in the pink ink

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Bendy: *Shuts the toon hole up. As it shakes from the paint capacity in it. Stares at the toon hole for a moment before his mouth stretched into a devilish grin.* Hehehe

-Few Minutes Later -

Bendy: Hey Boris! Look what I got!

Boris: *Glances up from his book to look at Bendy* ?

Bendy: *Opens up the toon hole sideways and the paint blasts at him sideways*

Boris: !?!?!?!?!!!!!!

 - Boris was royally pissed at Bendy and had to take a Ink bath later. While Bendy had to clean up the rest of the mess once the creators took notice.  But to bendy, it was so worth it. -

small things that differ between my Bendy and Boris that arent obvious
  1. boris’s concept art was made 2 years after bendy’s, if you used their concept art as a ‘birth’ bendy is 35 and boris 33!
  2. bendys ink is toxic, boris’s is non-toxic
  3. boris stays stabilized better than bendy
  4. bendys’ ink tints blue, boris’s ink tints purple/pink
  5. bendy see’s black and white, boris see’s colors, they assume this is again because boris’s ink is better