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Payday problems for civil servants to be resolved by October
Fixing the issues that impact as many as 80,000 civil servants won't be cheap

Federal officials say they expect to have resolved all of the pay delays created by the government’s problematic Phoenix pay system by the end of October — but undoing the damage won’t be cheap.

Dealing with the months-long debacle, which has caused serious payday headaches for tens of thousands of civil servants, will cost an estimated $15 to $20 million, deputy public works minister Marie Lemay told a news conference.

Some 1,100 of the more than 80,000 problem files identified last week have been closed, Lemay said.

That includes the 486 government workers who were provided with back pay on Wednesday after having gone for months without compensation.

Another 234 employees will see their paycheques in two weeks, Lemay added.

To speed up the process of eliminating reported pay holdups, the government is opening satellite pay offices in Winnipeg, Montreal and Shawinigan, Que., as well as hiring more staff in Gatineau, Que.

On Wednesday, Public Services and Procurement Minister Judy Foote paid a personal visit to the government’s central pay centre in Miramichi, N.B.

The Phoenix pay system oversees the payment of 300,000 federal public servants. More than 80,000 workers have either been overpaid, underpaid or missed entire paycheques since Phoenix launched in February.

The House of Commons government operations committee is also holding an emergency meeting later today to examine the Phoenix problems.

Last week, the federal privacy commissioner announced a formal investigation into a privacy breach linked to Phoenix earlier this year.

Auditor general Michael Ferguson will also review the planning and implementation of Phoenix; 13 public service unions are asking the Federal Court to rule that the government must pay public servants properly and punctually.

ticketing for the kickoff of shinee’s upcoming fifth concert tour, shinee world v, in seoul will take place at 8pm kst today. the concerts in question will be held on saturday, september 3rd (7pm) and sunday, september 4th (4pm). both will be held at the seoul olympic park gymnasium. all seats (with the pricing including the value added tax) will cost 110,000 won (which is roughly $96 usd, 88€, $127 cad, etc.) with each person being alloted two tickets to purchase per account.

for international fans interested in purchasing tickets, a forewarning that the ticketing process has become much more difficult (at least for i-fans) since ticketing for shinee world iv last year. to begin: there is an english website for yes24 but the ticketing page for the concerts will not be available in english. so, in order to purchase tickets you must either have general knowledge of the korean language or be purchasing them with someone who does. before this can be done though, there is one big wall that must be gotten past: sm has now made it required that those purchasing tickets to their concerts / events on yes24 must either have a korean phone number or identification number. without these, you will not be able to purchase any tickets whatsoever. for those who do have access to either one of these things, the ticketing page can be found here. otherwise, the only potential option involves keeping an eye on the sold out global packages that may possibly open back up over the next week or so. (though it’s difficult to say if any will.)


@against-stars made a hairstyle meme template 4 wardens so obviously i had to do it right now immediately

kal is a “forget to get a haircut until it’s absolutely necessary and then chop it all off like All Of It” kind of girl so i imagine she looked pretty rough during that year on the road fighting the blight but then as soon as that archdemon was dead leliana was probably like “honey………….. sweetie…………………. please” and then she had a Cute and Fresh Short Style for a while until the entire process repeated itself ad nauseam

it’s funny i had never thought about how much she changed!!! she probably has looked more different at various points in her life than any of my other heroes skjdfhksjdf will we ever find out how she got that scar……………….. stay tuned

Because of the amount of questions regarding the white border and shadow I always edit around my sims, I decided to make a tutorial to explain it thoroughly!

For the record, this is a tutorial that explains the process thoroughly. I often have trouble when tutorials skip over steps they find obvious, whereas I do not. So this tutorial will be a lengthy one!

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AnimeFest 2016 Visual Novel Panels

(Source: SakeVisual @ Lemmasoft Forums)

Those planning to attend the upcoming Dallas-based AnimeFest taking place from August 12th to 16th should be pleased to know there will a variety of visual novel-related panels taking place at the convention!

Please note that times, dates, and any other additional information may be added to this post or changed as more information becomes available. 

The current list of approved panels are as follows:

Panel: Lights, Camera, Romance! (Backstage Pass)

Join the cast and director of sakevisual’s latest otome game to discuss games, romance, and the the intensely weird actor life. There will be free things!

Panel: Let’s Make a Visual Novel!

The last visual novel sakevisual made took four years to complete. This one will only take one hour! Join us as we speed through the VN-making process and make an original visual novel from scratch. Nothing can go wrong!

Panel: Making Visual Novels

Ever wanted to make your own visual novel, but you don’t know where to start? Join Ayu from sakevisual (and some special guests!) as we talk about the basics of making visual novels. We’ll discuss planning, tools of the trade, working with a team, and all sorts of other fiddly bits. There will be free things!

Panel: Otome-Nia! Dating Games For Girls

A somewhat tongue-in-cheek look at the world of otome games - dating games for girls. We look at the history of these games, the precursors that defined them, and the vast amounts of spinoffs the genre has spawned. Otome RPGs, Otome Rhythm Games, anime, iPhone games, and even… Choose-Your-Own-Adventure CDs?! Even those who aren’t huge fans of the genre are sure to enjoy this panel as we explore some of the most unique, inventive, and just plain weird stuff that otome games have to offer.

Panel: Ren’Py State of Union

Ren'Py is one of the most popular tools for making Visual Novels. In this panel, the lead developer of Ren'Py will walk people through what’s been added in the past couple of years, what will be coming in the near future, and take questions from the audience about Ren'Py and visual novels in general.

Panel: Sekai Project: The World of Japanese Media and Visual Novels

Sekai Project is an Visual Novel and Manga localizer based in Los Angeles, CA. With your help, we’ve published games such as CLANNAD, The Fruit of Grisaia, NekoPara and Rabi-Ribi and Root Double. Join us as we talk about the world of Japanese Media, Visual Novels, the localization process and licensing. Stay till the end and get a chance at winning some sweet prizes while we’re at it!



To start off, my journal hasn’t arrived yet. It’s set to ship next week. So, I asked a friend to send me a better pic of the My Muse page that was floating around due to the part of the Cipher Hunt clue “The answer’s written in the trees”. I bet this has already been solved long ago, but I decided to celebrate cracking this thing despite not owning the journal and relying only on letter frequency.

So, just confirming that the journal/My Muse page has nothing to do with the Cipher Hunt.

Spying on you was a breeze; there are eyes inside the trees…


Summer rabbit stew
July 20th 2016

Rib cages and front quarters are pressure cooked in a chicken broth and Peroni beer for 30 minutes under high-pressure. The meat is then strained, broth poured back into the pot and meat placed onto a shallow pan. Separate the meat from bones and place it all back into the pot. This is where you get creative or seasonal by adding in the seasonings and vegetables. Because it is summertime, we went with a more light, bright and zesty flavor. Lots of fresh basil, a squeeze of lime with a side of Greek yogurt, a dash of volcano salt.

This is how we get the most out of our rabbit harvest. From the front quarters and rib cages (less desirable cuts) with this process one can get a large amount of tender, very flavorful, meat. Furthermore, you get the mineral benefit and flavor from the bone broth.

Sidenote, we were tickled to cut into the carrots we harvested today from our garden beds to find them to be so alive with color and flavor. Also, the Greek yogurt served in this dish really complements the tender pulled meat. We added some red curry to this dish with a handful of basil. Once it was served with a fresh squeeze of lime it was a rabbit stew with a Thai cuisine smoothness. We are really happy with the way this one came out.

We typically don’t post much of the food we eat but we believe it would be great for you to experience the benefits of our efforts in raising homegrown food.

Much love,

Verizon Buys Yahoo For $4.8 Billion In Cash, Touting Gains In Mobile
The deal comes more than a year after Verizon paid $4.4 billion to acquire AOL; as part of Verizon, Yahoo will join the same division AOL currently occupies.

Tumblr has a new owner…

Continuing its push into web content and advertising, Verizon is buying Yahoo! Inc. for around $4.83 billion in cash, the two companies confirmed Monday morning, ending a purchase process that began months ago.

The deal comes more than a year after Verizon paid $4.4 billion to acquire AOL, in a deal that was viewed as hinging on AOL’s ad software and mobile video content.

“Yahoo and AOL popularized the Internet, email, search and real-time media,” Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer says, in a prepared statement about the deal. “It’s poetic to be joining forces with AOL and Verizon as we enter our next chapter focused on achieving scale on mobile.”

Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam says that Yahoo will be integrated with AOL and placed under Verizon’s Marni Walden, an executive vice president and the president of its Product Innovation and New Businesses organization.

The new purchase, McAdam says, will put Verizon into “a highly competitive position as a top global mobile media company, and help accelerate our revenue stream in digital advertising.”

Quick time lapse showing how I color my drawings 🙃 these are only “base” colors with a lil shading added, the whole process to complete a piece takes way more time, just know 😋 hope y'all enjoy this one, finished drawing coming tomorrow ❣
Song: Cj Fly ft. A La $ole & Phife Dawg - Seek well

I’m very proud to tell you that today I started my new collection and it is all about my all time favorite game on my NES system - “Super Mario Bros.”! The first toy from this collection is Mario himself, of course! Now I’m working on adding the pattern to all of my stores and it is already available on Etsy, feel free to get it now! The pattern consists of 32 pages and 135 photos of howto process! I spent more than a month on making him, I hope you will love him as much as I do! And of course there are many more patterns to come! Special thanks to Celine and Kate who always help me with this!

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anonymous asked:

Your art is traditional?? :O I always thought it was digital??! Anyway, it's not an eyesore, it's great and fluffy and all great thinks!

Thank you dearest anon! It is a combination of both. 

This Van Gogh sketchbook given to me by my beloved friend is filled with STEVETONY from the start. I draw initial sketch here then ink final lineart. I don’t use the computer for lineart because I use the computer too much for my work already:

Above are some sketches for a Stony comic I’m working on, very excited about it because more Marvel characters included! (that’s why I’m taking so long)

Above is an excerpt of a comic I posted earlier this year, it is already finished, you can read it here (just click).

After inking I scan, do coloring, line art correction and shading in Paint Tool SAI then color correction and adding speech bubbles and text in Photoshop.

And since I do comics I have long process for mediocre art so sorry my friends :’)

when u wanna draw tragic arima with a horrendously planned and detailed background and like 6 more characters in the scene but ur tired all the time, but then you find out its your fave bloggers bday so you power through your sketch while blasting MCR

 do it for arima 

do it for ur fave

do it bc itll make u actually process ur emotions of arima’s death


scxrchy  asked:

Being Tony's daughter, and admitting that you're not straight, that you're bi, and poly(dates more than one person with consent) and that you're dating Steve and Bucky?

I’m going to do this as a prompt as I think that it fits best in that format

“I’m bisexual,” (Y/N) told her father, finally meeting his gaze. “I’ve known it for a while now; I just didn’t tell you because I was scared that you would be angry at me. I love both guys and girls and I’m happy.”

Tony smiled softly, processing the information and trying his best to be supportive towards his daughter, “If you’re happy then I’m happy.”

“There’s one more thing,” she added, biting her lip nervously. “I’m polyamorous and I’m dating Bucky and Steve.”

Even though Tony was very supportive of his daughter’s decisions, he was still shocked at her confession, “You’re what?”


So I’ve finally decided that I could use the little extra money, and so why not do something I really love to do and have fun doing? Most of the information is found in the banner above but here’s what I couldn’t put in the post! 

      * payment method through bank transfer is doable but
          preferred method is paypal.
*  to avoid adding more time to your commission (and
          thus increasing the price) please come with reference
          pictures/desired photos/art/ideas. This make the
          process much quicker for both of us.
* as it states above there are two places to contact me.
          Inbox or email (
      * all streams of commissions will happen through
 or skype.

I can’t wait to get start working with you guys and giving you guys graphics you (hopefully) can be happy with!

       - Brei

ALRIGHT!!! So my brother gave me a new tablet for my birthday! I couldn’t get the old one to work on my laptop because the drivers are UNTRACEABLE. Added to that, the old one was a cheap tablet my parents got me at my local supermarket and it was starting to protest the heavy usage. I now have an older Wacom Bamboo Fun (I believe?) that we found online. It was a second hand one but it’s brand new, there’s still kinks in the cable from the way it was folded in the box and no sign of usage… and it works like a fucking gem!! It’s so much more precise both in pressure and location of your pen, it allows me to draw straight lines (my old one was so wobbly I could only draw straight lines with some heavy pen stabilizer settings).. I’m truly having one of those moments where you’re like “this works fine!” and then realize it could’ve been SO MUCH EASIER!!
Anyway, this is a try-out sketch and it’s rushed because I wanted to sleep and also got impatient with it. I keep forgetting I don’t like putting blues and orange/reds together, I somehow never am able to make these colours work.. Why I decided to pick them for a sketch is above my fucking head as well!
It’s not the best thing ever, but I’m so happy I can finally update my art tag that it doesn’t quite matter to me. :-)

Plastic six-pack rings are the bane of conservationists — images of sea birds and turtles entangled in them serve as constant reminders that consumer culture and the environment don’t get along. But thanks to an innovation from a Florida-based brewery, we can feel a little better about enjoying a six-pack.

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anaxe  asked:

That last set of paintings you uploaded seem to stand out from the prior ones. Did you guys change your process for drawing in those last ones? Something about it is more sharp.

Oddly enough, we might actaully know the answer to this one! Hah. Besides using a brush with a more crisp edge, a lot of these other ones have more levels of focus added to them, which, in some ways, give some of the foreground elements a sharper look, while the far background layers have an out of focus effect. The brushes we use,(and what OLI used in this set) are pretty much the same as our previous images. Sometimes we apply a small dose of the sharpen filter over some of the pictures. It makes a small diference in how crisp an image can look too!

Designing Star Guardian Lulu: Values & Colour

In my last text post, I began developing a “Star Guardian” themed skin for Lulu. Using the sketches I created in that post, I am continuing my design process by adding value and colour to the design. 

Above is just a snapshot of the process insofar, but you can continue reading under the break for a more in-depth look at how I got from the sketch to the coloured design!

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anonymous asked:

Hey Bonny! Can you help me how to go salt free? I am addicted to it but my body doesn't need it as you said... Help me please:)

You don’t have to go completely salt free, well it’s impossible because everything has sodium in it, but if you are addicted which is highly common then you just need to slow adjust and start adding less and less salt! Add less to your food, get tinned foods like beans and tomatoes that are salt free, buy low sodium sauces/stocks etc etc… It’s a gradual process so just be consistent and patient. At first it might taste really bland but that will pass as your taste buds adjust. The more salt you eat the more you need in order for food to taste good… The less you eat the better food taste in its natural state 😜