in the realm of appearances

277. Demigods are known for getting involved in human politics and wars like the World War 2, the Red Scare, Alice Roosevelt. Magicians are usually known to appear at sights of great disaster like the San Francisco Earthquake, the Titanic, or Bubonic Plague. Einharjar are usually very busy in the other 8 realms that they only appear in battle, like fire giants disguised by forest fires or protests in Chicago.

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Imagine Loki finding you in tears. You’re upset about your appearance and just wish that you were beautiful. You’ve smashed your mirror and are surrounded by shards of glass. He magically fixes the mirror, heals your wounds and holds you tightly while assuring you that he’s never met anyone in the Nine Realms as beautiful as you.

The Seven Hermetic Principles

1. The Principle of Mentalism — Everything is mental. All things are connected. Mentalism is the catalyst that governs our every single action. It always starts in the unseen realms before it appears in the seen realms.

2. The Principle of Correspondence —”As above, so below.” Macrocosm, microcosm. “As within, so without.” Everything taking place within our minds is a reflection of what we will experience in our physical reality. Therefore, we have to become aware that how we feel inside governs the experiences we attract on the outside. Once the relationship between the inner worlds and the outer worlds are understood as connected, there is no separation.

3. The Principle of Vibration — Nothing is static. Everything is moving; everything is oscillating. Everything is frequency. It does not matter what you say, it is the energy you speak with that matters. That is why we have to become mindful of how we talk to people, because it is not the words, it is the energy behind the words (i.e tender, kind, humorous, loving, excited vs. condescending, sarcastic, cynical, careless). We can tell our vibration by our emotion. Emotion is our energy in motion. Depression - low vibration. Love & joy - high vibration.
“If you want to know the secret of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” — Nikola Tesla.

4. The Principle of Polarity — Everything is dual; there are poles within everything. Everything has its opposites. Hot/Cold, High/Low, Light/Dark, Good/Evil. However, when we dive deeper, we find that Good & Evil are two sides of the same coin – this is what the ancient alchemists and Hermetic masters knew. They talked of mental transmutation, turning Evil into Good. In realizing that Good and Evil are two poles of the same coin, we can transform and transmute Evil into Good. By becoming more conscious of a negative emotion, we can have more harmony in our bodies, which in essence is alchemy. Instead of opposites, they are really complementary. Hot/Cold ~ complementary. Light/Dark ~ complementary. One and the same.

5. The Principle of Rhythm — There are cycles in the Universe. There are seasons. People have a natural bio-rhythm, which is intrinsic to each person because we are all unique. The principle of rhythm is movement, all things are in motion. There is no ‘time’ only movement. Understanding the whole of the Universe as a dance of energy we begin to free ourselves. We don’t have to take ourselves so seriously. Rhythm is all about getting in Divine Alignment; we can do this through Yoga, exercise that helps you move into the body’s rhythm, because our bodies are miniature Universes. The Grand Orchestra: eating healthy, exercising, getting into natural sleep cycles, and the breath is the conductor of the most beautiful song, Us. Breathing deep from the base of the spine, we develop a greater rhythm, moving us in tune with the Universal frequency of planet Earth.

6. The Principle of Cause & Effect — You reap what you sow. The seeds that you plant right now, they will harvest. Ask yourself, are you planting seeds of positivity or seeds of negativity? Every cause has an effect, and every effect has a cause. There are no accidents or coincidences in the Universe. Even when we are born, there is a divine agreement that we make, even before we get to this planet, as we are spiritual beings having a human experience. The law of cause and effect is that every action has a reaction, and every reaction is caused by an action. See that whatever we think, whatever we do creates a ripple effect. And that butterfly effect that is created will come right back to us, almost like a boomerang. Cause and effect, we can talk of karma, we can talk of reincarnation. Do you believe in reincarnation? It is said what you do now echoes on to eternity, therefore as we are energy, whatever we go through now will remain with us. That is why there is no escape, because where you left off is where you must pick up from. Whatever we do now stays with us, however we always have the opportunity to become our greatest version. We can choose to release and let go of our karma as we have 100% free will through forgiveness, through release and feeling our emotions. Through feeling and releasing our emotions, we heal ourselves. Cause and effect is about becoming aware of the radical action. And when we talk about manifesting your desires, your goals, your dreams, and your aspirations, thinking is not enough. We have to see that our beliefs shape our thoughts and our thoughts shape our beliefs. And our thoughts and beliefs subconsciously govern our actions, behaviors, habits. Thus whatever we do has a consequence, thoughts included.

7. The Principle of Gender — The masculine energy exists within you. The feminine energy exists within you. It does not matter whether you are male or female. It is a reminder that it even goes beyond human beings. We see this all throughout nature, that the masculine and the feminine exist within everything. Thus, it is a great way to see the world, that gender is the illusion, because you are beyond your gender - you are energy. Gender is the separation, however it is also essential to experience the contrast which is needed for our growth and expansion. Right now on the planet, we are living in a time where people are questioning, a time where people are manifesting.

We have to remember that focus is essential, because whatever we focus upon grows. The mind is a magnet, thoughts are magnets; they draw in that they are putting out. The mind is also a filter, a censorship. Therefore once we free our mind, we release the censorship, so we become infinite. The mind is a powerful tool, however we have to start living more from our heartspace. Once we can see that, focus becomes the catalyst for manifesting your desire. Concentrated focus. Ask yourself, are you focusing on what you want or are you focusing on what you fear? Because whatever you are tuned into you become, you turn into whatever you are tuned into. And that is why it is so powerful when you enter the realm of imagination which is “image in action.” Once you see that you don’t have to watch the television, you can if you want, but ask yourself the greater question: how is this serving me? The television tells lies to your vision. Once we start telling our own vision, we move into the principle of mentalism. That is why the artist is so powerful right now on the planet. Because the artist lives in the realm of infinite creation, where there are no boundaries. There is only pure expression. There is man-made law and this law is written down, but it is fictional because it is ever-changing, it can be re-written. However, Universal law does not change, it is versatile though. If you put your hand on a stove, it’s gonna hurt because it is a universal principle. And I have found it to be so powerful just to see how much power we have. You have power beyond measure, but you can only realize this once you start loving yourself 100%. Because once you can accept yourself 100%, you start to manifest your true desires. Otherwise, you don’t know what you really want. So we spend our times in jobs which don’t serve us, in relationships which don’t serve us. And once you start listening more to your heartspace, you start move in the direction of your true calling, of your true passion.

The mind is the software, the body is the computer. To start rewriting the program, we have to start changing the words we use, because words are the commands which govern every single action in our life. “I am no good.” “I am good enough.” “I can’t.” “I can.” We have to start using words that give us a new lease if life. We have to see that words are spells therefore we have to become the magicians of our own story. To start attracting with your mind, we also have to take responsibility that we are creating with our mind. We have to see that nobody is doing anything to us. We have supreme power. Once we acknowledge this, then we can begin to fly. We can heal ourselves. We came here to play. Once we can see that the limitations we place on ourselves are based on our tradition, how we were raised is more-so how we learn to see ourselves. The only way to change the perception of yourself is to let go of who you think you are. We have to see that to attract with the mind we have to start connecting with those who remind us who we are, kindred spirits because that is the true fusion. It is powerful. We don’t all have to be similar, we can find a great beauty in the contrast of our talents.

“I want another job.” “I want more money.” “I want to find my dream partner.” The moment you say “I want” you are sending out a signal to the universe that you don’t have what you desire therefore you will always remain in lack. We have to start using the power of visualization to see ourselves already there. Start loving yourself if you are single and you want to be with someone, that is the secret. Start becoming what you are dreaming of. See yourself already there. That is the power of the mind. The biggest secret of the Seven Hermetic Principles is that the first three govern the last four. The Principles of Mentalism, Correspondence, and Vibration, they govern the Principles of Polarity, Rhythm, Cause & Effect, and Gender. Once we can see this, we become more conscious that what we think affects how we feel and this affects what we manifest. Everything is connected. Once we can see that from the sound frequencies that we are listening to, ask yourself “how is this promoting wellness within my body?” because this will govern what you can manifest. Even from how you talk to yourself to the music you listen to. Are you living in a busy city? Or can you go to nature and hear yourself? When you go into nature, you realize how peaceful it is, you feel alive, and more-so you see the secret that you deserve abundance. We have to start changing our mental state. It all starts there. The moment we begin to doubt ourselves is the moment we begin to lose out on manifesting our deepest desires. Once we can let go of this fear which is one of the biggest programs, which is intrinsic to one extent, fight or flight, but after that ask yourself how is this serving me?

You can live the life you want, you just have to know what you want and see yourself already having it. Visualize yourself already there. The biggest revelation along my journey was to see that we don’t attract what we want, we attract what we are. Once you change your vibrational frequency, everything aligns with that same frequency, therefore the Universe cannot help but mirror back what frequency you are emitting. So we have to see that if we are miserable, that is what we attract. Once we start to become elevated in our spirit, everything aligns with that same frequency that you embody. The magic is within you and once you see it, everything becomes magical - you will start noticing synchronicities.

Realize that your mind has supreme power over your actions, and realize that your actions, your radical actions, are needed to manifest the world you desire to live in. You live in the world you are thinking of. Be aware, be present, and be happy. Choose what environment you wish to live in and co-create your reality with those you want to surround yourself with.

Peace. Love.

Namasté ॐ 🙏

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tbh space god is even harder to match up than just greek myths or just space in general cause you have to match both

I like to think of it as its own thing because yes its very hard to match characters with greek gods and planets since there are only limited gods that have a direct planet connection;; So i just created my own way of mixing space themes and greek myths by having the title of the God and their powers and position (ex. Dianna or Artemis, Archery, goddess of children and the moon) applied to the ham characters (let say eliza or theo) but not the actual story or plot of where the original god came from or what their original relationship with other gods etc. The planets/space theme are basically linked to their appearances!! They are made out of the materials of those and treat those places (if they have) as their realm!!


Greek gods = title and powers

Planets, etc. = appearance and realms

hope that clears up confusion :O!

Woman In Flowered Bonnet- Pre Civil War

1850s,The artist is unknown-

According to Godey’s and Peterson’s magazines, the bonnet was formal headgear and unless you were wearing a dress for a ride in the country or to a watering place you best consider a bonnet.

Fashion Bonnets for outdoor wear had small brims that revealed the face. Earlier bonnets of the decade had lower brims. However, by mid-century Spoon Bonnets, which featured increasingly high brims and more elaborate trimmings, became the vogue. Bonnets were made specifically to accessorize a dress. Other less common variants, such as the Marie Stuart Bonnet, with its heart-shaped brim, and the fanchon bonnet, with its very short brim and back curtain, made appearances in the realm of fashionable headwear.

Bonnets could be made of a variety of materials. Bonnets formed from buckram and wire and covered with fashion fabric were very popular. During the warmer seasons, bonnets made of straw, woven horsehair, or gathered net were also seen. Heavier materials like velvet were favored for winter bonnets, though quilted winter hoods were much more practical and warm

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Did you witness the ship drama from the Overwatch fandom? To sum it up, 2 new voice lines appeared in the games public test realm (ptr) of 2 characters exchanging chocolate. While people of the much smaller heterosexual ship GenjiXMercy(Gency) celebrated, people of the much larger gay ship PharahXMercy(Pharmercy) threw a huge bitch fit and harassed the lead writer Michael Chu on Twitter. Sound familiar? *cough*NS* *cough*IR*cough*

Jeez. They really need to chill.

A child needs to interview a senior for a school project, but their grandparents have all passed, so they are invited to go to a senior home and interact with the people there.  They meet a woman who tells them fantastic stories about her youth, which the child is sure she’s lying about, but then the interview is interrupted when creatures from a realm of fantasy appear and beg the woman to return and save their kingdom.

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Good news Robo-Mun, apparently it's not out of the realm of possibility that Sega characters will appear in Penders future works :)

Between the cost of the lisence, the fact that SEGA doesn’t acknowledge his copyright and the fact that everything he touches is crap? Yeah, he’s deluding himself if he thinks that’s happening anytime soon. Nothing unusual. 

When a woman has made the descent and severed her identity as a spiritual daughter of the patriarchy, there is an urgent yearning to reconnect with the feminine, whether that be the goddess, the Mother, or the little girl within. There is a desire to develop those parts of herself that have gone underground while on the heroic quest: her body, her emotions, her spirit, her creative wisdom… If a woman has spent many years fine-tuning her intellect and her command of the material world while ignoring the subtleties of her bodily knowings, she may now be reminded that the body and spirit are one. If she has ignored her emotions while serving the community, she may now slowly begin to reclaim how she feels as a woman. The mysteries of the feminine realm will appear in her dreams, in synchronistic events, in her poetry, art and dance.
—  Maureen Murdock, The Heroine’s Journey
The Houses

Once you have mastered the zodiac signs and the planets, it’s time to move onto the houses. The houses add an extra dimension to the chart. While the signs show you how each planet expresses its energy, the houses show you where they express it. Each house represents an area of life. There are twelve, one for each sign. It’s important to know the house placements because in some ways they add another sign’s flavor to the planet. For instance, my Sun is in Taurus in the Seventh House. Libra is the seventh sign, so my Taurus Sun has a Libra feel to it. But more specifically, my Sun expresses itself through the area of life we associate with Libra - the realm of relationships.

First House (Ascendant):
The self, identity, personality, physical appearance, birth, what you embody, Aries

Second House:
Money, income, resources, talents, self-worth, material world, Taurus

Third House:
Mind, intellect, communication, siblings, environment, learning, short trips, Gemini

Fourth House (Imum Coeli):
Seat of the soul, emotions, how you perceive your father, inner-life, home, family, childhood, Cancer

Fifth House:
Creativity, children, what kind of parent we are, artistry, romance, play, hobbies, self-love, Leo

Sixth House:
Work, body, job, day-to-day activities, health, illness, work relationships, pets, Virgo

Seventh House (Descendant):
Relationships, others, love, what we project, Libra

Eighth House:
Intimacy, darkness, secrets, death, shared finances, sex, Scorpio

Ninth House:
Higher education, religion, morals, in-laws, travel, adventure, beliefs, Sagittarius

Tenth House (Midheaven):
Career, public persona, place in society, how you perceive your mother, Capricorn

Eleventh House:
Group involvement, the collective, friendship, dreams and aspirations, the future, Aquarius

Twelfth House:
The unconscious, things that are hidden, institutions and prisons, past life karma, Pisces

The restoration of order in the final scenes of the tragedies is not Shakespeare’s last word. Rather, the tragedies tell us that we live a precarious life amidst ordered and civilized appearances. In this surface realm chaos is only temporarily restrained. It will erupt again.
—  Susan E. Schreiner, “Appearances and Reality in Luther, Montaigne, and Shakespeare”

Okay….Let’s try this again….this time, my way.

The Kingdom of the Woodland Realm Trilogy: What’s the Buzz?

It would appear I cannot turn around anywhere these days without running into myself. By myself, I mean Thranduil. Now, aside from the fact I somehow became a blogger on a London site without saying anything but thank you is beyond me but now it would appear money is involved. And by money, I mean payment for Thranduil–it could not possibly be for anything else, they are following my Twitter page and guess who adorns my Twitter cover? Oh, how bright you are.

How utterly delightful. If it were not rather odd enough I seem to somehow magically appear on lists where I am a Scottish business which might explain all the realtors trying to sell the King of the Woodland Realm homes in Europe, I am either a rumored stand-alone novel, an extension of Tolkien but I have had excerpt pinned to so many movie boards on Pinterest I should be shooting in New Zealand right now. I have heard “movie” and “Lee Pace” every single day for ONE YEAR and SIX MONTHS–which roughly means since Thranduil uttered, “I am Thranduil”. 

I have plenty of screenwriters, producers and studios on Twitter–most of them from the UK and some from Hollywood. Thranduil broke his Twitter. Oh, yes. Seems he broke his little counter of followers to the point it doesn’t count for days. He has broken Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook and I cannot wait to see what he does with Instagram. I am quite sure that is coming next because right now Thranduil seems to be smoking hotter than Lake Town.

Great visual.

Now, I check my notifications on Pinterest and what do I find but 1.3K pins for “Repin if Thranduil Should Have His Own Movie” and someone who looks like Arwen named Thranduil talking rather odd about things I have really do not care about but curiously mentions the one thing that I know quite a bit about.

Personally, I could care less whether or not Thranduil has his own film, but if there is one thing I know from working in Hollywood is that is where a certain author’s grandson lives which coincidentally was where the founder of the Mythopoeic Society lived and his widow and daughter that still do (I know, they love The Kingdom of the Woodland Realm Trilogy). Miraculously, they know the Estate of said author intimately. They were friends, the founder and Tolkien. 

The Estate is by no means giving the rights to make anymore films…here. They never said anything about over there. Did I mention the UK studio working with Martin Freeman that happens to follow me on Twitter happens to also publish books? There is just one thing that has to happen first–

Thranduil: How many times have I told you not to leave dead orcs lying around on the throne room floor?

Legolas: Dad, you just killed it.

Thranduil: Quiet, I’m parenting. How many times?

Legolas: Once. Just now.

Thranduil: Well, don’t make me repeat it.

Legolas: Repeat what?

Thranduil: How many times have I told you not to leave dead orcs lying around on the throne room floor?

Legolas: Twice.

Thranduil: I thought so. Don’t do it again.

Children. What was I saying, oh right. There is just one thing that must be done first: Get the most coveted mark from the most elusive of clubs and that is not easy–few have accomplished it. Many have attempted it. I did not attempt it. I just wanted to do write something for my father and do it in a certain way. But somehow I have gotten caught up in something that I suspect will not end until this book is done. I seemed to have become somewhat of an enigma. An hour after I announced Book II was done the first time, Thranduil was invited to Mythcon–two weeks later. My father got ill again and while waiting on his recovery, I decided to add 14 chapters. I am on chapter 26 and there are few people that do not know this. Now I am a member of this society now.

It has been over 62 years since The Lord of the Rings. I turned one year old two days after Tolkien died. There are no accidents in this world. Everything happens for a reason. I cannot say what will happen when I am done with the first book of The Kingdom of the Woodland Realm Trilogy, but I can tell you for certain that it will be submitted to the Tolkien Estate. That was the choice I had to make after one year and nearly six months. I knew once I made that decision there was no turning back.

That is what they wait for–to give my decision to submit because if I get the coveted mark, Thranduil will become the first new “officially” authorized Tolkien novel in over sixty years and the second member to be canonized. Only then you will have your chance to see a film about Thranduil.

I had better be very, very, very, very good at what I do.–J.

tell me, what realm is this? ‘
she did not appear to be of the full-blooded HYLIAN, her ears curved and without the pointed ends of those native to hyrule.
looking more kindred to the impure, whose ears could not hear the whispers of the gods above, he assumed her to be the mutt race that often served the hylians.
a laborer.

but that meant this may not be the destined dark realm he had been banished to, unless she too had committed an unspeakable atrocity worthy of such outcast.


‘ Cling to your faith as much as you will, humans–
 Your GODS much like your armor, are POWERLESS admist my realm. ‘ 

Large claws suddenly appeared over the mountains surrounding the city, soon cracking and flattening underneath the great weight that soon followed suite. Even with the beast’s massive form miles and miles away from the civilization, his head eclipsed the sun, engulfing the kingdom within the depths of his shadows. If it weren’t for the cloud-cover, his magma infused underside would’ve been completely visible; all that being shown was the crimson allure that illuminated the air around him. 

‘ You will COWER before me, ( Like THEM )
  You will BEG before me ( Like THEM )
 you will WORSHIP me ( Like THEM

And perhaps, I will grant you safe-passage through the flamepurge. ‘ 

Seventeen as Princes

a/n; i am not dead but this just took a looong time to write bc, i mean, there are 13 members. and also, idk how i came up with the whole idea of seventeen as princes lmao

At first Wonwoo would seem pretty distanced and reserved. You would often see him reading a book while sitting in the park belonging to the castle he lived in. He would even come off as cold if you didn’t get to know him better or saw him around the other boys. But he would have something really, let’s say graceful to him. Just the way he’d move and talk would be very enchanting and would have you falling for him head over heels in no time. He would be very serious when it came to important things, such as the future of his realm and whatnot. But he’d also be serious about his appearance, always wearing the fanciest clothes. If you got to know him better though, you’d see his horribly dorky side. Especially if you caught him around the other guys. You’d be surprised by how warm he would be towards the younger members and how much of a dork the normally so composed and reserved Wonwoo could be. It would be hard to get him to really warm up around you and get him to let down his guard which he usually has up 24/7. And eventually he would totally be himself around you, whether that be a good or bad thing. He would share his thoughts and worries with you and you would have to reassure him that he is going to be a good king because, deep down, he is pretty insecure. Another surprising thing to you would be that he would be quite the softie and that he would be really thoughtful. To him it wouldn’t matter whether you were just a simple maid or a princess. To him, you’d just be you. And according to that, he would want you to also just take him for him and not for his social status. He would also get embarrassed pretty quickly, especially if he had a crush on you. He would be trying really hard to come off as cool but end up tripping over his own feet.
Wonwoo would be really responsible towards the younger boys and his realm. He would seem serious and distanced at first glance but when you got to know him better, whether you’d be a maid or a princess, he would show you his dorky and ‘weak’ side.

He would be a literal ball of sunshine. Nobody would be able to resist his charm and every girl who would see him smile would fall for him. He would be very popular amongst basically everyone and he would be very generous and selfless. He would visit orphanages and donate to organization that help the homeless. Once a week, he would go out and help as much as he possibly could. And chances would be that he’d see you struggling with carrying a huge basket filled with food. To him it wouldn’t matter whether you’d be someone of higher status or just a normal citizen. He would probably be looked down upon by some of his relatives for seeking contact with people of a lower status instead of just meeting princesses and whatnot. But people also would look up to him for handling everything so well. Especially the younger boys would have him as their role model. He would be really mature and handle all things that may face him with care. Also he would love books and teach orphans how to read and also go around and read stories to kids on the street. He then would get really dorky and talk in different voices and act out scenes with the kids. He would be a prince of the people. To him, it would be most important that all the people living in his realm are happy. But he would also cherish the moments he would get to spend alone. And he would use some of that precious alone time to go see you. Because he would just love to be alone with you. If he had a crush on you, he would be pretty straightforward and tell you once he was sure of his feelings. He would be really romantic and thoughtful and always surprise you with small presents or romantic dates like going stargazing. He would be really passionate about his hobbies and the things he loves, which would be singing, you of course and I could also see him enjoying riding horses.
Seokmin would be really popular amongst everyone because of his happy and generous personality. But he would know when to be mature and would also be really romantic and thoughtful.

He would be such an angel and a lot like our dear Seokmin. A lot if not all girls would envy him for his beauty and he would also have a lot of girls and probably also guys trying to get his attention. Everywhere he’d go there would be a few girls following him. Yet he would always stay polite but reserved, nicely telling them to please leave and enjoy the nice weather in the park rather than wasting their time following him. He would love to go to the market and chat with the sellers and he would just be really popular in general. He would donate to orphanages and also help the homeless by bringing them food or offering them to sleep in a safe place. He would be graceful no matter what he would be doing. He wouldn’t make any difference between royal people and normal citizens, treating everyone equally. Family would be most important to him but I also see him enjoying to ride. As lovely and sweet as he’d be, it would be pretty hard to get to know him better. I see him being really strict with himself and I for some reason also feel like his parents would be quiet strict yet loving to him, telling him to always keep his guard up and just don’t let anyone in. If you put a lot of time and effort into it though, he would slowly but surely warm up to you. If he had a crush on you, it would either be easier or extra hard. Even if you then got to know him really, really well, you would still have to tell him to let his guard down and just be himself around you. If he then did that, I think he would actually get a little flustered from time to time. I also think that he’d love music. Singing and playing the piano would probably be his favorite things to do. And he would also love to introduce you to the things he spends a lot of time doing, like riding or singing. I see him as being a very intelligent prince, reading a lot and still getting lessons from the best teachers of the realm.
Jeonghan would be an angel. It would be hard to get to know him but he would pay you back for all that effort with all his kindness. He might not be the most romantic one, but definitely one of the sweetest.

He would be such a gentleman and sweetheart and just wonderful person in general. Since he’s pretty religious, he would often visit all kinds of churches around the realm and also help the nuns and monks and also help restore old churches. It would be really important to him that everybody could live after his religion without being discriminated against. He would be really generous and often buy toys to then donate to the orphanages and visit poorer families and give the children toys and also food. He would just be very caring and would often hold gatherings for basically everyone where he then would talk about the plans he had and honestly, everybody would agree. He would just have so much charisma and charm that it would be nearly impossible to say no. He would treat everyone the same. But he would also have a very, very strict side to him. I feel like he could get very intimidating but he’d still keep that sweet smile of his which then would seem almost frightening. But he would rarely be like this. He would have a big passion for music and he’d teach the kids in orphanages how to play guitar and give them singing lessons. He would always be very warm to everyone but he would make clear when he’s had enough of someone or something. Because of his amazing looks and wonderful personality, of course there’d be hundreds of girls trying to get closer to him. He would always stay very polite but be very blunt when one of them got a bit too clingy and touchy. If he met someone he liked, you for example, he would be very interested in you. He would constantly ask you questions and would be so fascinated by you. He would only have eyes for you and be the gentleman he is, sending you sweet letters and promising you all sorts of wonderful things.
Religion and kindness would be very important to Joshua. He would be the perfect gentleman everybody would just have to love. Though he’d have a quite blunt and also intimidating side to him. But he would always be very caring and warm to you and everyone else, though he’d make sure to just be a bit extra caring and warm towards you to show you how much you mean to him.

He would always present himself as the perfect prince. Good looking, intelligent, generous, warm-hearted and not to forget mature. But he would constantly ruin his image. He would get caught following you around the city while you were running errands or one of the other boys would find one of the rather funny poems he wrote for you. Everybody would act like they believed that he was that really mature prince but they’d know what a dork he actually was. If he was together with the right people, in that case probably Hansol and Seokmin, he would get in trouble from time to time because of some stupid dare the two made him do. And most of the time those dares would probably have to do something with you because they know just how big of a crush he has on you. I think he’d rather be together with a normal citizen because he would just be really curious to know what it would be like to not grow up in a palace with people serving you. He would ask you a lot of things and would often be caught outside, studying the plants or insects. He would often sneak out and play football with the kids on the street. He would search the contact to citizens in general and ask them how he could be a better prince and he would often help them with their work or bring them food and medicine. But if he had to do something official, he would change completely. He’d be very polite and reserved. I think that one of his talents would actually be speeches. The people in his realm might have high expectations for him but he’d definitely live up to them. His biggest goal would be to make everybody happy, even if that means sacrificing himself. Jun would be very selfless and help whenever and wherever. He would always put you before himself and would make sure that you always know that you are loved.
Jun would seem very serious but would actually be the biggest dork and kind of a troublemaker as well. But you just had to love him. He would always make sure to help as much as possible and talk to the citizens and make sure they’re happy. He would be some sort of romantic when it came to you, writing poems and singing songs to you.

If put into the right group of people, Vernon would be a real rascal. He would sneak out to avoid responsibilities and would be against everything his parents would tell him to do. Yet nobody would be able to hate him because of his fatal charm. He would often ditch official events to play around with his friends. He wouldn’t think much of all the princesses and whatnot his parents would introduce him to. He’d be fascinated by the life of the citizens and would want to learn from them. A lot of times he would get into trouble because he pulled yet another prank on the staff of the palace and his parents would scold and ground him. But he would just sneak out again. When he would be present at an official event for once, he would try not to get into trouble. But he’d fail. He would be seen as the mischievous and cheeky prince that’s always up to something. He would be infamous for the pranks he’d pull on basically everyone. But since he’s only a teenager, he would have a few crushes and then would change completely. He would get all flustered overtime someone would mention your name and he would start getting all dreamy. He would be very stubborn. Once he set his mind to something, he would do it no matter what. And once he got interest in something, for example you, he would try to get to know as much about you as possible. He would constantly drive his teacher and everyone else around him insane with his stubbornness and cheekiness. He might be a rascal but he would know when to be serious and when he had to apologise. He also wouldn’t do anything over the top, like hurting people on purpose. Even though he would rarely do what his parents would tell him to, he would often volunteer when it came to helping the homeless. He would be really hardworking and put others before him because he knows that he has it better than most.
Vernon would be a really troublemaker nobody could be mad at. He would often pull pranks on people but he would also work really hard to help the ones in need.

Minghao would be a lot like Jun, just without ruining his image. He would be very serious. A bit too serious from time to time. But when he was with his friends, he would be like a completely different person. Unlike Vernon, he would actually enjoy learning from his teachers. He would know how to play a lot of instruments and would take special interest in singing lessons. At official events, he would always be really polite and reserved. One of the reasons of his behavior would be that he just got very flustered very easily. His parents would probably constantly try to get him to talk to one of the girls at the events but he would never really get around to doing it. Nevertheless there would be a lot of girls after him. I think he would be more interested in someone of his social status, simply because that person would have the same level of education as him. Not like he’d have anything against commoners, but I think he would just enjoy a conversation with someone from his ‘world’ more. I feel like he would really enjoy his alone time but he would also love to spend some time with his friends. He’d be a real romantic whenever he had a crush. When he had taken interest in you, he would spend hours writing poems and secretly slip them into your bag. He would be really careful to not be found out and you would have to hide somewhere and watch your bag to finally catch him. He would come off as really mature and intelligent but when getting to know him more you’d realize what a dork he could be. He would be really awkward at first but would soon warm up to you. He would donate a lot to orphanages, often books, but he wouldn’t exactly be the one to really go out and ‘do’ something. Not because he doesn’t like interacting with the citizens, but I think he’d maybe just be a bit too shy.
Minghao would come off as really mature, but actually he’d also be a dork. He would be really interested in music and art and would know how to make girls swoon over him with his poetry.

He would be such a cocky and sassy prince. He would talk back to literally anyone. And that characteristic would make a lot of people dislike him, but many more people would love him for it. I feel like he has a really strong sense for justice, as in he would always fight for someone who didn’t do anything wrong, no matter who. He might be a sassy guy who often makes snarky remarks, but he would also be very loving. Friends and Family would be really important to him, and even though he might tease them, he would still care a lot for them. I see him as someone like Minghau when it comes to working or rather donating. However he would walk around the city and have smalltalk with the citizens. He would donate a lot and also often. I feel like he would only be attending lessons if something really interested him, if not he would maybe be there but would only work halfheartedly. I also think he would be really reliable and hold every promise he ever made. If he were to fall for someone, I think it would be that one person he always played with when he was little. He would get really romantic but also cheeky, giving you a lot of compliments but then teasing you when you blush. He would be very committed to the relationship though and would always make sure you were fine. At official events, he would try to keep from making an cocky remarks but that most likely wouldn’t work out since it just lays in his nature. He would be very confident in his singing but a little less in his looks, even though he might not show nor admit it. I see him showing up in front of your window in the middle of the night to serenade you. And then he would say something about Rapunzel and how you’d have to let down your hair now.
Seungkwan would be cocky but also very loving, sassy but also ver romantic. He has a lot of sides to him and you’d get to see all of them. Even though he might not be as confident in his looks as he is in his singing, he would still pull some one-liners about how he’s distracting everyone around him with his beautiful face. Family, friends and of course you would be most important to him.

I am 100% sure that Seungcheol would be one of the most awkward but also sweetest ones. He is one of the oldest in Seventeen, which means that the younger ones look up to him. He would have a lot of responsibilities once again because of his age. He would take things very seriously and always try and do his best at everything. He would be very likely to say ‘yes’ to too many things and would end up being buried in work, simply because he couldn’t say no. This would often make him stressed out but he’d put on his happy face every time someone would meet him. I see this as being one of his weaknesses, making people take advantage of him and his kindness. He would also be very generous and definitely help out in a shelter or an orphanage. Even though he might be totally stressed out and exhausted, he would still make time to spend with his friends. He would really enjoy spending time with them but he would also often get in awkward situations since he would often try to fit in with the younger ones. It would get even worse once he would have a crush, which would actually take some time. I think it would be rare for him to really crush on someone, but if he did, he would give it his all to get that person. He would be very committed and even work on a plan, locking himself away from others. He would do a lot of unique things for you and make sure that you’d always be alright. It would be hard to get him to realize that he’s overworking himself but even if he did, he would probably still end up doing too many things at once. He would be very polite, especially to the elders and would always try to make the best first impression.
S.Coups would be a very serious and committed person during official events and would always try to do his best. But he would often do too many things at once and be really stressed out and exhausted simply because he wouldn’t be able to say no. However you would be his first priority and he would always check up on you even though he’d be very busy.

He is the baby of the group and also would be treated like that by everyone. This would annoy him to no end and he would always say how he wasn’t a baby anymore which would lead to him trying act more grownup as well. He would stop playing around and read and also study more, determined to come off as more mature. I see this as being a big problem because he will surround himself with only people older than him and would forget how to really be a child. A long, long talk with his parents and also friends would be needed to get him off that track. He then would probably turn back into his old self even though he would still try to act all grownup from time to time. But besides that he would be a really happy and energetic person. He would always be on to something. Along with Vernon and probably also Seokmin he’d play pranks on the staff. This mischievous little guy would have different crushes every week but sooner or later he would fall really, really hard. At that point, he wouldn’t be that energetic anymore and would started listening to ballads and read romance novels and whatnot. He would maybe try to get advice from his hyungs, like asking Seungcheol or Jeonghan. He would literally stalk you and use the crappy pick-up lines Seungcheol had taught him. He would be a blushing mess and would in general just be very awkward around you. But he also has another side to him besides the awkward one. He would often go out to help out in orphanages and would in general work a lot to make this planet a better place. I think he actually is quite the idealist and always tries his best to help everywhere he can. This would often lead to him being really exhausted from constantly working, whether it is voluntary work or homework. He would also often be confused because he still has to find himself.
Dino would be the sweetest pea. He would always try his best to help and would be very awkward and just a blushing mess when around you. I can’t say anything about the interests he would have since I think that he’d be in a phase of finding himself but I can say that he’d be very passionate about his hobbies.

He would be the one everyone would respect, simply because he could get really evil. I think justice would be really important to him and that he would try and treat everyone equal, sometimes to the displeasure of certain guests he might have. He would often be reading and studying and would rarely be seen around the castle. If he wasn’t reading, he would probably be playing the violin, the piano or he would be singing. He would rarely go out to help the commoners. He would rather start projects or donate money to help build schools or something. Even though he would seem very strict or even stuck up, but when with the right people he would open up and would reveal a completely different site. He would love to sing together with his friends or go riding with them. He would just in general enjoy being outside with them and playing around. But once back home he would be all serious again. I don’t think he would enjoy big events, like balls and such and would much rather just read or sing. I can actually see him escaping from the castle when such an event is happening to just take a walk or to meet his friends. If he happened to had a crush, he would at first be really romantic and write letters and songs but if nothing had happened after some time he would be pretty straightforward about it and just tell his crush that he likes them. He might be very collected but when someone would make fun of his height, something he’s passionate about or someone he loves he would turn into a beats and literally tear them apart right then and there.
Woozi would be very serious and collected. Studying but also music and singing would be really important to him. Yet he would also have another side to him where he likes to fool around with his friends. He wouldn’t like big events and if anyone dared to ridicule something or someone he loves, he would not stop until that person was crying and begging for mercy.

He would definitely team up with Dino and the other rascals to play pranks on basically everyone in the whole palace. He would be very mischievous and also pretty goofy. If put together with the right people, he would definitely be a real troublemaker and would also be known for always getting into trouble. Though he would also have his serious side. Instead of learning something about that one king that did that one thing, he would much rather practice dancing and basically anything that would have to do with music. He would often sneak out before official events and then just go missing for a few hours before returning. During those hours he would either meet up with his friends, just go for a walk alone or look for his crush. Even though he is mischievous, he’d still be very shy around his crush and would get red in the face if you’d only look him in the eyes. Once he has a crush, he would often try to act different around them. He would try to be more mature and not joke around as much anymore. But he wouldn’t talk to them unless his friends would literally push him into them. Even though he is just a big idiot who jokes around a lot, he would be very reliable. He would never break his promises and would always help his friends. You’d often see him out and about, playing with the kids on the streets or helping out in an orphanage. He would often play pranks on the staff but nobody would be able to be mad at him for long simply because he can be just too adorable. But he would know when to stop. He would make a lot of girls swoon over him because of his cheeky smile and fast mouth. But he would know exactly when he would have to be serious, although he might not like it.
Hoshi would be really mischievous and if paired with the right, or rather wrong people he would be a real troublemaker. Though he would also have his serious and soft side. He would much rather spend his time having and dancing instead of learning or attending some event his parents planned.

The last but definitely not the least is Mingyu! His way of acting would depend on who he was around, I feel like. For example, when he’s put into a group with Vernon, he’d be really, really goddamn cheeky and mischievous. But when together with the more ‘responsible’ ones, he also would be little more tame. Though he would naturally be kinda cheeky, but in a very charming way, if that makes sense. He would be very popular, not only for his striking looks and (in-)famous smirk, but also for his kind heart. He would be known for always playing with the kids and helping out wherever and whenever he could. And he’d much rather actually do something than to just learn and stay in the palace all day, which would often make him neglect his studies. He would have a passion for music, though he still wouldn’t go to any music-related lessons. He’d much rather just play around on the piano and learn what he wants to learn. That kind of shows his way of thinking. He really does what he wants. But he would never be selfish. Maybe stubborn, but never selfish. He would always be there to help his friends or basically anyone who needed help. For that he would be loved by not only the staff but also everyone across the realm. He would have hundreds of girls swooning over him but he would really only have eyes for one and would turn into a shy guy once around her. Though, if you gave him time, he would warm up to you and make sure that you know just how much you mean to him. Your social status wouldn’t really matter to him, since he only sees the people and not which circumstances they are living in. That makes him a really good person to make decisions. I feel like he would also have a soft spot not only for children but also for animals which would only make him all the more lovable.
Over all, Mingyu would be a really cheeky yet charming prince who would have hundreds of girls swooning over him because of how he always makes sure everyone’s okay. He would always help out whenever he can and even ditch his lessons to do so.

SuperWhoLock and SuperWhoAvengerLock baffle me.

Here’s the thing: I think Supernatural and Doctor Who are a good fit. If you throw The Avengers in there it’s a bit of a stretch but, alright, it works.

The minute you involve Sherlock, though, the entire premise falls apart. Holmes does not exist within a scifi/fantasy context. The moment you introduce aliens, ghosts, demons, monsters, time travel and improbable technology into Sherlock’s world you essentially doom the character.

Locked-door mysteries lose their… well, their mystique when the solution could literally be “A trickster god from another realm appeared, killed the man, then vanished.” Or “A Time Agent from the 51st century used his Vortex Manipulator to travel back to this point in time, killed the man, then vanished.” Or “A man in a suit that allows him to control his size snuck in through the crack in the door, grew to full size, killed the man, then vanished.”

Sherlock would not be able to function under those conditions. He would, in point of fact, begin to dismiss every case out of hand because the available solutions are so wide in scope - and thus boring - that he’d fall into a malaise. The Holmes that would exist within a SuperWhoLock/SuperWhoAvengerLock setting would be unusable and, quite possibly, suicidal.

Now, if you want to involve a detective into these scenarios, your best bet - your better bet, I’d wager - is Dirk Gently. He’s a perfect fit for the supernatural scifi hodge-podge world SuperWhoLock represent. In addition to which, “Gently WhoPernatural” is much more fun to type.