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Hi! Could I please have TFP Starscream, Megatron, Ratchet and Arcee's reaction to their cybertronian s/o bringing them their fave energon coffee (and possibly a smooch) when they're up late working? Thank you!


  • He’s so grateful. No one ever does this kind of thing for him.
  • His wings flutter slightly and he gives you a tired smile. 
  • He pulls you down for a kiss and tells you he’ll come to berth as soon as he’s done with his work, and to go ahead and recharge. 


  • He doesn’t acknowledge you aside from a small grunt. He’s focused. 
  • You kiss the side of his helm and he hugs your waist for a moment, but that’s about it.
  • When he finally comes to berth later he kisses the back of your neck and thanks you in earnest.


  • He makes a comment that you shouldn’t waste energon. You tell him it’s not a waste, he needs to refuel. 
  • He melts into the kiss and promises to come to berth as soon as he’s done with his work. 
  • Before you leave he tugs you close and thanks you.


  • “Thanks, babe.” 
  • She downs almost the whole cube in one gulp.
  • She lays a servo on your waist as you kiss. You can taste the energon coffee on her mouth. 

IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII made a new OC, his name is Mode, he’s basically if Steven Jobs was like 37% more sinister and pink. Idk what his species is, or if he’s a combination of species or what. It’s also VERY likely that he will be, in some part, mechanic, having technological “upgrades”, or being 100% AI to begin with. No one knows. I don’t even know. SHRUG NOISES.

Anyways, yeah Mode is mine~

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Are you even Muslim, your blog says otherwise 😂

I’m writing this response while I’m at a voluntary weekend school I’ve been attending since I was 5 learning tafseer, Arabic, Islamic history, fiqh and sunnah, and relative concepts of Islam. I’m one of the oldest people here. So while you judge me, while you’re probably in bed, self loathing looking like a ratchet piece of shit, remember that.

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i swear to God, the way this exams week is going, I could just permanently paint over my face with one of your "this is why we can't have nice things why do i even bother" Ratchet faces. Your grumpy medic gives me strength xoxo


good luck friend! i’m in midterms rn so i know how u feel ;_;

In case you’re still waiting for the role play story, don’t worry that’s coming very soon! :)

But I’ve come here for a question: I’m about to start the Book of Life parody story on Wattpad and I’m trying to decide who should be the three main characters.

In case you don’t know, there’s: -Manolo Sanchez -Joaquin Mondragon -Maria Posada

So who should be them? My first idea was Ratchet, my OC Alice, and young Alister. But then another idea came up with young Alister, my OC Katherine, and Kaden. (before Ratchet was born XD)

What do you guys think?


fdkjfh ok so my friend @homo-in-disguise wanted me to do that thing where u talk abt characters u dont know a damn thing abt bc those are always fun sO here’s 2 hours worth of me talking abt transformers
ze gave me the names & i just guessed everything else


Want a souvenir to remember the service? Show your respect for the dearly departed with an abstract painting of his chin, by artistic genius Bulkhead. [ON SALE HERE]

All proceeds will go to paying off the damage caused by Sentinel Prime during his term as temporary Magnus.


Someone: *shit talking about robot characters also offending those who like them*