th) drafts without a single complaint.

Pain or love or danger
makes you real again.

     — Jack Kerouac

On the slopes of Erebor, spring was slowly edging into summer. Verdant moss and lichen of all descriptions covered the rock walls, wildflowers bloomed in the deep valleys and peeked out from underneath craggy monoliths.

The dwarves from Thorin’s Company had been floating the idea of a hiking trip with varied degrees of enthusiasm for ages. All of them were eager for a taste of those golden days when they only had to worry about orcs and wargs and a distant dragon rather than mining discipline, or dealing with human merchants, or any number of small nuisances that emerged when somebody took thousands of stubborn dwarves from different clans and made them live together in an enclosed space.

When Ori had offered to organize an outing for the Company, including such pastimes as bathing in a frigid mountain lake, doing a spot of hunting, and sleeping under the stars like free males (and one female) unfettered by the chains of duty, he’d met with enthusiastic agreement. As the months progressed and the daily nuisances ground on everyone’s nerves more and more, the promised outing became the single ray of hope in a tedious existence for the former members of the Company. It had many names: Get Me Out Of The Mountain Before I Kill Somebody Over Invoices was only one of them. If I Have To Mediate One More Bloody Dispute About Goats I Shall Raze This Mountain To The Ground, See If I Don’t, was Thorin’s version. There were other, more creative ones in Khuzdûl. Your ears had gone very red when Thorin had attempted a rough translation.

All in all, you were happy and looking forward to the future.

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