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I’ve always you know for the long as my first time having to speak at another language in the film like that and somewhat believably, you know? It’s a story goes, you know? But he taught himself this language in a year and a half so didn’t have to be like fluent.Dylan O’Brien on learning Arabic language.


TheBoilingFowl made a compilation vid of their favorite funny bits from our Phoenix Wright 2 playthrough.  If anyone wants to make compilation vids, as long as you link back and credit, not only do I 100% approve, I ENCOURAGE it.  I’m glad you’re all enjoying our playthroughs.

Episode 22: CLOTHING BOX of our Phoenix Wright 2 playthrough is up NOW

Someone on my dash just said they “can’t imagine” GRRM writing Jon and Dany having sex and lmao, he already did.

Lying abed in her narrow bunk, she found herself wondering how it would be to have a man squeezed in beside her in place of her handmaid, and the thought was more exciting than it should have been. Sometimes she would close her eyes and dream of him, but it was never Jorah Mormont she dreamed of; her lover was always younger and more comely, though his face remained a shifting shadow. (Daenerys II, ASOS)

And then made a callback to it later on.

“Every man who walks the earth casts a shadow on the world. Some are thin and weak, others long and dark. You should look behind you, Lord Snow. The moon has kissed you and etched your shadow upon the ice twenty feet tall.” (Jon VI, ADWD)