in the second one i am wearing a hat because adults wear hats right

A month of AUs - June 4

Blackwatch was never formed. So when Overwatch picked Jesse up out of Deadlock, Reyes still took him in to make a productive member of society out of him. As a son.

(Guys I just REALLY like Dad!Reyes, okay? Gen fic this time around)

Despite having wanted to come to the celebration dinner, Jesse despised how Gabriel had conned him into wearing a proper suit. Sure, he’d promised he could keep the hat he loved so much, but failed to mention hats weren’t allowed to be worn in the dinning hall. So here Jesse sat, glaring daggers up at his father figure accepting an award on stage, while trying not to choke to death from the tight tie wrapped around his throat.

He pulled on it only once more before little Fareeha grabbed his hand. “Stop that. People are staring.”

He didn’t have the heart to tell her that people weren’t staring at them because of his fidgeting.

The front table of the UN gala was a crowd of the world’s most influential faces. The President of his own home country sat a few seats down from Jesse. Between them sat Gerard Lacroix’s beautiful wife, Amelie, looking picture perfect in a designer purple gown. She was sweet, she’d taken Jesse to get a custom suit made and coo’d over his every choice.

On the other end of the table sat UN Chairman Petras’ wife and their eldest son. The British King and Queen sat a table away, with their own entourage. Fareeha’s father sat with them, her empty chair holding her coat while she sat next to Jesse in Gerard’s empty seat.

No, let the kid think the focus was on Jesse acting like a child. Let her sit in happiness while she watched her mother on stage, a beacon of elegance and poise as she accepted a new pin to the rather impressive collection on her dress blues.

“Thank you for your service.” Chairman Petras finally finished, saluting the small group of soldiers on stage: the main Overwatch strike team. The originals.

The room erupts in applause, Jesse relaxing at last when Gabriel catches his eye and grins, breaking character for only a minute.

The after party was what Jesse had been excited for, and after bidding Fareeha and Ana Amari a goodnight, all bets were off. He fluttered from group to group, all charm and wit as he introduced himself as Jesse McCree-Reyes, son of Overwatch’s second in command. Very few people knew he’d been picked up out of a gang at the age of 17. Most people didn’t even know he existed. They believed his every word.

And his every word made them want to impress him. Within a few hours he had pocketed the personal numbers of almost every influential young adult in the room, including the crown Prince of Wales and the French President’s very interested daughter. He’d also made a list of those in the room clearly under the influence of some kind of designer drug, and made a waiter laugh long enough to slip a bug into his apron.

Gabriel didn’t want him to be an agent. Didn’t mean he stayed home and sat idly on his hands all the time. Uncle Jack taught him a thing or two when Gabriel was off on missions.

He was busy trying to figure out of the Japanese prince in attendance was high or just very drunk when a familiar hand clapped him on the back. “Yamato-sama, if you will excuse us. I must borrow my son for a few moments.”

The Prince waved them away, smartly choosing against attempting a bow in his state, and the duo made their way to a nearby hallway, the only place in the building not completely crowded. A few partygoers sat in the nearby couches, but they paid them no mind. It took all of ten seconds for Gabriel to pull an unused bug out of Jesse’s coat pocket.

“I see you’ve kept yourself entertained.”

Jesse shrugged, grinning, not the least bit concerned. “Uncle Jack bet me I couldn’t figure out who was going to be added to the UN private committee by the end of the party.”

“Right. And I take it you’ve been discrete?”

“When am I not?”

He was wearing the cowboy hat.

Gabriel chooses to remain silent as he leads Jesse to the nearby elevators. A waiting staff member holds the lift open for them and presses the main floor button. He waits for the door to close before speaking. “Russia’s Ana Volskaya was given the invitation early today. It’ll be announced when she accepts, which she probably will.”

“Aaaw. Why’d you tell me?”

“Because I want you to go back to the hotel and pack your stuff up. We got some threats from this terrorist group calling themselves Talon. They tried kidnapping Amelie early tonight and Gerard barely got to her in time. Ana and Fareeha are already on their way to the airport, and my security team should be waiting for you.”

This isn’t the first time Jesse’s had to go into protective custody because someone wanted to use one of Overwatch’s civilian family members to get to the core team. It’s still disappointing though. “Are you coming with me?”

“I’ll be meeting you at the hotel. I just need to grab Jack, flash a final photo with Petras and I’ll be on my way. Need to make things look like business as usual.”


When they reach the lobby, an armoured vehicle is waiting directly next to the main lobby doors, a group of armed men waiting. One nods to them as they near, opening the lobby door. Gabriel stops only part way through the lobby, far enough from any windows to make life difficult for any potential snipers.

Jesse doesn’t stop. “Well, I’ll go ask the guys if we can at least stop at a drive through on the way home.” Jesse makes it two steps before Gabriel grabs his arm.

“Hey. Take this seriously, won’t you?”

“I am.” He isn’t. “But come on, Gabe. These clowns already fucked up by letting you guys know they were coming. And they’d be dumber then a bag of rocks if they think of going after me. You’d burn them to the ground!”

Gabriel’s mouth twitches, but he keeps the smile down. “I’d rather not have to go on a vengeance spree in the first place, capiche?”

“Loud and clear, boss.” He shoots Gabriel a lazy salute before bouncing over to the waiting car. This time, Gabriel lets him go. He waits for the men to secure Jesse in the vehicle and pile into their own entourage.

He ignores the pit of unease in his stomach as he returns back up the elevator. The attempt on Amelie had been sub par, too easy to thwart. Sure Gerard arrived on the scene as his unconscious wife was being pulled into a car, but there were multiple witnesses who wrote down the license plates of the attacking vehicles, and the kidnappers only sent six men.

When the elevator arrived at the top floor, Jack was waiting for him. “Oh there you are. I just spoke with the security team. They’ll be here in a few minutes.”

Gabriel feels the blood in his veins go cold. He can’t breath.

Jack looks around the room before frowning.

“Hey, where’s Jesse?”

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Could you walk us through what happened when you met Jensen one more time now that we know she had the baby bump?:) it's fine if it's to much trouble, just really curious (:

Ok, so here’s the full unedited edition I guess of my encounter with the Ackles Family now that everyone knows she is, in fact, pregnant with fraternal twins that will undoubtedly conquer the world with their charm and good looks:

Ok, so there I am, Gwen, sitting in the lovely quaint village of Deep Cove in North Vancouver, an ocean boat harbor town that relies heavily on marinas and tourists. It’s a very quiet little spot located between gorgeous high mountain peaks near The Indian Arm.

I’m sitting, facing up the street, my back to the water, in a really awesome pizza shop called Deep Cove Pizza. I’m shoveling a second slice of Capri Pizza into my mouth when I look up from my current bout of Pokemon Go to say something to my friend coleen (who took the picture of me and jensen).

I am immediately drawn to a handsome couple walking down the sidewalk, only because the streets were somewhat empty and it was a slow Monday afternoon. At first glance I see a strong tall man in a plaid shirt and jeans carrying an adorable toddler girl with shoulder length blonde hair and a top ponytail. His hat is on and he is wearing sunglasses. His daughter is tucked neatly into his right arm so she is resting her tummy to his right shoulder. His left arm is cast casually across his midsection to cup his daughters calves and hold her steady.

His wife, also wearing a hat (but a visor, if I remember correctly) has her hair in loose pigtails (not braided, just chillin) and a pink top with horizontal stripes decorating it. The top clinches high at the chest, under her cleavage, and drapes. It was flowy, but it was still obvious she was pregnant.

So, at this point my brain hadn’t registered who I was seeing. But this is everything I can remember in that split second of observation.

I turned back to my friends to say something defending Team Valor, and then paused. I did a double take. They were still walking towards me, the two adults strolling casually down the small decline in elevation as the street slopes a bit towards the water. I try not to stare, but every fiber in my body is screaming “YOU KNOW THEM.” when It finally clicks that this is the man that I have been watching on TV since I was 7 years old, I gasp, unable to really breathe, and look back to my friends, quietly explaining who just walked by us.

“GO TAKE A PICTURE WITH THEM! IF THEY ARE THAT IMPORTANT TO YOU, GO!” My friend coleen stage whispers harshly until I finally muster the will to launch myself out of the outdoor seating of this pizza place and I jog as quietly as I can until I am caught up with them. At this point, they are across the street in front of a restaurant called “The Arms Reach” right in front of the end-of-street roundabout that is encircled by a brick pavilion and stone ledge overlooking the cove and providing a spectacular view that you see in my picture. They are approaching a black SUV that is parked in the last street parking spot in front of the restaraunt.

Now, I had to just watch, because if they were going into the restaurant to eat I wasn’t going to bother them. But suddenly jensen pulls car keys from his pocket and I see the headlights flash. They’re getting in the car to leave, they are on the sidewalk, they’re not in a rush, I don’t think I’ll be bothering them too much if I go introduce myself.

Jensen, holding a sleepy JJ, rounds the car from the back, going around the trunk to open the door behind the passenger seat. Danneel was following him, probably to help strap her in, when I reached them. I came around the car the same way they did but with a much larger berth as to not really invade their personal space, I didn’t want to freak them out especially when they had JJ with them.

“ Um, excuse me?” I was shaking in my boots 100% running on pure adrenaline and I gave a little finger wave as Danneel turned around. She had a little smile on her lips, reserved. I could tell she was sizing up whether I was going to start screaming and crying and throw myself at her husband lolol.

Danneel had an auburn eyeshadow on. I remember that clearly, which is funny.

Anyway, danneel goes “hi!”, and this makes Jensen turn around, JJ still in his hands, and I just kind of go for it. I introduce myself and say hello to all of them. “ hi JJ!” I say very gently and give her a cupped hand wave “she’s beautiful!” I tell them. Jensen smiles. Eye crinkles. I die.

Then, I pretty much: “I just, I don’t want to be a bother and I know you’re having family time, so this will be quick but I just needed to tell you that you’re all amazing and wonderful, and mr. Ackles (ues i called him Mr. Ackles LIKE A DWEEB) I’ve been watching this show since I was 7 years old, and now I’m turning 19 -” jensen gives a little snort of laughter- “God sorry not to make you feel old or anything!!!!!”- now danneel chuckles a little bit AT HIM (I die again) “but I just wanted to say you’re so talented and just thank you so much, and would you mind maybe taking a picture with me?”

So jensen says “well thank you, that’s very kind, and absolutely!” And he goes to put JJ in the carseat behind the passenger seat and leaves Danneel to buckle her in. Thats when JJ says, in the cutest little voice :“Daddy, who is thaaat?” And jensen tucks her legs into the leg grooves and just goes “oh, she’s just daddy’s friend” (again, my heart exploded and I saw jesus) Now, until this moment, I had been a little busy trying to form words, so I had forgotten that Danneel was pregnant. But then, watching her go to buckle in JJ it was once again obvious that she had quite the baby bump. Nothing huge, but she was at least a few weeks in to the second trimester.

My eyes are locked on her as jensen Ambles towards me (and yes, he really does walk bowlegged still, God save me) and he is approaching me on my left, and he removes his sunglasses and flips his hat backwards, and insists that we take the photo “so this view”- he gestures to the trees and cove-“is in the background.”

“Yah, It’s so beautiful,” I agree. “Thank you so much” and so he slings his arm around me and I’m trying not to cry and he just smells like sandalwood and Denali old Spice and I’m looking at the camera and we take a few pictures and I thank him again, i ask him to tell jared I said “Hi” and I look back at danneel who is now standing in the passenger space with the door open, smiling, waiting for jensen before she climbs into the car. I look at her belly, I look back at jensen, and he sees me stare a little bit and he goes to say something - and because I know jensens tells from years of convention panels and videos, I know he’s starting to feel a little hesitant, and just as he starts to say something I simply wave a hand and go “I won’t say a word.”

The relief on his face was palpable, and he nodded, said a thank you and a goodbye, i called after him that “BTW, MISHA IS STILL MAD ABOUT THE LIVESTREAM” (which made him laugh again) and climbed into the car. Coleen and I ran back across the street, me waving and wishing well. As soon I got to the other side of the street I started jumping up and down and running back up to our other friend Eddie at the pizza place. But soon my brain exploded and I just fistpumped and laid down on the sidewalk, thinking they couldn’t see me.

Two seconds later, the car rolled by and I saw jensen staring at me on the ground and he had eye crinkles, laughing at me. I died for the final time.

And that’s it folks. Now you know the whole story.

Update: Any Four Walls: Little Sister

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Little Sister

Rose squeezed her eyes shut and crossed her ankles, trying—and failing—to convince herself she didn’t really have to go to the bathroom. The room was dim, but not completely dark, and the soft sounds of people sleeping filled the air. They all sounded so warm, and comfortable, and like they didn’t have to pee. Lucky. Even Tyrra was sound asleep, curled up on her side, face half-buried in the fluffy turian pillow they’d brought from home.

When Rose began to inch toward the edge of the bed, Tyrra reached out a sleepy arm and tried to tuck her back close to her side, but Rose slipped away from her grasp. Without opening her eyes, Tyrra murmured, “Y’okay? Bad dream?”

“No,” Rose whispered. “Bathroom.”

“Want me to come?”

“Go back to sleep, Tyr.”

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