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Narumitsu Long-distance fic rec list

I guess this is another sub-genre of Phoenix/Edgeworth, because Edgeworth seriously keeps leaving the country in canon.

Despite Everything by Shivasan
Edgeworth is leaving for Europe again and Phoenix sees him off at the airport.

1:29 by Mei Ilan
Miles has been in Europe for more than half a year already and Phoenix starts to feel lonely…

Eight Hours and Six Days by letteredheart
Miles is in Europe for six days, meeting Franziska. They use the occasion to catch up on recent events. The same goes for Phoenix and Maya.
Plus, phone calls at 11 pm and 3:30 am.

Coming Home With You by TheConsultingStepladder
Based off several fanworks showing Phoenix and Edgeworth reuniting in airports.

Words, Words, Words by edgequill
Immediately following the conclusion of Bridge to the Turnabout, Phoenix confronts Edgeworth about something that neither of them quite know how to put into words.

Patience is a Virtue by Moxie Danger
A little patience helps with the wait.

Faith by tastewithouttalent
“It’s well past midnight when Miles’s phone finally starts to ring against the bedside table of his hotel room.” Phoenix calls Miles while he’s in Europe, and they do somewhat more than just talk.

For Good by 101Obsessions
A songfic about Miles and Phoenix’s friendship, based on ‘For Good’ from the musical 'Wicked’. Because it just seemed to fit so well!

To Those Who Wait by temeira
To Phoenix, Miles is always worth waiting for, no matter how far away he is.

3:58 And the Minutes Past by underout
“It’s 3:58. What the hell are you doing in my apartment? I thought—weren’t you overseas?”

I Won’t Back Down by townshend
Phoenix has to work for what he wants, always, but it’s worth it.

Text by NekoHellAngel
Phoenix is suffering from a bad case of boredom and doesn’t know what to do. When he gets a few unexpected texts from Edgeworth the boredom leaves for a little while, but loneliness threatens to sneak in.

I’ll Come Meet Your Plane by sabinelagrande
Miles had always wanted to be the kind of person who got met at the airport.

Long-Distance Call by FullmetalChords
Phoenix kept the video phone from the DLC case, and he and Miles put it to good use.

2AM by Crispy Hobbit
Phoenix Wright can’t sleep. One-shot.

Transatlantic by withpractice_ff(*WIP)
Miles Edgeworth does have a heart, after all.


757 action from Sky Harbor.
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Endless Light

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Photographer: Davaughn Foster 

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A little relaxation time

Phoenix sat at the airport watching Jess colouring in her book. She was waiting for Nibs and JJ to arrive so they could all have some time away.

Nibs had made all the arrangements, Phoenix was just waiting for the others to join her.

She looked around, watching the oher people milling around the airport.

“Mummy? I have a drink?” Jess asked, the three year old looking hopefully up at her mother.

Phoenix smiled. “In a minute when Auntie Nibs and Auntie JJ get here. They shouldn’t be much longer.”

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River which got in a bus from an airport.
(April, 1987)

River was surrounded by fans in an airport in the first visit to Japan.
It was an uproar.
(April, 1987)

Recording(making) of the TV program.
(April, 1987)

By a TV program of the live broadcasting, River challenged a quiz to guess the age of the person right.
Motivations were enough for the River.
(April, 1987)


Foreboding Mushroom Cloud Over Phoenix Turns Out To Be Microbust

Photographer Jerry Ferguson captured a rare natural phenomena while cruising over Phoenix with helicopter pilot Andrew Park on a weather report assignment for a TV station. A gigantic looming mushroom cloud appears to have declared its presence over the heavily populated city, which is in reality a “microbust”. This rare weather phenomenon happens after a thunderstorm when cooled air speeds and crashes to the land at over speeds of over 100 miles an hour, which can create a powerful air current, the result which resembles an alarming mushroom cloud.

Bryan Snider also caught this amazing event in a  time lapse video Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport, which showed just how it formed over the city.

MySpace Post, May 25th, 2006

ACMs — Las Vegas


So I just got back from Las Vegas. I was there for the ACMs, and I had an amazing time. Well, amazing for me is working constantly. So I was verrry happy with this trip. haha. My producer, Nathan, came with me to sing harmonies at some of the shows we were doing. His wife, Steph, and my mom also came. 
On the way there, I was on the same plane as Sarah Buxton. She’s a new artist on Lyric Street and we’ve written together before. I love her. So we had a delay in the Phoenix airport and were just sitting there… So I got out my guitar, then Nathan did, then so did her accompanist.. And we just started playing right there in the airport. Pretty soon people starting gathering around to hear us and we got a pretty good crowd going! I love stuff like that, it was so much fun. When we got to Vegas, we went to our hotel, the MGM.. It was the same one all the artists were staying at so it was awesome to see famous people walking around everywhere. 
The next day, I had a radio interview and performance in the morning. Then I did what’s called a radio remote. That’s where about two hundred radio stations are all in one huge room set up at tables. All the artists walk around to each one and say what are called liners (“Hey this is Taylor Swift, and you’re listening to _______!”) and do interviews. It was amazing. I loooooved it because its just talking to people. I could talk to a door. 
So then I had a fan performance for about 30 contest winners from different radio stations. I did that with Jack Ingram and Jimmy Wayne. They are both amazing, and Jack’s probably my favorite guy singer out there right now. The next day, I had a fan performance at the House of Blues. There were a bunch of artists doing it.. Me, Jack, Katrina Elam, Trent Tomlinson, Trent Wilmon.. It went amazing, I had so much fun with that one. After that was an autograph signing, and everyone I met was really sweet.
Then at lunchtime was a luncheon that Big Machine Records had for people in the radio industry, it was at Studio 54. It was alot of fun, and the sound was really good there. After that I had to rush to get ready for the red carpet at the ACMs. When we got there, I walked onto the carpet and there were all these photographers taking pictures and screaming my name. It was probably the coolest thing EVER. haha. All of my favorite singers were on the carpet, and I was kind of in awe the whole time.. while doing about fifty interviews.
I had to leave before the show, but it was an amazing trip and I’m SOOO excited to get out on the road again. I’m so bad at sitting in one place. I love what I do, and I’m so thrilled about what’s happening.

My single comes out June 19th. I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy in my life.